The SYWH comment hall of fame (shame?)

Although SYWH does pretty decent traffic these days (10k a day lol), what I really appreciate is the comments. Not only does this site get way more comments than most, they’re actually worth reading- in fact, I’d say you guys often drop comments that are better than the posts themselves. And then there’s the butthurt: when random people drop by who don’t it and leave a stangry comment = never not funny.

With that in mind, I figured I should collect some of the highlights, since I’m assuming (hoping) you guys have better things to do than comb through the 100+ comments a day we get. This is seriously just the tip of the iceberg, I could literally fill a book with A+++ comments from SYWH. I took some of these from a thread on the forum, thanks for compiling them brahs!


If you have nothing better to do with your life (sad 4 u), read the stretched ears post– it’s like a neverending fountain of butthurt! A new stangry comment shows up almost every day.

He misspelled “Facebook” and they have some of the worst production I’ve ever heard, but A+++ for not having fat fans!

Nothing says “the pinnacle of success as a musician” like opening for Abandon All Ships

“Everyone that records nowadays uses fake drums, faggot” = un comment classique

Aaron must be a real hit at parties. “Why would a chicken cross the road? That’s just stupid. Not to mention extremely dangerous!”

Does the “R” in PLUR stand for raep? Pls rspnd.

This is from the kid who made the fake I Declare War video, which he took down after people mocked it and his butt started hurting

Sorry for the self-jocking, but I was pretty proud of this one!

“You racist fag” = maybe my favorite phrase of all time. Or at least the last couple weeks.

The most amazing part of this is that he capitalized “Cock.” Mind = bottled.

FYI I am not racist against European people!! Wait. Actually, I am.

Translation: “Y u no liek Crucial Dudes, u ignorant faggot”


Origin of “just like American Pie but in real life”

Sadly, not very many people threaten to beat me up for making fun of them on the internet, but the South Sound Brotherhood did. PROTIP: I do not actually live at the address listed in the WHOIS record for

Now that’s what I call defending pop punk!!

Lrn2trolling, bro

And last but not least, my favorite SYWH comment of all time. Simon has the ability! Still waiting for Kreayshawn 2 respond :(

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74 Responses to The SYWH comment hall of fame (shame?)

  1. Void Eater says:


  2. derekpants says:

    I regularly check back on posts for the lulz in the comments.

  3. Godeye says:

    Re: the charming gentleman known as “Rapethycorpse”:
    “Oh, how I hate humanity. Mostly because if I tell enough people that I hate humanity, they’ll see me for the Nietzschean ubermensch I am, someone who has truly transcended the mortal shell of humanity, and become something infinitely better, the true next step in human evolution. All through the power of gauges.”

    • The Ghost of Keith Hernandez says:


    • Sergeant D says:

      brb hoping nobody notices I’m just a Mexi teenager making fake music videos in his parent’s Dallas mcmansion

    • zunathustra says:

      intredasting fact: the “ubermensch” only shows up in one of Nietzsche’s works, an oddball literary novel, only near the beginning, and the very idea -espec. the aspect of “evolving” into one- is quickly abandoned later in the book.

      keep this in mind the next time some first year philosophy student dressed in a trenchcoat and/or fedora tries to share his excessively strong opinion on why he’s better than the rest of humanity for being such an ubermensch!

      • Godeye says:

        I know, people just don’t “get what Nietzsche is all about”. I always get kind of butthurt when someone treats him like a nihilist douchebag, when that’s exactly what he was against.

        • Alex_P says:

          Saem. I kno that feel. It’s like when I see Adam Smith treated like Jesus by modern-day libertarians. No, bish, he was more complex than your simplistic ideology.

          Tho to be fair Smith was in many ways internally inconsistent and that means he can be interpreted in many ways for many purposes. It’s a common problem old dead dudes have.

  4. Godeye says:

    Also, D? Are you sure that last one wasn’t for you?

  5. Jonnyfilth says:

    Shedding a single tear of joy, I got into the hall of fame twice!!! (i used 2 b Inb4skin)
    Slightly butthurt that “NOT EVEN MIXED” didn’t make it, and also I think “HOP OFF MY PUSS” deserves a mention (<3 u tamra the terrible!!!)


    A bunch of butthurt Russians showed up and left some of the actual lulziest shit I've ever read, ever, EVAR!!!

