How to start a HARDCORE-CORE band


With the troowave trend taking the scene by a storm, being in a Real Hardcore band has never been cooler. But let’s be honest: the idea of being a Real Hardcore dude is cooler than the reality of it. I mean, that’s a big commitment, and maybe you just want to try it out for a little bit while your schedule at community college is light. Wat do??

If you are intrigued by the sound and image of Real Hardcore, but don’t want to be a fucked up loser/scumbag who hates himself, I have good news for you. You’ll love the exciting new genre known as HARDCORE-CORE, which is basically when scene kids who aren’t fucked up enough to be into real hardcore start bands that look and sound like hardcore, but without all the baggage. You can have fun dressing up like a hardcore kid for a few years without being one of those embarrassing losers who is down for life– it’s like having your cake and eating it too!!

In this post, I will discuss a few of the most popular HARDCORE-CORE bands and outline what you can learn from them about how to start your very own HXC-CORE band– don’t be intimidated, it’s easy!!

The kings of HARDCORE-CORE are without a doubt THE GHOST INSIDE. A key ingredient is songs like this about meaningful, srs topics like addiction– don’t worry if you are straightedge, from a stable middle-class family and obviously have no personal experience with the subject. None of the little girls who listen to your band do either so they won’t be able to tell.

Bonus hxc points for filming this video at the home of CHAINREACTIONCORE!

To co-holder of the HARDCORE-CORE crown is without a doubt STICK TO YOUR GUNS. They have the uplifting, inspiring “persevering through adversity” message of Real Hardcore bands like TERROR, but without the TERROR members’ staggeringly long list of poor life choices and grim career prospects. It’s like having your cake and eating it too!! Think of it as “One with the ppl who aren’t rly underdogs but think it’s kinda cool to pretend like they are.”


Remember, don’t go full hardcore. You never go full hardcore!! As you are constructing your image as a credible member of the hardcore community, make sure you keep doing scene-relevant stuff like this zany promo pic so little girls can reblog them and comment on how “adorable” you guise are.

STRAY FROM THE PATH illustrate a key principle of HARDCORE-CORE: the simplest of allusions to Real Hardcore is enough to make kids defend ur honor on Tumblr and insist that you’re “not some fake-ass scene band.” SFTP’s whole gimmick is simply that they use a ridiculous amount of BLEH!s, and that’s all it takes for kids to jizz over them. Remember, don’t overthink it– less is more in HARDCORE-CORE!

In the case of YOUR DEMISE, it’s not that they do anything especially great so much as that they’re a great example of how much you can learn about the hardcore lifestyle and image from the internet. God bless technology– how else could a bunch of pasty British people do such a good job of acting the part of trendy West Coast hardcore kids?? If there’s no hardcore scene in your area to copy, don’t worry– that’s what Youtube and Tumblr are for!!

Also, lol @ how much this song sounds like TOKEN ENTRY with better production although I am 100000% sure nobody in YD has ever heard that band.


Don’t limit yourself to jocking old bands– repping current bands is a great way to show that you’re ‘rly in touch with whats happening in hardcore nao.’ For example in this pic of STICK TO YOUR GUNS he’s all ‘as u can see by my BITTER END shirt we are like sooooo not scene’

In general COUNTERPARTS are great at coming off as a credible band with one foot in the Real Hardcore scene, like in this video where he explains their song about people who drop out of hardcore. But I would have edited the part out at the beginning where he says he wrote it at his friend’s “cottage.”

Which is better, Real Hardcore or HARDCORE-CORE??? Do you feel empowered to start your own HXC-CORE band?? What ‘credible hardcore’ merch will you wear in your first promo photos??? Have you already written your ‘rly passionate stage banter’ for when you play the Fleshlight Stage at Warped Tour 2015?????

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151 Responses to How to start a HARDCORE-CORE band

  1. nat says:

    That TGI/STUG/SFDP tour right now must be doing rly well.

  2. augustine says:

    Hahaha, “You never go full hardcore”.

    Case in point – The Ghost Inside and Stick To Your Guns is currently touring with Real Hardcore band Rotting Out.

  3. C.N. says:

    Hardcore-core wouldn’t be as cool to get into if they had songs about walking to the shops or having a great childhood.

