rise on everest

2013 has seen it’s ups and downs for the #ezcrab genre. On the downside, Lakeview‘s full length album which was supposed to be released last summer never came out and their record label (remember arkaik records? lol) fell through and disappeared as quickly as it got started. But lots of positive things have also happened. These Hearts and Chunk, No Captain Chunk both released stellar albums and Abandoned By Bears keep putting out amazing single after amazing single (peep their newest music video here) with promises of an EP in the works.

But quite possibly the most interesting development in the #ezcrab genre this year has been the introduction of RISE ON EVEREST, who come from Russia of all places (I srsly can’t even think one other band that I listen to from Russia). Peep these tracks from their debut EP they released this last fall…

As soon as I heard the opening synth part followed by the happy downtuned riff I knew I was in love. Note that from the name of their EP (YOUR LIFE IS IN YOUR HANDS!) and their general lyrical content that their music has a very positive vibe to it, which is a trait missing from a lot of pop punk lately IMO (specifically in the tr00neckcore scene). Don’t get me wrong, I love upper-middle class young adult angst just as much as the next guy, but you can never have too many uplifting #ezcrab jams.

The EP continues in the same vein as Find The Way with Enjoy & Smile and I have trouble deciding which song is more awesome because they are both so perfect. The sing-a-long synth part at the end makes me wanna get up and dance!

The Pursuit of Happiness is definitely heavier than the first two songs of the EP and at 13 seconds, they introduce one of the most epic moments in recent musical history that has yet to be seen in traditional #ezcrab until now: a POP PUNK SLAM. It sounds like if Devourment grew up on Four Year Strong and got super posi.

Valentine’s Day is definitely the poppiest song on the EP. I love how when they’re doing the super upbeat pop punk verses, the unclean vocals still manage to make their way in (35 seconds). Also mirin’ the Risecore-esque “get progressively louder and more aggressive sounding” vocals at 46 seconds. And dat chorus is catchy as fuck!

I’m getting some Chunk vibes from this song. It’s super fitting that they would start and end the last song of the EP with a breakdown. This song is basically one long breakdown and synth fest, which is what makes it so awesome.

Go download their EP for free on their bandcamp: http://riseoneverest.bandcamp.com/

And like them on facebook because the amount of likes they have on there is criminally low for a band this good: https://www.facebook.com/riseoneverest

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  1. Contraceptron says:

    solid. i barely even #ezcrab but I think I’ll grab this

  2. BenYaBoy says:

    Oh my god dude this band is sick. This EP is so polished, 250 FB likes?!??? Also I can’t make out anything he is saying – thankfully breakdowns are a transcendent language of love!

    What do you think they mean on their bandcamp when they urge me, ‘ don’t ignore “liks” ‘?

    That slam section during Pursuit of Happiness reminds me of what some 16yos did at 1:30 in this song:

    • uppercut613 says:

      maybe they misspelled “likes”? in which case they’re right – they SHOULD be reminding people to like them on facebook if they only have 250 fucking likes on their page.

      and that armed with crayons shit is so lulzy. the first wave of easycore was happening when deathcore was still relevant/popular so there was bound to be some crossover but every time a band attempted it, it was just… lol.

  3. wiggles says:


    this is the perfect blend of synths and breakdowns, but does anyone else think the clean vocals tone is not nasally enough for pop-punk?

    • uppercut613 says:

      i’m a sucker for cheesy synths over heavy breakdowns and theres a lack of it in music nowadays but these guys fill the void. i like how they have fast parts too.. 1:07 in “Enjoy & Smile” almost reminds me of like, old strung out. the clean vocals took me a second to adjust to but the more i listened to this band the more i realized that everything about them is perfect.

  4. Pat says:



  5. spined_wurm says:


    on the topic of russian bands who use synths and have minimal facebook likes, i thought i’d share this.

    • Anonymous says:

      so glad someone else knows of OH MY GOD YOU ARE A HORSE

      there are tons of good russian bands out there in hxc/ezcore scene with terrible english like FRIENDS WILL BE FRIENDS

      • jek porkins says:

        if you haven’t watched this Friends Will Be Friends you really should. sick glasnostcore, and the surest sign that the cold war is over.

      • uppercut613 says:

        holy crap, how was i not aware of this hidden russian easycore scene? is it just me or does the singer of friends will be friends sound alot like bert from chunk, no captain chunk? actually if i closed my eyes i would probably think i was listening to a chunk song, they sound the same production and music-wise too.

        actually i remembered one russian band from the golden era of easycore… did anyone ever listen to these guys? this is literally one of the most upbeat/posi pop punk songs i’ve ever heard. my friend and i actually laugh at how happy it sounds.. http://youtu.be/_qkzuvvaPDc

  6. Anonymous says:

    expected a CYKA! breakdown call. EP was sick nonetheless.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Is the lead singer deaf or something?

  8. Brozilian says:

    I wonder how Russian #ezcrab parties look like?

  9. djw69 says:

    i’ve been so-so on #ezcrab for the most part but this is blowing me away. i love everything about this ep

  10. Srscore says:

    Fully back this band. Some dude named Jack Jones who apparently is in them added me out of nowhere one day, then i found their bandcamp. Sick band.

  11. Crap says:

    This band goes HAAM!!

  12. Latinoheat!!! says:

    when is the lead singer dude gonna fight someone cuz i heard people from russia like fighting cuz you know in russia vodka fights you n stuff =]

  13. TrUe FaN says:

    those guys are born with a deep V-neck

  14. Crap says:

    I wanna kiss the man who formed this band #nullhomo

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