bored of hardcore elitism? try metalcore elitism



“I only listen to Real Metalcore™.”

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115 Responses to bored of hardcore elitism? try metalcore elitism

  1. Truffles says:

    Wait so… ‘real’ metalcore is just metalcore bands that have been around for longer?

    • TLDR says:

      ^^^ lol this

      Also termed “bands I listened to in high school”

    • balls says:

      I wonder how they would feel about 18v. They fit the description of “been around for a long time”, but were the progenitors the classic scene image that these Real Genre kids love to hate.

    • The UggKreayshawn Strain says:

      LOL I know I’m late to the party on this article, but it’s p much like how each year a group of bands get inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame.

      As time goes by, more “old school” bands are inducted into the spectrum of bands considered “real”.

  2. SolarFlareuperior says:

    I’ve always considered TWA one of those bands who straddle the lines of Risecore and traditional metalcore. Lol hasn’t Earth crisis always been hardcore tho? People confuse me. Also I wonder what his thoughts on recent KSE are, since they kinda went in the radio metal direction.

  3. This Is The News says:

    The fact that I can clearly remember when every one of the ‘real’ bands would have been labled ‘fake’ is making me feel old. :( I was not prepared to be educated.

  4. PostmodernWarfare says:

    The bottom is falling out of the tr00 scene. We are just moments away from a Neon-esque scene renaissance, I can feel it

  5. postcore says:

    who are the people on the left in the top picture? also not even people that like Escape the Fate listen to This War is Hours lol.

  6. Alex says:

    Black Veil Brides and Attilla are terrible. I like all other bands in this post.

  7. Trevor "T-BONE" Buonaccorsi says:

    metalcore suxxxxx

  8. Trevor "T-BONE" Buonaccorsi says:

    also lol @ asking alexandira being on a list of troo anything

  9. Anonymous says:

    I remember when people said Killswitch Engage were for poseurs. I also remember when people would say The Black Dahlia Murder were scene fgts, but they are also now considered tr00. THIS IS WEIRD, Y’ALL.

    • uppercut613 says:

      when black dahlia murder came out, they were hated by tr00 metalheads and kids who were into throwdown would listen to them cause they were a “sick metalcore band”. then at some point down the line metalheads adopted them.

  10. fuzz says:

    so I guess “real” just means “less popular”

    • TLDR says:

      Well, all these “real” bands WERE popular. KSE was HUGE for a while, kings of bro-core imo

      Here’s a question for Sarge: who were the kings of bro-core: KSE or A7X?

      • VyceVictus says:

        Intersting, I dont know I would calla band who sins about being broken hearted ad longing for love “bro-full”. That would be like calling Bon Jovi Bro-core. But then maybe its more a matter of “loud music normal people might dig”.

        (singular anecdotal evidence that doesnt really prove anything: was on a road trip and was playing Killswitch and some friends were like “well, this is different” but then their Holy Diver cover came on and they loved it and we played that track on repeat several times for the next couple of days. I forgot my point, I just really enjoy that damn Holy Diver cover.)

        • TLDR says:

          But then maybe its more a matter of “loud music normal people might dig”.

          Yes, this exactly. Do you really mean to tell me you’ve never seen a big lifted truck blasting KSE or A7X? Well I guess come to think of it they probably dont have too many big lifted trucks in NYC/Afghanistan. Not to say those are the only places youve been but from your comment history I gather this is where much of your time has been spent, so it would make sense you wouldn’t see them as bro bands, per se.

          • VyceVictus says:

            Hehe, yeah I didnt see much 4 wheelin’ during this past decade, but I did see those tunes get rocked by Korean college kids and German cover bands alike. And if you ever seen the documentary Heavy Metal in Baghdad about the band Acrassicauda, those kids dont seem too picky about their metal either, they’re just glad to enjoy any without getting killed for being a “satanist”.

      • fuzz says:

        I didn’t say “unpopular”. just “less popular”.

      • Sergeant D says:

        A7X are a fucking huge band… they have a #1 album and toured with fucking Metallica. Literally one of the biggest rock bands of the decade– hard to top that!

        On a side note, I have never met any of them, but we have some friends in common and I’ve never heard anything bad about the guys in A7X. considering how much shit-talking happens in hardcore, that suggests that they’re probably cool guys haha

        • TLDR says:

          My pop punk (proto easy core, actually) band played with them in high school in like 2003. They sold out the Santa Cruz vets hall UPSTAIRS (most shows were in the basement) on a Wednesday night lol. They watched our set in spite of being a huge by hardcore standards touring band, and congratulated us and hung out with us and were super nice friendly guys. They gave us music industry advice and shit, although I don’t remember it but it doesnt really matter anyways because I just went on to play in shitty regretcore bands for the next 10 years anyways.

          So yes at least back then I can confirm they were awesome dudes.

