HOW TO DRESS NICER (without looking like a fancy lad)

There are already plenty of great sources of info on how to buy a suit, what tie to wear to work, and other general sartorial stuff (just read GQ, Details, etc), so I’m going to focus on what I’m hoping will be a little more applicable to most SYWH readers: how to dress decently on a day-to-day basis without looking like a fucking asshole. And trust me, bishes DEFINITELY care how you dress so it’s worth a little effort.

Like most things in life, it is about finding that comfy spot called “above average:” you want to look a little sharper than the average dude, but not so much that you come off as pretentious or vain. The good news is that men’s fashion really doesn’t change much so it’s really easy to find stuff that’s classic but stylish.

Do not be any of these guys

Obviously camo shorts and a Nile shirt are a no-go, but don’t make the common mistake of going to the opposite extreme and dressing like a fucking fancy lad. Do not go full menswear– you never go full menswear!! Don’t be one of those jerks who (in the words of a SYWH forum poster) ‘wear suits and pocket watches to BBQs.‘ Dressing fancy all the time is just as lame and douchey as dressing like a slob, just in a different direction. Do not take your cues from Lookbook, Styleforum, or other internet fashion sites, unless you want everybody to think you are a complete asshole and most likely a homosexual as well.

Here are a couple simple ways for bros to step it up in the style department without going overboard- think of it as “Wear This, Not That”:

If your closet has 20 pairs of black jeans and camo shorts in it, you have a problem. Mix things up with a few pairs of khaki, olive, or navy pants– they’ll either be called chinos or ’5 pocket’ pants (which just means that they are cut like jeans). These are a great value because you can also wear them to work in many cases. Also, every time you put them on you can imagine Tr00 Pop-Punk Girl saying ‘khaki pants!!’ and your heart will soar ♥

Instead of a plain hoodie (often looks like dumpy) or a band hoodie (band gear = not even once), try some kind of zip-up jacket. The more elevated streetwear brands like Undefeated, 10 Deep, RVCA and Obey have some options that are really sharp, but again you can definitely find this stuff at H&M as well.

Instead of t-shirts, get some button-up shirts. Stick with neutral colors (blue, grey, olive, navy) or simple plaids that won’t ever go out of style. Also, you should roll the sleeves up to the elbow, it usually looks weird when you don’t. If you want a deal on button-ups, get yourself some PacSun coupons over at TeenScreen.

Collared shirts under a sweater/crewneck are always a great option in cooler weather. Very casual and comfortable but definitely a step up from your Cheeto-stained Lamb Of God hoodie. Bishes always love this look btw.

Ditch your puffy DCs or anything by one of those brands they sell at Journey’s for depressed teenagers (Draven, Fallen, etc). Don’t make the mistake of going full menswear and wearing hobo shoes/oxfords, just cop something basic but nice like Vans or Sperrys in basic colors like blue, white, grey or black. If you feel like you have the #swag for it, nice sneakers can work too– I actually get a lot of comments on my infrared Air Max 90s from kyut girls.

I could go on forever, but you get the idea: the trick is to find that sweet spot that’s a step above jeans, band shirts and hoodies, but not to go so far as to end up in Fggtville. If you are on a budget, H&M and Forever 21 (yes, they have guys’ stuff) are the place to go. If you have a little more cash, try Nordstrom, Sak’s, J Crew, Lacoste, and other higher-end stores. Feelsgoodman when girls fuck you for the way you dress (this srs happens).

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  1. Chillin' says:

    Post is backd very hard by me. As a Hispanic dude, going full menswear makes me look like a total retard; that’s pretentious white boi wear. Unfortunately, really popular around here by the annoying hipsters/white liberals and a good deal of the bishes here go for that.

    Button-ups are pretty much THE way to go if you wanna be stylish. Requires next to no effort either, it’s like, insta-fashion. Although not quite as advanced level as the crew above a button-up, a nice T-Shirt with a button-up that matches is also an alternative. You can keep your graphic T’s and look above avg, so everyone wins!

    Vans=best brand ever, especially the OTW collection. Shit looks fucking sweet on you AND with a name like OTW you KNOW that shit’s fresh. I’m also of the opinion that #swag kids have a pretty awesome sense of style. If ur in a more urban or suburban setting and of the younger crowd (or look leik D, srs, myron how that style works on you despite your age), you can see how to incorporate some of the tips here with those kickass snapbacks.

    Lastly, I’m of the opinion that people of color are allowed to wear street brands and look good with them. Sure, sure, it isn’t gonna be impressing white hipsters any time soon but if your target demo are dumb colored girls, you can never, ever go wrong with it and ofc it is 100x than wearing your dumb metal t-shirt.

    • VyceVictus says:

      People of color are the only ones who should be wearing street brands, thats the whole point! #fubu

    • Sergeant D says:

      or look leik D, srs, myron how that style works on you despite your age

      thats because my generation invented that style, so it comes naturally to me (dickies, air max + crewneck sweatshirt = west coast skater/tagger/mosher uniform in the 90s)

  2. Fuckface Unstoppable says:

    hell yeah i have those grey vans

  3. breadwolf says:


    srs, that store is awesome for getting good button downs and cheap blank tees to wear underneath. Also sweaters.

    Also If you want to wear jeans, I would advise shopping around for a brand that isn’t cheap shit (PAY FOR SELVAGE JESUS CHRIST) and a decent cut/fit. What you like best will vary. In most cases Levis will probably be fine but it’s worth having a pair or two of expensive jeans you don’t beat the shit out of.

  4. VyceVictus says:

    Ah, you actually did it. Your queer eye for the straight guy is quite informative. Tryin to up my shoe game so i’ll keep those in mind. Just rocking Cortezes and low cut Tims for now; simple but super comfortable.
    Speaking of which, for dudes starting fresh in the quest for a new wardrobe, you may have to overcome an awkward transition on your conception of “comfort”. You will have to break out of your comfort zones and try new things in order to obtain a whole new level of comfort. I absolutely hated clothes shopping as youth, but I realized gradually that I just had to dive into it with full effort to net maximum results. I realized I had to basically shop around like a girl, spending hours at a time looking for certain items, asking the clerks for suggestions, and trying on dozens and dozens of different combinations in the fitting room in order to find the thing that felt just right and maximize my time and money spent. A single well thought out purchase will last you for a long time and make you very happy.

