2014 STATE OF THE SCENE ADDRESS: It’s 1997 again


I called my 2012 State Of The Scene Address “It’s Cool To Be Tr00,” because 2011 marked the death of any remaining vestiges of the scene era, and the dawn of a new grey/brown/olive green age. I am not sure who exactly drew all the neon cartoon animals that every band from 2007-2011 put on their merch, but I’m sure that 2012 and 2013 were not kind to them. And I don’t see 2014 being any easier for them, because this year officially heralds the arrival of your new king: the late 90s. Specifically, 1997.

I like to think of SHIFT as the posterchildren for the late 90s “hardcore ppl playing in alternative rock” trend– they had Mark from UNDERTOW on guitar and their drummer Samantha went on to play in MOTLEY CRUE, HOLE and Billy Ray Cyrus’ band. Note: I actually like them a lot.

The big trend in 1997 was for people who were in the big hardcore bands of the last few years to break up and start a new band that played boring alternative rock, but still kinda hung around the hardcore scene (unsure if that was because they ‘still believed in teh values of diy hardcore but have matured as musicians’ or just bc they weren’t good enough to play legit rock shows). The Revelation Records “In Flight Program” comp from 1997 was the perfect snapshot of this (see this post for more details) and when I look for new music on Youtube these days, sometimes I feel like I am listening to it again.

I was kinda hoping that #ezcrab would end up being a counterpoint to the rising 90s-worship trend, but it looks like that movement died faster than my boner when Miley Cyrus got a boy haircut and started wearing 80s one-piece swimsuits on stage. From what I can tell, 2014′s definition of “pop-punk” is a lot less like NFG, Blink, or The Vandals, and a lot more like “soft grunge sad boy twinklecore telecaster emo.” Reblog for more desaturated pics of forests, tattooed couples laying in bed, and Vans.

Exhibit 1, the new incarnation of SUCH GOLD (should we call this post-crewneckcore??). Back in the 90s, there was a show on MTV called “120 Minutes,” which was the alt-rock sister to “Headbanger’s Ball.” With no other way to see videos (no internet), I would sit through hours of crap in hopes of catching one of the 3 hardcore videos they would play per year. The biggest bummer was when I got all excited about a band who people in stupid magazines like Spin would refer to as “legends of hardcore/punk,” (SEAWEED, FUGAZI, SONIC YOUTH, etc) but then they ended up sounding like this: about as punk as eating lunch with the principle.

OF MICE & MEN basically sound like “shitty SLIPKNOT” now. They remind me of some band who would have been called TELLING JENNIFER or MAKING STEPHANIE in the late 90s whose biggest achievement was opening for THREE DOORS DOWN once.

And it’s not just the pop-punk scene: hot new signings to former scene kings RISE RECORDS include HOT WATER MUSIC, BOUNCING SOULS, 7 SECONDS, and WAR GENERATION (ft the singer of 90s post-hc icons SENSEFIELD)… it literally reads like the lineup of the “crappy little stage nobody paid attention to on Warped Tour 1997″ Say goodbye to breakdowns, and say hello to every former Risecore band copying SLIPKNOT, KORN, and LINKIN PARK. And in the world of Real Hardcore, in 2014 it’s all about being super into LIFE OF AGONY, CROWBAR, and TYPE OF NEGATIVE (basically, any band that they made fun of a lot on Beavis & Butthead).

*exasperated face emoji*

expire windbreaker

And it’s not just the music, it’s everything! It’s like someone found a big box labeled “90s STEEZ” in a dusty corner of the Victory Records warehouse and distributed it to every kid on tumblr. For example, these wiggerish windbreakers were all the rage in 97– if you had a dollar for every VOD or EARTH CRISIS windbreaker you saw at any given show, you’d have enough to buy a copy of the NYHC documentary on VHS and maybe even a vegan cookie from the Food Not Bombs table (protip: don’t throw away the idiotic flyer they forced you to take until you’re out of their sight). Oh and worst of all, fucking high-waisted jeans brb barfing

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 7.22.35 PM

Back in the 90s, when Victory sent out promo copies to zines for review, it was super annoying because they would send cassettes (instead of vinyl or CD) and you’d be like “grose, a tape– cheap assholes.” Fast forward to 2014 and tapes are now a coveted trinket… my how times have changed.


While kids fetishizing dead media formats is hardly a new thing, I feel like 2014 is taking it to a whole new level. For example, the other day I went to a little ‘hxc xmas’ thing with some friends of mine who are 18-22 years old. The most popular gift? Records. I mean, if you like vinyl then that’s cool, whatever, but watching an 18 year-old girl in 2013 get all jazzed about hardcore 7″s is just weird. I mean the last time I owned a record player she was probably in 2nd grade… idgi. And then there was the time one of those kids mentioned that he wanted to do a VHS for his band………

1997 phone

Picture of some funny old stuff I found in my parents’ basement, or the TITLE FIGHT merch table??

And then there is the baffling, annoying and exhausting return of 90s-style, hyper-PC ‘social justice’ nonsense. I’m not going to get into that too much here because I’ve spent the last 15 years trying to forget living through that shit the first time and I have no interest in revisiting it in 2014 lol. I feel like it’s only a matter of time before tumblr kids discover stuff like this lineup of “workshops” from the 1999 More Than Music fest and take the insanity to the next level:

mtm workshops

Kinda hard to read in the image, but a few gems include: Sizism (womyn only), Alternative Menstrual Products, Womyn In Bands, and Radical Politics Of Makeup. Oh and something called “Barbie Liberation.” No clue what that one was but I’m sure it was so fucking insane and retarded that it would make your head spin if someone explained it.

