The members of STRAY FROM THE PATH, whose name has the same number of words as “STICK TO YOUR GUNS”

One of the coolest things for me is when I come across someone in a band that I’ve written about/made fun of and discover that they aren’t mad. I mean, it’s OK when they’re mad because that can be funny too, but my thing has always been “making fun of stuff that I like,” like when you are your friends sit around eating Taco Bell and busting each others’ balls. I mean, that’s what guys do when they’re with their friends, right?? And let’s be real, people who can’t laugh at themselves are usually d-bags.

So when I ran into Chris from STICK TO UR GUNS the other day when they were on tour with THE STORY SO FAR and ROTTING OUT and he told me that SYWH was regular reading material in their van, I was super stoked. I mean, to know that the kings of HARDCORE-CORE were reading my blog, wow!!

Anyway, Chris is not only a real cool guy but a veteran of the 90s hardcore scene who did time in WALLS OF JERICHO, slogging it out in all the same terrifying/gross midwest basements, punk rock flophouses and VFW halls as I did back in the late 90s, so we were instant buddies. In this podcast we talk about the differences between then and now, dealing with the presence of jailbait fangirls at hardcore shows, and getting old. Good stuff IMO, and thanks to Chris for doing it!

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19 Responses to SYWH Podcast 40: STICK TO YOUR GUNS

  1. nu♘♘tej says:

    U kno wut also has 4 words?

  2. Ink Deep says:

    Dude thank you so much for this haha. Best.

  3. I Don't Get It says:

    love listening to the podcasts while working! looking forward to it

  4. Vince says:

    I have a semi-related question. Is Stray From the Path classified as hardcore-core?

  5. Brobi wan says:

    Listening right now on the evening commute, really like this cast! Show has been great lately, constantly getting better in quality

  6. BenYaBoy says:

    Hi Chris

    Can you please confirm the lyrical meaning behind your song “MAD GIRL”??


  7. Yup says:

    Hey I really enjoyed this conversation! Chris sounds like a really down to earth dude. I’m 20 but found that I related to a lot of what you talked about anyway.

    Heard the Skype sound at the end – do you do video calls when you do these or just voice?

    • Sergeant D says:

      Depends. This one (obviously) was me calling his phone via skype, but if possible I prefer to do a video call because then it seems more like it’s happening IRL and less like an “interview” or whatever.

  8. Par says:

    Saw these guys on te TSSF tour as well! Very mosh worthy, unfortunately I was chilling in the vac with my buddy who had his nose broken during Rotting Out

  9. Faust says:

    Are you clipping your nails??

    • Sergeant D says:

      its called typing

      as usual, people seem WAY WAY WAY more concerned with the details of the audio stream than any of the content. baffling.

      • faust says:

        Don’t get a hernia i enjoyed the stream, you seem like a lot less of a dick in audio form. Maybe for future reference it does not help an already bad phone line when it sounds like you are chewing your keyboard.

        Have a nice day

  10. MasterSlave says:

    Good podcast, might have to actually check out this band now

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