    “Engine 45 is about the train I took to private school”

  4. hgsg says:

    immediately ded @ “cottage”

    mmm everything sounds so good on that “engine 45″ track

  5. Brah says:

    it’s not about what u wear, it’s about what ur band is wearing overall u no? like one guy is repping some hip-hop stuff so you know he’s “down”, and then maybe you’ve got a madball shirt, but ur other dude is repping somethin a lil more newschool like mayb a cruel hand tank or crewneck. ur rockin some shit from ur bud’s band like some hardcore-core synergy, mayb a lil taste for girls who like to ship u guise in some smokin hot slashfic action in the saved drafts of their friends-only wp blog or w/e. just mix it up u no, gotta balance ur toms w/ ur nikes so people no ur “down” but still cool, conscious dudes they could talk to abt math hw or w/e, maybe get some froyo and u’d remind them how delic vegan soyshakes are.

    a lot of ppl like to talk abt this liek we’re in it for the money, but I mean it’s not like that, u no bands don’t rlly make much money lol? I mean u shud buy our merch that’s why we got so much u no, just grab a shirt or somethin, we understand abt u guys dl’ing the new album, it’s nbd but u shud preorder or get the limited vinyls I mean my dad says if we get 1k preorders he’ll front us half the money for the Fleshlight Stage this summer, we’d love to come u guys, u. So excited to be in a more intimate setting u no? Like we can connect so much more on a more personal stage like that but still get to see a bunch of great bands ya know? Really excited to c u all @ WARRRRRPED! (I can’t stop smiling, lol, things r moving rlly fast 4 us :)))

  6. Limbface says:

    After reading this, I have come to the conclusion that there is no actual hardcore scene in Washington.

  7. thesaddestcat says:

    In all honesty. I don’t know how to feel about this because I’m from Reno. Hm.

    • TLDR says:

      I played a show in Reno in a “real” hardcore tour January 2012, was an amazing show.

      Come to think of it I’ve never played a bad show in Reno

  8. JFC Carbomb says:

    Lol looks like im into hardcore-core. I’ve been jizzing out about the TGI, STYG, and SFTP tour thats coming to my town. I stopped going to shows but I’m making an exception for this one. I think I am the epitome of a HXC core fan

    • Sergeant D says:

      i mean, to be honest HXC-core is better than 99% of Real Hardcore

      • TLDR says:

        I’m in serious buttpain over this comment

        brb getting buttsalve

        But are bands you listed the only hxc-core bands? Because they are all excellent bands and better than 99% of Real Hardcore, but there must be legions of shitty copies of the above mentioned ones too right?

        • derekpants says:

          Misread that as buttslave and kinda sad it doesn’t say that.

        • VyceVictus says:

          Just the same as there are legions of shitty copies of real hardcore bands….and bands in general.

          • TLDR says:

            well yeah thats what I’m getting at. Like TGI is better than the 99% of all the shitty real hardcore copies because they are exceptional musicians/performers but how could one say they are better than Death Threat, for example?

            subjectivity bro

            • VyceVictus says:

              Then you are agreeing with exactly what he said, since presumably the other 1% he’s talking about would be bands like Death Threat or whoever. You’re totally overthinking this; not every criticism of hardcore is an insult.

            • Anonymous says:

              youre right i was being an fggt :(

  9. Haystack says:

    Disrespect your surroundings but pls remember where u came frm hometownreplongroadhomealwaysenduphomeagsinselfless

    • Latinoheat!!! says:

      i know.. ithaca is a real poor as fuck city…. even worse than that one new jersey city across from filly, en-why city, and el-lay put together.. its cuz no one cares but i still love ithaca… our homegrown hxc is pretty tightknit…

  10. StrongJohn says:

    Hardcore-Core > Hardcore

    Why? Because I prefer the suburban rip off then the fuck up variation. Much like the Youth Crew, only we’re replacing harse krishna with christians (i. e, hundreth) and no hardliners, I’m happier with jocks getting angry about lack of self control and morality then I do about dudes reinforcing the opposite. It’s scene as fuck, but much like the day I shook Oli Sykes hand for helping get me away from tr00 metal, I would thank any of these guys for helping me get away from parking lots filled with face tattoos and hate in order for me to enjoy a healthy dosage of mosh. I don’t care if half these kids probably like Alesana and Chiodos growing up, I still do and think that’s a FAIR enough exchange to getting brass knuckled to the face.

