do u remember when ATTHEGATESCORE was a thing?


Nowadays, when most people hear the word metalcore, they probably think of the heavier bands on Rise Records’ roster (Of Mice & Men, Memphis May Fire etc) but back in the day the word took on a totally different meaning. I am of course referring to the ATTHEGATESCORE era of the early-mid 2000′s (also known as SWEDECORE or GOTHENCORE).

Although this genre has been completely irrelevant for like 7+ years now, some of these bands have been gaining tr00 credibility recently and I could even picture this style making a comeback (like, “ugh metalcore now is like, 70% breakdowns with lame programmed synthesizers, let’s bring it back to when it was like 20% breakdowns at 80% At The Gates riffs”).

As I Lay Dying to me are the best example of this genre. Not only were they one of the key bands in helping to popularize this style, but they were also the first big metalcore band I can recall that had a primarily scene kid fanbase (leading the way for bands such as Parkway Drive, Bring Me the Horizon, and The Devil Wears Prada). If you pause the video at 34 seconds, I feel like it’s a time capsule of mid-2000′s scene fashion: merch design on the side of the shirt, bootcut girl jeans, key chain dangling from his belt. The vocalist has also solidified himself in the Regretcore hall of fame(/shame) for being arrested and tried after hiring a hitman to murder his wife.

Bleeding Through were also one of the leading bands of this movement. To my knowledge, they were the first metalcore band to have a cute female keyboardist, an idea that was later adopted by bands such as Winds of Plague and Abigail Williams. I also like to call these guys and As I Lay Dying “headbangersballcore” because having MTV2 air your video at like 2 AM on that show was considered the benchmark of success for these bands.

This is a band that went completely off the radar. They didn’t have as good production as the bigger bands but they were super ahead of their time. It’s too bad they’ve gone uncredited because I’m not sure I could think of any other bands that were mixing melodeath riffs with mosh parts in 1999, or atleast doing it this well (the riff at the beginning of this song > 99% metalcore riffs IMO). To me, this EP bridges the gap between 90′s Earth Crisis style metalcore and the 2000′s style of metalcore which would eventually get popular, but their later stuff is more straight up ATTHEGATESCORE.

Although they slowly progressed towards a more deathcore sound on their later material (smart career move on their part), Dead To Fall’s earlier material is the epitome of ATTHEGATESCORE. It seems like everyone’s forgotten about this band by now and I’m not even sure if they were that big in the first place which makes this lineup even more weird when I put it in today’s context, but in like 2007, I saw them headline over Stick To Your Guns and Suicide Silence.

Unearth is another band that got big off playing this style. They also had crossover appeal because they garnered some respect from tr00 metalheads due to their ability to shred, but still brought the mosh enough to maintain a metalcore fanbase. To me, 2:04 is the epitome of a mid-2000′s breakdown. I could just picture a 24 year old ex-metalcore kid sitting down with his teenage cousin being like “see Jimmy, this is what breakdowns sounded like back in my day, long before they invented drop-F single note Djent chugs”.

Back then, a band was potentially compromising a chunk of their fan demographic by adding “gay emo singing” to their music but it didn’t seem to hurt It Dies Today because as far as I remember they were pretty popular. Bands like this could be seen as pioneers because “gay clean vocal choruses” would end up becoming part of the standard prototype for Crabcore/Risecore music. I’m not sure I understand the meaning behind the storyline of this music video at all, can someone explain it to me?

I don’t remember much about this band but I remember them being vaguely popular, but had no idea they were big enough to be signed to Metal Blade. This video follows the typical “let’s rebel against our 9 to 5 desk job” plotline. I can imagine the awkward scenario of the screamer dude begging his boss for the job back after the band fell through. I’m glad the days of bands trying to add some sort of story to their music video are over and just play in a vacant parking garage instead.

As you can see, the creativity got pretty limited when coming up with names for bands like this. Unfortunately, unlike If Hope Dies, As Hope Dies never got picked up by a decent label. Their music might have been closer to straight up melodeath but they still brought some heavy mosh. It’s a shame that these guys are so unknown because to me they were top tier ATTHEGATESCORE. Random fact: they actually released a split with From Autumn To Ashes not long after both bands started out and had different names (source).

