Moar liek SCENE MOM amirite??

not liek the other dysfunctional teenagers on TV

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I was like yeah ok whatever
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22 Responses to Moar liek SCENE MOM amirite??

  1. shook on3 says:

    inb4 200 comments telling her that they are not called gauges.

  2. Jeh says:

    Wood not touch with ten foot pole in hazmat suit for fear of catching they krazy, love the show tho

  3. Buck Russell says:

    moar like GAYGES amirite?!?

  4. richard brunelle says:

    she looks exactly like this chick i went to hs with who’s now on the sex offender registry for doin’ some kids at the school she taught at

  5. Lear says:

    What gauge do you think her vagina is?

  6. Anonymous says:

    I went to the link at the end of the post and saw that one Morgan J. Freeman was an executive producer of Teen Mom 2. I was all like WHAT but then I found out that he’s not the famous movie star Morgan Freeman.

    • richard brunelle says:

      similarly disappointed to find out george s clinton who wrote the mortal kombat theme isn’t p-funk george clinton

      • XheartburnX says:

        Bill Murray was disappointed to find out the Cohen that wrote The Garfield Movie was not of the Cohen Brothers fame.

  7. sauce says:

    does ‘all body types are beautiful’ apply?

  8. ugh, she looks like she stinks. but goddamn if she isn’t entertaining on that show.

  9. shook on3 says:

    >get preggo at age 14
    >get on teen mom
    >insert plugs in stretched ears

  10. Japes says:

    BTW nice one over at MS today D the comments are priceless lol “I think he is 12 unless ’2′ and ‘lol’ are accepted in modern journalism”

  11. TW0 $TACK$ says:


  12. Mustard tiger says:

    Wood smash and then attempt to acquire spinoff series.

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