    • StrongJohn says:

      Also, I’d like to add kudos to you D for having the courage to help me realize how better off asking friends and parents for rides to August Burns Red and ADTR shows then I was squatting the nearest local venue for real hardcore. That’s why I’m happily satisfied and stoked to see City Lights and Chunk No Captain on Wensday on my day off working at the Cheesecake factory. :>

    • Sergeant D says:


    • Alder says:

      Being able to enjoy sweet-but-baggage-heavy bands out of context via the internet is the best thing ever as well (i.e. how skramz has gotten pretty big now that no-one has to know how lame the people involved were at the time) plus it means that the people who go to shows aren’t all jaded fuckups secretly asking themselves what in the hell they’re doing there.

      • 3rdgrace says:

        i almost think that we should should also talk about post-screamo skramz (srs). maybe I’m out of touch, but I don’t even really see ‘modern skramz kids’ jocking old school screamo stuff, let alone emo (when was the last time someone mentioned indian summer?).

        • Sergeant D says:

          it baffles me that they don’t know about bands like Indian Summer or even Heroin/Antioch Arrow/etc

          • thebirthdayskeleton says:

            recovering new-school screamofag here. Am over topshelf records skramz, but still bump Indian Summer, Angel Hair, Navio Forge etc on the regular.

            Possibly because I’m an euro, but most people who get into skramzmo here tend to be into Pianos Become The Teeth for a year and then backtrack to REAL SCREAMO, at which point they proceed to be a dick to anyone still jocking topshelf bands.

      • needsmoreslamz says:

        “people who go to shows aren’t all jaded fuckups secretly asking themselves what in the hell they’re doing there.”

        Damn, I suddenly realised I am one of those people.

  11. Haystack says:

    Scene mosh > real mosh

  12. Name says:

    is hcc always also srscore or only sometimes and how does that work in general?

  13. Ink Deep says:

    Also you can always identify a Hardcore-Core dude by observing his style transition over the past 5 years which goes like so; SUISIDE SILENCE / CARNIFEX merch (scene hair) -> THE GHOST INSIDE merch (50′s dad quiff) (started a novelty tumblr with pictures of posi jumps) -> ROTTING OUT merch (shaved head) (drives to show in dad’s new lease car).

  14. Save Parker says:

    Reminds of some little kid I saw rapping with his friends. Everything he said was about like killing dudes, or banging bitches, and smoking a shit ton of weed, and he was like seriously eight. So I severely doubt he was actually doing any of that shit, just having fun being like the rappers he listened to.

    Its fun to pretend to be like the people who make the music you like, and then you don’t have to do all that hard stuff and like all the heroin or whatever that they did to make it. Everyone wins.

  15. Save Parker says:

    And I remember playing a show with Stray From the Path on a tour with the Word Alive right before they got scene huge, dude’s were the nicest. Had a great time playing some redesigned coffee shop in front of some scene bro who were still real sloppy live. It was a very solid environment, and they didn’t give a fuck that it wasn’t “hardcore enough” they was just having fun, good dudes good blehs backed hard.

    • derekpants says:

      This is the only one of these bands that I actually love. The others I could never really get in to. But SFTP, I came for the blehs, I stayed for the “we really wish we were rage against the machine”

  16. Dre says:

    The problem I see is that a lot of these HardcoreXcore kids are getting full sleeves and neck tats so when they finally take the costume off and “jump ship” they are still left with the shell of their former fake trooness. A new genre will form from this called Post-HardcoreXcore!

  17. Snuggles says:

    in Euro-land this is called IMPERICON-CORE.

    • dky says:

      haha you´re so right!

      • Alder says:

        Wouldn’t have it any other way. Why waste money on shows when you can look like you went via a big internet store and go “Yeah, dude, that show was sick!” whenever someone asks you about it?

        • Sergeant D says:

          the great part is, nobody else went either so they will just go along with your lies.

          • Alder says:

            It’s that Black Flag show where about 13 people really went but for almost every show over the span of an entire continent.

        • Mac says:

          Impericon-core, genius. 16 yo girls in Terror merch who only know Keepers of the Faith. (srs)

          • TLDR says:

            Having been annoyed for years by tr00 fggs who insist ONLY LOWEST OF THE LOW IS REAL, this type of thing is genuinely refreshing to me (srs)

            • Sergeant D says:

              LOTL really *is* 1000x better doe

            • TLDR says:

              (deep sigh)

              As a long time real hardcore bro, I must concede that LOTL is the hardest and most raw Terror record (dat Todd Jones songwriting in his prime).

