What is the best AMERICANPIECORE band??

american pie

idk why DEFEATER and THE WONDER YEARS get all misty eyed about the 40 and 50s bc lettuce be cereal, unless you were a middle class, heterosexual white male, that era probably sucked hard for you. Black ppl effectively couldn’t vote or buy houses, it was OK to hit your wife, and girls didn’t shave their pussies (brb barfing).

I can’t rly get nostalgic about The Olden Days, but you know what I get nostalgic as fuck for?? Hanging out at the mall in the late 90s/early 00s, chilling with my bros and listening to all those not-quite-pop-punk-but-almost bands that would be in the trailer for some sweet PG-13 movie starring Jason Biggs. So while the Tumblr kids are busy jizzing over the latest cassette-only release from whatever band is currently jocking 1940s coalminers the hardest, let’s talk about something way cooler: the best of AMERICANPIECORE.

imo FENIX TX are the poster children for AMERICANPIECORE: nobody really gave a shit about them even though the label tried real hard to make them The Next Big Thing, and most people probably just remember them as “lol they used to play their video on the TVs in the back of Wet Seal.” They were akshually pretty sweet doe, especially their second album.

There are few things I loathe more than zany skacore, but for some reason I can still get down with HOME GROWN in 2k13. It makes me think about going to the Everett Mall Zumiez like 4 times a week in hopes of seeing the super kyut girl who I crushed on that worked there part time and I guess that it enough to offset the fact that I am listening to skacore.

SUM 41 were far from the first “random word followed by arbitrary numbers” band but they were probably the best one that isn’t called BLINK-182. Still, watching 3 derpy Canadian teenagers in late 90s clothes post-ironically rap at some uncomfortable azns in the beginning of this video makes me die inside just a little.

Speaking of “random word followed by arbitrary numbers” bands, SR-71 had a couple jams that are cool to put on a Spotify playlist ever now and then so that when your friends are in the car and it comes on they’ll smile and be like ‘lol, dat band’ (see also EVE 6)

“DUDE U WANNA CRASH THE MALL?!” Fuck yeah I do Avril, even though this is one of ur crappy songs that sounds like Shania Twain. Also, note SYWH bro Evan Taubenfeld on guitar– he looks so young!!

IDK nobody gave half a shit about this band, but I wanted to include them here bc I listened to them a lot in like 1999 when I hung out at the mall a lot and I’ll probably never have a reason to mention them again.

This MXPX song ‘rly means a lot to me,’ because anyone from Washington has spent a lot of time driving on I-5 (the main highway that goes through Seattle). Makes me nostalgic about all the zany times I spent with my bros, driving to shows and the mall and stuff and just liek being stoked on coming of age 2gether.

If there was a “zany fat kids who were in drama club” genre (FEDORACORE?) then BOWLING FOR SOUP would definitely be the kings of it. They’re akshually pretty damn good though, if you just try to ignore the fact that they are fat.

And last but certainly not least we have LIT, whose 1999 hit “My Own Worst Enemy” is about how the band’s lives are so zany they’re like American Pie but IRL. Great band but MY GOD THESE BOWLING SHIRTS MAKE IT STOP #GUYFIERICORE

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 2.41.32 PM

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125 Responses to What is the best AMERICANPIECORE band??

  1. paul blart says:

    i love this post so much. my school played “teenage dirtbag” at some dance recently and i had a lot of fun singing to myself. :\

  2. john says:

    I saw With The Punches at a VFW the other night, and only like 20 people showed up. Anyway, there was some Trophy Wives band ba(who I never heard of) who opened for them and were surprisingly sweet easycore. But anyway, they did a solid Fatlip cover.

    • Pat says:

      I saw Trophy Wives with I Call Fives and can confirm the sweetness and easyness of their core

      • Mothafucka says:

        trophy wives are a bunch of ninnies from rhode island, i can confirm that those guys are complete tools.

        • John says:

          I nonironically dug their set a lot. Was expecting them to be a scenecore band based on how their guitarist looked but was pleasantly surprised

  3. Dave says:

    I think Third Eye Blind is missing here. Wasn’t “semi-charmed life” in one of the american pie flicks?

