Stream a new song by THE DEVASTATED!

Our friends at leading independent music retailers CENTURY MEDIA recently signed THE DEVASTATED, who you may know for having former members of OBLIGE and IMPENDING DOOM. Check out this new song from them– here’s what they have to say about it:

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Happy Holidays everyone! With what has been an eventful 2012 for The Devastated, we would like to wind down the year with a few exciting announcements. First and foremost, we are very pleased to announce the addition of our new bassist David Sittig (Impending Doom). David has been a close friend of ours for many years and we are proud to have him aboard. WIth that, we would also like to announce a Holiday mini-tour December 27-30 with Polarization and Wrath of Vesuvius. These will be David’s first shows with The Devastated, so please come out and show some love. On a final note, we would like to leave you with our Latest track “Grate Minds” A B-side recorded during the same time as our debut record “Devil’s Messenger” Enjoy! You can expect many exciting things from us in the new year so keep your eyes, and ears open. Have a safe Holiday season and we’ll see you all very soon.

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7 Responses to Stream a new song by THE DEVASTATED!

  1. KevUWillH8 says:

    Too much butthurt about these dudes on metalsucks this year IMO. Dem sick riffs go hard and are great for the gym, but they took a lot of criticism from IMNs everywhere.

    • fuzz says:

      Yeah, all I know about these guys is that MS did a post about how “omg their new album is so pooey and dumb its like only breakdowns >:\” so it was probably a solid, moshable album.

      • KevUWillH8 says:

        Yes, definitely moshable. Not re-inventing the wheel by any means, but gets regular spins in the rotation for me. Good change of pace for when the hatebreed/acacia strain playlists are feeling a little stale and you catch a hot bish in the gym looking at your tattoos in disgust while you get in that last set of hammer curls.

        Worth checkin out.

  2. I don't get it says:

    they had me at safe holidays

  3. SiX50SiD says:

    I have to fill out this registration before commenting…..but I’ll say fu ck yeah even before hearing it.

  4. steve says:


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