I remember back when Tribunal Records was a hub for good metalcore (does that label even exist anymore?). This is one of the better albums they put out. This band wasn’t around long enough to make a name for themselves (they were a band for literally like a year and then they broke up a week before this CD was released) but they were sweet as fuck.

Before they adopted Nickelback as their main influence, All That Remains started their careers long ago by playing ATTHEGATESCORE. It’s kind of crazy how big this band is (their last three albums all made top 20 on Billboard) yet I never really hear about them. I’ve always known them as “that metalcore band that was in one of the guitar hero games who are just okay”.

With Dead Hands Rising can be filed under “bands that were kinda vaguely popular and then forgotten about like a month after they broke up”. This is probably one of the most annoyingly filmed music videos ever and it almost gave me a seizure. It keeps changing shots every 1.5 seconds and none of the shots are even good. There is some sweet ninja mosh in this video though, which was a staple in the mid-2000′s scene (I seriously haven’t seen kids dance like that at a show in like 5+ years and it kinda makes me sad that it seems to have died out).

I’m not too sure if I could call them pioneers, but endthisday were definitely one of the first bands I can think of to do this style. They have lots of sweet riffs and mosh parts but their songs are so long (like damn bros, this is metalcore not post-rock). The whole “slow down before the breakdown and do a spoken word part” thing at 2:47 is a staple in this style I feel.

Parkway Drive showed up a bit late to the ATTHEGATESCORE party but that didn’t stop them from getting huge off of it. They have two gold albums in Australia (which in their country that probably means they sold like 5,000 copies but still) and have managed to make it in the US which is hard for an overseas band to do. I remember the first time I ever felt old at a show was seeing them when I was like 20 and everyone else was a like 14-16 year old scene kid. RIP the scene-metalcore era :(

I don’t know why Summer’s End weren’t more popular. They were super tight and had really good recording quality for their time (which is getting butchered by the 240p quality of this video). Borrowing the horror themes and imagery from the Misfits and adding them to modern metalcore seemed like a solid idea. I guess kids just wanted to hear about broken hearts instead.

Darkest Hour is a band that is probably closer to just straight up metal but got pegged as a metalcore band, probably due to them being hardcore kids and having a metalcore fanbase (kinda like The Black Dahlia Murder when they first came out). They were so dedicated to their Swedish influences that they actually flew out to Sweden to record this album with the guy who recorded the holy grail itself “Slaughter of the Soul”.

Did you listen to this type of music when it was popular? Who were your favorite ATTHEGATESCORE bands? Do you think this style will ever make a comeback?

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204 Responses to do u remember when ATTHEGATESCORE was a thing?

  1. John says:

    This was my favorite style in middle school.

  2. Sergeant D says:

    Man, I really really REALLY hate this style haha. But props, you really dug deep on this post– great work!

    Seems like this style should/will make a comeback in a few years, after the djent thing becomes even more tiresome than it already is. Although this time, the bands will sound much better because recording technolgy is 1000x better than it was back in the early 00s– I mean, back then you had to actually PLAY the stuff on your records lol!! Can u imagine?!

    • uppercut613 says:

      thanks man haha. (as you can tell) i went through a huge atthegatescore phase. then job for a cowboy came out and i was all about being br00tal. i dont want this style to make a comeback tbh (too played out already to me) but i could see it happening.

    • TLDR says:

      Did you hate this style because back then you were a tr00 IMN? I remember tr00 metal nerds hating on this shit A LOT hahaha.

      Funny modern metalcore kids are jocking this as tr00 because back then it was definitely considered metal poser shit the same as asking alexandra etc are considered now.

      • Sergeant D says:

        No, I just think it’s boring. I don’t like “in-between” music like melodeath: it’s not really heavy, it’s not really poppy… just in-between. Same reason I never liked mid-00s screamo either (the used, fftl, etc). Just bores me.