  4. hgsg says:

    POW RIGHT IN THE FEELS! Holy fuck, new favorite post on SYWH. All of these CD’s were on HEAVY rotation in my Blazer. I just wanted to add that Wheatus’s “Teenage Dirtbag” is definitely in this category (at least for me)


    Dear diary: this post brought on strong reminiscing of mowing lawns, getting high while mowing lawns, chillin at the mall hoping that Audra would be working at Frullati, temporarily stealing the drumline’s gong to bang outside of houses late at night, and taking turns driving Dave’s Lincoln Towncar around town while the other person made out w/ some girl in the back (we were g-rated back then).

    A++ it’s amazing how shared someone’s experience can be w/ your own even though your backgrounds and locations could hardly be more different

    • hgsg says:

      omfg I can’t believe I did the “you forgot about this band!!!!!” thing………

    • flatulentdidgeridooist says:

      Some free associations from this oh-s0-magical time period: Y2K, Alternative Press giving Insane Clown Posse their artist of the year award for 1999, DEP’s first album (which I didn’t find out about ’til ’01), Y2K, Videodrone’s (thankfully) only album (released on Korn’s Elementree Records), Coal Chamber’s Chamber Music, Y2K, Machine Head’s worst album, “duude Cat’s Music buys used albums for lotza cash”, Tower Records’ midnight releases, AIM-chatting with that kinda fat chick who you know will blow you, etc. Ah, I can still hear the *swish-swish* of the JNCOs……

  5. this guy has the comments says:

    “unless you were a middle class, heterosexual white male, that era probably sucked hard for you.”

    But Sarge what do you think all of these Defeatercore bands are made up of?

  6. this guy has the comments says:

    Also big time nostalgia at the jumping-in-unison at the beginning of the Sum 41 video. I was just thinking the other day about how that used to be the mallpunk signature move.

  7. Pc says:

    No jimmy eat world? Jammed the middle lots back in the day

  8. Walker says:

    Oh man so many feels generated by this post: brb reminiscing about church camp when I was 13, brb remembering first magic tournament (soundtrack: seeing red- unwritten law), brb biking around south Minneapolis with my friends in middle class neighborhood, brb going to mall of America, brb being a fat adolescent, brb divorced parents, brb pizza.

    I think this kind of music is inextricably linked to growing up as a middle class white person in America in the late 90s.


    • sauce says:

      95% of this applied to me.

    • Latinoheat!!! says:

      same here cept replace suburb with the inner city, biking with a scooter i jacked from some liqour store cuz kids-are-stupid.jpg, minneapolis with downey (at the time was a lil more white and more upper middle class and the place i wish i lived cuz of poor brown blues), mall of america with miller’s outpost (i srs thought it was tha shit cuz of my older brother =/), and pizza with rice and beans (the staple of an poor people’s food)

      ahh late 90s/early 00s. how i miss you!!

      mirin’ the realplayer/aol video quality on some of the vids… =]

  9. Pabst Infused Taco Breath says:

    Lulz @ GOB, those dudes went to my highschool… being from a depressing cesspit of white suburbia doesn’t really help your band’s lifespan. When I was in grade eight I caught them at the local civic centre along with Less Than Jake, and they blew the speakers during their set while the crowd chanted “BULLSHIT!”

    And that was seventeen years ago.

    Can we go back to making fun of The Young Kids These Days? I’m tired of remembering that I was one of them.

  10. uppercut613 says:

    oh man. that sum 41 video embodies everything about my life soo much when i was in grade 8/9 (yeah im canadian, pardon my slang) around the time it came out. we acted just like them (pranksters), dressed just like them and everything. total flashback. i can even relate to the avril lavigne video because “crashing the mall” was our idea of a fun way to pass the time, even though we hated on her for being a poseur punk.

    and i never thought i’d see gob get mentioned here. band was p. sweet in the 90s, especially their albums “too late no friends” and “how far shallow takes you”. they got pretty big in canada after that, they were all over tv and radio for a bit. not sure if their popularity expanded outside of canada though? theyre still around, but pretty washed up these days, and play to pretty small crowds now i think.

    • Jek Porkins says:

      so stoked to see gob here, definitely don’t get enough love. No Regrets – best song ever.

      honorary mention goes to that sum 41 song from the spiderman soundtrack where they pretty much just rap and then Kerry King shows up and does a slayer solo for some reason.