              But dude I saw Terror seriously like 10 times playing JUST LOTL, then like another 20 (not exaggerating) playing LOTL and One With the Underdogs sets. As much as I love those songs, I would like to hear new ones in the set even if they aren’t QUITE as good (they’re still awesome imo).

              I also really appreciate that Terror has never put out a definitively bad record, a la No Warning’s “Suffer, Survive” or Earth Crisis’s “Sliver.”

            • k10 says:

              Suffer, Survive and Slither are seriously so fucking sick though.

    • Snuggles says:

      ”We’re sooooo not scene, we have to sell these rubber bracelets to make enough money to tour!”

  18. Alder says:

    brb trying really hard to be a part of what I assume is some massive, supportive community before leaving when I find out that it’s pretty much fifty drug addicts from the shitty ends of major cities I live in the suburbs of.

  19. Bret Michaels says:

    Ded at “Fleshlight Stage Vans Warped 2015″.

  20. xmoshmasterx says:

    sao confused. Is my band srscore or hardcore-core?

  21. Bronson says:

    Having had no prior knowledge of their image or sound, I assumed Your Demise was named after Death Threat lyrics. I now believe I am mistaken.

    • dredfurst says:

      lol i always wondered whether it was from smash your enemies or that e town song but yeah probs none of these…

  22. You are uneducated says:

    “Taking the wold by a storm”. Lol. You must be some kind of moron or newly relesed Farrell child because you sound like you have never left your little town for mor than a night at a time, the real world will eat you up my little door knob brained friend. Opinions from a dude whe can’t even tie his shoes without his little sisters help.

  23. kittycatman says:

    When in doubt, jock Hatebreed.

  24. jordo says:

    im gona be first to say, that your demise song sounds NOTHING like token entry..

  25. HandsomeDan says:

    I hope these kids know how good they have it. It doesn’t look like they are ducking flying trash cans or dealing with the guy who thought it would be fun to mosh with a chain.

  26. MOTHERFUCK says:

    erm, that Your Demise video seems to be linking to an Offspring track?

  27. Snuggles says:

    Also the band that really belongs here is FOR THE FALLEN DREAMS imho because they we’re def seen as ‘troo hardcore’ before they incorporated clean vox. And since they got their old singer and drummer back (who wrote all the songs lulz) maybe there’s a chance of that FTFD coming back.

  28. w-money says:

    that counterparts video made me so glad that im in a metal band that writes lyrics about literally NOTHING

  29. Methhawk says:

    I wish I read this before I started the confrontation 9 years ago. Fuck.

  30. Ew says:

    This post gave me green diarrhea

  31. Metal Stew says:

    I give this post 5 out of 5 “BLEGHS”!

  32. SARGE, I like the post, but is there a difference between HARDCORECORE and SRSCORE?? If there is, I feel like there is a strong overlap. Perhaps SRSCORE is a subgenre of HARDCORECORE?

    Anyways, even if I am in my stage of “trying to find every scummy local hxc band across obscure parts of the US”, I still hold a deep respect and love for HARDCORECORE: it’s the perfect transition genre. When kids first get into TGI or STYG, they think it’s still “metal”, and seamlessly mature past their deathcore phase (or at least that’s how I went ~2010). After a few years of said transition, about half of the HARDCORECORE kids discover TERROR (via going to a terror show for YOUR DEMISE or something that’s opening), and begin the transition from 18 year old HARDCORECORE kid to early 20-something HARDCORE dudes!

    The great thing about this musical progression track is that we probably come from affluent suburban neighborhoods and aren’t truly fucked up or really scummy, via having no tattoos or maybe 1 or 2 smaller ones. We probably also play lacrosse or football, pursue financially beneficial college majors, or in other words, “are a normal dude”, yet we can have our cake and eat it too! Just like the teenage white girls discovering WU TANG for the first time, we throw on JUDGE, BLOOD FOR BLOOD, or mid ’90′s HATEBREED and are fascinated by the gritty urban image they portray. All we need to do is learn what the real hardcore dudes are jocking by observing HATE5SIX videos, buy ourselves a new wardrobe, learn to mosh at a TERROR show, and BOOM! Transition to HARDCORE dude complete.

