THIS VIDEO just broke a million views, and was at 600,000 last night. What we are witnessing is the rapid memefication of the song “Harlem Shake” by Baauer because of one video that is easy to copy. Is Trapstep finally going to break through to the mainstream? Are memes the easiest way into the break into the mainstream, IE Attack Attack!? Is it because this was posted on this site like the same day the first video was made? Well I don’t know or think so but these videos rule and here are the best ones:

Original genius that got it started. Noticeably the innovator is always less successful then the second one to do it in that first video. Genius can always be improved. Notice the simple formula that will make making the video more fun than watching, high level of viral potential activated.

Like the essential V3, probably others but this is the big one that made me happy for existing. There are TONS of v4, signifying the exact moment it blew up.

This is the best one I’ve seen.

Hot girl version. I like the idea, but the hot girls are dancing more like its a sad strip club than the best party ever. Ironing guy is A+ before and after with that creepy stare tho.

The people at the Chive did one but I think cause they thought they were supposed to do one, seems heavy on the zany and low on the fun which makes me love the first one so much. In this fast paced internet world memes only have like one day to really be enjoyed, think they blew it.

Saw this one and really knew the shit went viral. Not the best one, they really suffer from a lack of shirtless dudes, but you can tell they might actually be having fun instead of ‘the boss said we have to dance for this shakin harlem video to make the memes’.

This is just how its done. A+ costumes that were low on zany for zany sake, and those dance moves were A+. If you’re late to the meme game but still want to make one of these cause they’re fun, take notes on this one.


AND congrats to BAAUER, for the successful memefication that will lead him to actual recognition and probably working with Kanye West or Usher or Lil Jon or whatever to make some music I’ll and America will love. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Harlem Shake is the ultimate banger, and it deserves as many videos of shirtless dudes dancing as it will surely get <3


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  1. Name says:

    holy LOL!!! @ the last one (not the cartoon)

    bangingthecouch dude is RLY going for it. and wearing pants as shirt and shirt as pants is good times

  2. Zoloft says:

    holy shit I’m dying ahahaha

  3. Billiam says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    This actually the original video

  5. Name says:

    im seeing him this summer, if i cba walking to the stage that day, and i rly hope this superior dancing will be in abundance

  6. Sven_McSven says:

    A++++ the first meme I’ve actually liked in ages
    Also coz I get to hear Harlem Shake every time

  7. ultraspatial says:

    He already worked with Just Blaze so I guess he’s getting some recognition

  8. grymboner says:

    Only meme that accurately describes what goes on in my head when I hear that drop.

    TYBSP for introducing my ears to this crack rock.

  9. nu♘♘tej says:

    My dikk is hrd and I’m ready 2 fuqq.

  10. JFC Carbomb says:

    I like these videos, they are good and funny. I would like to listen to that song again.

  11. BrosonBUTTBEAST says:

    waiting 4 Harlem Shake MOSH EDITION

  12. MasterSlave says:

    You’re not fooling anyone Save. We know its you under that mask

  13. Skrillex sex party says:

    Haha something fucked up on my phone and all the embedded videos are the peanuts one A+

  14. Thomas says:


  15. venezuelandude says:

    that intro sample HAS to be from a reggaeton song haha

  16. fuzz says:

    I got bored of watching these after maybe the fourth one or so and to be honest I don’t really find any of them funny at all. I think an overexposure to the internet has left me humorless and jaded :(

  17. pete nasty says:

    College humor one is the best cause of the beardo on the right who’s dance move is “sip coffee, raise hand”. I’m dying.

  18. generic says:

    heres a new one! v666 BLACK METAL EDITION

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  20. HJK says:

    Did you know that people from Harlem are apparently really angry about this dance?

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