      • Anonymous says:

        In SoCal KSE were always labeled a “newjack” or poseur band growing up until about 2004, when they split the club scene entirely and moved on to playing Ozzfest for meth addicts for the next 10 years straight.

        • Latinoheat!!! says:

          ^^ this^^

          Can’t tell you how many times i saw this vampire-core band at so many ozzfests/mayhem/energydrinkfests n shit lawl…

          ummm but where da fuq is trivium in this list??

          my teenage self would kick these kids asses for listening to KE, trivium, AX7, n unearth n shit (as we all know they are all POSERS unlike kreator, BIGFOOT!!, toxic holocaust, exmortus, grave fuckers, Grave Digger, anything with “cemetary” or “grave” in it and necropedophiliac!!)…. but then again i just listed very successful bands n lyke now that im older could care less than 2 fucking fux about lists n shit =P

  11. Ninjaturtle says:

    I remember when metalcore was just called hardcore. Poison the Well was a hardcore band. ETID was a hardcore band. Converge was a hardcore band. Darkest Hour was a hardcore band. I don’t think I actually heard the term “metalcore” until about 2002 and that is just because bands like Comeback Kid and Terror were bringing a more “old school” sound back to the scene instead of bands sounding like Sky Came Falling and Not Waving But Drowning and Drowning Man and One King Down…then those bands and that sound suddenly became metalcore over night and hot topic suddenly starting making a lot more money.

    • TLDR says:

      Yes, I too remember this era. I think around 2004 or so is when the scenes split off completely. I say this year because that was when my friends and I drove to Showcase theater in Corona (LA) for a sold out Terror show, and found out there was also a sold out Bleeding Through show the same night at Chain Reaction in Anaheim. Our minds were blown

      • Sergeant D says:

        the ironing of how bleeding through was a band before terror was– like when i saw them in 99 or so playing unannounced with 18v as “brandan’s side project” at some crappy diy venue to like 35 people

        • TLDR says:

          Wait how is it ironic that bleeding through came out before terror? I’m confused.

          And yes I remember early BT, the they played the first hardcore show I ever went to in 2001 with no keyboardist yet IIRC

      • Anonymous says:

        Lol yea I remember this exactly, copies of Boston Beatdown were circulating all around Orange County around that time, turning tons of former scene kids into basketball shorts tough Boston wannabes. I remember lots of fights starting between the two groups. Good times.

        • TLDR says:

          UGH I remember this retarded BS all too well. Great bands came out of it, Donnybrook, Snake Eyes, Terror etc but srs I could go the rest of my life without another period of fights every 2 seconds and being safer in the middle of a pit than anywhere else at the show because all assholes wanna do is hit random ppl in the crowd for shock value and tough points

          Unfortunately it seems like this era is making a comeback :(

          • Latinoheat!!! says:

            *insert retarded teenage story of “us” (brown thrashers/metalheads/ dirty punx) beating the crap of hxc boston beatdown toughguy wannabes in gigs throughout the east side (el-lay) due to hxc and straightedge becoming popular from that retarded movie*

            remember kids: gangs/crews are kool and the manliest thing a guy can do is get other dudes to band together n go beat the crap outta one other dude cuz he thinks differently than you n likes other musical tastes!!!

            as you guys can tell my sarcasm detector is through the roof!!

            • poop mango says:

              Boston is and always has been a cultural toilet, and anything that comes out of it is likely to reek of shit.

  12. TWO STACKS says:

    “prepare to be educated”

    • Trevor "T-BONE" Buonaccorsi says:

      that was the best part I actually took a second to sit up straighter and take a deep breath before scrolling down

      • The UggKreayshawn Strain says:

        “Gentlemen, the institute for tr00 studies has published their 2013 report. Let’s have a look at the findings.”

  13. Vince says:

    Holy shit this hurts to see

  14. TLDR hopes 2 live 2 see the prophecy fulfilled says:

    While this may seem alarming, just take a second to relax and hear me out: this is actually a GOOD sign (srs). The fact that these bands are gaining tr00 cred means we are rounding the historical scene cycle that can only culminate in a glorious dawn of nu metal revival, scene core, and neon pop. I also think rap core is a sign of this being on its way.

    It’s like seeing an ugly sapling sprouting in the winter: it may look like shit, but is a sign that we are past the DEAD of winter and are on our way to spring, even tho its still far off.

    The worst of the tr00bonic plague is behind us guys!

  15. Welly wingers says:

    You know what tly grinds my gears?? Musicians who make NO attempt to be completely derivative of things that are already cool!

  16. topkekm8 says:


  17. Dave says:

    I am waiting with baited breath for the day BFMV is considered tr00!

  18. SavageHenry says:

    No Shadows Fall? I am disappoint.

    • MoshOff says:

      Just you wait.