I guess you could file this under “crabby old guy complains about what Kids These Days are into,” and maybe u would be right. And hey, if kids are having a good time with this stuff then more power to them… but that’s exactly the reason I don’t like where this is headed: as anyone else who lived thru 90s hardcore can tell you, it was anything but fun. Kids, take it from me, you will regret this!!! Put down the Telecaster. Throw away the high-waisted denim shorts. Smash your CARNIVORE vinyl. I have seen where the 90s hardcore road leads you, and I promise you don’t want to go there.

bony knees

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187 Responses to 2014 STATE OF THE SCENE ADDRESS: It’s 1997 again

  1. Save Parker says:

    Welp, jumping ship now til they find their way. Nothin’ but raves and rap shows 4 me

    • TLDR says:

      Hate to say this bro, but I work at Goodwill and we sell way more used walkmans than discmans (srs). There are a few hardcore kids buying them who I all know personally, but not enough to account for all the sales: its mostly hip hop/rap dudes coming in to buy them, and they love explaining how they are mostly into oldschool rap/hip hop and thats why they want a cassette player, in spite of never being asked about why they want one :(

  2. Invalid says:

    I legitimately don’t get the tape hype. It’s like “having to rewind just feels more real and authentic”. Wut.

  3. jaxuhn says:

    “bands they made fun of on beavis and butt-head” see: morbid angle

  4. nimplysaked says:

    This makes me sad because it is all so true :(
    I have to lol at the resurgence of vinyl in hardcore. I know a few kids who buy vinyl that don’t even have a record player, because being more expensive it ‘supports the artist more’. Somehow I don’t think they are taking manufacture and distribution costs into consideration lol

  5. hgsg says:

    bracing self for failure and hum covers. hard lol irl @ those “workshops”.

    • hgsg says:

      also those band names in that lineup…. never heard of any of them but they sound super 90′s to me. “yum yum tree”

    • Sergeant D says:

      ah yes, the endless sea of 90′s alt rock bands with a vague, single word name: belly, cub, mule, etc etc

    • Ninjaturtle says:

      I agree with ya sarge. As soon as I heard “head in the ceiling fan” or whatever that title fight song is I was like “sweet! kids are about to start jocking HUM! Put some money in Matt Talbot’s pockets for once!” But then I was like “didn’t this already happen? Hopesfall, Cave In, Open Hand, In Pieces, Fairweather etc all turned into what you could basically call Hum and Failure cover bands back in like 2003″.

      I feel like I was way ahead of the curve back in 2004 when I played every show in my Amercian Nightmare rip-off band wearing a HUM t-shirt and the only sticker I had on my guitar was a FAR sticker.

      And I’m totally cool with those coaches jackets or windbreakers coming back. Maybe I can sell my sweet Will Haven one on ebay. Along with my Far hoodie and gameface CDs…

      Ps. I’d love for seaweed to turn into the new band to get jocked. Spanaway is a really awesome record.

      • Sergeant D says:

        Maybe I can sell my sweet Will Haven one on ebay.


        also, my mom is from spanaway!

      • bruh says:

        I’d say there are more bands now that sound like seaweed than hum, spanaway is just punk with a grunge-y rock moments which is exactly what Title Fight / Daylight / Basement etc are doing / have done.

        And I would def have that Far hoodie off you, water and solutions is an incredible record

      • jake says:

        you p much summed up what my thoughts were on that title fight song RE: hopesfall and open hand already doing it. also, know that feel re: wearing hum shirt and being in hardcore band.

        • Latinoheat!!! says:

          Thank god i don’t know any of the bands mentioned above x-D

          fucking rotlmfao @ dem one word bands tho!!

    • Bronson says:

      I saw a fourteen year old at warped tour this past year who was wearing a Hum shirt, and it was fucking weird. I was too young to really care about Hum when they first came out, but all I knew them as for the longest time was one of those crappy bands on the Nowcore comp that you had to sift through between the tr00 emo gems (Mineral, Braid, The Promise Ring, etc). I was just thinking “does this kid actually like this crap, or is he just doing what Title Fight told him to do?”

      • Ninjaturtle says:

        Hum is crap? Are we talking about the same hum? Seems weird they’d be on a comp with those other bands…not that they’d be out of place but just seems weird a band on a major label back in 1994 would be on a comp with bands like Mineral who were on tiny (even by 1995 standards) labels like Crank!

        • Bronson says:

          Personally, I’m not a fan, but many more people like their music than my writing so what do I know?

          And yes, THAT Hum were on a late 90s comp with a bunch of other emo and post hardcore bands. You can buy a copy on Amazon for 73 cents:


          It’s kind of hard talking about ‘the history of emo’ because literally no band wanted to get stuck with that label and yet tons of “post hardcore” bands were, but from how it appears, the point of the comp was apparently to highlight basement emo bands like Mineral, The Promise Ring, and Compound Red (lol) alongside menially larger, major label-backed bands such as Hum, Seaweed, and Samiam. Given the immense popularity of all of the above groups, I’d say the gambit really paid off!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I understand why vinyl is popular again (it looks cool, sounds just as good as CDs and high-quality digital files, etc.), but why the FUCK would ANYONE want to buy CASSETTE TAPES??? I mean, for fuck’s sake, those things are TERRIBLE.

