DYS have a really embarrassing dadrock song about Boston

Neal Brennan made the brilliant observation that stupid people are always complaining about physical sensations: “My back hurts,” “It’s hot out,” “I’m itchy,” etc (see also: women). Another sign that you’re dealing with a retard is when a person won’t shut up about the city they are from, as though it’s some kind of fucking accomplishment that they born in a given zipcode. And when it comes to bragging about the city you happened to grow up in, nobody does it more often and more obnoxiously than people from Boston!

This holds true for their hardcore bands as well, with the latest (and definitely most embarrassing) example being a new song from the fossilcore band DYS. For those under 40, DYS were an early 80s sxe band that was pretty awesome in a “derpy 14 year olds who had no fucking idea what they were doing and accidentally ended up playing sweet thrashy hardcore” kind of way, then turned into really really REALLY bad bar rock before they broke up. Apparently they are playing again, and in typical Boston fashion wrote a song about (what else) Boston. Notes:

  • I feel like there is an inverse relationship between how much people boast about being from a given city and how cool the city actually is. For example, has a band EVER written a song about being from Seattle, Denver or Santa Barbara? Yet think of all the assholes who take every opportunity possible to brag about being from shitholes like Oakland, Boston, Philly and New York.
  • MY GOD THIS COOLDAD GEAR: Dave Smalley’s miniature beanie and white motorcycle jacket from Wilson’s leather, the bassist’s fedora, and p sure I saw a chain wallet in there somewhere
  • Namechecking Aerosmith :/
  • 1:45 that awkward moment when he makes a ‘Boston terrier’ face and actually looks like one thanks to his jowels
  • Why do they have 3 Marshall heads at a venue that looks like it holds 150 people?
  • In b4 someone who lives in Boston recognizes one of these guys because he came to fix their water heater the other day

How long did you make it into this video before hitting ctrl + W out of vicarious shame??

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102 Responses to DYS have a really embarrassing dadrock song about Boston

  1. Void Eater says:

    The vocalist reminds me of David Lee Roth for whatever reason, which made it quite funny to hear him say “Straight edge, true till death!” Although seeing anybody say that is always funny. Props to him for being an oldfag and staying tr00, even if what he’s staying tr00 to is being gay.

    • Sergeant D says:

      “That awkward moment where you are really proud of who you are, but who you are is really dumb and embarrassing”

      • TLDR says:

        “That awkward moment where you are really proud of who you are, but who you are is really dumb and embarrassing”

        Turning 26 this month and still edge. This is kind of happening to me

        • B. Edge says:

          What’s even more lame is DYS singer d00d hasn’t been sxe for the last 15+ years. He was touring in Ireland with his band Down By Law and his “Scotch-Irish roots took over, and I fell in love with a pint of Guinness.” Yes, I have that Dave Smalley quote memorized, because it’s so insanely retarded on so many obvious levels that I will never forget it.

    • wiggles says:

      i can’t believe he looks so used up for livin clean. unless i am vastly underestimating his age.

  2. Midas Welby says:

    “has a band EVER written a song about being from Seattle, Denver or Santa Barbara?”

    Well, there is this:

  3. pl says:

    made it to 0:57 this was very embarrassing

  4. Anonymous says:

    This sounds like Motorhead got raped by H2O and had a retarded baby.

  5. derekpants says:

    Lol’d @ “p sure”

    Also I’ll never forget how to spell boston because of this song. Thanks guys!

  6. Bronson says:

    For some reason, all the little neo 80s hardcore kids in my town are currently drooling all over Boston’s balls right now. It blows my mind to hear this kids actually call SSD and DYS their favorite bands, because back when I was first getting into fossil hardcore (ugh…ten years ago now), those Boston Crew bands were always the ‘legendary straight edge groups’ that were at best good for a slight lol (“Get It Away”, anyone?), but were overall pretty shitty and DEFINITELY not fit for aping at the time. I’m kind of torn on DYS’ recent string of activity because on one hand, the music is pretty atrocious, but on the other, I’m really enjoying how they are unintentionally trolling the local hardcore scene here by getting obnoxious hc kids really, really upset with each subsequent single and rerecording.

