EASYCORE’S NOT DEAD, it just moved to Australia

In this video, some awesome Australian bros called YOUR WEIGHT IN GOLD have a video that reminds me of a Disney Channel movie that would be called something like “Permanently Grounded” where the parents go away for the weekend and the kids have a rly zany party. Then mom calls and says they’re coming home early, everybody panics, and there’s a montage of all the kids scrambling to clean up the house, and at the end of the montage the parents walk in the door juuuuust as the last of the incriminating party evidence is hastily concealed. Mom surveys the scene, sees that everything is in order, and nods approvingly– then a piece of pizza that was stuck to the ceiling falls on her head! Mom is frozen with a horrified look on her face, and the bumbling idiot dad breaks the ice by asking, “Did you get extra pepperoni?” GROUNDED!!

I’ve never been to Australia, but my research (ie the Parkway Drive DVD) suggests that it’s pretty much one big, sweet party like this video. My notes:

  • Love the “borrowed miniDV camera set on auto” look of the footage! Who needs midtones??
  • :22 Nike fannypack sighted. An euro on vacation??
  • So many zany, PG-rated antics: wrestling on the perfectly trimmed back lawn, bodyboarding down the stairs, stagediving off the porch, and a human pyramid. I hope my kids turn out this wholesome and well-behaved! (srs)
  • Everybody is barefoot for the indoor scenes: “Brahs, u gotta take your shoes off on the carpet, my mom will go mental if it gets stained!” So cute!!

No joke, this is everything I have ever loved about hardcore: an awesome song about having fun with your bros, coupled with an awesome video in which they have fun with their bros. And even though I’m a self-hating fucked up loser, I always wished I was a happy normal person like these kids, so I really like the family-friendly vibe (srs). Back tard, and wish I could hang out with these bros!

Holler at YOUR WEIGHT IN GOLD on Facebook and tell them not to ever go srs– EASYCORE’S NOT DEAD!

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81 Responses to EASYCORE’S NOT DEAD, it just moved to Australia

  1. Void Eater says:

    Reminds me of being young, sleeping over at my friends house, and falling down the stairs in a sleeping bag. Good times, band is backed mega hard.

    • TLDR says:

      THIS. What about bringing the quarter pipe inside and dropping in with a sleeping bag over your head? Good times.

      • Void Eater says:

        My dad built a big wooden quarter pipe, and we would drop in on it with a wagon.

        • TLDR says:

          Let’s go back in time and hangout. We had a giant homemade wagon dubbed “the Anarchymobile” that we used to inefficiently transport large ramps (quarter pipe, launch, funbox, etc) long distances (a few miles to each others houses) via bicycle towing.

          LOL @ us

    • Sergeant D says:

      Reminds me of being young

      aren’t you still in high school haha?

      • Maverick says:

        Lol Sarge=Doubleold

      • Void Eater says:

        I’m graduating in a month. I is srs young adult now. Brb, buying a “Defend Pop Punk” hoodie and discussing the dual oppression of black women and how we can all make a change.

      • Isaac says:

        ur a fossil tho

      • TLDR says:

        He may be, but I can understand his viewpoint. I remember when “real” partying (drinking, drugs, primitive gut stabbing attempts) came along and more or less completely replaced the type of activities exhibited in the above video. That point for us came around sophomore year of high school. This, prolonged with youngsters elongated time perception, is likely what prompted the statement “reminds me of being young” from a soon to be high school alumni.

  2. Postmodern Warfare says:

    Actually Sarge, the Nike fannypack is an important part of the ‘Lad’ look in Australia. A Lad is essentially the Aus equivalent of a Chav in the UK. Shaved head with rat tail, track pants or adidas gym shorts, it’s such a fucking weird look, I have no idea why they do it.

    • dingdong says:

      Bikies (in Adelaide, usually of Middle Eastern descent or bogan (read: Aussie white trash) heritage) wear the plain black with White text Nike fanny packs.

