It’s sad that scene is dead, but the truth is that I couldn’t do this post while it was alive, like how you can’t really induct an athlete into the Hall Of Fame until they retire. It’s liek we can’t rly love something until it’s gone :( The whole thing is kind of tragic and beautiful at the same time, like when Cloud didn’t realize how much he truly cared about Aeris until she died… I just want some closure. But enough of my whining, I’ll save that for my Xanga!

While most people think of “scene” as a monolithic entity, IMO there are three distinctly different flavors of scene which didn’t necessarily intersect and must be evaluated on their own terms. To that end, SYWH recognizes excellence in each of the three divisions of scene: MOSH, DANCE, and POP. Here are our first inductees into the SCENE HALL OF FAME, wat u think??


While there are bands bands in every corner of the scene, this is easily the toughest conference overall! There’s a ton of high-caliber competition, but the rewards are also the sweetest (read: merch sales, groupies). If you only have time to follow one division, make it this one!

These guys are an early pick to win the division, having established the basic template for a successful scene band: cute singer with lots of tattoos, huge breakdowns with Impact font-ready slogans (“we will never sleep”), and relentless self-promotion. And of course there is Oli’s company Dropdead, who pretty much defined the visual identity of the whole genre (thanks to Michael Shantz’ art).

It’s a mystery to me how these guys got so popular: their ‘songs’ couldn’t be less catchy (via just being a bunch of interchangeable, skronky riffs and unintelligible screaming) and their singer is ugly as fuck. But for whatever reason, the kids love them and they’re defacto flagbearers for the mosh4christ scene. Also, among the very first bands to go from full-on neon/Glamour Kills to equally full-on 1950s dad steez.

Without a doubt the best in the division in terms of their music itself, and getting Frank Mullen of SUFFOCATION on their new album was a stroke of genius (not sheriff intentional troll or not). Don’t be surprised if they upset divisional favorites BMTH, but either way they’ll be in the conversation for MVP!

These guys became an internet phenomenon based primarily on their choreography; how many scene bands can say THAT? Without a doubt the archetypal Risecore band, and spawned not only the term ‘crabcore,’ but the ‘career’ of Austin Carlile. Will they win the division? Not likely, but they’re fan favorites who leave it all on the field!

It’s arguable that, like Norma Jean, Underoath are actually proto-scene, having been active since 1999 and peaking creatively in 2005 or so. Do they have what it takes to compete with the younger, more explosive bands in the division, or are they past their prime??

I think of these guys as BMTH 2.0, with their appeal based on the presence of a cute British singer and breakdowns. They’re moving in a much more ‘hard rock’ direction though, and seem to be much more popular in the US than BMTH.


Tumblrfamous metalcore bands like BLESSTHEFALL, WOE IS ME and WE CAME AS ROMANS: couldn’t quite make it over the hump to Asking Alexandria-level success, but do have a solid fanbase (for now). Bonus points to Beau Bokan for not just smashing Lights, but wifing her!

BLACK VEIL BRIDES, ESCAPE THE FATE, FALLING IN REVERSE, VAMPIRES EVERYWHERE: Seems to me like ASKING ALEXANDRIA sort of stole the thunder of all these nu-glam bands when they started to go more rock. ETF just aren’t the same without Ronnie Radke, and although BVB seem to be doing quite well they’re still too green to be considered for the HOF at this point.


Although often overlooked or considered not ‘tr00 scene,’ I disagree. The pop division plays by the same rules ( abs(cute singer + neon) / average songs = fangirls ^2) as the other divisions, the fans are just a little younger and more sheltered. Think of it as as the farm league/AAAs: perhaps not as prestigious as the marquee divisions, but plenty of action there for the hardcore fans who want to follow up-and-coming prospects!