    Also, for as nice as their designs are, I wish H&M would make actual fucking full grown man sized clothes. MFW the fly sweater vests only come in smedium >:(

    • Sergeant D says:

      you may have to overcome an awkward transition on your conception of “comfort”

      exactly– especially if your definition of ‘comfort’ is Necrophagist longsleeve with cutoff camo cargo shorts and black DCs

      • wiggles says:

        they ARE comfortable tho.

        really it’s not even a matter of comfort so much as being suddenly aware that you need to take care of your clothes. you’re not gonna sit on the curb outside the convenience store like a scumbag when you’re wearing chinos and don’t want to fuck em up.

        that was the difficult adjustment for me anyway

  5. VyceVictus says:

    I forgot to add; definitely take advantage of Mens Warhouse sales when you can. They’ll do various clearances and buy one/get one events throughout the year. Keep an eye out for advertisements, its a great way to add some profreshional level gear to your rotation without breaking the bank.

    • Mr. u Suk says:

      Men’s Wearhouse can be good if your looking for cheaper dress shirts but the quality on their stuff is kinda whacky at times. Personally I’d rather blow $70 on a good dress shirt from Brooks Brothers than $70 on two eh dress shirts from Mens Wearhouse.

      Also never -EVER- get shit tailored at MW, their prices are much higher than the average tailor and in my experiences their tailors suck

      • Nightshift says:

        I can back up the Mens Wearhouse tailoring being fucking garbage. I got a fucking 15 – 16 inch drop from chest to waist and when they were done tailoring my suit I still looked like a goddamn 55 gallon drum.

    • AntiHero says:

      Stay away from Mens Warehouse. Seriously. Pay a little more for better style and better quality.

  6. DarthZedd says:

    Khakis/chinos fuckin rock. I usually just wear them with a standard button-down shirt and a sweater or a jacket if it’s cold.

    I actually have a huge pet-peeve too: people that wear ties outside of work or a formal event.
    I just think you should only wear a tie when the situation calls for it, not when you’re going to the mall.. I’m like, take that shit off, you’re not a fucking business man.

    • Jonnyfilth says:

      Bact on ties; especially when you see fggts wearing short sleeve shirt + tie like as if it makes them “boss”.

    • Sergeant D says:

      just treat them like they are waiters– “hi, excuse me but this soda is really flat, could you get me a new one?”

    • Wes Borland says:

      I wear a tie occasionally, but only on days I have any exam. It’s a confidence thing, you know?

    • cmoney says:

      There was a slightly hip guy at the last place I worked, and he graduated into wearing a tie every day, even if he was wearing jeans, and never with a jacket.

      Ties without a jacket = fail. Ties in casual office setting = trying too hard.

    • lulz says:

      Ties are not even good for work anymore…Few years ago while working in market research I went regularly to meetings with clients in Hatebreed/average hc bandshirts on…no fucks given…(may be the field I dont know)
      I still did some upgrage in the meantime and wear suits for business meetings now but no ties! Even at international trade shows where its all about finding new partners and stuff most guys dont wear ties
      3 weeks ago on the way to a real big one if I got bit unsecure and thought “damn shouldve brought 3-4 ties for the 4 day event cause international” but in the end I felt like a fish in the water with all the other tieless business guys!

      What u think bout polos? my favorite compromise between T-shirt and button-down shirts

    • hey whoa a solid black tie on a collared shirt under a sweater can look pretty decent

      srsly girls kinda love it when it’s just worn super low key like that, just don’t wear it to parties or anything or else you’ll look awkward

  7. Superfist says:

    srs question, is it lame to shop at places like tj maxx? they have nice stuff there for cheap, but anytime i’ve been in there it’s never been full of poors or dirty people like some discount stores. the clientele mostly seems to be middle-class people that like bargains, not gross poor people like in goodwill or whatever.

    • Chillin' says:

      It’s really for the poors that are pretending to be respectable people (srs). Only time I ever went there was when my family was living in a car or in filthy, groce places in Central California, like the rundown Sac apartments.

      The people there are p much under the same situations. Not a “bad” place to go to IIRC (last time I went there I was like 8) but I would advice against saying you shop there.

    • xIAMGLOOMx says:

      I’ve actually picked up some Ben Sherman and Penguin button downs on some rare occasions there.

    • Sergeant D says:

      If you are willing to dig through the crap you can get good stuff at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross, etc. I got Diesel jeans there for like $12 for example. But 90% of the time the stuff there is p crappy and not really cheaper than what you’d get at H&M

    • Ian says:

      Tj maxx is great for jeans, i found a nice columbia jacket there, lots of good athletic wear, and they have great underwear/socks. but yeah its full of shitty stuff too though

  8. beholdthesharktopus says:

    Pants are too loose=trashy.
    Pants are too tight=fggt.
    Gotta find that sweet spot.

    • beholdthesharktopus says:

      I’ve been needing to go shopping, this provides further encouragement. Keep us all posted on your continued progress with any new progress pics or vid clips. Thanks for the motivation.

    • Wes Borland says:

      Jeans wise- I back the CCS skinny jeans. Not super nut huggy, but tight enough that you still look sleek wearing them. Work with pretty much any top/shoes/hat combo, also come in a variety of shades, and most importantly for me, odd number waist sizes (I take a 31 inch waist, 32 leg.).

      Khakis/Chinos- I back Dogpile’s SD pants. Pretty tapered fit, comes in a variety of colors. I couple those with a green/gray button up, light gray t-shirt (sometimes band, sometimes not), and black snapback.

      • cmoney says:

        I can only wear boot cut or relaxed fit jeans cuz I have huge thighs from dem squats.

        • lulz says:

          lol same here with big calves and fuckin short legs on top of that (lol no Im no midget!)
          -> Always spend the extra few bucks to cut your pants by a professional so they fit perfectly…way worth the money!

        • beholdthesharktopus says:

          Lol I like somewhat slim-fitting jeans and don’t want my sik gainz to prevent me from wearing any new clothes I buy. #fwp

      • beholdthesharktopus says:

        CCS is great, I used to get their catalogs all the time. I like to dress like I skate without actually being a skater (except sometimes I do skate butt whatever).

    • MasterSlave says:

      I have been frustrated for years over how hard it is to find things that are ‘neutral’ such as not tight OR baggy jeans :(

  9. Notderek says:

    +1 great advice

  10. I also like the fish says:

    So my Nike 6.0 high tops and neon band shirts are out of the picture, there goes my wardrobe :(

  11. Dan says:

    Rocking H&M + Forever 21 here, no fucks given. Some simple flannels/plaid button-downs can do miracles for one’s appearance. Plus with a button-down you can wear it unbuttoned and still display your band shirts, albeit with a bit more style than with a hoodie. Bonus points if your plaid colors complement your band shirt colors (not match, that’s just gay).

