Some DYSTOPIA fanboi is very upset about GOLIATH

I often compare the Southern California moshcore band GOLIATH to the Southern California crustcore band DYSTOPIA because, well, they sound a lot alike (except of course GOLIATH has 100000x better production and they can actually play their instruments). Aside from how they dress, they’re much more similar than not. Evidence:

Exhibit 1: DYSTOPIA “Backstabber.” Put them on tour with XIBALBA, dress them up in ROTTING OUT snapbacks, and you could have 2013′s most popular tr00 hxc band.

Exhibit 2: GOLIATH “Lost Cause.” Swap out their mesh shorts for AMEBIX backpatches, have them play some filthy punk rock flophouse in North Philly instead of Chain Reaction, and they could be the next big thing in punx music.

Someone on my Tumblr apparently does not see things this way, though. It is always entertaining to watch someone experience massive asspain over something as trivial as comparing two bands, so I thought I would share this series of asks from him and Michael from GOLIATH:

My recommendation to Michael on how GOLIATH can inflict maximum asspain on overly-opinionated crust punx

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134 Responses to Some DYSTOPIA fanboi is very upset about GOLIATH

  1. I love that sounding like Goliath is considered selling out now.

  2. Jonnyfilth says:

    Please make Michael do that cover and then have a live blog update of the increase in butthurt levels. You know how sometimes they do really dumb unimportant news stories where they interview a witness and some colorful local fggt gets his 10 seconds of fame?? It’d be like that except asspier, smellier and funnier.

  3. Walker says:

    They should cover Diary of a Battered Child (via that breakdown) and do the intro (‘Son? Yeah dad?) in gang vocals.

  4. benj says:

    His tone sounds like forced retard, I think he’s trolling u

    • C.Ninja says:

      It’s not really trolling if they come off as really stupid, as opposed to making you mad.

      Like “wow u sure got me bro, eating that pile of shit right in front of me taught me a lesson”

    • cmoney says:

      I thought the same thing. “I bet he didn’t even know about Doom Toxic Narcotic Phobia” just really pinged my trolldar. I mean first of all the past-tense “didn’t” is advanced level forced poor grammar trolling.

      Next,unless Doom Toxic Narcotic Phobia is the single band name of some obscure crust punx band from a Mongolian squat, Doom and Phobia are about as entry level as it gets. I was never much into crust or grind but I’m sure I have a Doom 7″ lying around somewhere. And Toxic Narcotic.. are they even a crust band? Does anyone on earth revere them? They’re a boston sXe band who happened to play shows with some punk bands afaict.

      • GreenEmu says:

        So he may have in fact been a troll who was acting trolled. Metatrolling can be a dangerous game. It just ends up confusing everybody and no troll wins.

  5. unlearned says:

    up next: ex-crusties sell out, form goliath, open for mumford & sons, make millions.

  6. Watching this unfold=lols forever
    If Goliath does that cover… ohhhhh man

  7. derekpants says:


  8. Jake says:

    Amaze @ how it seems that people who read and reply in the blog and people who follow and ‘contribute’ in D’s tumblr are two entirely different groups.

    • Latinoheat!! says:

      this is actually something ive been thinking about too!!

      the fuck are these aspies following some dude who has the musical tastes of a suburban white teenage girl (semi-srs)….

      i like the blog only and occasionally ask his tumblr once in a while…

      now back to the butthurtedness…

  9. jorbam says:

    Dude, Sarge, I talk to you about that as “anonymous” because I was too scared that you would yell at me and this is what I get?! You post it on the site!? I thought my dickhead opinions were safe with you!

    Seriously though, I will never get enough of you interacting with people at the same level of intensity while they just escalate through the roof.

    Also, I guess this kid loses cuz I hadn’t listened to Goliath before but checked them out on the Spotfies after reading this and they now have one more fan of their sick jams.

    • Jess Bowen says:

      Jorbam is lying! It was actually me, D…

    • Limbface says:

      and one less fan of dystopia tbh (though he probably would have been disgusted to know that someone as societally functional and normally dressed as me was desecrating the reputation of the grind and crust scene by enjoying ‘their’ music)

  10. Limbface says:

    I think my favorite part is that just telling the kid to fuck off because crust punk music is fucking gay and stupid and groce would have worked, been funny, etc. But to make it even better, to turn the tables on the guy so that he’s suddenly faced with the fact that the two dudes he’s trying to act all uppity towards about punx are actually lifers, embarrassing him in front of everyone reading, THAT’S what made this entire exchange solid gold.