The N’Sync/Backstreet of the neon era? A lot of people compare them to Blink-182 or whatever, but I don’t think that’s fair. Blink had to write all their own songs, while ATL can afford to have professionals like Rivers Cuomo do it for them, freeing the band up to focus on more important things. In any case, when it comes to non-threatening, cute boys who play radio-friendly neon pop, ALL TIME LOW are definitely the favorites to take the divisional title!

I’m really puzzled by the success of PTV, who are incredibly Tumblrfamous despite playing dull ANTHONYGREENCORE. Based on their name and appearance, I thought they were going to be either sweet easycore or metalcore– you can imagine my surprise when I visited their Myspace and discovered they just sounded like the crappy Saosin songs :/ Their rankings also reflect a bonus for the bafflingly high number of times that Jason Derulo and New Boyz rep PTV shirts in their videos.

If ALL TIME LOW is the N’Sync of scene pop, THE MAINE would be something like LFO or O-Town: the perennial #2 or #3 in the division, always in the shadow of the big dogs and never quite able to get to the top of the heap. Perhaps that explains why they were the first band in the division to fully complete the srsbro transformation?

Much like PIERCE THE VEIL, I can only assume that CHIODOS were popular because little girls crushed on the singer. It certainly wasn’t because of their music or any of the other guys in the band. In any case, I don’t see the band itself winning the divisional title, although Craig Owens is pretty much a lock for the All-Star team.


EMAROSA, DANCE GAVIN DANCE, SAOSIN and other post-hardcore bands whose popularity was driven by a charismatic frontman that was too flaky/unstable for the band to reach its potential.

FOREVER THE SICKEST KIDS and HIT THE LIGHTS: the definition of neon pop-punk, and IMO much better musically than ATL or THE MAINE. Both did well, but just kind of limp along these days and seem destined to break up soon.


This is an interesting division in that it has completely different roots than the other two, with origins in weird, lulzy subcultures like 90s-style raver crap, goth, and kawaii fashion. The MOSH and POP divisions are more or less rooted in hardcore and pop-punk, but DANCE has no real connection to either of those genres. Accordingly, it is mostly for fat kids who are miserable because they’re in 8th grade and can’t come out of the closet until they go away to college in four years. If you are a real glutton for punishment, read up on Stickydrama to understand exactly how the whole fucked up, dramatic and gay (as in homosexual) the DANCE division of scene is.

I was very surprised that these guys not only got as big as they did, but are actually still semi-relevant (as in, they play shows and more than 250 people buy tickets). I was going to say “not sure how they cope with being 27 years old and having a fanbase whose median age is 14,” but then I remembered the whole Jessi Slaughter thing and realized that they are probably fine with being around dozens of 8th graders every night.

I really thought these guys were going to be big- and by “big” I mean playing the main stage of Warped before FOREVER THE SICKEST KIDS. “Freaxxx” got something like 50 million views, but I guess the novelty wore off before they could capitalize on it. Too bad, they are chill bros who grew up poor as shit and deserve to make some cash (srs).

If there was an award for biggest gap between online popularity and IRL popularity, it would definitely go to MILLIONAIRES. Melissa was one of the original “scene queens” and had zillions of fangirls all over the world, yet they played to like 75 people on the Fleshlight stage or whatever at Warped Tour and have completely fizzled since then, squandering whatever potential they had. Probably because they are impossible to work with.


HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD and T-MILLS: HU sold a ton of records, but kind of fell off the map a year or so ago, probably because they just weren’t the same without Deuce. Not really sure why T-MILLS didn’t blow up, but he followed a BROKENCYDE-like trajectory of getting some solid internet hype out of the gate, then just sort of quietly fizzling.

Thanks to all the forum members who laid the groundwork for this! Who is in YOUR scene hall of fame and why???

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122 Responses to Who is in the SCENE BAND HALL OF FAME??

  1. BSMitchell says:

    I feel like HU’s first album was bigger than Brokencydes. Jammed that shit hard when it first came out. Car full of bros screaming the lyrics to Undead and Everywhere I Go = awesome summer break memories.