  12. fuzz says:

    “jeans, band shirts and hoodies” = GPOY :/

  13. xIAMGLOOMx says:

    S Level post. I’ve found some great button downs, chinos, and flannels/plaids at Nordstrom Rack. I rock a bow tie and suspenders (hipster look, no care) at work from time to time (work in lp for luxury retail) and have gotten tons more attention than my usual band shirt/polo shirt and jeans look.

  14. Walker says:

    1) Men’s fashion is kind of an ‘easy to learn, difficult to master’ thing. It is very easy to accidentally dress like a middle-aged lesbian via wearing not-nice-enough stuff, and very easy to look like a spoiled, clueless teenager by wearing stuff that is too flashy/zany.

    2) although im going to get flak for this, AMERICAN APPAREL is backtard. their clothes are dressy and nice but not flashy and gay, they have a great selection of normal t-shirts and button ups that are comfy and well-fitted, and their clothes are expensive enough that you arent a poor for shopping there but arent too insane. i know its supposed to be a hipster store, and it is, but their shit is nice and normal and its pretty hard to accidentally look like a retard as long as you avoid lemon yellow gym shorts and other obvious misplays like that.

    3) Banana republic is also backtard; nice sweaters/cardigans/pants/button ups that say “i am responsible and have a job”.

    4) nice button ups and flannels really are the way to go for insta-good looking. Although i disagree about having the sleeves rolled up. sarge is from a white trash background so he subconsciously thinks that looking like a ‘meaningful working class’ person is cool, but really it just makes your elbows hot.

    5) dont dress like a 17 year old if you are over 25 you will look like a desperate loser.

  15. eurotrash says:

    Kinda been waiting for this post, but as the name suggests, my opinion doesn’t really count. I’ve recently upgraded from chino wearing, entry-level smart casual sartorialist to cutaway collar, blazer + semi-brogue wannabe svp. I’ll tell you all about my upcoming promotion soon. :)

    OP is real talk tho, the most important thing is to dress for the occasion and don’t wear anything the occasion doesn’t require + always look a notch better than the competition.

    #only 150′s wool is real
    #defend wholecut calfskin oxfords
    #color-coordinate or die

  16. Autodidact says: THE number 1 streetwear site for swaggots and normal dudes.

    My closet is full of clothes I buy from that website.

    And I’m kinda biased cause my Persian waifu works there, but Aeropostale has some pretty good shirts and jackets.

    • Sergeant D says:

      bro Aero is srs for poors and blacks/mexis. do NOT shop there (srs)

      • Latinoheat!!! says:

        yes… aero n ed hardy = chunt swag…. never buy em unless you find something you like off da dollar bin/clearance rack (srs)

      • yup says:

        i worked at an aero for a while and i can’t count how many times a customer’s kids had to translate for their parents. On the other hand, the the otw chicks i worked with were top notch( via being cute and normal-looking for all the little gordos.

  17. IgnorantMosh says:

    Only Karmaloop is real.

    Nice slim fit khakis + Nike Air Max 90′s / New Balance 574′s + nice shirt / buttondown + snapback = you’re fucking styling bitch! You always look good but without coming off as a pretentious dick or some 15 year old Odd Future fan.

    I can go on forever about style via being an advanced level Tumblrbro / streetwear faggot and that’s pretty much my go to outfit for any occasion. I’ve gotten jobs dressed like that (it’s a nice simple and refined look) and you can also rock it to the bar or a party and look good!

  18. Eurobro says:

    collared shirt under sweater +1
    srsly, it’s mad how good that looks fit nice fitted jeans and some neutral vans shoes. and yeah, zip-up hoodies are the only option imo, just plain hoodies are groce. and when it gets to band merch, even on my darkest days i NEVER bought anything else than shirts. everybody likes shirts with nice design, but other band stuff can be your downfall, for instance i’ve never seen anyone looking good in a band hoodie. i’m actually thinking of breaking that rule, cuz i want new hat and obey the brave caps seem really cool.

    also, you didn’t touch this topic, but i recommend you guys also get more than one bag. your backbag – which is used to carry ur stinky training clothes anyways – isn’t gonna look good with sweater, so get some nice small messenger bag. i’ve actually noticed that bishes dislike when all ur pockets are full of stuff (keys, phone, wallet) anyways, so for day out bag is recommened. same with shoes actually. i rock grey vans with sweaters, cardigans and stuff, but i really think that my adidas (love those stripes!) shoes look much better with casual jeans-t-shirt-cap combo, than vans. and well, having many pair of shoes is good for your hygiene anyways.

  19. illstabyou says:


  20. illstabyou says:

    One thing I would like to add, find a good tailor. Not talking about the dry cleaners who also happens to alter suits, a real deal men’s tailor.

    This is a must for box shaped button downs that you buy in poor stores like H&M. Doesn’t have to be super slim fitted, but it shouldn’t look baggy by any means.

  21. Walker says:

    New Zealand is also like the streetwear capital of the world. Otago University campus and its like a contest to see who has the illest snapbacks, label clothing and dope shoes. I swear the average ‘normal’ student probably wears at least $600 worth of clothes everyday, myself included. Im currently rocking a dark red Stussy varsity jacket with black sleeves, charcoal Gravis hightops, black jeans and a plain white tshirt.

    • notsoposiafterall says:

      if i ever bothered going to campus i’d play ‘spot the dude from sywh’
      srlsy though otago is a total fashion competition too bad their trends are always a year or two behind :c

      • Latinoheat!!! says:

        lol i wear my sywh shirt all the time… i guess im either fugly or too deep in my studies to notice any other college sywh bro in any campus liberry i go to …. can’t w8 till the day when someone wears the same sywh shirt and we bro fist IRL =D

  22. jaded says:

    Chicks really DO love looking at clothing. We love looking at our own clothing, looking at other girls’ clothing (and then laughing about how bad they look), and DEFINITELY love looking at how a guy is dressed to see if he’s worth talking to. If a girl doesn’t know whether your face and body are quite enough to justify paying you any attention, the outfit will make or break the deal.

    Judging from myself and most of my friends, any normal, half-decent or better girl will run away from a guy wearing: stained clothes, torn clothes, anything that doesn’t fit right, over-formality in casual situations (that’s a sign of a fun void), anything that looks like it was stolen from a younger sister, trackies/sweat pants (unless, y’know, you’re actually doing exercise), and most of all, a band tee (unless it’s a really mainstream band) or a nerdy tee or a tee that references a TV show/movie/whatever (had a guy in an XKCD shirt hit on me last week. HAHAHA no).

    Unless you’re fat, slim fit is your friend.

    And don’t forget about shoes, believe me when I say that girls will often look at your shoes FIRST and go up from there.

    • DJ Orloff says:

      Oh yes, true about the shoes. Most comments by girls about my clothes are about my shoes (in a good way, aha).