  11. TLDR says:

    So wait, was that you or Michael from Goliath doing the replies?

    Also, is Michael your age or pretty old in fact?

    I am an retard and cant figure shit out, pls repsond

  12. MasterSlave says:

    I was introduced to crust, powervoilence and the like by some guys very similar to you Sarge. My city having a relatively small scene at the time, all the victory records influenced bands played with thrash and crust bands and shared members and so on. When I went to a couple of crust shows in a bigger city, I knew full well they were going to be smelly homeless people, but I didn’t know the smelly homeless people were going to be all snobby about middle class kids in camos coming from out of town and giving them money. They’re an odd bunch

    • TLDR says:

      I had a similar experience, TBH it makes me glad I came from a small town hardcore scene so I could appreciate different genres with less snobbery

  13. BLEH! says:

    Strong post, I have been following this on tumblor.
    People’s reactions are p sad. It’s completely fair to prefer one thing over another but when you are, like me, a somewhat crusty guy in his 30s (who has obviously been into the legit shit for years) the best attitude to have is inclusive- ultimately my taste in music has a lot in common with a regular hardcore kid now so why fight that? Like I recently saw ‘drink and stink’ heroes DOOM- half the large crowd was the same early 20′s kids that went to Xibalba and Trash Talk. OH NOES WE CANT HAVE THESE KIDS EXTENDING OUR MUSIC AND MAKING GIGS WORTHWHILE VIA MONEY AND ENTHUSIASM.

    Also basically most heavy music sounds the same. Apologies for posting this but tell me this Napalm Death track doesn’t sound p much like Defiler’s ‘Walk in the Glow’ (albeit with more blastbeats etc):

    • Sergeant D says:

      dude i always said that later Napalm Death was like straight up moshcore, glad i am not the only one who noticed this

      • Nightshift says:

        Fear, Emptiness, Despair is a shitkicker.

      • BLEH! says:

        Yep for sure.
        What makes me sad is people hating on kids who, obviously, have come up through less tr00-cred scenes of music but who are now interested in this old-school stuff and are actively keeping it alive and relevant and most importantly fun. I am sure the old guard are legit 87 hanging out with heresey bros, but ultimately then just stand around at shows talking about how much better discharge were when they saw them 30 years ago. The kids go mental to basically every single heavy riff any of the bands will play the whole night. Motherfuckers need to wake up.

    • TLDR says:

      Also basically most heavy music sounds the same.

      THIS times a million, so glad someone made this point. Differences between music scenes are cultural way more than musical and outsiders cannot tell the differences for a reason.

      • Neon Jesus says:

        Exactly. If I play Suiside Silence and Cannibal Corpse back to back of each other, my co-workers would never know the difference. IMNs would lose their shit at my playing “shitty deathcore” after such legends as CC.

  14. Tim b says:

    holy fuck. anon is single most retarded fuck ever. one of my favorites of the many here was: “I used to be crust”

    I am a hardcore atm but I sometimes I feel I am a death metal personally. words cannot explain the douchebaggery. hope he’s not an Aussie too that would be too much for me

  15. CallPastorJerkface says:

    I was always wondering if a Dystopia disc was worth spending money on and now, thanks to this post, I know it is. Thank you Michael from Goliath!

  16. Max says:

    The difference is really just a matter of production imo

  17. Nightshift says:

    To me Dystopia were the worst combo of PC crustpunk and whiny nu-metal. Never understood what was supposed to be so great about them.

    • Sergeant D says:

      Well consider how low the bar was set for ‘good music’ in the 90s crust scene and you can see how they would be considered god-tier musicians with sparkling production

  18. Jason says:

    LOL @ all crusties. BRB, selling out and enjoying my running water, available food, and climate controlled home.

    • cougar party says:

      srs, how does anyone over the age of 19 not understand this? Being poor fucking sucks.

      • cmoney says:

        pretty sure crusties over the age of 19 still live under the delusion that they’re actively choosing poverty rather than accept the reality that they are in fact stupid, useless leaches who lack the basic skills to excel at life.