    • Pixy says:

      i am stoked for Deuce solo album (srs). I hope he blows up!

      • BSMitchell says:

        I kind of doubt it. I keep track of scene using the t-shirts of slightly chubby 5/10s at my school, and it’s been upwards of six months since the last sighting of HU merch. I feel like his relevance may have passed with their’s.

    • Sergeant D says:

      Without a doubt HU was literally 10-20x bigger than BC13– the first HU album went gold (and possibly platinum, haven’t looked at the soundscan numbers in a long time) whereas BC13′s album sold something like 40K units. Not sure about the 2nd album, but HU were/are a very successful band in terms of albums sales (especially considering how hard it is to sell 750K albums to teenagers in 2012).

  2. Void Eater says:

    Suiside Silence looks so out of place there, with having two guys who looks like they should be in Amon Amarth and two guys who should be in some generic thrash resurgance band.

    Also, Capture The Crown deserves some sort of mention, for receiving a fair amount of attention in 2012 by releasing one crabcore song and a generic video. Getting a bunch of fangirls for literally nothing but image and only one generic song is scene as fuck.

    • BSMitchell says:

      I’d never noticed the Amon Amary looking dudes in SS. Do the scene girls go nuts for for Mitch like they do for Worsnop and Oli?

      • Void Eater says:

        “Do the scene girls go nuts for for Mitch like they do for Worsnop and Oli?”

        They wouldn’t be as popular as they are now without an army of scene girls, so presumably so.

      • Duncan says:

        I’ve always loved how the SS guys other than the singer all looked they should be in a Slayer cover band rather than a br00tal deathcore one.

  3. Jonnyfilth says:

    I’d like to submit The Used, at least for an honourable mention.
    Back in 03 – 06ish they were huge and had legions of freaky looking scene fangirls who couldn’t quite fit into their shirts. The Used were one of the earlier “screamo” success stories, and I’d say they at least had some kind of influence on the POP category.


    • Sergeant D says:

      While The Used were definitely very influential and popular, I sort of feel like they (like Norma Jean, Underoath, FFTL, etc) are proto-scene? One could certainly make the argument that all those bands should be included in the scene HOF, but to me scene proper was like 06-09. Also, none of those bands ever really did the neon-n-breakdowns thing. In any case, I certainly see your point and I don’t disagree but you have to draw the line somewhere, right?

      NO NEON?
      NOT SCENE.

    • dingdong says:

      How about the ol’ Adelaide favourites I Killed The Prom Queen?

      Via; British Singer, Active at the start of the 06-09 period, Neon merch and ooooooodles of horrifically ugly scene/emo female fans.

  4. Pixy says:

    i usually loves scene bands but goddamn PTV is SO ANNOYING OH MY GAWD

  5. yogurt says:

    You forgot “august burns red”, “I set my friends on fire”, and the faggots in “vanna”.

    ’07 to ’09 scene counts too you know.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I don’t listen to any of those bands, but I’m going to miss the general feeling of the state of music in 2003-2009.

    Goodbye little latina scene queens
    Goodbye Unique Leader era death metal
    Goodbye Animosity
    Goodbye over-sized font/foil lettering/ignorant phrases on the back of shirts/mosh shorts
    Goodbye overused bassdrops
    Goodbye Myspace and all the shitty video game and scene based grindcore

  7. ragingparty says:

    good post, wood reed again

  8. Andrew says:

    Bring Me The Horizon / All Time Low / Chiodos / Brokencyde / = the 4 most scene bands ever IMO

  9. Chillin' says:

    Looking back at BC13 now, I honestly don’t find their music to be that good. It’s like slightly above average dance music with annoying screaming, so in my book that’s just mediocre. I can’t believe my pussy got mad over that kinda shit when I could’ve enjoyed it for what it was. If I hadn’t been part of the hate crew, it’d be beyond me why people hated them so much. It honestly isn’t nearly as bad as it’s made out to be by the haters.