      Gotta say I do enjoy wearing a straight up suit on occasions. Stylish, comfortable and pumps up my self-confidence. And girls really appreciate a man in a nice suit.

      • Sergeant D says:

        Yeah but this post is about what to wear every day for 19 year olds. They will look like huge faggots wearing a suit to school.

        • DJ Orloff says:

          Nice oldfag spotting there.

        • lulz says:

          rofl had a guy in my class who wore a suits everday at school…he came out 1 or 2 years after graduation, even wrote a pretty fun book about his gay life :D

        • TLDR says:

          I’m 26, am I too old for this post? (srs question)

          • Latinoheat!!! says:

            nope im 24 brah NFG… this post is essential!!!
            the late college bro transitioning into a real “young adult” is prolly how most of our generation in the mid to late 20s are right now with half to most of our degrees being useless (cept for certain ones that make bank but thats just IMO)… we have to know how to dress via fucking up in life or being socially akward/fukd up, weird, having ADD n shit…

            my chux n black cortez will always be a part of me doe via dat el-lay ghetto swag <3

  23. nastie says:

    I’m a girl, and this post is a straight A+++

    • nutkin says:


      i wish we had a lady to do a similar post for females (although i’m sure there are plenty of similar posts floating around other sites) because i am painfully aware that i have this problem. jeans, t-shirts and hoodies. i seriously don’t know how to wear anything else. feelsbadman.

  24. Zoloft says:

    is bershka okay or too gay? Becouse I like most of the stuff they have but I’m afraid to look like a bigger fggt than I actually am

  25. nac says:

    Discovering neutral colors just last spring was a revelation to me, especially when comes to pants. Before that I was stuck with blue jeans for whole lot of time. Also, as a eurofag I love Lacoste footwear.

    Tho sometimes I feel a bit phaggy for how I like to build up my wardrobe.

  26. 2muchk! says:

    Nike air max’s don’t transfer well in the uk, they’re pretty synonymous with either being for chavvy blokes or now hipster hardcore kids, who are trying to emulate said chavs.

    Mind you I’m still rocking adidas originals sambas after 5 years. Still looking fucking A 3 years on.

    I’ve managed to acquire multi coloured band t’s which don’t look like typical band t’s over the years. I think the trick is to not fall into the black is best pitfall.

  27. Bronson says:

    I realized I needed new clothing the day I woke up and came to the horrifying realization that my entire wardrobe consisted of the same lousy outfit, only pallet swapped depending on the band. Very, very shitty feels. Bought a bunch of Dickies swag online the other day, and am now happily transitioning towards more of a “bro” look.

    That said, I have a p embarrassing issue: I’m literally so tiny, that most adult clothes doesn’t fit me (I wear like, size 14 – 16 youth srs). As such, going to normal person stores is generally a nerve racking and embarrassing experience, because none of the adult clothes fits, and you can take a guess as to how cool it feels to be 24 and scoping out the kids section. I’d like to do nice normal things liking going to the mall to buy new clothes, but given my height and size, I feel like I’m going to have to buy everything on the internet for the rest of my life :/ Should I just buy the smallest stuff I can and have it hemmed, or try not give a fuck since it’s not my fault in the first place?

  28. drunk says:

    Soaring new heights of faggot reached here. Enjoyed.

  29. spined_wurm says:


    hoodies are gay though, defend jackets/sweaters/crewnecks

  30. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think I have ever seen depressed fags wearing Fallens. But I live in Australia so whatever mate.

  31. sweatdripsfrommyballs says:

    slim jeans, comfy fitted t shirts, flannel shirts and vans for me on a regular basis. As for chinos, only khakis or subtle saturated colours, you won’t believe some of the other colours they have in store like pink, maroon and orange, only PSY can get away with being a chunky asian with tacky coloured pants. IMO regardless of whether we put on band shirts or not isn’t the main problem (lettuce be cereal brah, 99.99% SYWH readers probably look like band dudes / musicfags anyway with or without any band merch soley based on the other clothing brands we rep/ style ourselves in ) but to pick a size and design that actually fits. If you MUST buy a band shirt / hoodie for whatever reason pick the correct size! god if they ran out of m’s don’t be getting a size L just because you like the design. This is based from personal experience btw. And try to pick a design that doesn’t scream band shirt from a mile away. Yet again from personal experience.

  32. ge5undhe17 says:

    “Also, every time you put them on you can imagine Tr00 Pop-Punk Girl saying ‘khaki pants!!’ and your heart will soar ♥”

    inb4 someone makes a 10 minute loop of that part

  33. wiggles says:

    this post is relevant to my interests.

  34. cmoney says:

    A few notes.

    The important thing is to stick to what works for you. It’s clear from what pics we’ve seen and the advice given here that D remains a pretty hip dude, but doesn’t dress like an asshole. He even manages to pull off a flat brim cap. I personally err closer to full menswear, though I agree wholeheartedly with him about shoes, and I won’t ever wear khakis with pleats. I tend to really like JCrew clothes, with rolled up sleeves. Whether or not I tuck in the shirt depends on the shirt or how I’m feeling that day. The jeans/shirt/sweater look is also a staple of mine.

    In the OP’s examples of button ups, I don’t think they’re good examples of stuff that will never go out of style. I myself can’t pull those particular shirts off, except probably the flannel one in the middle. The one on the left has shoulder flaps, which I think are atrocious and will certainly go out of style. It also has very visible stitching, which I also dislike. But if you can pull off more “urban” fashion, then it’s a fine shirt. I’d look like a total dilweed in it. Proceed with caution with those sorts of shirts. But anyone will look real solid in a classic plaid shirt from Ralph Lauren.

    For those in the Massachusetts area, Wrentham Outlets is the nuts when your wardrobe needs a makeover. Lots of solid stores (Nautica, Ralph Lauren, JCrew, Gap, etc etc.. even have an Uggs store for the lady) and really good deals. I will be heading there this week, actually. California is also littered with these types of outlets. Outlets are your friend.

    • wiggles says:

      Dallas has a p huge selection of outlets too.

      Jcrew backed hard; their advice section is solid, but i think their target demo is like 10 years further into a professional career that SYWH’s demo. so i guess consider it leveling up after you’ve got your shit together

    • Sergeant D says:

      But cmoney, i know what im talking about and you dont. I literally do this shit for a living.

      Please, tell me about what timeless plaids are. 3×5? 5×5? What scale? Come at me with knowledge bro.

      • sauce says:

        you do this for a living and travel to the orient to visit factories. do you work for a clothing company? geluss.

      • cmoney says:

        meh, not sure why you’re flexing. Never said you didn’t know your shit, this is an excellent post, I just don’t think the shirt on the left with shoulder flaps and visible stitching is timeless (which isn’t a bad thing), and that not everyone pulls them off. I certainly would look like a tool in that shirt.