    • Jonnyfilth says:

      Your Russian friend says:
      March 16, 2012 at 11:45 am

      You fucking assholes, do not even know what their songs)
      Look better on their own rock band. You do not shit less.
      Elysium Group, whose work will not be evaluated objectively. You do not know the language, you do not know the topic of creativity, you do not know their position. If you do not understand that video – it’s funny, it just means that you degeniraty.

      With love from Russia.

    • Sergeant D says:

      there will be a 2nd volume, don’t cri– and HOP OF MY PUSS will definitely be in it!

    • Anso DF says:

      “you racist fag” thank you thank you thank you.
      so laughing

    • SaveTheSkunkApes says:

      My favorite part of that is I never said the band, the song, or the video sucked. I actually called the song a “surprisingly solid jam” but those sensitive Slavic sphincters still surrendered to soreness.

  6. ondistantshores says:

    This is just….too much for me right now. FIrst off, Curse the Kid = Ultimate lulz. On their fb: “here is the breakdown you have been waiting for!” YES. 2nd, the “they grew up in basements” comment…really? You couldn’t have worded that better? I doubt anyone in title fight or transit (aka, rich white kids galore band) literally lived their entire lives in a basement. This is a great post, i can’t wait to see the butthurt comments it receives!

    • Godeye says:

      Maybe they were like that Austrian girl who got kidnapped and kept in a basement for her whole life. Be safe, CTK. :(

  7. Andy says:

    yo dawg i herd u liek comments so i left a comment in the comments section on an article about the comments section so that you can comment on the comment sections of the comment sections.

  8. Latinoheat!!! says:

    hey kickass!! I think i wrote that jenna marbles comment!!! If not then i was prolly thinking it hehe…. would wife/10 cuz she looks like one of those chill hot educated east coast/college town chix that prolly majored in accounting or business management n shit plus not to mention she’s funny as fuck!!!

    My all time fav comments were on that preps spotted outside hot topic post… making fun of other people via loox, religion, race, gender, sexuality, and musical taste is fucken kickass!!! I <3 AMERICA!!!

    I wonder what will happen if there's ever a gay ass easycore band w/ a gay black guy as the frontman, jew bassist, ginger morissey-shirt wearing guitarist, and a fat ass morbidly obese passionless drummer… the post will be pure gold thats what will happen =D

  9. Sven_McSven says:

    SYWH comments are so great, most of them are brilliant if they’re NOT EVEN IN CONTEXT!

    • XheartburnX says:

      I see what you did there.

    • Sergeant D says:

      gold is gold, whether it’s floating in a champagne-filled decanter or covered in shit!

    • Pie On Fire says:

      To be honest, SYWH easily has the most articulate and well-spelt comments of any website I visit (except when it’s on purpose, obv). Goes to show that ppl who can accept loving ignorant music and just be chill are generally smarter, enough to realise that incredibly puerile shit is, in fact, funny.

  10. aaron m. says:

    I will never make it into the Hall of Shame because I am not a virgin.

  11. Michelle says:

    “you have the ability” bahahahaha never not funny. Love it

  12. Save Parker says:

    I still don’t know if its funny or sad that all those tr00 pop-punk douchekids clearly have zero idea what hardcore is. Its gotta be more sad than funny.

    • Sergeant D says:

      I mean, I personally don’t give a shit whether anyone ‘knows what hardcore is,’ but lol @ some 19 year-old who has never heard Merauder telling me I’m a poser because I have FTSK on my

      “What’s that?? Sorry bro, I can’t hear you from all the way up there on your high horse!”

  13. Save Parker says:

    And there was a great butthurt comment left on my old Kanye West post recently:

    “First of all its hilarious how you put that shit at the bottom. None of those reasons make me mad except the fact that he wipes his ass with these white suburban kids money while he talks down on whites and white culture. He has no musical talent whatsoever. If you consider taking samples, which I consider theft, and throwing them over a simple 4/4 beat and adding a 3 note melody to it talent, then god help you. Music has taken a turn for the worst.

    Anyone who is cocky about their music when they dont even play a musical instrument is a piece of shit. Who really wants to support some cocky asshole who thinks he is god of music, yet he doesnt even have a musical bone in his body. No, I dont consider the computer a musical instrument.

    Award shows? LMFAO, none of these idiots should win them, let alone Kanye West. Why dont they actually give awards out to a real musician instead of these industry twats that dont know a damn thing about music, its absolutely pathetic.

    Every single thing you asked umad? about I could seriously care less about. I find it very ironic that you talk about hipsters, yet you wrote an entire article on Kanye West. If listening to someone that 3/4 of the continental United States listens to makes you a trend setter then yeah, sure, youre real original.”

