CARLEY RAE JEPSON Drops Catchiest Song of 2012

She's so excited about it.

I love pop jams, the catchier the better, and every summer seems to have that one song that won’t go away because its too good. There are zero songs that exist that are catchy and also bad. Catchiness is created by your brain understanding how damn good a song is, and it mostly happens in the summer, when times are the most fun. Last year it was that Nicki Minaj jam and then also that Adele jam, like complete opposites on the pop music spectrum. One had rap verses and solid production, one had a lot of singing and ‘real instruments’, both way catchy. They were so different tho, that I had no idea what was next for the world of pop. But unlike general shifts in dumb music subgenres between having fun and being taken seriously every couple of years, some shit in pop music just don’t change, and this year’s summer jam is already here and as catchy as a pack of herpes.

Disclaimer: Do NOT play if you don’t want this stuck in your head for months.

What a fucking jam. Definitely the catchiest song I’ve heard in a long time, and therefore also the best. First thing you should notice is that gold star chorus, unbelievably catchy, next level cute lyrics, setting a new standard for pop jams and shit. Plus, Carly bro is pretty cute herself, especially with that adorable car wash scene. But also note the video, classic style of a band playing (even tho the song is made by that production and I barely hear instruments, lol) while girl does cute things to win over guy, with a great music video twist ending. Takes me back to watching Fountains of Wayne on vh1 at like seven in the morning while getting up for school. So yeah, this is pretty much guaranteed to be what you hear non-stop at every beach party this summer, with every solid girl singing dat chorus. Only thing that could top this kind of catchy is new Biebz, but he has some other plans this year…

New JB single, and its clear he’s gonna try to go the Justin Timberlake route of success, AKA going from catchy as shit pop music to weirder still catchy but more ‘mature’ pop music. Song is pretty solid, and chorus is def catchy, still a jam, but the production just seems off to me (Timbaland > Mike Posner). But I found out Carly Rae bro is on his label and also from Canada, meaning putting out slightly less catchy songs could be in the best interest for the both of them. She gets this summer jam 2012 and blows up while JB maintains his popularity for an album and wins over some mad haterz with more serious jams. Now she only needs to break out of one-hit wonder status via another jam, a more marketable look, and this song not blowing up too much so nothing could ever top it. I don’t see that happening, but I was wrong about Rihanna and Ke$ha, so good luck lil’ Carly, hoping for many a future summer jam from ya’ll!


Were you feelin’ that hot fresh jam?? Was it already stuck in your head after hearing it vaguely over shitty speakers at a Taco Bell? Will you take Biebz more seriously now that he isn’t making the most sugary of pop music? Seriously, was that not the best classic music video twist ending you’ve ever seen? That shit blew my mind first time.

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95 Responses to CARLEY RAE JEPSON Drops Catchiest Song of 2012

  1. sauce says:

    he’s probably just ignoring her because he was busy acquiring aesthetics.

  2. Zoloft says:

    moar like carly raep

  3. Dan says:


  4. Brrz says:

    She is cute as hell. The dude in her film clip looks like the biggest wanker ever!

  5. what’s a reliable way of finding pop before it hits the radio?? SAVE PLS

    • Watt Par says:

      Despite this sounding, I’m sure inadvertently, super hipster, it is relevant to my interests as well.

    • Save Parker says:

      You can’t, which is good cause only the best songs make it to radio. Just listen to them when everyone else does and sing them drunk at parties.

    • Wang of thunder says:

      Some top 40 radio stations play a bunch of new songs in a block where listeners ” vote” on if they go on the station. That’s where I first heard this song a few weeks ago.

      I also use the related videos on YouTube to find new pop music. The evil CEO is a good source.

  6. nustejjj says:

    I read this post on my phone, intuitively I knew it wasn’t written by Sgt. D due to lack of pervy-ness (no mention of capturing her farts etc.)

  7. Watt Par says:

    This is pretty gnar. Can’t deny it. I wish a super cute waifish girl would want ME to call her maybe. : (

  8. somerandomfucker says:

    Ending made me lol a little.

  9. shook on3 says:

    Lol’d hard at work towards “suga suga how you get so fly”

  10. nochance says:

    i got as far as the band playing in the garage to overdubbed synths and electronic drums, then laughed my way to the comments section.

  11. nyk3 says:

    Jewish bishes in Uggs and tights love singing to this at Skeeps and Rick’s.