  11. Autodidact says:

    WOW, I just looked at my phone and found out that it’s FEELTIME!

    Brb having flashbacks to middle-school and all da mmrs about fapping in the school bathroom, being bullied by the 5’5″ kid that I will outgrow in 2 months, and playing Castlevania SOTN after being rejected by an girl.

    Sargent y u make us feel?

    Still have LIT, Bowling for Soup, Simple Plan, Sum 41, Good Charlotte, etc. on my iTunes T_T

  12. Trash says:

    This shit – my childhood. Sneaking into American Pie as 9 years olds coz our big brothers told us there were boobs FTW.

  13. TLDR says:

    If there was a “zany fat kids who were in drama club” genre (FEDORACORE?) then BOWLING FOR SOUP would definitely be the kings of it. They’re akshually pretty damn good though, if you just try to ignore the fact that they are fat.

    this paragraph —— > DED AZ A FUKING DORNAIL

  14. Shiv the Impaler says:

    Does Eve 6 count in this category?

  15. Justindisgustin says:

    Holy fuck @ #guyfiericore that guy is so greauce. He is like a dude version of several butch lesbians I have known

    • richard brunelle says:

      the bowling shirt/1950s thing was such a mid-90s thing. why did lit continue to jock that look well into the new millennium? even sugar ray gave that shit up by about 97

  16. xlifehurtsx says:

    not really americanpiecore but i have Every Morning by Sugar Ray is on my “informative years” playlist.
    and smash mouth – allstar. or is that taking it too far?

  17. richard brunelle says:

    sum-41 is seriously legit. they’re like municipal waste but without boring riffs and living in the now

    • Hobo wes says:

      Chuck was borderline thrash/linkinparkcore. when I got that cd in middle school I thought they were the heaviest that pop punk could ever be.

  18. Butt Hand says:

    What about this bad boy?


    Tara Reid in her prime. PWHORRR

  19. Tom says:

    A+ post! This is some nostalgia I can get behind! I think it would be cool to do a “where are they now” on these bands but it might get to depressing. Sum 41 was on a Guitar Center Sessions and the singer seems like a stereotypical strung out rock star cliché now.

    It is also weird that one of Fenix TX’s first big breaks was their song being featured in an MTV movie about statutory rape called “Jailbait.”


    Also, SUGARCULT was a good one from this era:


  20. xlifehurtsx says:

    how did we forget simple plan? or were they just way to lulzy for this category?

    Im 27 and life is a nightmare…

  21. idk says:

    <3 this post
    remember when malls didn't have iPhone case kiosks?
    remember when all the kewt boys bragged they bought their clothes at Randy River?
    remember when you had a food court crush on kids eating taco bell because they had a warped tour hoodie?

  22. Me and my bro watched American Pie Presents: Beta House or one of the shitty direct to video ones a few months back and it was really jarring how at one point they had exactly this kind of notpoppunkpoppunk but by some bands we had zero nostalgia attached to cause it was all from the mid 00′s. tho tbh most of it was discount hip hop.

  23. d3vine says:

    back tard for MxpX

  24. Void Eater says:

    Reminded me that I need to listen to Sum 41 more, top notch stuff.



  26. Rob says:

    Since I’m a Eurofag and only just turning 21 none of this means anything to me…

  27. The Other Nick says:

    A+ name for this genre. When I think of this stuff I always think of “Hey Mister” by Custom and IMO the last hurrah was “Scotty Doesn’t Know” from Eurotrip.

    • ars gratia fggtris says:

      I’ve never seen that movie nor do I know anything about it. But I have the soundtrack album and it is fucking great.

    • Latinoheat!!! says:

      ” IMO the last hurrah was “Scotty Doesn’t Know” from Eurotrip.”

      ^^ this… i actually was at the hollywood premiere for this movie via gay-rock(KROQ radio station) tickets i won lol

      I saw the fat chick that died in the garage door from the original scary movie there.. Michelle trachtenberg is still hottasfuq imho…

      good times =D

      • i don't get it says:

        one of my fav all time movies, and as a euro, I can say its p accurate. scotty was painfully unaware but matt damon wasnt

    • Dr. Trash says:

      Catchy tune that one.

      My band does a cover of it.