      • Cpt Howdy says:

        Ironically, Shadows Fall is a very anti tr00 band. Every member of that band, especially Brian Fair, the vocalist, loves all music and they think the “kids” who are experimenting and adding elements of rap, pop and everything else in the metal is awesome. But you see a lot of elitest (used to live in MA) metalcore fans who won’t jam any metalcore band that has snyths/didn’t come from that original scene where Shadows Fall, Killswitch and Unearth came from.

    • Anonymous says:

      “The War Within is the fourth studio album by American heavy metal band Shadows Fall. The album has sold over 300,000 copies worldwide.[6] The War Within is the bands best selling album, and in 2005 made sales history on Century Media Records when it became the labels best selling album of all time”

      If memory serves, that Gothenberg style of metalcore peaked around 2005/2006, and Shadows Fall was never a very popular part of it for whatever reason.

      • TLDR says:

        Eh more like 2003-2004 imo

        Atthegatescore really deserves its own post imo. Best and worst bands, most influential etc

        • uppercut613 says:

          i have a sadly deep knowledge of atthegatescore and could probably write that post haha. not sure if it’s the kinda thing i would wanna go in depth and write about though. i can say that the single most ahead of their time (and uncredited) band in that genre was definitely undying. saw them in a legion hall basement in 2002, good show. but yeah, who else was mixing at the gates riffs with mosh parts in 1999?

          • VyceVictus says:

            God Forbid.
            I hope Doc Coyle is serious about writing that book discussing the inception and rise of New Wave of Whatever/Metal/Core.

          • TLDR says:


            The fact that you are that aware of t his band and their b eing way ahead of their time qualifies you to write this post more than almost anyone (srs).

            I think I saw them on that same tour you are talking about, did it have the Wage of Sin and As Hope Dies on it too? Or something?

            Or was that the one with Walls of Jericho?

            • uppercut613 says:

              nah it was just undying and 3 locals

              you mentioned as hope dies.. did you mean if hope dies? as hope dies was sick but i don’t think they really got out there and toured too much

              as hope dies > if hope dies

              im debating writing an about forgotten atthegatescore bands now but i think the biggest challenge would be thinking of something interesting to say about most of them haha.

  19. Bigdog says:

    Nu metal= bunkestshitever. PERIOD

  20. Nightshift says:

    I remember Integrity being called metalcore
    I remember Merauder being called metalcore
    And Shai Hulud
    And Turmoil
    And Cave In

    • Sergeant D says:

      see also Starkweather and All Out War

    • xpedox says:

      back then it was metal core. Totally a different thing rite.

      Its weird how i also remember the pantera being fake => now its true thing that you sarge said, but when i talk to with some guys who said to me in high school that pantera sucks and is bullshit “numetal” or something similar, they deny it hard and say pantera has always been megabig and the best band ever OMG I CREAM MY PANTS WHEN I LISTENED TO IT THE WHOLE TIME.

      Seems like with ALOT of bands the same thing, people deny talking shit or calling them bad and hop on the bandwagons always. Baffless me.

      Also, in my opinion some bands get this the other way around, i think nowdays everybody calls Agents of Man bad / clean vocals emo shit or something similar, when it came out i remember everyone jocking it in the hardcore scene.

  21. GARRRRR says:


  22. D3ffphunk says:

    Pretty sure nobody would have considered Killswitch or Unearth tr000 a few years ago. Eeejits, it’s all lovely.

  23. 3rdgrace says:

    what I’m dying to see is the lovely moment when both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ (in tr00 sense) bands are referred to as real metalcore. for instance, mentioning bands like atreyu and it dies today (who were pretty much collectively trashed by metalcore/nwoahm/post-numetal fans), with the likes of even IMN-approved bands like darkest hour and unearth, as real metalcore bands

    that really proves that universe is One and there is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’, ‘talented’ or ‘posers’, ‘genericore or ‘innovative’; these just are merely different routes that once developed from metallic hardcore to finally again unite in the serenity of the mosh.

    • TLDR says:

      IMO Atreyu was a p mediocre band but It Dies Today brought the mosh in a major fucking way

      • VyceVictus says:

        To me they are both similar because they both seem to have one killer practically genre-defining album but then kinda fell off with really limp dick album(s) afterwards. Was fun while it lasted though.

    • this guy has the comments says:

      It SERIOUSLY blew my mind a couple years ago seeing a bro of mine jocking Atreyu hard. I’d been listening to them since high school but always in a “I better not let anyone find out I’m enjoying this” way.

      • TLDR says:

        “I better not let anyone find out I’m enjoying this” way.

        THIS ^^^ The blank CD in every hardcore kids collection that was left unmarked and just happened to have atreyu burned onto it….

    • theonlygirl says:

      “Serenity of the mosh”
      Can I please put that on a t-shirt

  24. Rob says:

    It’s really simple.