  7. Waltertheeinsteinfrog says:

    The supposed Boston new York rivalry was always funny to me, I’ve lived in both city’s and the rivalry really only exists in the minds of people from Boston. People in NY could care less and never think about Boston, cause…. It’s Boston.

    • Sergeant D says:

      Sort of like the Norcal/So Cal ‘rivalry,’ which isn’t really a rivalry at all so much as butthurt fggts up in the cold-ass Bay calling people in LA/OC ‘fake’ while they shiver and stumble around in the fucking fog, but nobody in LA gives a flying fuck what’s happening in SF.

      • The shape of Crabcore to come says:

        hah! love the bay (rilly), but this is so true.

      • Waltertheeinsteinfrog says:

        Yea I really don’t get the appeal of NorCal. While SoCal is totally its own thing, SF/Oakland are just like shittier, smaller, more ghetto yet somehow more expensive versions of NYC/Brooklyn. Not to mention the extra annoying hippy vibe the people there have. I remember going to SF venues on tour and meeting the dudes who’s sole job was to keep the mobs of homeless people away from the bands bus.

      • TLDR says:

        Norcal resident here (non Bay area variety). IMO, the Bay is a lot faker than LA, via pretentiousness, pseudo intellectualism, and massive hipsterism. LA is fake in a way (bunch of wannabe actors/directors/etc), but doesn’t pretend to be better than everyone for it.


        • Sergeant D says:

          THIS EXACTLY.

          First of all, there are fake douchebags everywhere on the planet; no city has a monopoly on them.

          Second, like you said the Bay has PLENTY of fake motherfuckers as you described. What is more phony and contrived than hipsters??

          Third, LA is a huge city and the stereotypically ‘fake’ people are primarily confined to the dumb parts that normal people don’t go to. I can’t think of more normal, chill places than West Covina, Pasadena, etc.

          • TLDR says:

            Part of it is that LA is so massive it just has to have every personality type there is. For all I know, the hipster census could be higher than the Bay via LA just having so many more people, but you don’t notice it because the population has reached critical mass.

            The Bay, on the other hand, is actually quite small for a group of “big cities” and thus more culturally homogeneous. The great irony is that if it weren’t for the massive population of PC/hipster/psueds, we wouldn’t have a use for the word faggot anymore and could stop (allegedly) indirectly insulting homosexuals. The people that are most against non PC insults are responsible for their existence!

            And to answer your question, hipsters are infinitely more contrived and phony than people talentless as most of them are) trying to become moviestars. To compare the two:

            Wannabe Movie star fakeness: yields .000001% chance of massive wealth, God like social status and subsequently all the 10/10 pussy you can eat

            Hipster fakeness: sacrifices 50% of real friends via alienation for a 25% chance to bang a few 6.5 frumpsters

            Come to think of it, both of these options look shitty, to the point where they make playing in a hardcore band look like a good idea.

      • B. Edge says:


    • richard brunelle says:

      dude, so on point

      it’s the municipal version of the us/canada relationship. until you read the word canada a second ago you hadn’t thought about them all week

      • Latinoheat!!! says:

        Backed fucking hard like my cock on a Santa Monica bitch’s mouth baby!!!

        we dont really give a shit if other people talk shit on el-lay cuz the ghetto minorities (n the rest chill, hard working people) are actually just trying to survive but i find it funny how the “fake” people are really just the stereotypical hollywood-area douchebag that everyone thinks of when they think of the “shithole that is LA” which to me is just one stupid retarded area full of hipster faggtz n chit…..but keep in mind most of these hollywood stereotypes we all see on the tv are really just out-of-towners (from any part of any fucken state… I’m looking at you midwest, norcal, and east coast peepz) that come to L.A for the JOBS and the chill ass weather and kickass vibe….

        funny how many out-of-towners complain/bitch about LA yet live here n shit haha….. now to enjoy the sunshine and send a dollar of pity towards the midwest/south that got hit by all those fucken tornadoes/hurricanes n shit….

        toodaloo motherfuckers ;-D

        • lukeoneil47 says:

          No one really thinks any stereotype about any entire city is actually meant to describe *all of the people, right?