        Sorry to have offended you.

        I generally really like tattersall. I’m not sure which pattern my favorite RL shirt is, though.

        • Sergeant D says:

          the contrast stitching is a little tricky you are right. but the epaulettes (the ‘shoulder things’) are a pretty timeless military-inspired trim detail. maybe they go up and down a bit in terms of popularity but they’ve been on trend since at least 2003 or so and military-inspired is always a big deal in fashion to some degree.

          i just think its funny when people have strong opinions about things they aren’t informed about and don’t listen to people who are informed. this is how we end up with forever aloners in Nile shirts and cargo shorts insisting they look fine and ‘its so comfortable.’

  35. AntiHero says:

    I know this brand got blasted in one of the Title Fight posts, but guys who are looking for cheap, good fitting basics should check out Uniqlo. There’s only a few stores in the States right now, but I hear they’re launching an online store. Seriously, it’s like H&M minus all the weird Euro styling and better material.

    “Never go full menswear”… Truth.

    • Sergeant D says:

      Uniqlo is sweet. Wouldnt say their quality is any better than h&m or f21 since they prob run out of the same factories.

      • AntiHero says:

        True, most of it’s made in China, but I’m just judging from the few things I’ve bought from H&M/F21. Got some shirts/jacket and wouldn’t go back.

        The Uniqlo oxford shirts have a good thick material and they do have some Made in Japan selvedge denim. I wasn’t overly impressed with their denim, but it’s probably a good entry level step-up from wherever it is that kids buy their jeans these days.

        Also, on a somewhat related note… Unbranded denim looks pretty good IMO. Good cuts, supposedly good denim, good details, might be worth a try.

  36. Giner Beard says:

    Definitely diggin this post. Stuff to think about as I’m trying to stop looking like a metal fggt. However, being a 6’9″ bro is making it a bit tricky. And being as how I’m neither rail thin nor a fat bastard, most of the clothes I find that look good are either way too big around or way too short. I either look like Robin Williams in Jack or as if I’m wearing a tent. Anyone have any suggestions of where to find clothes for taller dudes that won’t make me look like douche?

    • lulz says:

      any store -> go to the tailor…only way if u dont have the average body the cloth producers expect you to have :(

  37. grymboner says:

    It’s like you followed me to the mall this weekend (srs).

    I finally got over being a cheap fggt and bought a pair of Black Levi 513s and slim dark grey/gun metal (lol) Van’s jeans. Had an epic struggle for years with wearing tighter pants until I finally found out that you can look good and still have room for your balls.

    I’ve always backed simple, comfortable sneakers like DC Bristol (Black on Black) and Nike 6.0 Mavrk’s but everytime I find a pair I like, they discontinue them =[. BRB stockingpiling low-tops.

  38. jorbam says:

    BRB, giving my camo shorts and Misery Index tshirt a viking funeral :(

    Seriously bookmarking this post for future reference.

  39. Save Parker says:

    Glad I read this now, this weekend I’m planning to hit the mall and upgrade my whole wardrobe. Getting too cold to wear hoodies and basketball shorts everywhere :(

  40. Invalid says:

    Sarge I am still unclear re footwear your thoughts on hi-tops cuz if I have to ditch my hi-top DCs and black skinnies I might actually go cry :/ plz respond!

  41. Dylan says:

    how do you feel about polo sarge? everyone @ my school wears the shit

  42. saywhat says:

    Agreed that oxfords are too formal, but derby/bluchers are great and can work with a variety of outfits without looking “full menswear.” Middle pic at top could be bumped into acceptability if the chinos were flat-fronted and tailored slimmer.

  43. jake says:

    side piece of advice: if this article still does not help, invest in a girlfriend. she will quickly go through your inventory and point out what you need to give to goodwill or set on fire. rip post weight-loss jeans, rainbows i’ve owned for 5+ years, etc.

    • TLDR says:

      But bro, you need fashion sense to acquire females, so your comment advising acquiring females to get fashion sense is confusing me!

    • Anonymous says:

      Real talk. Acquired a loving female and she started to help me dress like a real human being. Then after the relationship ended, gradually retreated into IMN fggtry :(

  44. Mike C says:

    As a college bro you can’t go wrong with sperrys, shorts, and some sort of button up or a tank. Hair makes a big difference too if you’re trying to get laid. Just go for the Christiano Renaldo hair and you’re solid.

    • Martin Regnen says:

      We need a separate post about hair.

      • dope says:

        word. not sheriff it’s time to embrass the 1950s dadcore hair because i’ve seen dudes get bishes with it. im still holding out.

        • dope says:

          *embrace. sorry im drunk.

        • lulz says:

          go bald! some chicks hate it, some just go absolutely crazy for it (and I mean nearly rape a guy crazy, srs)…and also dudes, which can make the butt hurt ;)

          …not like I had a choice, either that a looking like trumps :(

          • Martin Regnen says:

            Haha, yeah, I shave my head so I can avoid seeing how much I might be balding or greying, but there are definitely plenty of chicks who dig it.

        • wiggles says:

          gpoy. i just started growin my hair back out after keepin it buzzed for years.

          • Latinoheat!!! says:

            gpoy = good point yo??? me confused…

            anyways im either bald (dat cholo-ness!!!) or grow the fuck out of my slick-back ” I identify with you poors- Joe strummer” gel-d hair via bishes digging hair if you got the genes for it…

            • cdmolenaar says:

              gratuitous picture of yourself, or some shit

              just means that whatever it’s a reply to is a spot on decription of them

  45. dope says:

    real talk bro, I work with this kid who’s tumblr famous and dresses like this. Always thought he was kinda beta ’til one day he came into work dressed in one of his usual above average get ups. I complimented him on his choice of clothes and he said he posted a pic of what he was wearing on instagram and mad bishes were on his d. One of them texted him saying he looked cute and sent him pics of her ass (it was a nice lookin’ ass). Turns out she has a bf too. I respect him a lot more now.

    P.S. I’m pretty sure he buys most of his shit from work (pac sun) with the exception of his indie band tees and supreme hats. we ain’t all ugly hurley and fox shit, on the bias/modern amusement got the basic colored crew neck sweaters and button down game on lockdown.

  46. RRtee says:

    Don’t forget the importance of being fit when talking about upping your dress game. Nice/expensive clothing on fatties just make you look fatter via being tailored for normals. I alternate between fat and fit pretty quickly and nice clothing will accentuate both extremes. Looking good is really a total package deal.