    • hgsg says:

      “sounds just as good as CDs and high-quality digital files, etc.” lmao k

    • Sergeant D says:

      lol it definitely does not sound as good as CDs or high-quality digital. if you think it does, your ears are broken.

    • Save Parker says:

      I buy vinyl sometimes. I only play music on my computer so CD’s are as useless to me, and I can just send it home to my dad to listen to/add to his big record collection cause he doesn’t know how to work a computer for music. So that’s nice for him.

      The benefits of cassettes:
      1. Maybe you have a really old car with only a tape player and you bought one of those adapters but it broke so you have to play something before you get a new one from Amazon
      2. ???

      • John says:

        You can get another one of those adapters at small convenience stores for under $10. There’s no real reason for “cassette tape revival” or whatever.

      • theonlygirl says:

        Just got rid of my ancient Honda minivan from 1999. It had a broken CD player and a tape player that refused to work with my USB adapter.

        Fun times.

        • Trevor "T-BONE" Buonaccorsi says:

          1999 ancient? Hahaha, my car is from 1973! Now thats ancient! Still has the original AM radio too! Its cool rolling around listening to the AM station here that plays tons of good lesser known stuff from the 60s through 80s with almost no commercials.

    • TLDR says:

      THIS ^^^

      fuck tapes

      • Trevor "T-BONE" Buonaccorsi says:

        At my old job the stereo I had only had a radio and a tape deck, and I didn’t want to have my ipod dock out because we worked in a metal shop with lots of fine metal dust in the air and it would get in your iphone and shit and fuck it up, after my dad died and I was cleaning out his stuff I found his old kenwood double tape deck from the early 90s and a bunch of his old tapes includng lots of mixtapes he made when he was younger, it was cool to have those old tapes and it gave me a way to play my own music at work without having to worry about my electronics getting wrecked, also again musical ADD I didn’t have to fuck with playlists or skipping songs on shuffle, I could just put a 90 minute tape on at work and not have to fuck with it. I took one of those cables thats the red and white on one end and a headphone jack on the other. I’d plug my laptop in as the input on the tape deck and make two 45 minute playlists and let them record while I was sitting around at home, the end result actually didn’t sound bad at all since I was recording high quality files straight off the computer and I didn’t have to worry about my iphone getting fucked up while working with grinders and saws and shit.

        I dunno if this makes me an old format fag or just someone whos practical with random shit I find lying around at home haha

  7. uppercut613 says:

    if its really 1997, then i wanna know.. where is the skate punk!??! i want my epifat :(

  8. Spyke says:

    Although I’m kind of a fan of the Carnivore/Type O Negative sound, I can’t stand this revival in PC social justice warriors. My high school is full of those phaggots who dress like art phags/dress like they are homeless even though they live in Santa Barbara and their parents are the like CEOs of Goldman Sachs or some shit. I can’t walk around saying anything cause it apparently it offends at least one person, then I get attacked verbally by these queers for being “close minded.” I hope this trend dies soon.

    • theonlygirl says:

      Same, everyone at my school is either mega-hipster or super PC and literally everything I say is offensive, usually to the rich feminist faux-hippies who wear mom jeans and preach about “the patriarchy” to anyone who will listen.

    • TLDR says:

      Dude are you my long lost younger brother? I think we share similar interests and we should be friends (srs)


      • Spyke says:

        I hope so. I’m like the only wigger at my school, so I pretty much hang out with beaner bros and video game nerds.

        • TLDR says:

          I pretty much hang out with beaner bros and video game nerds.

          Story of my life. Srs doe you should PM me on the forum, if you really are from Santa Barbara theres a high liklihood we know each other. I used to be in Downpresser lol

          • Spyke says:

            Dude, I’m hosting a show with Downpresser tomorrow in Goleta. Hit me up there. I’m not sure if you heard about it already? Sorry for the late response.

            • TLDR says:

              Damn bro I should hit up Sean for a ride, he lives in my area now (831)

              I’m off at 5 pm and have to be back at work at 8 am again saturday tho :(

              fuck retail lol

            • Spyke says:

              Yeah If you see me I’m a short beaner named Manny. I’ll probably be setting up or something.

    • SolarFlareuperior says:

      Dude I’m from Oakland/Berkeley and it’s full of shit heads like that. I’m like you’re 18-20 years old, why are you wasting your youth looking like homeless people/groce artfags and bitching about shit you can’t change. Why don’t you go put on some comfortable clothes and learn how to have some fun.

      • 510Diesel says:

        Really always wondered why these homeless-styled dressed kids also tend to congregate in huge numbers in front of Whole Foods Markets. I went to meet up with Solar and a few other friends in SF at a place right across from a whole foods market one time and noticed these homeless looking kids gather as a congregation.

        • Spyke says:

          Both these things are true. Except the whole foods in my town seems to be filled with rich people who drive expensive luxury cars.

  9. Bromst says:

    Can’t wait for tr00 scene to be back. Maybe my son can become scene and smash 10/10 jailbait, he must do what I failed to for being srs. :(

    • Vince says:

      this hits too close to home.

