Not sheriff most clueless, lulzy Euros ever or incredibly pretentious, avant-garde hipsters

Srs, I could go either way on this one, and I’m scared of committing to either position because I don’t want people to make fun of me for getting it wrong. Either way, the singer’s Rolling Stones shirt is the kind of detail that’s so advanced that it’s almost discouraging– like when Anderson Silva makes veteran fighters feel like they have no business ever setting foot in the ring again. slowclap.gif

In this video, they announce that they’ve changed their name to “My Inanity.” If this is a joke, it is perhaps the most advanced piece of art I have seen since DEPRESSED TEENAGER. The lyrics are truly S-Rank, including an n-bomb in the first 30 seconds!

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43 Responses to Not sheriff most clueless, lulzy Euros ever or incredibly pretentious, avant-garde hipsters

  1. xStizzy says:

    I… I think I love this.

  2. Brah says:

    What. Wow. What?

  3. MetalStew says:

    Steven Tyler’s bastard child…

  4. Brah says:

    please stop making´╗┐ music
    hiks45 1 day ago

  5. comrade V says:

    hahahah uk bros fail! Sarge do you just dislike all euro bros especially uk bros??

    • Sergeant D says:

      they’re BRITISH?!? i thought for sure they were from some backwater shithole like Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, or Poland… now I’m even MORE confused :/

      • Beeriod says:

        Dude I know :( When I saw the title I assumed they were Belgian. But then I watched the video and it sounds more like Somerset or some other part of the UK I have no desire to go to. Ever.

      • xStizzy says:

        ACTUALLY they’re Swedish, from what I’ve gathered. The name of the director is Swedish, and I saw some guys comment in swedish going “good job!!” or w/e

      • Isaac says:

        lol I keep in touch with this bulgarian kid from my kindergarten class and there’s some fat rich mafia dude that’s rumored to sell dirty bombs on his street. so much balkan

        as for the video tho i would have guessed they were polish or czech or something

      • comrade V says:

        ah there swedish my bad! that singer dud sounds like a uk bro! IMPOSTER

  6. Mike says:

    I feel like this has to be bad for real. It’s the In Flames shirt. They’re too mediocre for hipsters to care.

  7. Lear says:

    1:36 – Phantom kick drum leg.

  8. nustejjj says:

    Someone needs to introduce these kids to Black Metvl.

  9. The Other Nick says:

    Totally unrelated, but the Marilyn Manson “Born Villain” ad showed up at the same time for me as the background photo of the Manson-looking kid with glasses, white face paint and red crayon style face paint coming out his mouf and it was highly serendipitous. wow what a cool story

  10. CallPastorJerkface says:

    I’m sure I have cassettes in some closet somewhere containing music I have made that is as bad, if not worse, than this. But they will never, ever, ever appear on the internet…I pray.

    Nice Stones shirt!

  11. jm6g90 says:

    Pretty sure just 15 year olds, wouldn’t be surprised if the first one was for some kind of school project

  12. MJ says:

    Was that the riff from Smells Like Teen Spirit?

  13. RJG says:

    This is the most amazing thing on the internet next to the photo of Fedor eating ice cream.

    DAT FUCK YOU MOSH CALL! BRB, disrespecting my Herman Miller Aeron chair!

  14. Christian Jensen says:


  15. Save Parker says:

    Leaning towards clueless euros cause hipsters would have thousand dollar expensive cameras that are a tiny bit better quality than borrowed one they used to film that.

  16. beholdthesharktopus says:

    Sooooo glad I just went through a super PC “punk” phase and didn’t resort to shit like this. Beyond embarrassing.

  17. Pie On Fire says:

    I wish my hi-hats were as nice as that kid’s (srs).

  18. jorbams says:

    I didn’t know Geoff Rickly had a kid!

    Leave Europe alone you guys, they just got Pro Tool for their zMac last weekend and they’re still watching UsTube tutorials.

  19. Chillin' says:

    Is it just me or are these bros trying to recreate the sounds of “artsy”, avant-garde New York DIY noise and punk bands?? That’s the only guess I have since it reminds me of a lot of “Post-Punk” things where the lead singer just vocalizes random shit in hopes of being seen as a “serious” and “enigmatic” troubled artist or some B.S., except these guys, not knowing anything about the actual state of American music, just took grunge, mashed it with pretentious acoustics and added in elements of weird vaguely metal-ish stuff just because (talking about 1:29 on the first vid. Only part that I thought sounded cool (srs) ).

    Anyway, over-analyzing this shit aside, serious lol @ transition from weird loop to acoustics on the first vid. SO unprofessional and stupid yet just “artsy” enough for a pretentious fggt to claim it has artistic value and merit for going against musical conventions (aka things that sound nice). Just goes to show how artful, srs stuff is just the same thing as clueless idiots from an Euro trash hole (lololol).

  20. VyceVictus says:

    Clueless 15yo white euros who weigh 5 stone dropping the n-bomb= would by them a beer
    Self important avant garde artphags being edgy= crush their tracheas.
    My mind is full of fuck. So conflicted.

  21. xStizzy says:

    “I am a tough one and I am a hard one”
    “SO FUCK YOU!”

    so much potential

    • Midas Welby says:

      That “fuck you” immediately shot right into my top 5 “fuck yous” list – I was smiling bemusedly and then burst right out laughing when he dropped that one. Also, I’m pretty certain Gene Hoglan played drums on this track.

  22. Anonymous says:

    because making fun of kids is sooo fun…get a life….

  23. cdmolenaar says:

    New La´╗┐ Dispute is awesome!!

    BryanNevarez 6 days ago

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