      I lol hard at this… They usually wear pants/shorts with functional pockets at the same time.

    • Da fuq is a “lad”? I’m from Melbourne and I’ve never heard that term before.
      Sounds similar to the “muzza” look.

      • Sven_McSven says:

        I think it’s a Sydney phenomenon mostly… In Canberra there’s some, but we have more hektics, which are kinda like fashion obsessed Mediterranean lads. feelsbadman :/ Never heard of Muzza tho…

      • Walker says:

        In NZ the bogans are all about knockoff chinese guns n roses/metallica/slipknot shirts, fox racing/mulisha gear, wrap around sunglasses, rollies, and burbon and cola RTDs. All of the cool middle eastern/indians here are all from super rich families who send their kids to med school in Dunedin or Auckland so they just wear expensive polos and chinos/khakis and smoke infinity cigarettes while drinking starbucks

      • Jonnyfilth says:

        You’re from Melbourne and never heard of a Lad?
        Basically a white trash Aussie Hip Hop fag who takes up smoking at 11 and has either mullet or rats tail & possibly tracks, is basically just a grose piece of shit. I think that some of these Western Sydney bros in the vid probably grew up as lads and then discovered hardcore / easycore etc so they’re like a weird hybrid

        • Postmodern Warfare says:

          Yeah, I’m a Western Sydney bro and Easycore is relatively popular around here (Like I’ve said before, I live down the road from the singer from Tonight Alive), but the bands I hear bogans jock from their cars is usually Asking Alexandria or Enter Shikari. I guess coz pills and shit are so huge in my area but so is being a groce white gronk, and Trancecore hits both those targets pretty hard. Though I’m the only person I know who really digs Attack Attack :/

          Had no idea these guys were from the West, will have to check em out. Apparently they are playing a festival in Liverpool soon, might go via not being able to drink and needing to find other ways to have fun :/

        • Yeah. I see phags like that all the time, but I’ve never heard anyone refer to them as “lads” before.

          P. ghey.

      • Steve says:

        if you haven’t heard of a “lad” in melbourne, you must be fucking old haha

    • Sergeant D says:

      pls explain where abos fit into all this

  3. TLDR says:

    Hard LOL @ Permanently Grounded description.

  4. TLDR says:

    Also mirin those mosh skillz, I bet those kids are pretty deadly in the pit at a real show, but will apologize profusely and shower you with hugs if they actually hit you, then buy you the australian equivalent of in n out after the show, via hxc being a brotherhood and all.

    BRB moving to Australia

    • Jonnyfilth says:

      This is 1000% true.
      They mosh like ninjas fighting against cyborg helicopter soldiers in a tornado but will literally hug you and sing along with their arm around your shoulder like a bro. Sarge was right, Australia is pretty much just one big party (if you’re not poor)

    • xkylex says:

      You just described me straight up…

      2:26 in, moshing hard and trying not to hit mah bros

  5. Bronson says:

    I demand a package tour with C!NCC, these guys, and City Lights, and Me Vs Hero. It could be called the “Young People Whose Butts Aren’t Hurt Tour”.

  6. TT says:

    Looks like NSW plates on the van, hence the sunshine/bright colours/NIKE bumbag look. Fucken wholesome.

    • Jonnyfilth says:

      Pretty sure they’re from western Sydney (which actually makes me a little surprised that they seem like nice, well adjusted kids??? does not compute)

  7. Jonnyfilth says:

    My observations:
    - Ironic Hawaiian shirts are a staple of the Australian scene, I think it’s an effective immunisation against tr00bonic plague. For example, here’s me getting my zany on:
    - Playing / filming ur video in a townhouse complex, inb4 noise complaints/eviction.
    - 0:53 looks painful as fuck but I bet he was like IDGAF and got up and moshed his ballz off Australian style.
    - 99% sure the house has been damaged by these bros before, as evidenced by the big non-painted repair patches in the poo-brown feature wall at 2:07 and mattresses on the walls so Mom wouldn’t yell at them
    - 3:13 one of the bro’s girlfranz stopped in 2 support her boy on the way home from shopping @ Dotti and was like “wtf were all those krazy guys doing?? I’m staying out of the way!!!”