        • cmoney says:

          in fact they’re dumber and more useless than most homeless people, because the vast majority of crusties threw away the meal ticket of being the product of white middle class american dreamers. 3+ generations of wealth building and a leg up on the game just flushed down the toilet.

          • cougar party says:

            Not to mention homeless people generally understand that their situation sucks, but they can’t/are unwilling to change it due to mental problems or drug addiction.

            • TLDR says:

              IDK guys, crusties can be pretty gay/judgmental about music/political opinions, but this is America and they can do whatever they want. If other people want to opt out of modern conveniences I don’t care, and why would you?

              Also, it seems that being a crusty is the ultimate personal branding statement/decadent style statement: I am the product of so much privilege and wealth that I can opt out of all of it with virtually no consequences.

            • Jonnyfilth says:

              Doesn’t make them any less disgusting or unbearable

  19. Save Parker says:

    I can just imagine this gay later that night still being all buttmad about crust posers, and going to some crusty hang out (maybe a crusty crab) and calling out someone there as a poser. Then they would spend like an hour trying to out-crust each other, with the winner getting dibs on the crustiest (or only) female there. Then he’d take her out to eat thrown away pizza crusts and they’d lick each other’s eye crust off or whatever crusties do I’m out of my element here.

  20. needsmoreslamz says:

    This reminds me of that time I got into an argument with some crusters about how bad brains were evil homophobes and listening to them made me an evil homophobe. All of this happened while I was holding a negative fx record, which they didn’t mind at all for some reason.

    <3 crusters.

  21. nucleardeterrence says:

    I think an Agathocles cover would be more butthurtful. “A For Arrogance” would probably be easiest, since the opening riff is pretty damn moshable to begin with. Or even do Bolt Thrower and ruin the rectums of crusties and IMNs at the same time.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Stress Builds Character with a breakdown sounds rad-as-fcuk not gonna lie. I enjoy a good amount of crust but it’s kind of a joke. Get a haircut and wear real clothes ffs.

  23. xFredSavagecorex says:

    I can’t be the only one who thinks that Amebix doesn’t even sound like Punk?. If anything they just sounds like the Heavy Metal stuff that was around at the time, but with worse production. Oh, and the same beta imagery and style sense.

    • mijogoestojuniorcollege says:

      to troll my friends that are into that band i always ask if its motorhead or say “this has got to be the worst venom song ive ever heard”

      • Sergeant D says:

        “ugh can you skip this? i fucking hate Beowulf.”

        • xFredSavagecorex says:

          It still doesn’t baffle me as much as the brief period where Hardcore kids tried jocking Crust. I mean, if you’re a trendy mosh bro (positive note) who is able to pull good looking girls, why would you jock the music/scene that promotes beta activism, unattractiveness and unpopular opinions.
          Remember Cursed?. Ewwwww.

          • Sergeant D says:

            dont look at me for an answer dude, i am just as baffled by kids willingly taking several steps down the social hierarchy as you are :/

            • xFredSavagecorex says:

              It was rhetorical, but ether way that was a scary period. I chose Martyr AD and Bury Your Dead over that shit

            • TLDR says:

              Love both those bands. Especially Martyr, they played my first show ever circa 2001

              Also, IMO these type of identity changes are just adolescent experimentation. Most of the moshbros dabbling in crust probably figured out what you pointed out pretty quick and moved on to something else

            • MasterSlave says:

              Or we just liked the sound of the music and never gave two fucks about the politics.

            • TLDR says:

              Liked the sound of Crass etc.? You gotta be kidding me. Even half the people at those s hows admit the music only works because of the message or whatever

        • CallPastorJerkface says:


  24. Tom666 says:

    Sounding like Goliath is selling out? How they are raw as fuck.

  25. Superfist says:

    i’m pretty confused about crust. it sounds disgusting. it’s amazing(ly sad) the extent to which so many people will go to feel special. being really gross, getting mad about other people’s opinions whether they do or don’t like the same things you like, and isolating pretty much anybody that doesn’t dress and act exactly the same way as you (and even then it seems iffy) all seem like pretty good ways of making yourself lonely and sad. and all just for the sake of feeling special and different. smh :(

  26. Natehate121212 says:

    I love at the end how Michael posted the chain of events this kid will go though to get into Goliath lol at that coming true. He will be like ‘remember when i hated Goliath and would talk shit on the internet haha well funny how times change”. As he drives off in his new Audi after getting his shit together and inherits his dad’s million dollar company.