    • Walker says:

      I think they definitely had some good parts, but my biggest problem was that their songs always went on too long. like in 3 min bursts that shit would go off but after that it was like ‘ok next track’

  10. dot says:

    this is all quite accurate.
    id like to give credit to motionless in white for 2010-2012

  11. striped underwear says:

    winnners: bmth, ptv,bodf(anoyying AF but they win cuz all the scene queens go crazy for them)
    runners up: tdwp (still love them till this day!) atl (in 3rd chiodos cuz they where actually a pretty sweet band and owens is dope and deserve the mention) and finally bc13!

    also dgd, and emarosa ,saosin, circa survive win the indie/core/some what kinda scene thing in my opinion and are my favorite bands and all i can really listen to now haha

  12. B. Edge says:

    This whole blog entrie makes me nostalgiac for the passed and makes me mad at Scrill-X for stealing away scene brahs and converting them into bro-stepperz. :(

    Bring back kidz who look exactly like Nikki Sixx circa ’87, but wear lotz of turqoise clothing.

    Can’t wait for the advent of Nu-Scene, which will blow up in 2022.

    • Sergeant D says:

      Can’t wait for the advent of Nu-Scene

      100% sure this will actually happen, and it will be fucking hilarious/amazing when it does. although I will probably be well into my 40s at that point… brb suisiding myself of old age :(

  13. Latinoheat!!! says:

    Honorable mentions IMHO wood b of course That fag jeffrey Starr for that stupid ass song about wearing tight spandex or sum shit that the borracha scene bish I’d be dancin w/ wood go all wet 4 … underoath for making ugly people sumwut acceptable(not really but nottie wood always bump dem tight shirts), n of course The used n MCR who I had to endure a whole emo-fest concert (taste of chaos 04/05???) cuz I won sum radio contest tix 4 free n took this hot thick scene mexislut w nice hooters n ass n got her all wet too hehehe… come to think of it I think we all have to thank these emo/scene faggtz for making crappy music so that neon hot scene bishes can get in da mood n get us bros laid!!!

    RIP myspace…
    RIP weekend drunken dance parties
    RIP stupid hot black-mini skirt wearin’ scene bishes that gave bomb head!!!
    RIP neon/glam girls
    RIP pineapple haircuts
    RIP motorola RZRs that broke easily
    RIP sidekick v1 and v2 WID DEM CUHLERZ!!!
    RIP 2003 -2010


    • Jonnyfilth says:

      For some reason i’m lolling at the thought of you saying “Nice hooters”

    • Midas Welby says:

      Fuckin’ love Latinoheat. He makes me think of a pre-prison Danny Trejo. And I was right with you up until you lamented the end of pineapple haircuts – never could get into that kind of butchery. I guess I only enjoy the long, fem, mainstream hairstyles on the ladies.

      • Latinoheat!!! says:


        im down for minorities in hollywood.
        I’d prolly bust a robert rodriguez n sellout sick as fuck tho =D

    • Frank says:

      You’re wrong about 1 thing, bro. I once ran over my Razr with my CAR. Shit still worked. That thing was indestructible.

  14. Midas Welby says:

    “They’re fan favorites who leave it all on the field!”

    The enthusiasm makes it funnier. Plus, I didn’t know Americans were aware of Lights. She’s cute enough but I’ll wait until the Canadian music Cosa Nostra turns her into Chantal Kreviazuk and makes her ditch the ridiculous hair. She’s cute enough but I’ll withhold a rating until the peds are shown.

