In this video we have a classic example of ‘My First Band’ aka GUITARCENTERCORE: some kids who probably met in the ‘pro audio’ department at Guitar Center, spent the next two hours excitedly discussing their favorite Pod Farm presets, and decided to start a band because ‘I feel like I finally met some other people who take music as seriously as I do can’t wait to start teh writing process.’

On the one hand, we all have to start somewhere and you have to walk before you run, so we should give them the benefit of the doubt. But on the other hand it’s funny when people embarrass themselves by trying really hard at something, only they’re not very good at it so ‘giving it 100%’ means it still turns out pretty crappy. Which means I have no choice but to laugh at them on the internet.


  • Very strong “title : video content” ratio; the song is called ‘One Foot In The Grave,’ so they shot the video in a graveyard. In their next video, for ‘Back Against The Wall,’ the singer stands with his back against a wall.
  • Singer looks like a shoop of ‘scene Hitler’
  • :34 Dat tombstone that says “WILLIE” on it. RIP :(
  • For some reason I am rly amused by the derpy overlay text: “We have just released a new single off our upcoming EP set for release March 22 2012. Click here to have a listen.”
  • Bish on drums is p cute, wood def smash– check out this pic of her in short shorts. Then check out this one of her caught in mid-derp a second later and remember that you should never let the hot bish in your band play drums because it instantly makes her 30% less hot, unless her name is Jess Bowen)

This band is called IT ALL ENDS HERE, and this is their Faecbook

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61 Responses to Is this GUITARCENTERCORE?

  1. this guy has the comments says:

    The vocalist looks like one of those zany frontmen who pretend to take themselves rly srs as a joke, but then watching this video he obviously DOES take himself really srs and that’s a bummer.

  2. Bronson says:

    A couple things:

    1) This band deserves some sort of award for having the worst facial hair in amateur rock music. The guitarist looks like he snuck into a Japanese porno shoot with a pair of scissors, snipped some bush, and then pasted it to his chin before they started doing the video. Meanwhile, I literally thought to myself “what the fuck is that stuff on the singer’s upper lip?” before I realized it was merely his exceptionally bad mustache :/

    2) I like how at the very end of the song they make it look like they are about to get ‘rly rly br00tal’, but instead the singer just maxes out his ‘intense pig squeal’ quota before abruptly ending the track. Brb, inventing a word for the feeling when you don’t want to hear more of a song, yet you feel like there should be more of a song to hear.

  3. SalviBro says:

    I forgot this website existed, and i also forgot the lulz it brings

  4. Chillin' says:

    HAHAHAHA DYING @ THE PIGSQUAL AT THE END. I was about to post how this band sounds like if KSE was still relevant and as if the last 7 years hadn’t happened until the pigsqueal came in for no reason whatsoever.

  5. AndyK says:

    It might be “CORECENTERGUITAR” due to their unfortunate location.

  6. Girl U Gay! says:

    Yuck! The drummer is disgusting dude

  7. anHeroin says:

    >go to guitar center
    >talk to “liek-minded” bros
    >Pig Squeal….

    • Latinoheat!!! says:

      thought guitar center core was nothing but teenagers and ameteurs playing the intro to “stairway to heaven” and only playing the intro and the catchy korus n shit man??

      that and tarded soloz to sound kool to the other IMN playing some gay core or IMN band solo on the other isle of the store????

  8. richard brunelle says:

    this band’s time travel sensibility made a lot more sense after finding out they’re from australia

  9. malexander1089 says:

    lost interest once i realized that the first word wasnt “Rawrrrr.”

    i waas hoping for some ignorant mosh tunes (a la emmure – almost superficially dark but a blast becuz of it) but instead it was more like that depressing vibe i got from bless the martyr kiss the child.

    anyway, would illegally download their shit nd the stache is hot as fvck, no fucks given. its the pubescent girl’s body/ fat distribution that kills it

  10. malexander1089 says:

    I take that back. Its wearing pants that tight that low and standing like youve got all the confidence of a pubescent girl.

  11. yup says:

    idk, that ridiculous facial hair and cute yet homely chick makes me think this is a band of hipsters ironically playing mid-00′s metalcore

    also their hilarious about section said their music features “fro-mills”. that is all

  12. Sandwiches666 says:

    Sounds like Dead To Fall’s “Everything I Touch Falls To Pieces” 10 years too late. Yes, I had to look that up.