  28. yoo says:

    i grew up on this, it makes you mad weird with a love for skateboarding (even if you are too fat to actually do tricks like bowling for soup)

  29. pIG cHAMPION says:

    Man Pop punk bands have the zaniest names. Bowling for Soup? W@t D03$ I+ m34n?!?

  30. VyceVictus says:

    Kinda funny to see how different movie soundtracks have become in this past decade. All the trailers for “raunchy teenage comedies” nowadays are inundated with hip-hop.

  31. Mothafucka says:

    weren’t jim crow laws still a thing in the ’50s? “teh greatest generation”

  32. BSMitchell says:

    Strangely enough BFS is still around. Theyre playing a mainstage at Warped this year.

    • Sergeant D says:

      i feel like in the same way as there is a huge market for christian bands that is invisible to people outside of it, there is also some kind of unseen yet lucrative zany fedoracore scene

      • BSMitchell says:

        What’s strange about them is that they were a largeish (in popularity as well as average band member size) band but I never once met someone who considered themselves a fan.

      • carly says:

        it’s a midwest thing. typical protocol is to find something you like when you’re 15 and jock it until you turn 30 and have a mid-life music crisis.

  33. Derek says:

    when I was going to the mall I was listening to: thrice, converge, and between the buried and me… srs

  34. Space Bro says:

    Even though Im a Euro I still love the shit out of this stuff. Western Europe = America for da poors.

    I love how that one dude from Sum 41 still looks exactly like he did in dose zany videos.

  35. nils says:

    The tr00 kids at my school loved the ataris, jimmy eat world and elliot smith :(

  36. sauce says:

    post and comments backtard 100%. hate to be that dude that complains about kids these days, but pop punk now compared to back then was pretty different. back then it seemed like bands would at least take their pining for girls to the mall or outside instead of crying about it in some basement ‘with their best friends’.
    i’d also add a lot of the drive thru bands(allister, starting line, NFG)

  37. Dude. Sum 41 goes to hard, i always thrash like a maniac to “Welcome To Hell” on their “Chuck” album and I fuckin hate thrash, but I do like good ol fashioned trashy punkcore like Sum forty motherfuckin 1. Fuck with that solo too, I dare ya partna.

  38. i don't get it says:

    omg Sr-71 and sum-41 were two of my favourite bands in my punk/goth phase. Still have a Sum-41 t shirt lying around that is just a white shite with ‘SUM-41′ in black letters, so might just put that on and pretend it’s a normal t shirt. Also love Sr-71, their albums are like 90% awesome jams.

    BRB once whispered SR-71 lyrics into my 1st girlfriend’s ear
    BRB have a separate spotify playlist with Sr-71
    BRB high school core

  39. King Krakken says:

    I can’t rly get nostalgic about The Olden Days, but you know what I get nostalgic as fuck for?? Hanging out at the mall in the late 90s/early 00s, chilling with my bros and listening to all those not-quite-pop-punk-but-almost bands that would be in the trailer for some sweet PG-13 movie starring Jason Biggs

    Backed so fuckin hard I can’t even believe it… ;-( Miss that so much…

  40. fuzzypickles says:

    this is the best genre of music ever! FENIX TX – i used to hear them on the alt radio station here, def a fav.

    i think my fav americanpiecore sound would be MOVIES by alien ant farm

    another name i like to use for this genre would be ATTICUSCORE

  41. uppercut613 says:

    is it just me or is the singer of SR-71′s hair kinda like an early rendition of a “scene cut”?

    sorry just had to point that out, wondering if anyone else noticed

  42. RobertoEduardo says:

    I still watch Josie and the Pussycats at least once a year. The opening theme won’t leave my head for at least a week after!

  43. Steve says:

    Absolutely ded @ #GUYFIERICORE.

  44. Mad cringe at the rappIng intro to fat lip haha. Sadly that was my gateway to real but somehow still lame punk. :/

  45. S&S says:

    Avril is super qt.

  46. fvckdxtbish says:

    It’s kinda gey that somebody from sywh played guitar for avril. but uhhhh how’d he get that gig again? i’m trying to play guitar/dj/be jewish for taylor swift’s band. “I CAN DO ANYTHING THRU EXIST!!”

  47. poppofff says:

    inb4 AnthonyBourdaincore

  48. that irish motherfucker says:

    that “Girls didn’t shave their pussies” comment had me fucking dying

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