  15. Isaac says:

    wizard-level sub-subcultural analysis! holy shit you’ve put a lot of thought into this

    • Sergeant D says:

      the embarrassing part is that this post was actually extremely easy to write, because I just barfed all this out off the top of my head. That awkward moment when you realize how much brain matter you’ve dedicated to lulzy music for teenagers with low self-esteem :(

  16. KOLGATE says:

    HU havn’t fallen off at all, the second album did tremendously better than their first one and they’ve been headlining tours with Avenged Sevenfold, Asking Alexandria and other “sweet” bands. They’re also in the studio working on their third album, slated for release in July. Deuce sucks, always has and will continue to do so. His record is supposed to be out right now at shows. The first 2 singles failed to do anything, I guess we’ll see.

  17. KOLGATE says:

    I should note, as a super diehard fangirl, my opinion is insanely biased.

    • Sergeant D says:

      Don’t get me wrong, I love HU and you are totally correct that their second album did really well. But don’t you think it’s fair to say that they’re not as relevant now as they were in, say, 2009? I definitely don’t see kids talking about them as much online and Hot Topic doesn’t carry their merch anymore (at least where I live).

      That said, they may have potential to be an A7X-type band that actually has a long-term career in the ‘hard rock’ scene, we’ll see. Deuce certainly don’t seem to be going anywhere.

  18. KOLGATE says:

    The Hot Topics by me have 3 or 4 of their shirts. While you’re right that kids don’t talk about them anymore.. I think that’s because they’re the new Linkin Park.. no one likes them publically, yet they sell and continue to headline sold out tours. I call it the LP-Effect. THR! Is next in line, lolz.

  19. El-ahrairah says:

    can we have some real talk about that moment when masamune bursts through aeris’ chest and everything in your life becomes meaningless?

    please respawned :(

  20. Shawnyouwillhate says:

    Lol’d @ fleshlight stage

    This article just makes me sad, it’s like a miracle that this stuff was even popular – then it was just ripped away from me.

  21. Dan says:

    Attack Attack are “fan favorites who leave it all on the field.” I see what you did there.

    Also, surprised at no mention of Cash Cash.

  22. regurgitator says:

    is scene really dead? But why is it so alive in our country?(flippines). The biggest festival happening here that happens every april will be headlined by some bands in the mosh criteria (we cum as romans, blessdafool and includes aguast burns red, periperi, and darkest hour) they used to bring the likes of anthrax, testament and death angel here. So it’s pretty much so alive here.

    • Sergeant D says:

      I am guessing that your people are too busy chowing down on Super Bawang, watching Bubble Gang and trying to avoid getting blown up by Muslims to notice that times have changed :(

      • regurgitator says:

        last month, the maine, FTSKids and taking back sunday played here as well as all time low. wtf is happening here. why can’t we keep up with the trend?! it’s like our country is stuck in the scene time dimension :( to make things worse, scene type bands are being formed every minute here. It’s dead everywehre yet it is still in the growing phase here :( btw super bawang has been toppled by another supreme snack called boy bawang

    • ge5undhe17 says:

      Same here in Vietnam too. There are a lot of tweens sporting scene hair and commenting each other’s pics on Flickr.

      Travelling backwards through time…

  23. 808BUMP says:

    MY FAVORITE POST SO FAR! You forgot the “scene dream team” Isles & Glaciers.

  24. Save Parker says:

    Missed out on Alesana and Skylit Drive. Influential scene bands that never really hit the tipping point, sort of leveling off into whatever their careers are now.

  25. ge5undhe17 says:

    Bahahaha, Vampires Everywhere! was mentioned

    VE! actually tried to use that emo vamp image which expired back in 2007. Didn’t know it had a following. But my vote for Hall of Fame is on Attack Attack!, BOTDF and Brokencyde (the reasons I followed your blog)

  26. Save Parker says:

    Wait wait wait wait, where the fuck is A Day To Remember?????

    • Sergeant D says:

      i’m really on the fence as to whether they are scene or not. i could be convinced either way, but i left them out because they never really LOOKED scene (no scene hair, not many tattoos, not much neon) and scene is really more about how you look than anything else. obviously they had their share of fans who were scene, but i see them as fitting in best with garden variety pop-punk (ie, they are more like Green Day than BMTH).