        • uppercut613 says:

          its true, i feel like after the mid-2000′s, music started going towards more extremes. like deathcore as a more br00tal/heavy version of metalcore. or how mid-2000′s screamo/post-hardcore died and neon pop (extremely poppy) and crabcore (extremely heavy) emerged. yeah i just called crabcore extremely heavy. come @ me.

        • TLDR says:

          Well you are right, most of it is boring. This is why most of us seeing this as a possible comeback are not thrilled about it lol

          • not even azian says:

            prayer for cleansing and skycamefalling are in the same category as well? if i do remember well they were loved from the tr00 metalcore kids even if they had some wimpy clean vocals….
            i simply couldnt get into them for that :/

  3. Rob says:

    I’d take this over any of the modern metalcore bands every day.

  4. Neal G says:

    I feel like Metalcore/Screamo killed Pop Punk during the mid 2000s. I recall buying the Warped Tour CDs in high school and each year there were less Skate Punk and Pop Punk bands and more and more Metalcore. At the time I hated the bands, but now that Easycore 1.0 revived Pop Punk I’m less butthurt.

  5. jake says:

    lol — this era ruled because every band had the word “die” in it or some variation. in b4 revival featuring band named DYING TO DIE.

  6. Sean says:

    some of these bands were my absolute favorite in middle school

  7. Adam says:

    One of the many hilarious/sad aspects of living in Arkansas is seeing local bands STILL playing this style in the year 2014

  8. Brah says:

    This was my heyday right-chere, I remember some sampler that got promoted with the first Sounds of the Underground tour that had almost all these songs on it.

    This was happening at the same time as the whole Norma Jean/ETID/Poison the Well thing right? It all wound up getting lumped together with the emo/screamo “thing” and I’m pretty sure that’s why the average 18 year old calls all music with screaming “screamo” now.

    • uppercut613 says:

      I’m pretty sure that’s why the average 18 year old calls all music with screaming “screamo” now.

      yeah and i wouldnt expect people who arent into any of this stuff to know the difference. i remember playing whitechapel to one of my friends who isnt that into music and him calling it screamo too haha.

    • TLDR says:

      I’m pretty sure that’s why the average 18 year old calls all music with screaming “screamo”

      mind blown that “screamo” has replaced “metal” as the go to term for all heavy music.

      If u rly want to make them butthurt, you can point out that this is the same as how everyone NOT into EDM labels the whole genre “dubstep” as opposed to last decades universal mislabel “techno”

      This is of course assuming they are into EDM. I wish I knew what the term was for every music genre!

      • uppercut613 says:

        ive heard lots of people use “metal” for anything that was heavy or had screaming in it too (whether or not it actually pertained to metal). like calling asking alexandria metal lol.

  9. Anyone who didn’t want to fuck Marta/Molly from Bleeding Through is a fggt.

    Uranium was FuelTV’s(lol r.i.p.) answer to Mtv’s Headbangers Ball & actually a much bigger proponent of this genre, especially when HBB went off the air, again.

    All That Remains were the undisputed kings of BOOTCUTCORE.


  10. scenebro_mcfly says:

    funny that u mention a comeback for that style.
    I heard The Agony Scene are reunited. also dont forget haste the day, early caliban (their new stuff is just embarrassing), Maroon and Himsa

    • uppercut613 says:

      the agony scene reuniting seems so random/unlikely cause they werent even one of the bigger bands playing this style, although i guess all the biggest bands that played this style are still together (which is kinda weird now that i think about it).

      and yeah im aware theres many many bands i left out. i sadly probably couldve probably listed 100 more bands haha, there was such an endless flow of bands like this back then.

      • mmb24d says:

        I think The Agony Scene just playing a one-off reunion show in Tulsa, OK where they’re from. Pretty excited for that one actually.

  11. Nightshift says:

    The Shadows Fall and God Forbid demos were in this vein too. Everyone fagging out over In Flames. Copying flamboyant Gothenburg melodic dm was more popular then than entombedcore is now even.

