10/10 pop punk bands agree: this town sux


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30 Responses to 10/10 pop punk bands agree: this town sux

  1. Sir Fartsalot says:


  2. “ugh can’t wait to move out. My parents are so square.”

  3. Heemeyer says:

    All of their towns’ probably do suck tho

  4. uppercut613 says:

    all signs point to lauderdale > all other “i hate this town” songs

    • hgsg says:

      Agreed. And then on the other hand, you have “City of Ocala” which is like “akshually I don’t really hate this town, this is where I’m from”.

      Is not hating this town the new hating this town?

      • Sergeant D says:

        it’s seriously baffling how many people from ocala (there is NOTHING there other than like race horses) have ended up doing big things in this generation of music.

      • postcore says:

        i think you may be on to something dude, if you look back on the wonder years’ 2011 album Suburbia you see a distinct shift from the ‘fuck this fucking place’ attitude of The Upsides in favor of “this place made me who I am and I think I’ll stick around.”

        2011 was like forever ago though, so that could just mean if ‘not hating this town’ is the new thing that TWY were just ahead of the curve (or setting the standard for pop punk in the future) rather than representing a cultural shift.

  5. Chet Biff says:

    alternatively, could also make “10/10 pop punk bands love and or feel melancholic about leaving this town”

  6. Brozilian says:

    this town = every town on their tour that is just “to Jersey and back”.

  7. xxcalvinxx says:

    haha fort lauderdale does blow

    • Latinoheat!!! says:

      and here i thought they were talking about butte (lol) or some flyover state/city in the south or midwest!!!

      but yea… hows the fucken ice/snow storms, hail, n chain tires over there u guise… this arctic vortex through the you-es right now proves why that WOP song “california” is da shit! the snow storm’s all like:

      arctic vortex storm bro 1: “hmm lets shit on n freeze chicago, NY, both virginias, those boston/NE dropkick murphy listening trash and …..”

      snow storm bro 2: “What about california?”

      bro 1: ” nah… they’re kewl… leave em alone they’re having a kickback with hawaii.. alaska wants to come too but idk… juneau why’mean?”

      i went to the beach today (=D

      brb heading to my local shitty cvs wearing my black or white california republic shirt (XXL of course) n buying hot cheetos with lime and another regular bag of flamin’ hot cheetos cuz they be on special 2 bags for 2 bux and then to circle K for their 3 shitty 32 oz for 6 bux special!!! (dat high life =P)

      ugh!! get on my perfect weather steez!!

      • The UggKreayshawn Strain says:

        Florida bro reporting in. I’ve seen some great shows in Lauderdale (culture room, revolution before they turned outside into a restaurant) and tiki drinks at the Mai Kai is a SOLID pregame.

  8. sauce says:

    i really hope my son hates me and whatever town were in, just like i did when i was a kid. just so the cycle repeats.

  9. postcore says:


  10. JTD says:

    A+++++ To whoever made this video. Im sure you could probably find so many more haha

  11. TLDR says:

    Further proof that modern pop punk kids are just spoiled wannabes aping the hardcore aesthetic: if they were REALLY from a shitty town, they would rep it incredibly hard and love it in amounts directly disproportionate to the actual quality of said town. Eg Philadelphia, Detroit, Jersey, Salinas

    • TheEpicOfGilgamosh says:

      Cities in Ohio reign king

      • TLDR says:

        While I’m sure they are terrible, I think Texas would be able to give Ohio a run for its money.

        Laredo, Lubbock, San Angelo, El Paso, Ft Worth…

        some of the above had siq hardcore scenes but my god those towns

    • Spyke says:

      “STAND UP WALNUT CREEK! WCHC 4 LIFE!”. btw niqqa is your name Tommy? lol

      • TLDR says:

        DEAD @ Walnut Creek.

        Nope not my name but VERY close guess, I’m gonna go mt biking with that g uy today lol

        msg me on the forum bro!

        • Spyke says:

          I can’t acces the forums, no one has ever approved my account lol. If you have Sean as a friend on Facebook look up the name Emmanuel in his friend’s list. My profile pic has a Bert face on it.

  12. Bathory says:

    Pop punk is for faggots. Uppercut is the biggest faggot

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