  47. xFredSavagecorex says:

    I seriously agree with everything D has said in this post, but there are a few more cylinders to fire on:

    1.) Even though sweaters/jumpers are a must, stay away from baby blue, unless you are a professional Michael Bolton impersonator.

    2.) You may think that grey crew-necks are the exception to the ‘band merch rule’, but there is no exception to this rule. Discard all band merch, or all girls (attractive girls) will think you’re a dork.

    3.) As douche-y as you think these brands may be, girls quite like them: Abercrombie and fitch, Superdry and Franklin & Marshall. It’s casual, yet stylish, and makes for a perfect T-shirt/sweater.

    4.) If you’re a white guy, steer clear of streetwear (except classy trainers/sneakers), unless you are trying to gain some serious K-fed points. The only girls who will think you look cool, have already been impregnated in a housing project gangbang.

  48. drunk says:

    Need help sarge, not sure how pants should fit. Plz post close up(s) of crotch for proper fit example.

  49. Nightshift says:

    I would wear button down shirts all the time if it wasn’t hot as balls here 9 months out of the year so if I’m looking do downplay the asshole quotient I’ll wear polo shirts because short sleeve button shirts are fucking blocky at the hem and way too tight in the chest (via 47 inch chest via pull-ups since 8 years old). Also think Vans and Sperrys are actually really clunky looking, just got a pair of gray/dark blue/white Nike Free 5.0 trainers that are narrow and sleek looking.

  50. Anonymous says:

    D frequents /fa/???

    • Sergeant D says:

      I have literally never looked at that site and i fucking hate ‘fashion,’ its just what i do for a living

      • TLDR says:

        Would you say you begrudgingly deal with clothes/appearance (aside from exercise related) purely for its female attracting value, then?

        “I fucking hate fashion” + fashion post = i am confuse plz help

        • Sergeant D says:

          No, it’s literally my job so talking about it feels like work to me. I used to like fashion until it was my job, but i just got burned out on it. I’ll probably like clothes again after i get a new job.

          I just did this post because people asked for it and i think it’s an important subject!

        • Jonnyfilth says:

          Also this post isn’t really a fashion post, it’s a “how 2 not be fggt” post. A tr00 fashion post would be unreadable garbage that would make every long time reader defect to metalsucks in disgust

          • Sergeant D says:

            Also this post isn’t really a fashion post, it’s a “how 2 not be fggt” post.

            Exactly. I didn’t think of it that way until you said it, but that’s exactly right.

  51. awsten says:

    I was literally just talking to my friend yesterday about wanting to dress outside of plain t-shirtz (luv u so much Target<3).

  52. smashcan says:

    Nice post Sarge. Will def keep in mind been meaning to step up my wardrobe game (srs).

  53. Mr. Snuffles says:

    Lately I’ve been sporting Levi’s 511 and 510 jeans along with the buttoned polo shirt and hightop Osiris.

    Also been sporting the New Era Fitteds and Snapback hats to go along with that. Sometimes, I would wear a jacket with that or a track jacket.

    What do you think guys? Sargeant D?

  54. TLDR says:

    Serious question on shoes: I have really shitty, awkwardly wide feet that have atrociously misshappen arches, to the point where they cause me serious knee/hip problems and I need custom insoles to offset it. The only shoes that I have ever been able to wear comfortably are New Balance running shoes, specifically the 993s in size 10.5 D.

    I never wore vans/converse because I absolutely could not stand them due to this, and have a very tough time with dress shoes as well (I only ever wear them for job interviews then take them off right after).

    Will this significantly penalize my appearance if I make all other adjustments, or are my shoes of choice neutral enough to at least be “meh?”

    Shes have plagued me my whole life :(


    Thanks for any advice from anyone!

    • Nightshift says:

      Fashion gives no fucks. If you don’t wear what is specifically designated as swagnificent by Hypebeast, ur a fggt. No shoe are too flat, no shoe color schemes are too nauseating, no jeans are too tapered, no flat-brimmed hats are too retarded. It’s not about low-key symmetrical style, it’s about looking like an overgrown 13 year old Filipino.

      • Sergeant D says:

        ^ what he said, only i am serious and he is being sarcastic

        • TLDR says:

          I’m actually more confused than I was previously. Thanks anyways, I’ll just try to follow the rest of the posts advice and ignore shoes for now

          • Walker says:

            Bro I have wide, flat feet and need to use insoles as well. I have the same problem with narrow shoes, and dress shoes do get painful for me (generally) if I wear them too frequently. My advice is that you pretty much have to deal with it if you want to look good, and suffer in silence. I go through shoes really fast because I put all of my weight on my heels, so the upside is that i get an excuse to buy new shoes a lot.

            • TLDR says:


              Are new balance for faggots then? I thought I recalled Sarge posting about wearing them at some point, could be wrong

  55. lulz says:

    hmpf I love me some pretty colored dcs :( what about vans full <a href=""color (first 3)? no go? I feel like a bum when wearing shoes that dont look like straight out of pokemon (…guess I just answered my own question :(( )

  56. trvpgxd says:

    is it wrong to like workmen shoes like clark desert boots and red wing boots?

    • RJG says:

      I wear them but am the filth so take it with a grain of salt. Not huge on Clark’s crappy gum sole, you can find Clark’s desert boot rip-off’s by most brands and they usually are a bit less flexy. The heritage line of Red Wings is p dope, in fact they do a desert boot, but you just have to be careful of not coming off like a neckbeard ikea dad. Basically don’t wear them with flannel or be fat or have a groce beard.

  57. Kris says:

    Anybody have opinions on denim shirts? I’ve seen a few people pull them off really well, but I’m still not sure if I want to get one or not.

  58. Ian says:

    no girl have ever talked to me about my AM90 infareds. I’m also old and gross so maybe it’s not really about what you are wearing after all.

  59. Lars Weiss says:

    Great post Sarge- this is right up my alley… stepped up my sartorial game a while ago via being old as fuck and as a reaction to so many of my peers dressing like slobs.

    Some other recommendations for reasonably priced dope clothes: Uniqlo and Muji. Also- check for designer collaborations- Uniqlo did one last year with Jil Sander (I own like half the collection!). H&M is doing one with Maison Martin Margiela in November. Target (srsly) just did a colabo with Odin ( fancy NYC store)- I was skeptical, but the shit is legit. Check the pants they did- def hit that sweet spot where they fit, but aren’t too tight.

    Another tip: one place to splurge money-wise is on accessories. You can step up any ensemble with a nice scarf, belt, or even socks. One designer I back hard for this sort of stuff is Paul Smith. His whole vibe is grounded in the British Mod aesthetic and therefore is a good fit for any ex or current hardcore bro who wants to up his menswear game. Def check his more reasonably priced (still expensive, but not retardedly so) lines Paul Smith Jeans and PS.