    HARDCORECORE will always hold a special place in my heart. It’s HARDCORE’s innocent younger brother, trying to be cool but not quite going all the way (via learning from his older brother’s mistakes). LONG LIVE HARDCORECORE

  33. derekpants says:

    Brb making youtube supercut of all the blehs in every SFTP song.

  34. TLDR says:

    This is the best SYWH post of the year imo, love it.

    Sums up what I always thought about TGI and the like: metalcore/scene kids impression of real hardcore.

    See also: kids posting pics of Merauder/Ringworm album covers on instagram and not driving to Oakland to see them play to 40 kids maybe with a terrible fill in drummer.

  35. TLDR says:

    I also have conflicted feelings on hardcore – core. On one hand, I have seen TGI/Hundredth play extremely solid, energetic sets with what appears to me to be pretty good songwriting. I WANT to like them, but in spite of their heaviness I am just not that motivated to mosh – something is missing. It’s that hard to describe inner hardness that real hardcore has, that raw bite, that utter harshness that attracted me to hardcore in the first place.
    For the record, this vibe doesn’t have much to do with the actual sound of the band IMO, for example Terror, Xibalba, Weekend Nachos and the Acacia Strain all have it, I just can’t quite put my finger on it.

    I realize for many of you bros who never got into Death Threat/Madball/etc this probably sounds like pretentious crap so sorry, I’m not in any way trying to bash your scene/bands/etc, just trying to describe why I like the bands that I do.

  36. Vince says:

    My favourite new genre is music is Ikeacore-core. It’s basically dudes who used to be in Saosin ripoff bands before hearing a Touche Amore song, at which point their lives were changed forever. Picture a cross between Mod Life (read: Defeater) and Pianos Become the Teeth but when they try to do those “epic” buildups they basically sound like clean parts in Risecore songs.

    My favourite Ikeacore-core band.

  37. Snuggles says:

    I can go on about this forever. Like, I want to show the world that I moved on from IMPERICONCORE by buying a NAILS shirt, but my mom won’t let me buy anything with a skull on it. That’s HARDCORECORE in full effect; wanting to be ‘rly into hardcore’, but your suburban white privileges won’t let you. Thank you sarge for making this happen.

  38. Steven Carlough says:

    Is it weird that I actually enjoy ‘Real’ hardcore shows better? I pretty much always see something wild happen. There’s less girls but a greater chance of a ‘crew’ showing up and kicking a hole in the wall of the local VFW hall and creating a tsunami of Facebook drama. +Its not like people with face tattoos are really that dangerous, just don’t be an asshole and you won’t “Get brass knuckled”.

    • needsmoreslamz says:

      Except that “crew” is some pack of wannabe hard dudes that just bought timberlands, dog tags or a bodywarmer of ebay and now think they have a right to crowdbash, 6 chances out of 10.

    • StrongJohn says:

      .I like meeting girls who are majoring in stuff like environmental science and throwing down with my best friendz. I stopped seeing the appeal in bashing into dudes bigger than me who make up their own pit rules as they go (i, e. straight clocking you because you got too close).

      I had a dude one time tell me his buddy decided it would be funny to mosh with a gun, then it turned out the gun was loaded but it’s okay, no one was an asshole and he didn’t pull the trigger “by mistake”. So, yeah, no thanks. I can’t make out with babes with a busted lip or dead. Or contribute to society with broken hands because I was “being an asshole”.

      I’m not saying real hardcore doesn’t have it’s moments, but I just don’t really want to go down that route because evolution has taught me it’s better to move on. I rather STRAY FROM THE PATH.

      PS: Honestly, dude, no judgement, but why would you prefer crew drama over meeting girls? I agree both can be annoying, but wouldn’t it be better to go with the side that potentially gets you laid (implying that the crew has no girls, but if they do, then at least a girl who is normal and her ex won’t potentially main you out of jealousy).

      • TLDR says:

        IDK man I was at a show in San Jose CA, the west coast capital of fake crew douchebags, and saw a bunch of fights outside and away from the venue and it was ridiculously amusing. I made a post about it in the forum a while ago. One of the crews was called “The Darkness” and was mostly white dudes with some mexicans, the other was called “The Sith Lords” (100% srs). My friends were doing commentary in the background and it was hilarious

        • Latinoheat!!! says:

          San Jose CA, the west coast capital of fake crew douchebags

          I think San Francisco is in a tie with SJ due to my stereotype view of SF gayness…. i srs lol’d @ dem crew names… The Sith Lords? NEEEEERD!!!!….

          nah thoe.. i wood pay to see which cali city has the best fake douchebag crews.. SJ/SF vs OC/I.E(SB/RIVERSIDE)

          who will win? the sharks? the jets? the monster crew? the darkness?omg! heavy bro truck action this sunday, sunday, sunday!!! NOT SATURDAY BUT SUNDAY!!!

