THE GHOST INSIDE announce new album with rly gay press release

via Lamegoat:

California’s most passionate and articulate exponents of hardcore, The Ghost Inside, will release their exceptional third album, Get What You Give on June 19th via Epitaph Records. The album, produced by Jeremy McKinnon of A Day To Remember, embraces The Ghost Inside’s powerful and affecting sound that merges insightful and introspective lyrics with charging drums, lightning fast riffs and devastating breakdowns.

Get What You Give is nothing short of the band’s most dynamic and explosive material thus far, an album that embraces the authenticity, dedication, perseverance and the most literal adherence to the core values behind the band’s craft.

> powerful and affecting sound

> insightful and introspective lyrics

> charging drums, lightning fast riffs and devastating breakdowns

Now that’s what I call a shitty press release!

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63 Responses to THE GHOST INSIDE announce new album with rly gay press release

  1. I don't get it says:

    press release needs more adjectives

  2. AndySixx says:

    Went to the mall today.

    All the cool scene kid’s shirts have been replaced with flannel.

    Where are the cute animals killing each other!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Fuck tr00bonic plague.

  3. ge5undhe17 says:

    So stoked for DEVASTATING BREAKDOWNS!!!!


  4. Mayor McCheese says:

    That sounds like the bio for every local band that has under 300 likes on Facebook.

  5. That other guy says:

    seriously hate Rise’s PR department. stoked on the album though.

  6. SCOfaSho says:

    Claim to be hardcore band, sound nothing like Black Flag.

    • Chillin' says:

      Which is why I love the “hardcore” scene in 2k12. Anything that sounds like Black Fag is bad news.

    • TLDR says:

      This band falls in the category of what metalcore bands perceive as “oldschool” hardcore. Like when they wear Warriors and Trapped Under Ice shirts for some sort of regular hardcore cred.

      Nothing against them, this song sounds pretty good to me, but I always thought that view on what I consider “Regular” hardcore (madball, Terror, etc) was funny.

    • ur moshing says:

      Black Flag broke up in ’86. Stop jockin the dadpunx and get with the times.

  7. Sergeant D says:

    LITERAL adherence, not figurative adherence! good to know.

  8. k10 says:

    Is there any way to release a press release that doesn’t sound like dog shit? Any time I read a one-sheet that I get from a record label, I end up laughing and/or throwing up in my mouth. VICTORY RECORDS immediately comes to mind.

    Also, I can only imagine the number of tumblrsluts, and srs/moshcore kids that will be reblogging this over the couple months because they “srsly cant wate for da new TGI album! luv yew Vigil!”

  9. jm6g90 says:

    is there such a thing as non-shitty press release?

  10. Breezy-e says:

    Can’t wait to see how everyone reacts when they release one of the songs with singing on it hahaha I actually I can’t wait to hear one of the songs with singing on it…

  11. Save Parker says:

    I hope their passion doesn’t affect me too much.

  12. Michael Caine says:

    D, can we have some maths and graphs charting the inverse relationship between pretentiousness of press release and intelligence of music. Looking forward to Shattered Realm’s new trilogy of novels describing the philosophical evolution behind their new album ‘BROTHERHOOD N’ BEATDOWNZ’.

    • TLDR says:

      hahahahaha Shattered Realm Trilogy holy shit

      Novel one: The Fellowship of the Mosh

      Novel two: The Two Breakdowns

      Novel three: The Return of the Breakdown (when the 2nd breakdown was over, everything is ringing out, and then the same riff starts playing again, but even slower this time)

  13. Michael Caine says:

    “No home, no bed. Nowhere to hang my head. X 2…BREAKDOWN” Insightful.

  14. Waltertheeinsteinfrog says:

    “Emmure, known worldwide for thier emasculating lyrics and bowel releasing breakdowns”

    • Midas Welby says:

      I’m out of the loop with these guys (and in no mood to do research) but does Emmure actually have a song where the protagonist wants to watch his woman suck another guy’s dick?

      • Void Eater says:

        It’s actually referencing to a man sucking on another mans dick in front of his dealer in order to get some money to purchase some drugs. Showing how drugs can mess with your life and cause you to become somebody’s bitch in order to get one more high. The song is called drug dealer friend, which is ironic because the dealer (the antagonist in the story and narrator of the first line) is in now way a friend.

  15. F-Jay says:

    Well, it’s one step better than the band members talking how “this is the best and most passionate record we ever made”. Like those guys from TDWP whined over their “generic metalcore past”. I get that if you’re 13-year old and discover your first favorite band or genre which isn’t some random song from the radio or some shit from your fathers record collection (sorry dad, G’n'R sucks), but if I see the same kid whining over and over again about the stuff he or she liked last year… sigh. Okay, got carried away (cutesy rhyme for my next indie-pop project Train to Sweden).

  16. richard brunelle says:

    glad to see an articulate hardcore exponent. i’m so sick and tired of all these hardcore exponents mumbling and mincing words

  17. derekpants says:

    Lol’d at “via Lamegoat”

  18. corporal_doom says:


    devastating breakdowns prove not to be devastating enough


  19. Midas Welby says:

    “The Midas Welby Band returns from their 8-month hiatus with their most impassioned, confrontational-but-non-racist lyrics; telecasters through Peavey amps; stand-up bass that’s so in your face you can HEAR the flame decals on the body; triggered drums played with brushes; and Midas himself lays it on the line and leaves it on the ice as he pours his small-town-boy-makes-good story into the classic man vs machine narrative with his most throat-stripping, tear-drenched vocal performance EVER. Says Midas: ‘Having Devin [Townsend, of Strapping Young Lad-, Vai-, Zimmers Hole fame] in the booth with me this time gave me the spur in the ribs I needed to really smash my plateaux and take my performance to that next level. This album goes to a lot of uncompromising places but I feel like my fans are ready for this journey – this is really the album that my earlier releases were building toward and is truly the fruition of my career and the pinnacle of my vision.’ The platter hits the ground running with the back-breaking ‘Gay No Longer’ and keeps the magic airborne with the midpaced punch of “Make Clear Her Choice.’ First single ‘Scented Candle Massacre’ redefines what a mature technobilly ballad can embody in 2012 – let the haters fall where they may. Will this album fill every niche from the top of the critics’ polls to the bottom of the pit? Two words: MIDAS WELBY.”

  20. Onil says:

    Don’t care how shitty the press release is. I’m diggin’ this.

  21. mayo says:

    The GhostNcyde

  22. Chillin' says:

    The whole thing just reads: “Massive wankery and fggtry ahead. Proceed if you are DTNHF (down to not have fun).” Do not want.

  23. Maverick says:

    LOL can’t somebody just be fuckin honest and admit, “Look, TGI is some dudes from Redondo/Hermosa/Manhattan Beach who play metalcore (and are good at it) and somehow happened to catch on at the right time.”


  24. cgrind says:

    It blows me away that someone probably gets paid to write this stuff. If I was ever in a band I would just want the PR to say something like “We are releasing our new album, [Album Name], on [Release Date]. Get pumped!.” to avoid sound pretentious/ghey

  25. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like they went fully Reing Supreme-core.

  26. Anonymous says:

    nigga u gay

  27. fuzzyxpickles says:

    I just hope we get a ADTR/TGI tour

  28. Anonymous says:

    How is everyone overlooking the fact that the guy from A Day “i h8 this town is s0 washed up n my frans dun care about me anymore for damn good reasons because I am awful” to Remember is producing this record??

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