          Also, when people say LA, they mean Hollywood. I have only been there a couple times so I’m not qualified to judge how phoney everyone there is. Just kidding, I am and they are.

          In the place I live and work, Cambridge, MA, which is basically Boston’s Brooklyn + SF combined, the stereotypes of liberal pussies and hipsters and old academics is pretty much spot on. That doesn’t mean there aren’t thousands of “regular” people “just try’n” 2 “get by” though.

        • TLDR says:

          toodaloo motherfuckers ;-D


          Coincidentally, this was the background I was seeing while reading your comment. Hilarity ensued.

  8. Godeye says:

    Tagged “dad you’re embarrassing me”.

  9. Michael says:

    HAHAHA. See also Slapshot. My chums said, you have to check out Slapshot, amazing sxe hardcore from Bawston. I was like, WTF is this and carried on listening to Firestorm or whatever.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I thought the guitarist on the left looked familiar, and then realized that it’s Franz Stahl. Kinda ironic for a guy from D.C. area to be shouting out Boston in a song. Glad to see he’s still playing after being ousted from the Foo Fighters.

  11. I made it to the spell-it-out part. It took 2 min to load on my phone, I want that 2 min back.
    It’s sad-but-lulzy to see these old men XhardcoreXlarpingX, but whatever pays the bills I guess.

    WHITE ppl who write songs about Philly or Oakland usually don’t sing their praise, they sing about how horribly unlivable those cities are, because of the “poverty” (if you know what I mean).

  12. Lo-Rez says:

    srs thought for a joke they had gotten someones dad to sing the words to the song…except the dad kept singing the whole thing.

  13. jake says:

    in b4 scott vogel calls them out for trying to cash in on their “huge name” in the scene.

    in b4 “PCHomeboy” defends them on SYWH.

  14. Anon says:

    Can someone tell TRC that this is pretty much what they did when they wrote ‘Team UK’

  15. m00k says:

    Hey, I like Philly :/

  16. zunathustra says:

    that awkward moment when seeing dave smalley’s acoustic set a few years ago was less embarassing than this #thegirl’sgotlimits

    • Sergeant D says:

      lololololol fuck i forgot about “The Girls Got Limits”– THAT SONG o___o

      • zunathustra says:

        kinda like how that band Clockcleaner played a 15 minute cover of “Ready to Fight” when opening for a Negative Approach reunion show, if i was opening for DYS today i would do the same with “The Girl’s Got Limits” (gonna make her mine). can’t let anybody forget about that song.

  17. Jonnyfilth says:

    I like how that 65 year old man and his pals from the bingo club dressed up in sweet pleather jackets and made a song about being tr00 till death. By my calculations he’s only got a few more years till his tr00 clock runs out. Especially if they keep trying to do those punk jumps.

    Inb4 hip replacement surgery.

    • TLDR says:

      I used to work in physical rehab, I can only imagine him denying his pain meds after surgery in order to be tr00 edge

  18. stealmoneyfordrugs says:

    if being straight edge since the 80′s makes you fat, bald, and gives you jowls like a fat basset hound…

  19. Inmyheadache says:

    The funniest part about it is that Dave Smalley isn’t from Boston and apparently doesn’t live there anymore. Wizard level trolling.

    I’ve heard that Jon Anastas is alpha as fuck(aside from this shit haha) like is a higher up at Atari or something and makes 10k a day.

  20. Lou M says:

    Are you sure they’re aren’t making fun of Boston. Looks a pretty douchey place to me. Those dads need to grow up and find a better way to embarrass their kids.