    Lulz at white culture, music has taken a turn for the worst, I don’t consider the computer a musical instrument, ‘real musician’, youre real original. I legitimately do not get his last point, something about hipsters and being a trend setter? dude is sad and confused :/

    • Chillin' says:

      Is it just me or is it never not funny when some random music nerd drops by and tries to use as many “technical” terms as possible to diss the music we like at SYWH? Talking about those fags that talk about the “4/4 beats” and “3 note melodies”?

      Bet these dudes are awesome at parties. “Yeah, the music at this party blows. Now if they had some real technical 3/16 over 5 note arpeggio beats with drum blasts, this stuff would be golden!” Mirin’ the virgin credentials tho’!

      • Save Parker says:

        Its just recycling buzz words, dude must know so little about music outside of 4/4 being popular and 3 being a small number of notes. Just makes him sound more ignorant than if he just didn’t like the dude, because discrediting what he does is not possible, especially with his flawed use of logic.

        But I talked about how guys like that must never be invited to parties in my relatively butt-hurt free ‘REAL music’ post. Dudes are allergic to fun times.

    • Sven_McSven says:

      Got really confused when he said LMFAO. Thought he was dissing the group, but then the rest of the sentence made no sense. Wouldn’t be surprised if he hates them too tho.

  14. Ink Deep says:


  15. bogaloo@popoo says:

    let em drown in their shit,stuff you will hate beat the pointless opinions of most of dat tr00 teenagerz outta here

  16. x hipsterscum x says:

    Congrats on your c.e.o 10k a day status brah (srs)

    SYWH = removing dat stick up imn nerds asses one bhole atta time

    • Godeye says:

      Idk, most of those people didn’t look like IMNs.

    • Komrade Vlad says:

      I used to be an IMN.
      Actually worse, I was never an IMN, I was a wannabe IMN!
      I looked upon those people with all their intricate knowledge of metal. And I was jealous.

      I am now 100% cured!!

  17. RobRobRob says:

    shit, I love this blog.

  18. Anonymous John says:

    My newest aspiration: Make the second volume of comment section gold somehow. I guess that means I have to start saying entertaining things. D:

  19. suaze says:

    ha! totally forgot about that SSB post. So many awesome buttmad responses. D, did they ever email you to set up that interview ?

  20. SCOfaSho says:

    Reread SSB article. My god. The comments. Anuses were not properly peppered.

    • Godeye says:

      My personal favorites:

      “This entire site is a breeding ground for very cute “Internet tuff guys.”” -anonymous Internet Tough Guy


      “It’s not right to openly bash a Group of people with false accusations. Take it down.” -”any kind of acknowledgement is good”

      Thank you so much, South Sound Brotherhood, for making me realize that hardcore can be just as ridiculous as metal.

  21. J. says:

    Oh my god (via Aasking Alexandria), that “defending pop-punk” comment…

  22. Chillin' says:

    Holy shit, just checked back on that stretched ears post….SO MANY DAMN GEMS. Can’t believe people still care enough to comment…!

    “You are not allowed to make fun of stuff, it is against the law.”

    Is this real life?

  23. SaveTheSkunkApes says:

    I’d like to nominate this for volume 2′s hall of shame:

    And this for volume 2′s hall of fame:

    Both from here:

    If we learned anything from that comment section, it’s that humor hasn’t made its way to New Mexico yet. Probably because it’s impossible to laugh when every day you wake up and are hit with the crushing realization that you still live in New Mexico.

    • Jonnyfilth says:

      Dude, you struck a nerve with that post. It receives at least one butthurt comment per day, and I can totally see it following the “stretched ears” path. At least until the entire population of NM has showed up 2 have their say…. So u should get about 300 comments eventually!!

  24. Latinoheat!!! says:

    LMFAO!!! sometimes i feel ashamed of my people but then again i member… we got bomb food!!! >=P

  25. AetherJake says:

    sxe4realtho says:
    July 28, 2011 at 5:28 am
    all these week minded fools like to talk down about people, who dont wanna poison themselves. then try to say that everyone they ever knew who got a sXe tat broke edge. its just another myth to make drinkers feel better about themselves. get a life and put down the bottle

  26. Anonymous says:

    an euro.

  27. Christopher says:

    You know, 30 years ago having a person named “RapeThyCorpse” give you a lecture about how much words can hurt would’ve seemed ridiculous.

    Now, thanks to the internet, it happens everyday.

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