    • TLDR says:

      Thanks! Really appreciate your input, was expecting you to do this post actually due to your comment in the edgebreaking post.

      Sarge delivered as usual tho

  60. Ink Deep says:

    A+ post

    The best shit I’ve bought all year has a HUF chambray shirt and a Hamptons snapback. Looks strong.

  61. Walker says:

    I think one of the hardest parts about the transition from nerd to normal is clothes, oftentimes because when you try new stuff on you will feel really weird and self-conscious because you are dressing like a lamestreamer. The truth is that you will look a million times better and you just have to get used to looking like/ideally eventually being a jock. since ive started dressing better i notice girls/gheys checking me out a lot more, especially since ive starting making an effort with my hair.

  62. FRiTZ says:

    I’ve read a lot of articles on how to be a fashionable man but none of them have made me rethink the way I dress until this one. Probably bc I just assume the other ones are written by snobby oldfags and I don’t like them. (srs)

    Thank u Sarge. You have showed me the way.

    • Sergeant D says:

      That’s probably because they WERE written by pretentious faggots who tell you to wear a waistcoat and pointy toed boots to the grocery store

    • TLDR says:

      I feel like this sentiment applies not only to this article but this sites advice articles in general – I’ve seen tons of self improvement crap all over the internet but never even considered trying in life until SYWH. I would never listen to a normal, only someone who was once like me (a fuckup hardcore kid) and has since changed.

  63. AndySixxBitches says:

    I thought the SYWH uniform was a TUI basketball jersey, camo cargo shorts, and assorted snapbacks…

    brb getting rid of my entire wardrobe

  64. pa1ge says:

    As a girl (srs), I back this article hard. Sweaters over collared shirts ‘have the ability’ x 10

  65. RJG says:

    Like some other brahs noted, you might feel weird ditching your kid/man-child uniform for more adult gear. A DGAF attitude is definitely needed, if you like the look you need to be confident. You can totally tell when someone is rocking something they’re not sure of, girls can smell this from a mile away. I def will return something if I feel like I can’t really rock it.

    Your brahs that still wear kid clothes WILL start to give you shit, don’t make a big deal out of it or get snarky just be chill about it, shrug and say you’re changing it up a bit.

    Don’t get braggy about gear, doesn’t matter if you’re a sneakerhead (groce, sry D) or an I-follow-Esquire-100% brah (equally groce.) If someone compliments your shoes, don’t say “they better look good they were $800″ or whatevs.

    I’m not into streetwear so I can’t talk about that, I wear normal dude clothes. Nice jeans, chinos, oxfords/chukkahs/classy non-groce boots and button ups the majority of the time. I started dressing like an adult when I saw how better perceived my image was at work due to it. Higher ups aren’t impressed by people who stretch the definition of casual to “shit I probably shouldn’t wear outside of laundry day.”

    Ben Sherman, Fred Perry, Scotch & Soda, John Varvatos, 7 Diamonds (be careful, don’t go full Armenian) and a lot of H & M (shirts only, everything else is crap.) Some of the more notable stores now have sort of like outlets but not disgusting, you can find some GOOD stuff at Nordstrom Rack, Off 5th and Last Call by Nieman Marcus.

    Mentally put together outfits that you want to wear so when you go shopping you’re not just trying to throw shit together and if you’re new at it, get a babe to go with you. Also keep your haircut game tight. Spend money on shoes and a few good jackets, splurge on jeans, button ups between $30 and $70ish, chinos are pretty cheap and make sure you’ve got a few belts in rotation. Learn how to dress for occasions, going out wear, date ish, job, interviews, etc.

    Even though it’s the filth, I love (TW: kinda pricey)

  66. Jonnyfilth says:

    One thing I think all bros need to learn, is the difference between Fashion and Style.
    Basically, Fashion = gay, Style = good.
    Fashion (in this case, swaggotry) is the current trend. It will go out of style in a few months, and swaggots will soon be viewed with the same distaste as scene kids, aka dumb fruity weirdos who are desperately clinging to their stupid subculture despite the rest of the world laffing at it and moving on to the next trend.
    Style is much more in line with what Sarge said about “timeless” stuff. Having style means you can get through all the dumb swaggy fashion trends without really changing much in your wardrobe. Chinos/khakis, plain colors, well fitting button-downs, polos etc have been acceptable (if not fucking awesome) for decades. Through all the trend changes, they still look good.

    Its really all about dressing sensibly instead of clinging to every dumb trend that gets its 5 minutes in the spotlight. Find what works for you and your body shape, and what events you’re likely to be at most of the time, and develop your style around that. (ie don’t buy shitloads of bespoke suits if you’ve got nowhere to wear them, or don’t buy faggy swag shit if you have a real job/classy freinds, etc).
    Style > fashion, always

  67. VyceVictus says:

    Yall niggas better post “after” pics in the forum

  68. zunathustra says:

    (i) i’d like the think i walk the middle path, but girls have confused me for an euro before so maybe i do stray

    (ii) to all the girls reading this: you are good and lovely. you can dress a bit fancier than men can; it’s understandable given that you are girls. just don’t show up to the grocery store in some elaborate, high fashion get-up.

    (iii) open question: how do you guys feel about mixing different brands like nike and adidas at once? i regularly mix nike shoes and an adiadas track jacket. ppl who “know how to fashion” would probably scoff at this, but i think it conveys a certain benevolence (<3 all the sportswear)!

  69. MasterSlave says:

    Are converse leather primos ok?

  70. bricktop2323 says:

    sometimes on the verge to overly british faggotry (via their traditional appeal to mods, vespa-owners and morrissey-fans) but usually works (i am an euro)

    the problem with h&m and forever21 and stuff is that you can´t laundry that shit without it turning into a rag

    spend 2-3 times more money for a piece and get to keep it. that´s way cheaper in the long run

  71. Steven Carlough says:

    When you come from a dumpy mill town not dressing like a fucking idiot comes natural, via being called a queer and wegied. Now that I live in Olympia I find myself constantly having to give my awkward hip kid friends shit for “dressing like my dad”. Today I will most definitely hangout with someone who has their flanel tucked into skin tight black jeans which are also tucked into unlaced “vintage docs”. This is england bro.

  72. liv says:

    as a lady, i gotta say this is a great post. i remember my ex wearing hardcore band shorts and weird hats and generally being a bit embarrassed to be seen with him don’t so that. also if you have regrettable tattoos (99.9% of all tattoos) try and cover them at least until you’re with someone and you’re super comfortable with one another. when i go shopping with my friends we generally do tend to comment on the mens stock as well as the womens, so don’t think girls don’t have a fucking clue so you can get away with pretty much anything. primark in the uk is really cheap and have a good range if you can push past the awful slogan tees.

