SYWH Podcast 10: Krasp from DOWNSET

When it comes to 90s hardcore bands that have stood the test of time and then some, DOWNSET are at the top of the list, combining sweet mosh parts with rap in a way that few have equaled before or since. From my earlier post about them:

Their music was awesome enough on its own, but I really fell in love with Downset because they were the purest possible product of crossing the Southern California graffiti and hardcore scenes, with members representing legendary crews UTI, THC, and CBS. For someone like me who grew up fully immersed in both graffiti and hardcore of that era, it’s hard to find a band that does a better job of capturing what the West Coast was like in the 90s for pissed off kids like me. AND they had smart lyrics about self-improvement, being mad, and other stuff that hit home with me– it’s pretty much like you took everything I liked, put it in a blender, and pressed it onto vinyl.

this video = everything good about 90s hardcore

I caught up with their drummer Chris aka KRASP and talked about some old man bullshit like the 90s LA hardcore and graffiti scenes, which parts of the 909 are best for raising your family, and some news about his new band. Thanks to Chris for his time, and if you aren’t jocking DOWNSET, you’re doing it wrong!!

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26 Responses to SYWH Podcast 10: Krasp from DOWNSET

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  3. The shape of Crabcore to come says:





  4. The shape of Crabcore to come says:

    srsly doe, A+++ work!

  5. Godeye says:

    Urinary tract infection, tetrahydrocannabinol, and Columbia Broadcasting Services?

  6. ENDER says:

    Dat DOWNSET video: is that a jumbo pilot in his hand at 1:37 ??? i pretend my markers are mics too

  7. GRAFFHEAD says:

    PLS SARGE! MORE GRAFF RELATED PODCASTS! This is one is my favorite podcast you’ve done yet.

  8. TLDR says:

    So stoked on this podcast. I really love the ones about “regular” hardcore, they are all fantastic and I’m stoked they keep coming on a regular basis.

    Once these type of things get into their double digits, you can be pretty sure they’ll be a regular thing and not just fizzle out after the initial hump of getting them done. Glad SYWH podcasts at that point now

    • Sergeant D says:

      Thanks dude!

      And unless I make a post to the contrary, I am definitely not going to stop doing podcasts. I hate it when people start something cool like a blog, podcast, video series, etc and then bail after they realize how much work it’s going to be. If I’ve proven anything with this site, it’s that I’m too stupid to quit haha

      • Anonymous says:

        “I hate it when people start something cool like a blog, podcast, video series, etc and then bail after they realize how much work it’s going to be. ”

        This times a million

        “I’ve proven anything with this site, it’s that I’m too stupid to quit haha”

        Totally reminded me of the NOFX song “The Quitter” #2 on new ish record “Coaster.”

        Pretty awesome

  9. Void Eater says:

    My inner Limp Bizkit fan really liked that video. Gonna have to look into this band more.

  10. nochance says:

    just got done posting this video on facebook last week and calling all my old hardcore friends out for pretending like they never liked Downset after the emergence of nu-metal i nthe late 90′s. the second half of Check Your People is so damn underrated too.

  11. A BETA PHGGT IS YOU says:

    srs, all this oldfag stuff is the best! I loved the long graffiti banter at the beginning, too. Such a good podcast. My fav has probably been with the dude from City Ligths, then Todd Jones, but this one is awesome! Srs makes my weekly commute way more awesome. Keep it up.

  12. waltertheeinsteinfrog says:

    awesome podcast, very nostalgic for me. i havnt thought about graffiti in a while, the street art thing really ruined that whole vibe for me with all these people just throwing up simple crap just to market themselves, even worse is seeing these people making millions off it now.

    like in exist through the gift shop when they’re interviewing sheared fairy and he’s acting like its so cool that he still pastes on billboards illegally…. kinda defeats the purpose of defacing an add when all your putting up is your own add for your urban outfitters clothing line.

  13. AndySixxBitches says:

    I hate this bands music but the members are back tard.

  14. XheartburnX says:

    Fucking stoked on this. Made my commute seem like short rather than an hour. I then drove around for a bit longer, so I could listen to some Downset. I love that band.
    I know nothing about Graff, and I found all of that pretty interesting. More would be awesome. Plus, all of the old HxC talk was fantastic. Why I just realized I could listen to during my commute i’m not sure, but I’m glad I finally did.

  15. GoingDeaf? says:

    Stoked to listen to this later tonight. Keep ‘em coming!

  16. Latinoheat!!! says:

    TY SARGE FOR MAKING ME JOCK DOWNSET!!! dat warm brotherhood feeling of having someone understand the fucked up ghettoness u been through and knowing there are others that have been through the same.

    Ghetto pissed off youth always make the best music.

    inb4 I get a tattoo of the definition of the word ANGER

  17. Fuck, I loved Downset in high school. Do We Speak A Dead Language was, in the parlance of the time, hella fucking sick.

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