Audio Push Release New Mixtape

It kind of sucks. : (

The Push pulled a definite easycore on us and decided to try to be “real artists.”  This is really a shame because “Teach Me How to Jerk” really is a fantastic, fun track.  Don’t get me wrong, there are a couple of tracks that will make you want to break out your neon skinnies and reject harder than a normal girl in a room full of IMNs.  Overall, however, the album is incredibly lackluster.

I guess it’s probably pretty competent in a Trey Songz/Drake kind of way.  If these guys had a lot of money, they could probably get some pretty deece radio play, but this is kind of akin to what would happen if Napalm Death released an album that sounded like Nickelback.  Just because you suddenly release mainstream sounding music doesn’t make you mainstream.  Music is a very small portion of the overall formula.  The more important part is how the audience perceives you, and no one will ever be able to take what was once seen as a novelty act seriously as musicians.  I think they would have been much better to just continue to hold it down on the dance music tip.

The crowning disappointment is the track “Where Did We Go Wrong.”  In said track, two dudes born in 1990 long for hip hop to return to the roots they in no way experienced.  : (  It’s like watching a friend of yours who used to be really into skating with you after class take up a serious interest in politics.  Very painful.

As mentioned previously, this release is not a total loss.  It is definitely worth downloading, casually clicking through to find the good songs, dumping them in a playlist of sweet songs from shitty mixtapes, and deleting the rest.

Download the mixtape here.

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