  12. LAIFF says:

    Thanks for the Adele link.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Pretty sure a similar article was posted on gawker a month ago.

  14. eurotrash says:

    Dat driving, pumping rhythm. Was headbanging hard on the couch. Also pretty sweet blackout scene Peter Steele impersonation.
    inb4 creamo cover

  15. suaze says:

    heard my 13 year old cousin jamming this the other day and hated how i could not deny the overwhelming catchiness. feelsbadman

    come to SYWH and see that its a topic of a post… feelsnotsobadman :)

  16. kelby says:

    fuck you i cannot stop listening to this shit

  17. Void Eater says:

    I noticed the bros aesthetics before I noticed the bish. Am I a phaggot?

  18. john says:

    the beibz went srs pop now :(

  19. beholdthesharktopus says:

    Going for the second listen. You’re right.

  20. Isaac says:

    with ultra-catchy pop songs, the only thing that can ruin it for me is the voice. that’s why i don’t listen to nicki minaj or j-biebz.
    also one of my least favorite songs is ultra-catchy pop (hollaback girl) so i disagree faggot

  21. cgrind says:

    My best female friend will not stop talking about it/playing it on repeat. Therefore I hate it.

  22. Anonymous says:

    this tune was co written by the guy from pop punk band Marianas Trench.

    surprised you missed the all-star disney youtube that got this song global attention.

  23. Anonymous says:

    this song has been on the radio for months here in canada. ya

  24. Jonnyfilth says:

    I like this video’s educational message.
    Acquire aesthetics, and cute pop stars will want your weiner / do zany things 2 acquire your weiner. brb scoring some celltech and getting cut as fuk.

  25. Dan says:

    26 years old?!?!!?
    not sure how I feel about that/??

  26. Fight Titles says:

    Is this what fat girls feel like all the time? I have never been so self conscious about my body image as i am now After seeing that dude. Shit dude this shit isn’t cool. Especially since Im gonna have this in my head and watch the video like 23 more times.

  27. Watt Par says:

    That awkward moment when your female band mate makes you perform a special song for an audience of only the boy she is crushing on.

  28. benjamin says:

    i’m so stoked this jam is taking off!! this chick is local to my area, i thought it was tight when my local pop station started playing it but never thought it would get beyond “regional hit”. anybody else reminded of “untouched” by the veronicas? they ripped off the string section for this shit. ur fucking moshing.

  29. andre says:

    i love this shit.

  30. Mountainous Erection says:

    Girl looks ten years younger than her 26 years of age and is fine as hell. LOL @ singing pre-teen cheese at her age but she’s getting those Benjamins and prolly gets heart eyes 24/7.

    • CYBER CHOLO says:

      holy shit shes 26? I thought she was like 16 and I felt dirty for thinking she was cute but shes 5 years older than me.

  31. Mountainous Erection says:

    Denim and beanie brah is way into being a generic backing to manufactured hot bish.

  32. MetalStew says:

    I just think of Maybe from Arrested Development when I listen to this song…

  33. Perverted Tom says:

    OMG she’s soooo white… L ove you Carly!!!!

  34. bingy says:

    stop saying bro after her name

  35. SkeeterValentine says:

    I really can’t stop listening to this song:( Idk why. I can’t get it off my mind!!!!

    • Save Parker says:

      Australian Bieber, don’t see him taking off in America. Not feelin’ the song either :/

      • SkeeterValentine says:

        For some reason his songs are more catchy to me than the Biebs’. The bro’s already on Radio Disney and he has the same manger as the Bieber so it could happen!

        • Save Parker says:

          He’ll do alright, but won’t reach the tipping point into legit pop stardom. That’s the hardest part, need a popular jam (like this one) to get their usually.

  36. CYBER CHOLO says:

    Wow Save Parker, this is the last place I expected to see a blog post praising this song. I feel exactly the same way about it and am not ashamed to admit it. Its become a bit of a running joke between me and a lady friend, and Carley is pretty kawaii

    • Save Parker says:

      Blog premise is stuff you love that all your friends pretend to hate, or something like that. Seems like a great fit for me.

      Totally serious in saying its the best song of the year.

  37. xStizzy says:

    Yeah, now I am pretty certain this is going to break through, the resident feminine guy who only listens to female pop stars started singing this song in the classroom.

  38. Awwww shit, it got me too now.

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