  12. HeroinJesus says:

    This shit takes me back, it was getting popular right around the time I started high school and started playing in my first band. I loved playing it because these songs took next to no effort to write, super formulaic, and being in a band was more about hitting on scene girls and getting fucked up than actually playing music. fun times indeed.

  13. Brah says:

    The Black Dahlia murder’s Unhallowed and Lamb of God’s As The Palaces Burn (even got the font right) were def two of the bigger Gothen-core releases, back when hardcore kids still “ninja moshed” at their shows

  14. This Is The News says:

    This period really helped to open my eyes to the fact that the time in which a band becomes popular is more important to what genre they are classified in than the actual music they’re playing. (And of course, their haircuts and fashion sense.) Suddenly there were a bunch of kids enjoying songs that sounded like Testament’s Low album from 1994, but it wasn’t called thrash. And it wasn’t melodic death metal, I guess because the bands weren’t Swedish? It was a confusing time.

    • Sergeant D says:

      Suddenly there were a bunch of kids enjoying songs that sounded like Testament’s Low album from 1994, but it wasn’t called thrash

      “it’s funny cuz it’s true” – homer simpson

  15. xMoshatma Gandhix says:

    Man oh man I remember this stuff being all the rage when I was in high school. If you go to small town local shows in the Toronto area there are still kids who ninja mosh they just never learned to do anything else. I can remember getting way into bands like Parkway Drive, I Killed The Prom Queen, August Burns Red. And there were so many bands that I always feel should have been more popular than they were like Conducting From The Grave ( I remember a 15 year old self getting really giddy when they responded to me posting on their Myspace page and they added me to their top friends), Within The Ruins early stuff was total At The Gates-core or bands like A Plea For Purging who were that stepping stone between this stuff and Deathcore. And here in Ontario bands like ETID were HUGE and still are. So all our local bands were a hybrid of ETID and At The Gates so we had bands like The Gorgeous, Dead And Divine or The Holly Springs Disaster.

    Holy shit these are some good memories.

    • uppercut613 says:

      oh man, i used to LOVE conducting from the grave. trials of the forsaken EP was my shit. i guess i left them out cause i find them kinda hard to categorize but in retrospect they were like a more technically proficient version of atthegatescore.

      • xMoshatma Gandhix says:

        Those Janitor sweeps in the intro to Marching Towards Extinction were so great. I’m glad I’m not the only one who remembers them.

        bow to the greatness of the open string chug between each note!

        • uppercut613 says:

          i saw them in montreal in like .. 2008? carnifex and arsonists get all the girls played too and i dont even remember who else. good show. i talked to the drummer he was a chill bro.

          • TLDR says:

            arsonists get all the girls

            these guys are good friends of mine

            RIP Pat

            • Alder says:

              someone needs to do an article about the brief scene of neon myspace “grindcore”, I remember that being a thing around the same time as deathcore and the two being pretty heavily associated. R.I.P wecamewithbrokenteeth/The Irish Front/See You Next Tuesday

  16. Steven says:


  17. xpedox says:

    im sure band in this genre had in their myspace influences day of suffering,morning again, intergrity congress,liar,at the gates and all the notorious bands which sarge “hated” (Except morning again and DoS). I remember alot of the bands mentioned here somehow got me to listen to all those “edgemetal” or whatever bands they were called cause they really looked up to them.

    But have to say so spot on stuff, i remember the term gothencore everywhere but somehow i dont think bleeding through never got associated anywhere near the “genre”, like darkest hour or shadows fall, or all these other bands i remember hearing demostuff from the charts of

    • uppercut613 says:

      the fact you just referenced makes me love you. best site ever in the early 2000′s.

      • xpedox says:

        ALSO or whatever it was? i think it became stereokiller later on?

        And i knew it, like half of the bands you have in this are from literally my first metalcore playlist on my pocket cd player!

        dem days before myspace…..

  18. S&S says:

    The breakdown in that Bleeding Through song is one of the hardest breakdowns ever doe.

    • TLDR says:

      If you liked that one, I strongly suggest you check out their breakdown in “The Wake of Orion.”