    • SolarFlareuperior says:

      Being 16 in 2008 was the shit. Just remember jamming out to count your blessings era BMTH, the cleansing, Hit the lights, FTSK, and 30h!3. All i cared about was moshing, pissing people off with my br00tal band tees, and hooking up with my super scene GF in the park on fridays. I hope my son has an awesome experience like that too

  10. TheGrumpyEdge says:

    Realizing the bands I’m currently in are on the verge of fulfilling this prophecy. Brb ending life

  11. Anonymous says:

    lol hard @ “barbie liberation”. i can only imagine…

  12. fuzz says:

    “crabby old guy complains about what Kids These Days are into,”


  13. bruh says:

    if new bands come out and rip off some rrly good 90′s hc bands that never got the credit back in the day like that’ll be sweet af, there’s already a few good bands doing the metallic style right. every band on rfc records though has some skewed viewpoint that no one has ripped off nirvana before and that 10 years of creed / puddle of mudd / seether / etc never happened, embarrassin

  14. GroundDweller says:

    god, that OM&M song is awful. hopefully we’ll see some new fun subgenre emerge in 2014 (blink/NFG/sum-41 style pop punk maybe?) but I doubt it really. Fuck the 90s. happy new year bros

    • 510Diesel says:

      postamericanpiecore (sum 41 style pop punk) seems possible with possibly 2015/2016 mirroring the early 2000s if 2014 is the late 90s.

  15. K10 says:

    I regret having taken part in the glorification of 90s hc and as such have jumped ship and am starting the early 2Ks revival of 2015

  16. demcats says:

    Do NOT smash ur Carnivore vinyl :(((

    • demcats says:

      On that topic, something that happened which is relevant to this trend: I uploaded the Carnivore cover Twitching Tongues did (which was a vinyl only bonus track on their new album). The guitarist for Harms Way reblogged it, so it got a lot of notes and went around the tr00 hardcore tumblrscene. And more than a few people ended up complaining that my putting it on the internet made them feel less special for buying the record, lol

    • TLDR says:

      Glad I am not the only one saddened by this. <3 u demcats

      BTW I am following u on instagram now and mirin ur aesthetics (srs)


  17. John says:

    Such Gold actually lost a lot of Tumblr hype after their full length came out because it was more on the melodic hardcore side of things. That TSSF was the biggest thing they’ve done in a while, but most people don’t seem to care about them anymore.

  18. Tay says:

    I wish this site was more noob friendly. I have no clue what ezcrab is :’(

    • theonlygirl says:

      Check out These Hearts and Chunk No Captain Chunk. Basically the definition of ezcrab right there :)

    • Bromst says:

      lol not advanced enough.

      Here, my bro:
      “That said, with the exception of CITY LIGHTS, none of the newer generation of easycore bands really sound like what we think of as “easycore:” major key breakdowns, zany song titles and (for the most part) really really really terrible production that pretty much ruins it. But maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Like a homely catepillar pupating and transforming into a beautiful, majestic butterfly caressing the sky with it’s multi-colored wings, easycore 1.0 has morphed into easycore 2.0: EZCRAB. It’s everything you loved about easycore, but with shiny Risecore production and even sicker breakdowns. And I am more than ok with that.”
      (SergeantD, 2013)

      “#ezcrab represents the slowly growing minority of bands who have taken the best parts of two antiquated genres (easycore 1.0 and crabcore), and fused them together to create a fresh take on easycore that is heavier than easycore 1.0, poppier than crabcore, and more appropriate for zaney life-on-the-road music videos than purenoisecore or transitandcomposurecore.”
      (Bronson, 2013)

      Works cited:
      SergeantD. (05/06/2013). Stuff You Will Hate. Retrieved from The new LAKEVIEW single is the template for easycore 2.0: EZCRAB: http://www.stuffyouwillhate.com/2013/05/the-new-lakeview-single-is-the-template-for-easycore-2-0-ezcrab/

      Bronson. (09/09/2013). Stuff You Will Hate. Retrieved from Pop Punk: The Way It Is (2013 Edition): http://www.stuffyouwillhate.com/2013/09/pop-punk-the-way-it-is-2013-edition/

    • John says:

      #ezcrab is djent + pop punk/easycore

      Whereas easycore was a hybrid of pop punk and hardcore/metalcore, #ezcrab uses heavier influences

  19. The UggKreayshawn Strain says:

    “That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons that history has to teach.” – Aldous Huxley

    Break the cycle, scene kids, we are begging u. Otherwise it’s gonna be minisdiscs all over again.

    • CynicalEmperor says:

      Vinyls I’ll at least admit I collect. Tapes are insane, but waste your money if you like.

      Minidiscs = never again. We don’t need that plague back.

  20. TLDR says:

    hot new signings to former scene kings RISE RECORDS include HOT WATER MUSIC, BOUNCING SOULS, 7 SECONDS

    WTF???!!! mind = blown

    Oh and worst of all, fucking high-waisted jeans brb barfing

    Amen brother. On the plus side, this makes it easier to avoid relationships with difficult, poisonous womyn (ie tumblr feminists) because they are proactively working towards making themselves less attractive.

