He will never regret this tattoo: GOLIATH edition

goliath tattoo

“I… I thought he was gonna call me bro, and tell me my story was cool” *sniff*

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I was like yeah ok whatever
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19 Responses to He will never regret this tattoo: GOLIATH edition

  1. noah says:

    that can easily be covered up into a black blob of regret

  2. Nightshift says:

    Still regret my Entombed tattoo

  3. policerespond says:


  4. Void Eater says:

    So I probably shouldn’t send Soupy a pic of my Hank The Pigeon tattoo I guess

  5. wlfblnkt says:

    Rookie mistake. More Goliath thigh tats = increased Goliath mesh shorts sails.

  6. TLDR says:

    Meh, its on his upper thigh. Kinda hard to regret anything in that spot imo.

  7. steez messiah says:

    was thinking about having a W for west and an E for east on the respective sides of my shoulder blades with the W being a stylized winds of plague on and the E being and Emmure knux E.

  8. Brozilian says:

    “If I get a tattoo of his band, I wonder if senpai will start noticing me?”

  9. The Fat Cat says:

    Well Goliath better get huge now that people are getting them tattooed on them. The new music better not suck.

  10. pabstinfusedtacobreath says:

    Unironically think thats a cool G tattoo

    Ohw ait nvm

  11. TrUe FaN says:

    i have a Chunk no Captain Chunk tattoo all across my chest and they didn’t even notice me
    fuck them
    i’ll just pretend it’s for that obscure 80′s movie instead

  12. Randie Lynn says:

    Hey guys. I know how much it sucks to get a bad tattoo. I’m based in Kelowna and am a certified laser tech. I specialize in tattoo removal. My number Is 250 351-5966. Call me let’s fix this.

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