  13. derekpants says:

    The fuck? Did I accidentally a time machine?

  14. dingdong says:

    I can’t help but think that musically if your broke the song into individual parts/riffs/licks/fills it’s actually got some cool shit but they have approached it with the wrong view.

    i.e. Intro riff is great but should only be played literally once.

    Also I can’t help but feel the drums are out of time.

    /IMN Assessment.

    Sorry brahs.

  15. I though djent was GUITARCENTERCORE, but I can agree that this sort of stuff falls under it too.
    Also, lost it at “looking for tutorials on how to get teh killswitch sound with ur pod farm”

    • richard brunelle says:

      pretty sure whatever nickelback type stuff they still play on rock radio is xXxguitarcentercorexXx. or fat kids fucking up the the intro guitar solo in fade to black

      plus everyone buys their 7 string ibanez pointy strats from musicians friend these days, which funnily enough is owned by guitar center

  16. Jonnyfilth says:

    Oh fuck, they’re Australian :(

    99% sure this is how this band formed: classified ad in some shitty local music zine or newspaper -
    “looking for dedicated and serious musicians to start screamo / metal band. Must have sick gear and own transport. Must be dedicated and serious, and able to practise as least once a weak. Influences include Killswitch engage, Lamb of the Gods, Bullet For My Valentine. Awesome facial hair and windmills are a must.”

  17. Jonnyfilth says:


  18. jm6g90 says:

    I defo know what you mean about guitarcentrecore, somehow I just feel they were super proud of that opening riff from the way they repeat it endlessly.

  19. Brah McBrodown says:

    Hilarious video, wood def. let the girl sit on my face after a sweaty live session/10

  20. Anonymous says:


  21. thedevilelectric says:

    80% sure I chilled with that goateebro at a show last thursday.

  22. Master_Robocock says:

    i call this a deathcore pre-pubscent mustachecore band

  23. Canal Aunt says:

    wood letter play with my drumstick/10

  24. Godeye says:

    My thoughts:
    *First riff is the intro from “Tirades Of Truth” by DevilDriver:
    *Graveyard angel statues = #metalasfvkk, but the Nightwish kind of #metalasfvkk. Legit thought the first line was going to be “NEMO MY NAME FOREVERMOOOOOORE”
    *Lol’d hard when the four-on-the-floor beat came in
    *Guitarist at 1:23
    *Bassbro must have forgot to plug in, and has anal beads hanging off his bass (1:37)

  25. wiggles says:

    sounds just like Red i Flight

    looks just like slipknot fans

    also what is it with “metal dudes” and those stupid goats?

    • Chuckles says:

      Those are the main sourse of rebellyun against your gasstation manager that wont let you sport your sweet Afflictionn tee

      Also chistran bishes love dat satin look, amirite??

  26. suchjosh says:

    dat black finger nail polish

  27. Save Parker says:

    Would download sound clips of all the times they have either awkwardly hit on or white knighted their girl drummer. At least two discs.

  28. XheartburnX says:

    I was very sad to see that they haven’t shown up to defend the tr00ness of their guitarcentercore.

    I went to guitar center yesterday to buy some stuff for work, and the only bands there were rap duos playing keyboards and rapping while deciding which $200 mic was most legit looking.

  29. Ok, so they look like the type of band that plays very first at every local show, but I honestly think the first riff after that boring intro thing is sick AF. 6/10, would stand to the side and bob my head more enthusiastically to it than everyone else at a show

  30. Truffles says:

    Can’t understand why scenebro bass player has the ICS Vortex signature model (he’s from Dimmu Burger). In fact he probably doesn’t even know and just got it because it looked cool or something.

  31. Man, that transition at 1:!5 is really fucking great.

  32. Jesse McHater says:

    Surprised no one commented on that bassplayers sweet rattail chillin on the headstock.

  33. Magoo says:

    If this had come out in 2003-08 it would’ve been the sickest shit ever. Everyone would be jocking their merch.

  34. Abby says:

    Isn’t the font they used on that album cover the same as Day Of Mourning by Despised Icon..? lul

  35. Anonymous says:

    LOL @ windmill headbanging with Carrot Top’s lettuce. Inadequate haircore.

  36. Elane Alterio says:

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