    RE Cassette tapes: hardcore kids have been flirting with this for a while, and it just recently got huge. I got a tape exclusive recording as early as 2005. When I expressed my distaste with the concept to a female I was in a non relationship with at the time, she literally exclaimed “you dont like tapes? OMG u have no soul!” (tr00 story)

    Picture of some funny old stuff I found in my parents’ basement, or the TITLE FIGHT merch table??

    LOL DEAD. So many lolz in this piece but this was my favorite

    LOL @ that nonsense in the festival flyer, “Barbie liberation” – DEAD

    And in the world of Real Hardcore, in 2014 it’s all about being super into LIFE OF AGONY, CROWBAR, and TYPE OF NEGATIVE

    THIS ^^^^ I literally cannot go one single day without seeing at least one post including one of the above bands on instagram. Luckily for me I like these bands :) I think the hype of this stuff was largely created by the Young brothers and their bands, primarily Twitching Tongues

  21. TLDR says:

    Smash your CARNIVORE vinyl.

    WHAT’RE YOU QUEER???!!!!

    Srs doe lets rethink this: Carnivore was one of the bands, along with One Life Crew and others going hard AGAINST the PC thought police SJW trend back then. With song titles like “SMD (suck my dick)” “Race War” “USA for USA” and “Jesus Hitller” they could be valuable ammo against the rabid pack of tumblr fags trying to police language and kick bands off festivals for being “too macho.”

  22. Pc says:

    The social justice thing being rehashed is a bummer. I lost some friends in the 90s to the ultra PC movement. It’s still the same upper middle class kids playing the oppression Olympics :(

    • CynicalEmperor says:

      ^ Boom!

    • “upper middle class kids playing the oppression Olympics”

      oh god I hate it when it turns into that. Social Justice is as is see it really, really necessary for society as a whole, but it just pains me to see so many angsty white ppl completely ignore other groupings and/or the fact that they aren’t the center of the universe.

  23. JTD says:

    Something, I’ve noticed that has happened the past year. A super resurgence of Pantera. It seems like everyone is into them now. I wound’t doubt if they did a reunion tour in the near future. Probablly get someone like Zacc Wild on guitar. And every kid in metal and hardcore wetting themselves about how legendary they are and how this is gonna be a once in lieftime oppurtunity, myself included.

    • Ninjaturtle says:

      I blame ETID for this…i think I saw them back in like 2005 maybe and they just played the Pantera live cd inbetween their songs instead of talking…Also I’m from dallas so Pantera never stopped being awesome to me and my friends…I hung out with a lot of white trash kids in high school who would wear pantera shirts 3-5 days a week. They were gross and got made fun of. Now they’d be banging tumblr chicks left and right.

      • Brah says:

        I was gonna high-five you for talking about my life, then I realized tumblr is just sheltered shy middle class kids getting really into shit that mostly white trash kids like: shitty rap, scene music, neon, nonsensical pictures of the life they wish they had, bad tattoos, heavily emotionally investing in something other than their draining oppressive existence, making clothing/hair/tattoo/piercing/facial hair choices that will limit their employment opportunities, etc.

        They just don’t actually know any white trash so they don’t know how ridiculous it looks.

    • Sergeant D says:

      I remember wearing a “Vulgar Display” shirt to a hardcore show in 97 or 98 and everything thinking it was a joke.

    • LC says:

      confirming that Hodgy Beats from OF wore a Pantera shirt in a recent video (i love Odd Future but i am also a filth of gay… COINCIDENCE?!)

      not… sure wat this means

    • That reunion tour will happen at some point, mark my words. Vinnie Paul has to run out of beer money eventually, and I refuse to believe he can make any serious dough off Hellyeah when that band is so singularly focus marketed to poors and poors alone.

  24. Earl Sweatstains says:

    Face facts, hipster moes…records suck balls. “They sound warmer”…lol. No, actually they sound like shit unless you handle them more delicately than Taylor Swift’s paper-machie sparkly ponies. I grew up with records…they sucked then and they still do. And don’t get me started on record players…fuckin’ needles my ass. Why not just get a corded phone attached to your wall while you’re at it. The only thing vinyl is good for is fleecing complete-ists on Ebay who are dumb enough to pay $200 for an old Savatage pic disc you bought for $5 in 1987.

  25. cmoney says:

    kinda diggin’ that such gold song, tbh.

    Windbreakers: here’s the thing, you have to be jacked and bench 315 for reps to wear these. In fact, if you aren’t in Madball or Candiria or some shit, don’t bother.

    Tapes: not even once, but maybe I can sell some old demos on ebay now? If I ever start a band (lol yeah right), nothing but digital files.

    Actually, there ya go. Here is a new trend that is probably already happening but if it’s not, one of your bands can be the first. You can buy a bunch of usb memory sticks, customized with your bands name on it, wholesale. Fairly cheap. Put your album on that in high quality FLAC files. Sell them at your shows. It’ll take fucking forever to load all the sticks up with your music, so you’ll still be keeping the DIY dream alive.

  26. Dave says:

    But there’s good news too. Observe 2011-12 was about jocking late 80s hxc, 2013 was 80s-90s grunge/tr00 pop punk/Real Hardcore, and 2014 appears primed to be a full blown 1997 revival. Extrapolating from the data, what we appear to have–in the age of tumblr and lightning fast reblogs–is history jocking that is exponentially accelerating. If this trend, which this scene analyst believes is a result of social media’s saturation and millenials’ growing up, really continues, we may be only a year or two away from a TR00 NEON REVIVAL.