    REAL Metalcore is actually Metalcore mixed with Hardcore elements.

    Fake Metalcore is just crap metal that metal heads don’t want associated with their precious genre.

    REAL Metalcore is a subgenre of Hardcore and can be just called Metallic Hardcore and Fake Metalcore is some weird thing on it’s own.

  25. Sean says:


  26. Captain Facepunch says:

    There’s seriously a clan of people where I love that get butthurt about The Story So Far and Juicy J and they “wish it could go back to good music like Oceano”

    What’s going on

  27. Captain Facepunch says:


  28. 510Diesel says:

    Ahh I’ve noticed this lately actually, tr00 metalcore is starting to become a thing. From seeing some local at-the-gatesesque metalcore coming back in the scene, to some older not as known bands reuniting (see The Agony Scene) some people in my area I’ve noticed have been stoked on this resurgence of appreciation for tr00 metalcore. It’s funny a bunch of these bands like Norma Jean, Every Time I Die, Underoath, Unearth, Parkway Drive, Haste The Day, etc. (metalcore before the synth/risecore era) are now starting on its way to be seen as tr00 or credible metalcore bands now even though at the time bands of these sort were ragged on years ago.

    Also remember when people saw “emo” or “screamo” as things to be frowned upon during the mid 00′s? Tr00 and non tr00 “emo” and “screamo” bands alike are now starting to be both jocked and appreciated again alike. Tr00 90s emo/skramz are in full worship by Tumblr kids, and bands like Silverstein/FFTL/Senses Fail are seeing appreciation.

    And as for the nu-metal revival, Korn, Slipknot, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit are acceptable tr00 nu metal bands to jock and to draw influences for your sound (see Dangerkids, Sworn In, My Ticket Home, etc.)

    inb4 kids start educating each other on their tr00 nu metal history roots and Fred Durst becomes an influential figure to the kids!

    • MoshOff says:

      “before the synth”

      That broke my brain.

      • 510Diesel says:

        Yeah, I was referring to the crabcore-with-synth laden breakdown metalcore bands (Attack Attack, Asking Alexandria, Make Me Famous, Capture The Crown) etc. Not referring to bands now considered “tr00 metalcore” (more or less) with keys like Underoath or Bleeding Through.

    • this guy has the comments says:

      >Tr00 90s emo/skramz are in full worship by Tumblr kids

      I got into whiny skramz shit like two or three years before tumblr kids started worshiping it, I thought I had finally found something no one could ruin because no one gave a shit about it. Someone will always find a way to ruin everything.

    • uppercut613 says:

      i guess i can’t stop the demand for what kids want and i shouldn’t be upset about it but i really don’t see the need for atthegatescore to come back. i don’t even dislike it at all, i loved that stuff growing up, i just think it’s literally been done to death at this point and you can only play the same riff so many times. i talked about it in this old article i wrote.

  29. TLDR says:

    This comments section rules, I love all you guys!

    For the few butthurt commenters dont worry its OK most of us were there once too, just be more chill and everything will be uggz and yoga pants someday

    praying 4 u all

    • uppercut613 says:

      TLDR = best commentator. would love to see you as a semi-regular writer.

      • TLDR says:

        Nah bro, Nusstej, latinoheat, and Vyce are best commenters. Johnnyfilth was up there but barely comments anymore :’(

        IMO I my SYWH cred as a commenter is similar to graffiti writers who arent necessarily good but are respected for simply having their name fucking EVERYWHERE, all the time

        Maybe you can review some of my posts? I submitted a few but they never got posted so I got discouraged :( not complaining tho cuz its Sarges site and I absolutely 100% s upport his high standards

        • uppercut613 says:

          ive had a few articles never got posted before too, its no biggie. i’d be down to review your posts, i dont think i can view other peoples articles if they never got posted though.

    • 510Diesel says:

      they have the ability

  30. Autodidact says:

    Damn, I remember when liking KSE/ATR/Atreyu = emo crybaby phaggot.

    This post makes me want to dig through my CD box in my garage to see if I still have any Victorycore from 2003-2005

  31. VyceVictus says:

    That ETID picture just reminded me; another surefire way to establish yourself as “Real Metalcore” would be to get up in arms about Kids These Days:

    • Save Parker says:

      Its crazy because they don’t LOOK too different from Atilla. One band is just slightly older and not wearing hats.

      In five two years Atilla dude will be writing columns about how crunkcore has changed and kids don’t remember the pioneers that created the genre.

    • Welly wingers says:

      wow that is serious levels of bung hurt, accept change lol

  32. Bromst says:

    Attila is so fucking awesome.

  33. matt says:

    The “real metalcore” thing’s been going on on Sputnik for like a decade, I kind of understand where it came from – nerds being like “why the fuck are people calling this music that isn’t hardcore hardcore?” but it’s out of hand at this point hahaha.

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