  8. Anonymous says:

    video defs reminds me of this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zA8Db1uOLDE people here might not dig the jam (via sounding like HWM) but its defs a chill video and the bros in the band are good dudes

  9. Latinoheat!!! says:

    And even though I’m a self-hating fucked up loser, I always wished I was a happy normal person like these kids, so I really like the family-friendly vibe (srs)
    ^^^^ backed so fucken hard like my cock (no homo)^^^^^^^^^

    australia: love the women via their fucken sexy ass accent but somebody plz tell me there is better shit than foster’s (blue and green cans) up in britain’s trash can for criminals n murderers plz!! (via me being a beer snob phag)


    • bigfudge says:

      Dude I’m from Aus and I haven’t seen Foster’s since I was about 6 and even then I’m pretty sure it was only for poor people who had no taste buds due to the fact their mothers did heroin with them in the womb. I don’t even think they make that swill any more, do they?

      • JoeTheRipper says:

        Lol my all-American (as in, never been outside US boundaries) dad loves him some Fosters, with Canadian beers probably being his 2nd fav.

      • Gauks says:

        I thought that was VB?

        Srs though, the only place I’ve ever drunk fosters was overseas.

    • Jonnyfilth says:

      Yeah bro we only have one beer here, Fosters is all anyone drinks! (not srs, obviously)
      Beerfags would probably love Aus. I love it for a different reason: lower drinking age = moar drunk bishes!!!!

    • Feathered_Derpent says:

      We do have other beers but you are a fag if you drink them

  10. Walker says:

    As an American whose lived in NZ and been to Australia, let me tell you that Australia (at least the big cities) is like if Southern California were an entire super-rich country all to itself.

  11. hxclad says:

    MY BOYZ!!!
    love the fanny pack!!

  12. Anon says:

    These guys, are not only a great band, but they’re awesome mates. They’re so easy going and such a nice bunch of people. I’ve been to their shows and I most of them personally and they really do lose their shit at shows. Bringing out their inner ninja and just getting the crowd go wild.

    Great band and great guys.


  13. Nash says:

    Garry’s the hardest lad in Penrith. He killed a guy.

  14. Mitch says:

    So yeah, I’m the vocalist (in the purple hawaiian shirt)

    We are from Penrith,NSW, we play shows around the place all the time (come see us some time and build human pyramids). Ask us to play in your living room and we probably will :D

  15. Butt Hand says:

    Is that filmed in housing commision. If so that’s siq. Onya lads.

  16. Josh says:

    Sickest band! Stoked that they are getting some online recognition. My old band played with them a lot, always fun guys to hang out with and they always take shows seriously, but have a lot of fun with them too. Great band that I back 110%!

  17. chewbakka says:

    Sarge delivers again!!!!….or whoever linked you to this.

  18. Save Parker says:

    Was hoping when the song ended they would all fall into a pile on the floor and laugh hysterically for twenty seconds like at the end of every song from any kid’s show.

  19. Cameron says:

    I made this video and I’d just like to thank you personally for giving my best mates in YWIG the recognition they’ve been working their asses off for nearly everyday they’re together :)

    Props for the great review :)

  20. Cameron says:

    Hey Zach its Oppy :)
    Yeah fosters is for that but my mate (who’s house we filmed at) his dads runs the units for poor people :)

  21. Al says:

    Fannypack? Don’t you mean bumbag?

    Signed, An Euro.

  22. Midas Welby says:

    Can’t watch the nid at work here but is that Brazzers tag in the pic real? Please tell me Faye Reagan gets plowed by James Deen on top of a Peavey.

  23. Godeye says:

    My (highly extensive) research says Australia is one big, sweet party, where literally everything is trying to kill you, even the plates and cups. Confirm/deny?

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