    • So expanding on that, at some point in the near future the revivalism cycle will become so fast that, in theory, everything will be “in revival” at all times, completely blurring the distinction between trending and waning!?

  27. SolarFlareuperior says:

    Does anyone else think that such gold song sounded like third eye blind?

  28. roger_camden says:

    was that flyer written by aaron cometbus?

  29. JafarCriticalhit says:

    Pretty much 100% stopped going to hardcore shows this year because of this. The hipster wear khakis and clark kent haircuts/glasses all the time look was weird to me coming out of the scene era, the 90′s thing is just as weird. Not my thing but if it’s yours go for it that’s cool, but I do get the strong vibe of “listen to these old hardcore bands, these even older metal bands and look like this or you’re not cool and I don’t want anything to do with you”.

  30. halford88 says:

    I really don’t see the PC revolution thing going as far this decade as it did in the 90′s. With there being no internet, those workshops were a way of people their ideas. Now everyone just blogs shit, and most band rants are kept pretty short, because everyone (at least in my area) has grown to hate them. Kids are smart enough to look back, and know what was ridiculous and what made sense. Not using slurs to better yourself and the world around you makes sense. Mosh sit ins, band ex cousin and ethics workshops do not.
    I’m pretty sure you can still get on the live wire boards and read some stuff to see how ridiculous 90′s hardcore really was.

    • “Not using slurs to better yourself and the world around you makes sense”

      Thank you. I agree wholeheartedly. I think that the so-called “PC Movement” has much, much better circumstances to flourish these days, given how the free and worldwide exchange of ideas the internet can be will allow for a much healthier and more constructive discussion. This in turn will make it a whole shitton easier to come up with actual, practical solutions to problems and everything can be discussed with a much wider, clearer scope. Definitely, DEFINITELY lightyears ahead of 15-20 white kids with dreadlocks (lol cultural appropriation) sitting in a drum circle whining about how daddy’s trust fund is oppressing them, with no easy access to outside perspectives (such as POC, LGBT, trans*, etc) that would otherwise benefit them immensely.

  31. halford88 says:

    P.s. tuck auto correct

  32. VyceVictus says:

    If Savage Garden was suddenly a big thing again, I would be totally ok with that.

  33. Bronson says:

    Yup, everything you posted above is painfully accurate. If there is any silver lining to the fact that it’s becoming the latter half of the 90s all over again, it’s that the pseudo nostalgia-jocking is moving along at somewhat of an accelerated rate, so God willing, it should be spring again in the scene (in some areas at least) by about 2016, 2017. We are in for a bumpy ride before then, though :/

  34. Anonymous says:

    You’re on point but I don’t see anything wrong with the 90s style musical trends and I don’t get involved in music scenes anymore so none of the cultural factors affect me in anyway whatsoever so I’m actually genuinely legitimately going to enjoy the 90s masturbation of srs pop punk, altrockpost-soft-grunge and nu-metal influences in music and that’s about it

  35. Geoff40k says:

    I’m a landlord. Went to fix a washing machine for 20 year old tenants. Observed Texas is the Reason and Ramones shirt-wearing kids taking GBs, listening to some trOO-country vinyl (David Allan Coe or something), playing minecraft. College in 2014?!?

  36. toast says:

    Rly annoying that people are still buying tapes and shit. I want to travel as far into the future before I die and silly ppl buying crappy outdated media with literally 0 benefits are just delaying the progress of the human race and also being buttholes

  37. getxstoked says:

    I can only hope that the return to 1997 means a return to giant pants and more people jocking Snapcase.

  38. I’ll def be at that sunday workshop 4 “alternative menstrual products”…

    • Bronson says:

      *Que Infest sample where the little old lady goes “Do you like scary stories…?”*

      I went to a Raleigh’s DIY Fest III in 2007 (basically the 2000s version of whatever stupid bullshit festival is pictured above), and there was an outdoor workshop on how to knit your own reusable pads. I was sitting with my at-the-time annoying teenage anarcho girlfriend, who was listening intently, and for the next three months until she broke up with me over AIM, I had to live in constant mortal terror of walking into a vacant bathroom only to find the sink stopped up with a hand-sewn maxipad lazily swimming in a pool of washed out menstrual discharge.

      tfw when your dating life almost resembles a slam song.

  39. Victim In Pain says:

    This is a cycle that is destined to repeat itself over and over; cf. Myth of Sisyphus, eternal return, etc. Here’s a rough theory of how it works: at any given time there are two currents in “the scene” that are in tension with each other. The first tends toward partying, moshing w/bros, fighting, and fucking, i.e. FUN. Naturally, young people want to have fun. But they don’t want to have fun with *just anyone*…hence their subcultural affiliation, i.e. involvement with “the scene.” Thus, the second tends toward exclusivity. There have to be barriers to entry or else there is no discernible distinction between scene people and other people. Now, at any given time, one of these currents will be predominant. When FUN is predominate, barriers to entry are lower and scene people are much more likely to resemble normal people. They forget “the struggle and the streets.” New kids coming on the scene, who want to distinguish themselves from their peers, find ways to erect barriers (straight edge, KRSHNA, food not bombs, etc) and reinvigorate “the struggle.” EXCLUSIVITY comes to be the predominate tendency. New kids coming on the scene in a period of exclusivity want to mosh and have fun. Thus, they push back against the barriers erected by the previous generation, cf. late 90s youth crew revival as backlash towards ebullition-core exclusivity.