      One of the best metalcore songs of all time imo, and hardest mosh parts.

      • not even azian says:

        songoname probably taken from the band dawn of orion ,great band all around so they can take all my tr00 points

  19. void eater says:

    I really hated this music back in the day (the day being like 2011) even though I didn’t know anybody into it, but listening to it now, some of the better bands like AILD and God Forbid had some really good kinda thrash riffs.

  20. Anonymous says:

    anyone remember these videos from that era, I used to think they were “omg so hilarious!!!!” I remember finding them on Myspace Video no less (RIP MYSPACE 2003-2010 NEVER 4GET)

  21. Avoid The Light says:

    Great list but you missed an important one! The Haunted!

    • Sergeant D says:

      the metal band? why would they go on this list?

      • uppercut613 says:

        thanks but yeah the haunted was just a metal band. no core them. i wonder if there were swedish bands who did this style though and if they were looked down on by their tr00 melodeath swedish brethren

        • demcats says:

          Weird, I have never seen any tr00 metalhead have anything good to say about the Haunted. Obvs there not american so they’re missing an integral piece of the -core puzzle but yeah everytime a metel guy brings them up (online at least) it’s always complaining about “gay ass core vocals” and shit.

      • TLDR says:

        Well I did see them in like 2003 w ith 18 visions and God Forbid. Confused 16 year old me thought they were metalcore.

        In all reality the sound of atthegatescore and actual melodeath is not THAT different – people mostly just liked/disliked the “scene” aspect of one or the other and picked their butthurt accordingly.

        Same as when ppl hate on the acacia strain but love meshuggah

        • uppercut613 says:

          In all reality the sound of atthegatescore and actual melodeath is not THAT different – people mostly just liked/disliked the “scene” aspect of one or the other and picked their butthurt accordingly.

          true! not to sound all “im different from the other guyz” but i went through a melodeath and metalcore phase at the same time for this exact reason – they’re not THAT different. still usually tend to prefer -core anything though over tr00 metal.

      • Avoid The Light says:

        Yeah, most of The Haunted Made Me Do It leans on those Gothenburg riffs

  22. big dick alpha male says:

    Most of this stuff has aged pretty badly, but ill give props to Darkest Hour for

    A. still playing this style today
    B. actually being approved by thomas lindberg
    C I. mike schleibaum being a look GOD
    C II. ill expect him to get tons of offers from fat goth girls all over the world then being like nah fuck it and actually go out and jam some quality bishes

  23. Cpt Howdy says:

    if the atthegatescore does make a revival a lot of these bands will be bigger when they reunite then when they first started, like how athiest is everyone’s shit now and no one saw them back in the 90s. inb4 manntis gets a decibel hall of fame retrospective

    • Sergeant D says:

      inb4 manntis gets a decibel hall of fame retrospective

      honestly surprised that they haven’t yet, lol

      • Cpt Howdy says:

        btw , and you’ve probably hear this before but this site and your commentary may have changed my life for the better. sgt D, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the scene, lol

    • RickRoss says:

      A lot of these bands were huge already, so probably not?

      • Cpt Howdy says:

        i’m talking third tier bands, homeskizzle. like athiest, some bands legacy gets bigger after the band breaks up. some decent metalcore bands that weren’t appreciated during an oversaturated market for athegatescore may be bigger the second time around.

  24. cmoney says:

    Darkest Hour’s “Mark of the Judas” is still one of my fave albums. Might just be straight up metal but I don’t care. It was pretty raw and just had a lot of droney parts with lots of distortion. Then they actually got a lot more talented and started noodling and such and I became less interested, though it’s still pretty good.

    I think part of the reason they get hardcore cred is the lyrics address “issues”, man.

    • Sergeant D says:

      the reason they get hardcore cred is that they are hardcore kids who played in hardcore bands (like Battery, who were the first I can remember to do youth crew revival as early as like 94). i think it’s hilarious that people consider them metal.