          • TLDR says:

            You’re all wrong about SF bro, hardcore there doesn’t have fake crews it is just pretentiously “artistic.” It’s definitely gay, but physical fighting doesn’t fit the mold of hipster-core

            But yes, I would LOVE to see a massive showdown between all the fake crews fighting each other. Winner gets to fight an actual crew (FSU, DMS etc) to find out how not tough they are.

            And yes, I literally LOL’d within hearing distance of the Sith Lords upon hearing their name, I was trying not to laugh because I really didn’t want to start shit but god damn it was so ridiculous and embarrassing I couldn’t help it

      • StrongJohn says:


        PSSS: Hardcore-Core has REAL drama. Johnathan Vigil’s brother died and the song he made was the most beautiful thing in the world. >: I might never see walls getting punched, but as a suburban kid, I create enough problems for my self. I need substance to hlp me through this, not moar issues.

    • TLDR says:

      just don’t be an asshole and you won’t “Get brass knuckled”.

      real hardcore in a nutshell

      • Anonymous says:

        The girls I kick it with don’t hang around hardcore shows because A. They don’t listen to anything with breakdowns, and B. Their not into moshing and getting wasted. I go to hardcore shows because of these things. Note also I don’t like any hardcore core bands. It’s just not my thing.

  39. Sven_McSven says:

    A+++ post D, rly informative, but rly confusing when it comes to trying to put it into perspective with my local scene. There’s one group of young-ish kids that listen to nothing but scenecore and hardcore-core, but then there’s the “real” hardcore scene, which is still just a bunch of kids playing to 20 ppl in their parent’s shed while they’re out of town, just with a few more tattoos and a tr00-er sound, via living in the most middle-class white city in the country.
    Is that still hardcore-core, or is there some sort of spectrum of hardcore-ness relevant to the social surroundings?

  40. Nils says:

    Great post!

  41. Blarg says:

    in b4 alternative press runs a spread on up and coming hxc-core bands

  42. Pixy says:

    Kids in my scene are all about jocking TUI, Rotting Out, Backtrack now

  43. BenYaBoy says:

    In that Stick To Your Guns video, that dude is wearing a hoodie with a sweet diamond design on the back.

    I am foreign so do not know your shitty streetwear brands tbt. anyways WHERE DO I BUY THAT HOODIE

  44. DJ says:

    I don’t care what it’s labeled as, or what genre it actually is, but the new STYG album is actually really good.

  45. Bryan says:

    o boi cant wait for hardcorecore-core its gonna be sic when it comes around, bros r gonna start hat stackin an eye dyes r gonna be in style lol

  46. Eliot Foster says:

    Dude the 50s dad haircut dudes are my favorite! They’re all over Portland

  47. erp says:

    The only hardcore thing about Stick To Your Guns is that the ex-vocalist of Casey Jones is their new guitar player.

  48. theplopinu says:

    I was at a plot in you show a couple years back in toledo and a crew (which seemed legit) decides to show up right before tpiy’s set. A few songs in they decide to crowdkill as many people as possible and proceeded to get beatdown by the hxc core kids there who greatly outnumbered the crew. Is da plop in u real hardcorecore?


  50. Komicrelief says:

    Tattoos of knuckles and knives but never swung a fist in a fuckig fist fight

  51. UnjollyIrishman says:

    Black Veil Brides… look hardcore, act hardcore, not hardcore. Metalcore, sure. Not hardcore.
    Emmure… Dark, yes. Hardcore, maybe. Not that complex musically. But the guy wears a baseball cap and likes Limp Bizkit… that ain’t hardcore. I mean they’re a goddamn deathcore band. You know any Straight-Edge deathcore bands?
    You went full hardcore man.
    Never go full hardcore.
    You know why? Black Flag, My War, 1984. Went full hardcore, went home empty-handed.

  52. Hudson says:

    This article is pure genius! Keep them coming!!

  53. Antonio says:

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    writing then you have to apply these strategies to your won webpage.

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  54. Luke says:

    You forgot Beartooth

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