    My point is just that the current crop of TROO bands and related subcultural manifestations were inevitable. It’s best just to ride the wave, which will inevitably crash.

  40. Garrrrr says:

    so basically hardcore has always been gay
    & softgrunge is finally going to be a thing (again)

    good news 4 me

  41. postcore says:

    at least we still have issues doe

  42. postcore says:

    also I didn’t know Dennis from Always Sunny was the singer for Such Gold

  43. steez messiah says:

    I’m 22 and I think all this 90′s worship is wack.

  44. White Knight of Pedestalia says:

    This is why I refuse to engage in the scene when it does not become fun. I’ve noticed this happening and I’ve taken it as my cue to slowly exit stage left.

  45. SyndromeOfADown says:

    On their latest release (a split 7” – it doesn’t get much more 90′s than that) even The Story So Far have started to sound like Tigers Jaw who in turn sound like Beat Happening (read: jangly indie rock), which leaves Man Overboard as the most traditionally punk sounding of the popular Tr00 pop punk bands!
    Yeah, 120 Minutes used to be pretty fucking rad if you were into alternative rock back in the day.

  46. super baking xtreme says:

    Holy fuck the Bodyjar song you linked in that Rev compilation article sounds exactly like shit that’s coming out now (except with slightly 90s-er production). If Bodyjar came out today they’d be touring the country with Title Fight, no doubt. Also, analysis of the OMAM song is totally on point.

    Buying/making tapes only makes sense for people/bands that want something cheap to sell at shows that aren’t CDs (because who buys those anymore) and aren’t popular enough to sell more than 50 or so. Huge lol @ labels making 200+ tapes for bands like Pig Destroyer and selling them for as much as CDs when they cost <$2 each to make.

  47. Viking says:

    A few years back when I was moving to a new apartment, I threw a bunch of my old tapes that I didn’t really listen to anymore in the garbage (I’m old enought that when I first started buying music, tapes were the dominant format). Later I found out one of the local record stores will buy old tapes. For actual money. Mind blown.

  48. blub says:

    You need to put a warning in bold print before you post that flyer again. Traumatized.

  49. Andrew says:

    Hahaha I was at More Than Music Fest 99. I’m totally unapologetic about my love for 90s emo and all the crap you angry violent jerks hate, but like, that scene was too PC for me by a good bit. That flyer doesn’t even give you a really good glimpse of how ridiculous shit got that year. There were all these “safe spaces” designated around the space, where non-white people, or gay people, or women, or whoever, could go to get away from all the white men at the fest making them feel “unsafe” or whatever. It was super-weird and no one at the show actually seemed to care or want to take advantage of any of those rooms.

    But then on the second day, a friend of mine’s band got kicked out of the fest because a white male dude in one of the bands wandered into the empty “people of color safe space” room and took a nap. I started a huge fight with the fest organizers in the hallway that had like 200 spectators because I think pretty much everyone at the place felt the tension by that point and was waiting for something to blow. At one point during that fight I had my sole person-to-person interaction with Jose Palafox of Struggle/Swing Kids/Bread And Circuits fame, who was a total dickbag to me, presumably because a) I was rocking the PC boat, and b) I’m white (this was totally Jose’s deal, Chuck from Bread And Circuits was also on the opposite side of the fight and was totally respectful to me, so who knows). It seemed like popular sentiment was against my friends getting kicked out but by the time the argument got around to that point, they’d already left the fest, and plus, no one on the organizing committee was ready to admit they were wrong anyway, so the tension just kept lingering.

    The last set of the fest on Sunday night was German grind gods Morser, and by that point the whole place was one big bad vibe. Me and my remaining friends that were still at the fest decided to get some aggression out and DANCE. We put on silly clown wigs and speedos and all kinds of goofy shit and did circle pits and stuff during Morser’s set, and a lot of PC kids glared at us but we didn’t care. Anyway, because Bread And Circuits had taken 15 minutes between each of their songs having speakers come up and talk about political stuff, Morser were only given about 10 minutes to play. They had no idea about this until somebody came out in the middle of their set and told them they were cut off, at which point there was a HUGE entire-room-spanning argument that divided the whole fest between people who liked music and wanted to have fun and kids who were willing to put their PC agenda over everything. There was once again no satisfactory resolution (no, no fistfights either) and the whole thing left a really bad taste in my mouth. So yeah, thanks for the memories, guys! Hahahahaha.

    But yeah, having said all that, I’m totally stoked that cry-core is back. Sorry!

    • As an honest-to-god SJW I think that’s pretty goddamned ridiculous.. Safe spaces are a fine idea, but priority one should still be encouraging people to not be dicks to each other.

      • Sergeant D says:

        safe spaces aka “separate but equal.” sounds like a great idea to me

        • xJIMCROWCOREx

          Honestly hadn’t thought of it like that, but it makes sense: “Inclusion” by giving someone a separate space is basically segregation, but hey; I get it… These upper-middle class white kids were probably still suuuper scared of black ppl so there you have it.