      • Save Parker says:

        Fuck, this is so debatable. I’d say they still dress scene enough, and their musical appeal is enough to make them scene while still capable of making a successful mainstream crossover. Wanna do a point/counterpoint: Is A Day To Remember scene?

      • uppercut613 says:

        ADTR def have tattoos, but yeah, they’ve always sported the preppy hairdos

        • uppercut613 says:

          i feel like scene (or atleast my recollection of it back when it was popular) was like 80% or more based on the hair

    • Jello says:

      They’re srscore for scene kids.

  27. uppercut613 says:

    no drop dead, gorgeous? these guys laid the groundwork for all the rise records bands. plus their image was scene as fuck and they were immensely popular in the myspace golden era.


    lol i always thought it was funny that all the members were ultra scene and then theres one preppy looking dude in a soccer shirt standing to the side.

  28. john says:

    wut about scary kids scaring kids? :(
    I’m pretty sure that’s the most scene band name evar

  29. Hypefreecollin says:

    no From First To Last makes this list seem off-base.

    Sonny Moore aka Skrillex LITERALLY revolutionized “teh secks” hair, clothes, makeup and being scene.

    • K. says:

      I would say that FFTl is defining proto-scene band. You can see the influence they had, but they were already gone when scene really blasted. More like 00s-core.

      • Sergeant D says:

        Yep, they were very influential, but predated neon, shuttershades and DC high tops in garish colorways

        • uppercut613 says:

          what year do you think that definition of scene started sarge? i remember using the term “scene kid” in mid-late high school (2004-2005ish for me) but i think i was just describing from first to last fans.

          does anyone remember when scene was called “fashioncore”?

          • Sergeant D says:

            That’s a good question, and TBH I don’t think I can answer it because I didn’t really discover all of that stuff until like 2007 when it was well underway. Maybe someone younger than me can chime in??

            • Maverick says:

              When I was high school (2003-2007) we straight up called everything “emo.” Didn’t really start hearing/using the terminology “scene” in its present sense until 2007, maybe 2006.

            • Latinoheat!!! says:

              yup… 02-06 (my HS años) was when i called everything gay “emo” but that word is now so out of existence its like saying “da bomb”. Fashioncore was what we described their outerwear. The term “scene” didnt start popping up until 04/05, at least where i was at,when myspace officially blew up for my generation Y(Z is reserved for the facebook kids…gen X as we all know is meant for sgt.D and his sadsack lollapalooza flannel-wearing krishna-loving beeper wearers.)
              Anyone else care to chime in on dis debate?

            • Sven_McSven says:

              I used to call scene fashion core back in 07-09, but I used it as a catch all term for any band from KSE to BMTH to Suiside Silense via being an ignorant IMN. Scene became a thing in 09-10 for us in Aus, and it’s still around in places. Though here it was kinda different coz everyone was jocking IKTPQ and Parkway more than American bands.

            • Jonnyfilth says:

              There was scene here b4 2010 bro, ’07 was a BIG year for it in QLD. Just not as widespread I guess.

  30. --- says:

    this is really funny because a bunch of newly accepted high school seniors just came to tour my college and there is this huge group of coon eye/badly dyed hair scene girls walking about in asking alexandria / bmth shirts / etc. (extra hilarity b/c the parents look so embarrassed)

  31. Dr. Unk says:

    As I Lay Dying (their longevity as a genre-defining mallmetalcore band is unfuckwithable) / Metro Station (for being perfect) / and Millionaires (for being literally the scenest thing i’d ever come across)

  32. Chillin' says:

    That embarrassing moment when you agree with all the tiers and know which bands were “proto-scene” not because you were into the music but because you were busy keeping up with all the bands you were supposed to hate.

    I think this is even worse than Sarge’s obsession with music for teens with low self-esteem. At least he likes it, I still know a lot about it even though I hated it. WTF was I doing with my life???