  27. KATYCRUST says:

    Wow this makes me sad he must be young most crust kids would not be like that. Or he got pitted on at a Goliath show haha.

  28. EVILJ says:

    He drops The Casualties like its a bad thing haha. Ah man Goliath rules crust sucks end of story.

  29. (curvedEdgeCrusty) says:

    This almost made me change my user name…but then I remembered it’s a joke

    • Latinoheat!! says:

      lol ah ur back.. fucken sweet… never change dat handle bro…

      but yea

      dat production does make a difference.. feel sorry for the 90s oldfags that had to endure LP after demo tape after scratched CD’s of nothing but a bunch of bands basically screaming in a trash can/boot….

      • TLDR says:

        Seriously. Accessible Good recording quality is the best thing to happen to hardcore ever imo

      • (curvedEdgeCrusty) says:

        haha…the transition to oldfag is a defining moment. You can either be that fag that blindly holds onto what was good in the day and bashes anything new that progressed from the past, or an oldfag can realize that he will always love the old crappy collection (even tho itz not up to current standards) but don’t force it on youngFags/hate on new muzak.

        Wuz guilty of prior early on w/ sharing cassettes to my nephews to “learn them the roots” and play them some sweet ol’ shit. Hit play, and see on the look of “ewww, groce” on their face, yet them trying not to be disrespectful of lodfag and saying, “um yeah, cool, unk…”

        So oldfags, we can still cherish our shitty production oldfag muzak….just objectively remember that it IS shitty production oldfag muzak (this is one of the reasons I find new bands that “go back to roots” and make shitty production on purple soooo groce. (c Loma Priretcha,)

  30. Tonyfggt says:

    Crust thats that shit i don’t like.

  31. midxwest says:

    Sergeant D you’re a fucking moron. Crust is nothing like deathcore and it will always be better than deathcore,Goliath is shitty and generic just like every other band in that genre,and everything you post is lame.

  32. Chillin' says:

    Yeah, I just don’t want to ever understand why this is even remotely an issue. My favorite part of this exchange was when he says that Goliath have sold out and “sold their soul.” Like, haha, how does that even work out???

    That embarrassing moment when you’re above the age of 16, have defined your life around being a crust punk and worry about music credentials, and get sore at people enjoying a band’s music. I just imagine all the people enjoying Goliath and having fun at the show and this idiot thinking it involves selling your show. Pathetic and depressing (very srs). I cant’ imagine ever letting my life sink that low.

  33. Octahedron says:

    Why do people like this aspie care so much about what other people do with their lives
    Like seriously what reasoning is there

    • XibRottingGoliath says:

      Its cause Sarge being the musical genius that he is can listen to Goliath and hear every little influence in it. I love how he noticed that one of the vocalist sounds like Dystopia thats fucking cool. You can’t name any other band with that mixture of genre. Goliath should get praise for this not hated on.

    • Chillin' says:

      I’m guessing if you choose to identify as a crust punk, you don’t really care about reasoning.

  34. Jewcore666 says:

    Your all faggots come to a Goliath show and talk shit

  35. tom666 says:

    Haha yeah this is a post to make fun of crust punx who don’t like Goliath

  36. Jesus says:

    iamthehumanbeing is probably a huge fucking faggot tho

  37. benj says:

    just chiming in to say that I love blown to shit modern d-beat with intentionally shitty production a la Disclose/d-clone about as much as I love dumbo eared wigger mosh. Which is a lot. Also dystopia kills it but absolutely no one likes phobia

  38. Thugcore13 says:

    Who the fuck cares, Goliath is a terrible band. I’m sick of this shit. These new G TUNED bands claiming “california beatdown” With their sloppy acacia strain ripoff repetitiveness. GTFO. Listen to real beatdown like SHATTERED REALM, BULLDOZE, SIX FT DITCH.

  39. trolltoll69 says:

    I wish it were cool to like dystopia. Maybe then I wouldnt have spent my highschool years sitting by myself and getting made fun of for smelling bad…fuck man.DYSTOPIA DOES HAVE BREAKDOWNS, I PROMISE YOU, ITS COOL!

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