Wat u think: New OBEY THE BRAVE joint (ft Scott Vogel of THE TERRORS)

For those who aren’t familiar, OBEY THE BRAVE is the newish srscore band featuring Alex from DESPISED ICON and some guys from BLIND WITNESS. If you lieked their first single, then you will prob be moshing to this new one, featuring Scott Vogel from TERROR:


  • Intro/verse riff goes hard as fuk, and I’m definitely feeling this song in general. Sad 4 metalfags whose pussies will hurt because this isn’t DESPISED ICON, but I’m a hardcore bro so I welcome our new French Canadian mosh overlords.
  • Dat complete lack of dynamic range in this mix. Did they tell the engineer “The waveform should look like a solid black bar. We paid for the decibels, we might as well use em!”
  • Strong entry-level streetwear vibe: Alex’s WESC varsity jacket, and their logo banner which basically looks like a giant OBEY shirt (in b4 trademark infringement). On the positive side, that means they could just buy off-the-shelf OBEY shirts and sell them if they run out out of merch while they’re on tour and nobody would even notice.
  • Chug chant at 2:25 “THIS IS ABOUT TO GET REAL!” is p cool, but I sort of wished it was “THIS ISN’T EVEN MY FINAL FORM!”
  • I wonder what the people in the office buildings around this video shoot were thinking when they looked out the video: “Why are those vagrants on the roof next door, and why do they look so angry?? Why are there cameras? And who wears fitteds in 2012?!!”

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61 Responses to Wat u think: New OBEY THE BRAVE joint (ft Scott Vogel of THE TERRORS)

  1. Walker says:

    Obey: The label for people who take Kony2012 seriously.

    • Latinoheat!!! says:

      I feel the odd compulsiveness to go put on a padres jersey and for some reason head 2 hours south on the 5 to san diego n go jackin’ it….

  2. LeandroS says:


  3. Butts says:

    This is kinda like if legit hardcore bros made a srs core song. And I mean that positively!

  4. anHeroin says:

    it’s no liferuiner… but it’s alright for caniandian music

  5. Totala Mad says:

    this is good and all but I’m gonna be legit pissed if Blind Witness broke up….

  6. Jonnyfilth says:

    This band has my <3

  7. Superfist says:

    “The Terrors”
    For some reason that shit always makes me crack up, like in that MS article where you referred to Whitechapel as “The Whitechapels.” So stupid, but for whatever reason i find it hilarious <3

  8. mayonnaise says:

    Funny story about Blind Witness: they actually tabled a deal with Metal Blade a number of years ago (like 2008?), and figured that they could get M.B. to give them more money by telling them that Ferret was also talking to them about a contract. They thought they’d get some sweet bidding war dollarbucks, but instead M.B. just called Ferret up about it and found out that they were totally full of shit. So M.B. went “fuck you” and basically left Blind Witness with nothing. They never really recovered from that.

    It’s weird, you’d think that they’d be happy with just being liberated from Torque records. Either way, don’t try to fuck with big metal labels, kids. Just take the contract they give you and sign it with a smile.

  9. jm6g90 says:

    first I was liek “Cool!”

    then i was liek “nah”

    “then finally I was liek “hmmm maybe”

    not sheriff want

  10. eurotrash says:

    I thought breakdown could be harder and then wtf de rigueur srscore melody then the brutalz came back at 3:17 and all was forgiven. Get real MOSH4GRAVITY

  11. Latinoheat!!! says:

    pshhh get real its 2012 brah… the tr0o0o0 metalheadz listen to cannibal corpse, ahab, cattle Dee, kreator, and BATTLERAGE!!!!

    n none of dat “core” crap of D.I. n chit…

    member bro its the year of trooness!!!

    • Sergeant D says:

      ‘cattle dee’, amaze

    • Ben says:

      Nah Despised Icon were always that one token core band that IMNs were allowed to like just so they could claim that their hate for deathcore wasn’t just tr00ness induced snobbery.

      • Butts says:

        “I only liek good deafcore like despise icon”

      • nimplysaked says:

        I dunno man, they got a lot of hate from IMNs because of the way they dressed. I still can’t believe people gave them shit for NOT dressing like metal fags!
        I think All Shall Perish is the token deathcore band that IMNs are allowed to like.

        • Latinoheat!!! says:

          ^^^^ backed tard ^^^

          TBDM n ASP are the token bands IMN’s are allowed to listen to!!!’

          (hides his luturgy CD in shame)



  12. CYBER CHOLO says:

    Something about the opening picture in the article, I’m not sure what, but something about it just enrages me for some reason.

    • J_hunter says:

      It’s a bro-only barbeque and you’re not invited

      • Latinoheat!!! says:

        orale!! lol …… we all know this bar-Bee-que (most likely) is in so-cal (or somewhere in the east east coast) therefore the guy wearing the brown cooking thingamajihg or the guy sticking his tongue out has a mexi-wifee or minority wi-foo so therefore minorities are welcome n chit brah..

  13. Anonymous says:


  14. shook on3 says:

    Verb the Noun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Skrillex Sex Party says:

    I thought that pic at the top was from workaholics and i’m still not convinced it isnt.

  16. Joe says:

    Back relatively tard, although I can’t understand why the lyrics suck so bad, Alex wrote at least some of DI’s lyrics and they weren’t nearly as simplistic or retarded as these.

  17. Meatface says:

    I actually am feelin this more than DI. and you can tell they are tr00 cuz the only color in the video (other than denim) is the bassist’s neck tats. +1 for getting andrew wk to play drums

  18. nimplysaked says:

    I thought the chug chant went “THIS SHIT’S ABOUT TO GET REAL!”, which is moderately cooler. I met Alex once, trust me when I say he’s alpha as fuck, or at least king of the alpha-betas.

  19. Dirty says:

    Sick as fuck!!!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Looks like they imported the bass player from 2007.

    Also Vogel must be dirt cheap on the guest vocal market, this, your demise and probably a few other bands, maybe he has a secret bigcartel about where you can choose the package deals of being in your video and wearing your bands merch.

  21. Briggzy says:

    Just saw these guys a few days ago, super sick bros for sure

  22. TLDR says:

    Mirin’ their tone and gear. Fags rocking orange cabs and obscure, message board approved, overpriced boutique heads need to watch this as a tutorial on how generic gear like 5150′s, ESP’s and Marshall/Mesa gear is ubiquitous among “heavy” genres for a reason: it sounds fucking good.

    Liked the hard riffs, didn’t like the melodic parts except at the very end.

    Overall 7/10 would mosh again.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Sarge, you seem to have some knowledge about music production?

  24. luvmus says:

    breakdown sounds fairly similar to ‘romance is ded’ by parkway drive. but still back song reasonably hard

  25. srs says:

    Wow and Scott Brogel sits and calls Refused sellouts? Dude needs to get bent.

  26. srs says:

    No I just really don’t like Scott Vogel haha.

  27. HUANSOAHN says:

    sorry this is overproduced and boring.sorry scott.but its way better than the first song.

  28. cdmolenaar says:

    Are srscore bands allowed to have photos that zAny?? seems like breach of artistry

    • Sergeant D says:

      They’re French Canadian, which is basically the same thing as being Euros, so you’ll have to excuse them if they break the rules here and there. Chalk it up to translation issues with the french edition of the srscore guidelines, I guess.

  29. Anso DF says:

    Brb obeying area brave

  30. Michael Caine says:

    They’re no Skip the Foreplay…

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  32. Jake says:

    Hahaha Srgt D check out the video that’s in the recomended section after this video, the band is called Horizons and the song is called Washed Away. Lulzy as fuck

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