  33. thedevilelectric says:

    At first I kind of thought Breathe Carolina should be on the list but they’re pretty new I guess. Still scene as fuck in 2012 though so props to them?

  34. nimplysaked says:

    I was going to say Aiden, but I think they were proto-scene like MCR and The Used. Not enough neon colours etc, too much make-up.

  35. K. says:

    Actually Sarge, have Chiodos earned their place in SBHoF? I mean, I think I was pretty much ‘in vogue’, but I don’t remember them being important band. Maybe early Saosin was name dropped every now and then til 2010, but Chiodos reminds me Senses Fail- and Alexisonfire-type of bands. I’m being srs here, why did you mention em?

    • Sergeant D says:

      Like I said, the band itself isn’t all that relevant, but Craig Owens is very tumblrfamous and popular with scene girls. So, mostly for him.

    • K. says:

      Hahaha, I just reaslized that I actually was super sincere while asking that last question and tried to memorize everything that I know about Chiodos.

  36. K. says:

    Okey, yeah, my bad.

  37. Sarge Sacrament says:

    What about horroable mentions?

  38. Anonymous says:

    Strong amount of skinny fat in the Chiodos pic.

  39. Maverick says:

    <3 how the guy on the far left in BMTH only needs to smile regularly for the "zany faces!" photo. Poor English people, am sad 4 u (lettuce b cereal, tho, you brought the inbreeding upon yourselves).

  40. Andrew says:

    I agree with what someone way up there about in high school, in 2004, pI called trendy kids “scene kids,” but by 2007 it had morphed so much it was something different. So what I called scene then you are calling “proto-scene” now.

  41. Pixy says:


  42. B. Edge says:

    Andrew is ahead of the curve.

    What about CA$H CA$H for dance division? Or maybe they’d be pop division.

  43. Mountainous Erection says:

    Soem neglected gems:

    I know D loves this shit-and like totally knows them IRL-but chain reaction-core: 18v, Throwdown, whole lotta Trustkill bands were entry level hardcore for scene kids.
    Also, As I lay Dying and Black Dahlia Murder(melodeathcore) and Job for a Cowboy (OG scenedeathcore), Alexisonfire. Fucking Atreyu (lol!)

    Aiden were one of the biggest. Not only scene for betas (whole band is fugly, gothic style is bridge to mallcore) but thanks to Youtube I can chuckle at their cringe-inducing videos forever. Also wins most pretentious frontman award. Finally: A7X…

    • Ariana is Grande says:

      Man, I think Job For a Cowboy reads Sarge’s posts everywhere and every album gets increasingly IMN. (Same with Abigail Williams) :( They don’t even have the cowskull on their last album!

  44. Brosef says:

    I’m not sure the mosh division ever died out haha.

  45. BMTH are kind of the Godfathers of The Scene here in the UK, so here’s a video from a show we played with them in ’05 (the shitty ‘BTKF’ amp was ours, which we used in our equally shitty band ‘Black Tie Knife Fight’ – yeah, after that Drowningman song)
    Thought you might get a kick out of it, especially when they had to stop the show at the end because some kid moshed to hard and needed the hospital.


  46. Brenden Sheard says:

    I used to date a girl that was textbook scene and she used to play nothing but BOTDF, BC13, I See Stars, Attack Attack!, and Breathe Carolina in her car for, like, months. However, on an interesting note, she was also really into I Killed The Prom Queen, and oddly enough, Darkest Hour and The Acacia Strain O.o she even had an Emmure phase. Does this mean wigger moshcore and deathcore 1.0 has post-scene potential?

  47. Pingback: Life’s big questions: Are A DAY TO REMEMBER scene? | STUFF YOU WILL HATE

  48. xpedox says:

    Aeris was such a slut, he tried to steal Cloud from Tifa!

  49. Hugh Fugger says:


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