  21. Glorious Johnson says:

    you sound a little butthurt about not being from a bigger city brah. im sure if you youtube sammy hagar you’ll find a song about santa barbara and tequila.

    kinda reminds me of all the sxe d-bags in the town i grew up in getting 607 tattoos. Oh, your from an incredibly white trash area code in upstate ny, how insightful!

    • Sergeant D says:

      Sammy Hagar is from Fontana, not SB. But if he wrote a song about Fontana, I would back it hard!!

      • Midas Welby says:

        Sammy reps the Mex nowadays!

        • Latinoheat!!! says:


          The brown population does not agree…
          we want a trade…. we’ll give hagar and selena gomez to the whites as a trade for cameron Diaz from the whites… Her dad was cuban or somechit brah….

          Send delegates to Al and Bea’s in boyle heights as we will discuss further paperwork over bomb taquitos, combination burritos, and gallon-big horchatas!!!

  22. inb4skillz says:

    “Straight Edge, true til death!”
    brb breaking edge on mdma and hookers

  23. brent grudgematch says:

    I moved to Boston this past Jan. Its not that bad.

    • Latinoheat!!! says:

      same here… i heard dem bean town girls be white trash slutty as fuck yet catholic as fuck so i’m so down to screw a hybrid-Irish city white trash b-town slut to the max…. I’ll just think of them as the east coast equivalent of I.E Bro-Hos n chit except prolly more DTF via having the same religion as Mexis n chit…

  24. lukeoneil47 says:


  25. TLDR says:

    Regarding Denver pride, In the Crosshairs did a couple songs of that and they were totally fun because they had lyrics like “5 2 8 0 food friends hardcore.” In general, they were a really fun sweet band with rad dudes who also toured with Lose None. Definite anti NFC vibes. They followed up with another band called Fight Like Hell that was pretty sweet too.

    I was at the last ITC show ever, and it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen to this day. Viva La Denver

  26. TLDR says:

    Also, inb4 Downpresser writes a Santa Barbara pride song.

  27. Ezra Agnew says:

    I’m from mass, but I’m more into Cape cod pride. Do a piece on The Freeze. Their from Dennis I think, and they wrote songs about hating tourists.

  28. Dropkix says:

    “3 Marshall heads for a venue that holds 150?”

    Uh, wrong. It’s actually 6 Marshall heads for a venue that holds 2,500 and the Drop Kicks also hauled in 6 Marshall heads and 10 cabs for the same show and they don’t even crank the axes.

    When you have a band that plays in front of 2,500 people, then you have the right to Troll. Until then, shut it!

    Boston Bands for Life Mother Fucker!

  29. bryannev says:

    Only good song regarding a cool town is Stick To Your Guns song about Orange County…even though the singer doesn’t even live there anymore.

  30. bricktop23 says:

    wow, what happened to dave smalley? how can you fuck up your voice and face like that without the help of drugs and alcohol?

    and lagwagon did actually write a song about santa barbara. it´s on “duh” and its called lag wagon. that album was sweet.

  31. Lear says:

    Lyrics literally lifted from a beer commercial.

  32. DanIstheBastard says:

    I’m a hardcore oldfag from Boston and, while I do love my city, I have nothing nice to say about this retarded song (seriously – NAME DROPPING AEROSMITH?!!?), nor do I disagree with anyone here’s negative comments about Boston ppl/bands.

    The weirdest part is that none of these DYS dudes (except maybe Jonathan?) have lived in Boston since the mid-eighties. Smalley only lived here when he was in college at BU – otherwise he’s DC all day.

  33. beantownboy says:

    @Danisthebastard, uh, your hardcore old fag information is WAY off: The drummer went to Berklee and founded Powerman5000 while in Boston, the guitar player went to Berklee and played in Boston Bands Far From Finished and the Contenentals. Anastas did Slapshot after DYS. Everyone but Franz has deep Boston music roots.

  34. Soundman says:

    Regarding the backline, I work for the company that loaded it in, all real, all live, no dummies, no fakes. 2 heads, 3 cabs a man, with an extra head in case anything blows per slide. Slag away, but be accurate.

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