Look Right Penny: U JAM?

Look Right Penny - Mariel Diaz-Carrion

Hey dudes! This is Anso DF what’s up! My favorite album from last year is Look Right Penny‘s debut Sugar Lane. It’s awesome! To get an idea of the Florida quintet’s style, imagine a pairing of Paramore and Protest The Hero, a collision of Avril and Coheed, a collabo between Sikth and a chipmunk — but even younger and wayyy better than their predecessors! They are my JAM!

And I bet u are in the same boat as I was: The above description of LRP’s sound makes u barf. Cuz prog metal is not your thing; nor is pop music by dramatic teens. I’m right there with u, dude. But LRP’s very awesome songs effortlessly counteract and overcome all that — I was hooked irreversibly after one chorus. Therefore BAM! we now conclude that it might happen to u too! 

That’s why I begged Sergeant D to take photos of my butt host this very special LRP Jam on SYWH. (Poor guy, I have begged him to pitch a lifestyle-humor series with me, and will soon beg for a guest guitar solo on forthcoming Enpedestalment jamz. )

Cuz if this results in u liking LRP even half as much as I do, then we’ve made magic and defeated dickmouth IMNs who rage retardedly when I cover LRP for MetalSucks.net! Now we jam!


I work on MetalSucks.net’s weekly New Releases round-up (please make me look cool by visiting it, cheerz), so last year I heard at least a few minutes of like a thousand new heavy albums. Yet somehow I remember in detail my first random listen to Sugar Lane‘s powerhouse opening track: I was on my balcony holding a pickle. A sky blue Jeep rolled by. Impressed? This was a year ago and my recall is crippled by drugz! PS dat bridge!


LRP has existed for only a few years — my fave sunglasses are about as old — but already they have the ability to pack songs like “Errors” (above) with like six ninja-level melodies. (Like or dislike a melody, u can somewhat subjectively know an entry-level chorus from a fancy, advanced one.) And Sugar Lane‘s track order is diabolically efficient, all alternating tones and grooves, all defined and cinematic like, say, Seventh Son or the first Mars Volta. Plus plus plus although guitarist Cotee Embry and singer Mariel Diaz-Carrion told me that they don’t listen to the awesome metal bands from their part of Florida, their album’s instrumental track sounds like Savatage. So maybe u get what I’m hinting at — I suspect they’re all-powerful robots from the future. lol


Due to its Twilight-level breathlessness, this jam may make u feel foolish for loving it. U will get over that. Or just imagine me singing it at the supermarket to the donuts srs :)


I treat LRP like they’re my little prodigy cousins and like my awareness of their excellence permits me to attach myself to it. Maybe it’s more accurate to call me a wannabe “stage mom.” ANyway it’s in this spirit of enthusiastic caring which I now suggest that a few Sugar Lane lyrics need refining :) Like, in this jam’s first lines it sounds off to have “years” described by “younger.”


“High Hopes” has Sugar Lane‘s best full-bonerz guitar solo, and like most things about LRP, it’s not my style but so so awesome! I kinda suspect the song is about Jesus but anyway I sing it in the shower cuz by the quiet section, my hair conditioner has been in long enough: rinse, bridge, chorus, end. (And again: “With pairs of the sharpest scissors” not “With the sharpest pairs of scissors” no biggie xoxoxo dhm)


In a break-up, I am a minimalist in that as soon as the split is established, I usually blurt out “Fuck youuu!” then “Oh sorry.” But I always bail quickly, cuz in so doing I prevent un-fun arguing and also scatter the seeds of her future desire to bang me secretly for a few weeks. Anyway the point is that I do not relate to this jam’s desperate, needy lyrics. But it rips and Diaz-Carrion’s singing is WHOA. Listen for her switch in tones inside the first line of the song/chorus, hard to soft. Sweet jesus that’s smooth.

Look Right Penny  “Angry friendless metalfgz don’t think we’re doing it right.”


Top photo by Nick Zimmer at falseidolphoto.com. Get Look Right Penny’s album here and go here to read my MetalSucks interview with Mariel and Cotee! They’re awesome

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23 Responses to Look Right Penny: U JAM?

  1. Void Eater says:

    For some reason I never listened to this band when you would post about them on dubstepsucks like every day… Major regretcore, this is excellent stuff. Metal riffs somehow mixing seamlessly with popish melodies? Seal of approval.

  2. VyceVictus says:

    Ah, this is quite refreshing. Good job Kids These Days!

  3. I am pro this band and I am pro Anso posting on SYWH!

    Also, were you srs about that pickle?

  4. Name says:

    whatevz @ teh music but fucking DED @ bottom photo!

  5. snores says:

    I remember giving them a listen when you posted them on metalsucks but it didn’t click. Glad you posted this here, after another listen I’m digging it fairly hard. Good tunes, reminds me of The Pineapple Thief

  6. Sergeant D says:

    Savatage lol. grose

  7. I don't get it says:

    p cool songs. awesome stuff anso and gl with the donuts

  8. Anonymous says:

    “ur opinion doesn’t matter because you are a loser lol”
    That is a letdown man.

  9. Penzo says:


  10. pl says:

    a collabo between Sikth and a chipmunk = something I can get behind
    didnt know about this band, like it now so thank you

  11. FBA217 says:

    how is this not popular with IMNs ? its terrible lol

  12. nochance says:

    Sarge on MS = preaching truth to the neckbeards.
    MS on SYWH = cross-contamination poisoning.

  13. Pat says:

    that description didn’t make me barf and nthe songs didn’t disapoint! A++++

  14. SHUHIZGEWD says:

    Suite. Hope you post moar stuff here Anso.

  15. Latinoheat!!! says:

    Wut vyce n nochance sed.. Digging this sweet emocore/taytaycore/flyleafcore!

  16. Latinoheat!!! says:

    Forgot to add sweet euro-descended-White-Conservative-jewish-cuban-core!! =D

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