  73. Inmyheadache says:

    Just saw this video after reading through the comments on here.

    Dude in the Ramones shirt is the excellent example of what not to do (if reading the OP didn’t paint enough of a picture for you)

  74. Octahedron says:

    H&M = backed so hard. lots of people make fun of it and call people gay for going to it, but they don’t really know that H&M has both gay stuff and normal stuff. As long as you don’t buy designer scarves or some shit from it, it’s fine.
    Also, people hate on wearing ties casually because they’ve seen too many fedora fags wearing a tie meant to go with full suits with a poorly fitting short-sleeved button-up, but they can actually work. A skinny black tie with a well-fitting white button-up shirt with the sleeves folded up works well casually.

  75. Swagless White Teen says:

    Semi-long time reader, but first time poster here.

    What would you recommend for someone not cool enough to wear streetwear stuff? I was a band shirt/jeans guy in high school, but I haven’t worn any band gear in probably a year or two, but haven’t strayed far from mono-colored or patterned t-shirts. I’m not really interested in getting advice from the girlfriend, due to not wanting to look like a homosexual.

    Wat do? I’m overly Caucasian and don’t want to go full menswear, but I’m in that phase where I’m starting to really get my shit together and I want to look like it.

    Sorry for the novel. Thanks.

    • Octahedron says:

      you might think that you can’t do the stuff recommended in this post when you’re still in high school, but it actually does work. Just don’t go too serious with your look so you don’t look like and uptight fggt/someone who tries too hard

      advice: look at what One Direction wears in their music videos, but avoid the over-the-top stuff in there like bright red jeans

  76. y’alls need to up yr game,

    I havent heard nobody talk about raw denim yet.
    or like anything.

    y’alls is fucking pussies with ya shit, the images u posted d look like a snapshot from jackthreads.
    i can’t believe people complaining about clothing cuz of money, like u pay for what u get.

    i dont care if i’m rocking an outfit that’s a sizable fraction of my college tuition, i need some fuckin naked and famous denim, redwing boots, burberry flannels and whatnot. y’all need to know that girls think dumb jackets with lapels make u look like a ‘lil boy who asked his mom to get him an element t-shirt when he was 8 to step up his edginess.

    i’d rather be caught in a bane hoodie than in anything made by h&m or like, obey.

    it’s just fucking like…all those brands are emulating classic clothing and whatnot.
    so check it. grab the classics they’re emulating! grab a few a.p.c. chinos and jeans, cop a barbour jacket and look like yu know something about shit. nyamean

    • Unknown says:

      Solid advice for oldfags, but I can’t see any 18-early 20s dude being taken seriously dressed like that

      • Sergeant D says:

        he missed the part about how when you dress like a fancy lad, everybody thinks you’re a pretentious dickface. and also when you say stuff like “yalls need to up your game” and blab about raw denim like its some new thing nobody knows about lol.

  77. Ian says:

    I own a couple pairs of janoskis. Are all skate shoes bad style? srs question

  78. the_real_korben_dallas says:

    Wondering OPs opinion on KR3W gear. I’ve got this jacket from last year’s Fall collection, but the style may be way too played out by the time 2013 comes around.

    Also looking for rec’s on cold weather gear that doesn’t make me look like I am wearing a groce jacket from wal-mart in middle-school.

  79. Mister Booze says:

    One lesson I had to learn that hard way that wasn’t mentioned is: dressing appropriately. Dat Nile longsleeve and cargo shorts is probably a great look for whatever concert you are attending. But if you are going to a party thrown by normal people at a house or apartment or whatever you should probably not wear that. Don’t wear concert gear to parties. Or the office. Ever.

    Sure, you should find your own style. Be yourself and all that bullshit. But if you are going to do some socializing and try to talk to wimmin you should maybe wear something that doesn’t say potential rapist/wifebeater all over it.

    So definitely if you are that kid writing to the Sergeant bookmark this post, srs good stuff. But when trying to put it all together to be the new you, try and put some context into your life. Wear a suit to an interview. If you are going to a social situation like a wedding, formal occasions usually call for formal clothes. Keep it in perspective. Trust me, I am an oldfag. I been there.

    Also, I recommend patience. If this kid has nothing but metal shirts it will take time to build up his new wardrobe. Just like it took time to assemble that drawer full of Cattle Decapitation shirts. Sure, look for sales and discounts and whatnot. But…ah fuck whatever. I’m too drunk for this anymore.

  80. Sven_McSven says:

    Shiiiiiittttttttt how did I miss this post? Pretty much found all this out about a year ago, started to perfect it the last couple of months, get compliments aaaallllll the time. Good to hear I’m doing it right from a bro!

  81. PissedOffMetalHeadGirlfriend. says:

    uh..First off, I am a girl, and I prefer it when guys wear band tees or hoodies, black jeans, whatever the hell they wanna wear. Someone litterally stole all the shit on here, and told it to my boyfriend, who i love for him being himself. they told him he needed to change. but he doesnt. soo, yeaaa.

  82. Dalton says:

    Perhaps not referring to women as “bishes” would render some of you here more presentable, regardless of the type of clothes you happen to be wearing. Appalling sentiments really, and no better than the pretentiousness found on Styleforum, just on the opposite side of the spectrum. Cool? I think not.

  83. GC says:

    Sarge what do you think about the woodland camo army field jackets/blouses wtf ever they’re called. I’ve rlly stepped up my wardrobe over the past year (normal bishes srs love it). I can’t seem to let go of the little bit of camo I’ve kept in my wardrobe. Do you think there’s any way to make this work on a casual basis? Or should I lose the shit completely?

  84. Unknown says:

    Tbh I think dressing in all black, band tees, skate shoes, etc. is a trait of those suffering from special snowflake syndrome. In our minds we think we’re rockstars, so y not dress like a rockstar? If andy six or marilyn manson or lil wayne can rock it/get away with it, so can u rite? When rly to the general population u come off as a greasy dork with the spergs. If u dress like ur going to a concert every day, it comes off as a nerdy obsession not unlike wearing a muhfuckin neon genesis evangelion shirt to class every day. Or at best u come off as ‘intimidating’ … but in all the wrong ways. I say ‘we’ cause I’m as guilty as anyone, being that I have multiple piercings and tats and frequently wear dinosaur metal shirts, skinny jeans and converse. (Flannel and snapbacks are about as far out of the metal dork closet as I’ve come.) Thank God I live in a town where scene girls are still a thing, otherwise I’d never get laid…

  85. hugepupils says:

    pics are down for this :( dude also props on what i think is a cabin boy reference (fancy lad)

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