          Eitherway; joke all you want I still can’t fathom how they could see this as the best option.

          - It couldn’t have been all that terribly conducive to dialogue and intersectional understanding: Hey, white kids! Wanna get all enlightened about the plight of minorities and find ways to enact positive change in a cooperative fashion with them!? Great! Stick ‘em in a room and leave! SMASH THE SYSTEM

          - It fucking reeks of “Benign White Saviour Syndrome”.. I.e. the REAL “Reverse Racism”.

          • Sergeant D says:

            i went to several of the MTM fests and the idea that there was any kind of racism or whatever there is fucking laughable. what a dumb, useless, solution-in-need-of-a-problem. also i am pretty sure i can name the black people who were there by name (mike c-town and forbes graham… maybe there was another one there). would be super fun for them to stand in a room by themselves i’m sure– “hey mike, what’s up?” “uh… nm, how about you?” and nobody was scared of forbes or mike– everybody loved them, they were two of the most popular people in that whole scene lol.

            the only reason that kind of nonsense was so popular in the hardcore scene back then was because any attempt at that bullshit wouldve been laughed out of existence in seconds among any other audience. but the hyper-pc climate of the time made us think that we had to go along with that stuff for fear of ridicule.

            • Oh, ok. Well, obviously I’ll take your word for it since I wasn’t there. Glad to hear it wasn’t as silly as I had feared/assumed. Good to know the racism-in-sheeps-clothing you unfortunately see sometimes was absent, definitely!

              However, I do find the idea of those two, maybe three black people just kinda standing awkwardly in a room kinda funny.

              Re: the last paragraph: Does that mean it was some sort hyper-pc doublethink!? Everyone secretly felt it was silly but no one dared say it out loud, for fear of “the others”!? Wow. I’m… Uh.. Wow.

            • Andrew says:

              Hahaha Forbes and I stayed at the same house that year. Forbes also went to the back of the room and kickboxed by himself during Morser cuz he was like “I wanna dance too, but I know you guys are gonna, like, circle-pit and shit and I don’t wanna bum anybody out.” Such a good dude. I actually could tell WAY more stories about that fest, and bring up all the other stuff that was going on with people’s reactions to the safe spaces, people getting kicked out, etc, but I’ll save it for another time. That comment would be book-length.

  50. Chet Biff says:

    You’re all so fucking funny. Seriously. Had a great laugh at the article + comments. Cheers

  51. Chillin' says:

    My only memory of cassette tapes was being a little kid stoked at listening to whatever it was I was into when I was 6 years old but because I had left the cassette out in the sun for like, a whole hour, the damn thing was ruined. No pencil to help bring in the stupid string would help. Fuck those things, spoiled a perfectly happy time for me.

    Also, I really, REALLY want to know what one of those workshops was like! I know I’ll totally regret having to read anything about them but at the same time, it’s so unbelievable I can’t help it. I never really got how bad the PC of the 90′s was until I saw that. Christ, that’s beyond self-parody.

    • Sergeant D says:

      Christ, that’s beyond self-parody

      exactly. it got so fucking ridiculous that if you made it up for a joke, it would seem too farfetched to be funny. but it was all too real :/

    • Viking says:

      It was bad, dude. I went to every hc show I could from the mid to late 90s, but I hardly ever talked to anyone. Partly because I was just really shy back then, but also because the hc rulebook at the time said you had to be a vegan straight edge atheist, and as a meat-eating straight edge* Lutheran**, I was afraid of being scorned/ called a poseur, etc.

      *social drinker now
      **mostly non-practicing now

  52. vinny levine says:

    I don’t really remember 1997 that well because I was 2 at the time but if this is what I can look forward to in 2014 I will be fine with it. I like what this article stands for and it makes me want to be part of the hardcore scene.

  53. Alder says:

    I’m an uptight asshole who likes old alternative rock so I’m fine with all this (srs)

  54. This article opened up a repressed memory of wearing a my “Freedom from Religion” DK t shirt and my girlfriend’s patchwork pants at a Ralph Nader rally where I saw a coworker from the organic food store breast-feeding out in the open :(

    Also had an Integrity windbreaker that year :(

  55. needsmoreslam says:

    This reminds me of seeing xtruenaturex at the fluff fest (aka euroland’s go-to-festival for PC justice) where the band was addressing overpopulation as the main issue for today’s world. The singer was openly announcing how he got a vasectomy just to make sure “he wouldn’t ever contribute to the problem”, he received the loudest applause I’ve ever heard at a punk/hardcore show. Later that night he gave a seminar about how to break into farms to set animals free and torching slaughterhouses. That was 2012 mind you, that shit had two years to incubate and spread.

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  57. Sookes says:

    This is digital time, so living with the cassette will kill me! but if I want to get an award for being backdated then okay I will use it.

  58. Anonymous says:

    i have seen the beginning of some neofolk/death in june jocking amongst hc kids. thoughts on when this will really catch on?

    • big dick alpha male says:

      its been going on for years. pretty sure it started among moshbros because of george from Blacklisted wearing Death In June, Blood Axis shirts.

      nothing better than wearing some t-shirt with a nazi motive so you can get into an argument and show how much u know about music and politics am i right

  59. Pingback: Now I know how elderly Jews feel when they see Nazi skinheads | STUFF YOU WILL HATE

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