OMG the new DISFIGURING THE GODDESS video is soooo zany!

BIG CHOCOLATE is a genuinely weird dude. Every time I’ve spoken to him he’s bouncing off the walls like he’s coked out of his mind, although he was stone cold sober. But that’s cool, I’m pretty weird too and I probably also seem crazy when people talk to me, and it’s probably also why people like him and I are so prolific. If you want to get an idea of what it’s like to talk to Cam, check out this EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE of the new video for DISFIGURING THE GODDESS. He is like this all the time. Notes:

  • I like the parts where Cam’s sillee dancing is slightly behind the beat, most likely because he doesn’t actually remember how the song goes (srs) and is kind of making it up as he goes along
  • 1:05 Dat post-ironic “raindrops” filter. Definitely picturing Cam giggling to himself as he selects this from the iMovie menu.
  • 1:22 I like this part because it sounds liek the SYMPHONY OF THE NIGHT soundtrack. Also, more sillee dancing.
  • 2:17 A WILD SHIV THE IMPALER APPEARS, who you may know as the singer for 7 HORNS 7 EYES and an occasional SYWH contributor. The best part of this bit is definitely the semi-ironic video converter watermark.
  • The part from 2:50-3:00 = Cam in a nutshell
  • Is that an empty water bottle in the background? The municipal water in Seattle is among the best in the country, I don’t know why Cam is wasting his money on bottled water. Especially since judging by his thermostat he has electric heat, which can get pretty expensive during those long, chilly Seattle winters!

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33 Responses to OMG the new DISFIGURING THE GODDESS video is soooo zany!

  1. Dickhead says:

    lol @ bad kerning making Spintofdubstep

  2. SexHaver1987 says:

    Mirin dat Comme des Fuckdown cap.

  3. Jonnyfilth says:


    Seems like making this video made him super happy (srs)
    Mirin’ that boyish charm!

  4. dankmathus says:

    lol you sound like you have a total man crush.

  5. SCOfaSho says:

    Mushroomhead shorts


  7. shivbeatus says:

    I like how I have the shittiest twitter ever. It’s literally all horse_ebooks retweets if i’m not tweeting at a friend. What a horrible abuse of the site.

  8. Anonymous says:

    wait cam lives in seattle? interesting… hoping to bro down w/ him at some point.

  9. Godeye says:

    Why MetalSucks loves ripping shit from SYWH so much is beyond me. :(

  10. VyceVictus says:

    I totally understand why Frank Mullen had the urge to slug this dude. Even though I know he’s a chill bro, I could only stand so much zaniness, maybe a NY thing.
    That track slamz da sickness doe.

  11. jorbams says:

    Level of Zaniness = dude probably spurts silly string when he comes. Also, 90% of the faces he’s making in the video are legit sex faces that he shows the girls. How do I know all this fuckstuff? I went under cover as a beautiful dame and slept with Big Chocolate. I stayed in character too. I am the Daniel Day Lewis of Pretending to Be a Chick so as to Gain Sensitive, Carnal Knowledge of Metal Vocalists/Dubstep DJs.

    My parents = proud.

    Oh. Cool video, I guess.

  12. Void Eater says:

    This is too inspired to just be attention whoring zaniness. Backed, would drink with Cam and do zany dances/make zany comments that we’ll still be laughing at 5 years later.

  13. this guy has the comments says:

    This is by far my favorite music video ever, wood try 2 stifle laughter and end up making even more noise via snorting and waking the entire house/10. Also good call on the Symphony of the Night bit, I didn’t hear it the first time but when I went for another listen it was enough to get me to download the .iso

  14. jm6g90 says:

    this album goes hard as fuq

  15. AndySixxBitches says:

    I wonder what he uses as a pick up line? Being a dubstep DJ or being the vocalist in a brutal death metal band?

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