  25. nils says:

    I still miss it dies today. The forever scorned ep was great

  26. VanDoom says:

    i still jam some of them and really miss that time. himsa should have been in there. there’ s still a lot of love fir himsa around. ;)

  27. Sean says:

    I still rep Darkest Hour and early ATR> Funny thing that you mention these two bands because they both toured with the Crown back in 2002/03 with the band the Crown who at the time had none other than the father of Atthegatescore vocal style a.k.a. Tompa Lindberg. And I don’t care what anyone says today but back both of those bands were so good.

    Also no Killswitch Engage?

    • uppercut613 says:

      mm yeah i shouldve included killswitch engage. i never got into them personally but they were super important and arguably were the #1 leading band in the 2000′s metalcore movement.

      • Ninjaturtle says:

        Would you put KSE into the Atthegatescore catagory though? They were just metal…no real swedish fish in their bowl…Same with early Unearth. It was just good ole’ Merican metal. But I stopped listening to that trash after Stings of Conscious or whatever so who know what kinda music they made after that.

        • Sergeant D says:

          they are hardcore dudes playing metal… so metalcore

        • uppercut613 says:

          KSE have some swedish influence from what ive heard but yeah not as much as all the bands i listed

          • Ninjaturtle says:

            Its possible I didn’t really care or listen to much after Alive or Just Breathing. Once they left ferret they were officially not hardcore anymore and I no longer liked them haha

          • eettee says:

            KSE was probably the first big band to do this, before AILD even. I remember when they started everyone was all stoked that there was an american band that sounded like in flames. Then everyone started hating them when people stopped calling them metal and started calling them hardcore. I was never into a this genre much but I did get into AILD and KSE

  28. Embarrassed-core says:

    I can’t believe I prescribed myself to this back in mid-2000s. You were spot-on about As I Lay Dying and Unearth… and those were definitely bands the Dallas scene jocked at the time. #myspacecore #butnotthefaggyhottopiccore

  29. poopy says:

    Any one remember Falling Cycle?
    (has guest vocals from the guy from Sinai Beach)

    • TLDR says:

      YES <3<3<3

      Saw them in 2002 with As Hopes Dies, Scars of Tomorrow, and a bunch of other bands. I'm actually wearing the shirt I got at that show right now lolol

      They were some solid 2nd tier chainreactioncore

    • Ninjaturtle says:

      hahahahaha Sinai Beach…

  30. TLDR says:

    A+ post as usual. This genre has been in long need of discussion on SYWH, thanks for doing it!

    As some other commenters mentioned, there are a few honorable mentions left out – Killswitch Engage, HIMSA (highly underrated band imo) but with so many bands its impossible to include them all in the post.

    Undying was great, I got one of my tattoo ideas from one of their shirts. It’s praying hands in shackles and it says “man’s ruin” on it. I remember rustling the jimmies of many xtian bros in high school DON’S FEDORA

    As Hope Dies will always be one of my favorite hardcore bands of all time (srs). First band I ever moshed for, and also first band I got the mic for at a show. They were so good. <3 them forever. I also loved that they always came back to Salinas to play a shitty little shack off the s ide of the highway called Jim Dandy's, it was my second home in high school and I will forever love any band that would come play for my shitty little town.

    Like others here who actually remember this era, in spite of having fond memories from it, I am not eager to see it make a comeback. Too much repetition, just totally burned out the style. When you have a style this simple, IMO it makes it harder to pull off correctly and only a few bands did it correctly.

    • uppercut613 says:

      thanks dude. im glad to see some appresh for as hope dies. they were probably my all time favorite band of this genre. their full length and self titled ep are perfect. unlike most other bands who played this style, their songs actually give me the “feels”. this song doe <3

      • TLDR says:

        Dude I’M stoked to see some aprpresh for As Hope Dies! That band srsly meant so much to me (srs). Will love them forever.

        Unfortunately, I’ve heard rumor that tr00 metalheads adopted them at some point and insist they are not hardcore (LOL), but this was hearsay from other people and I have not witnessed it myself except on one youtube comment.

        I just fucking love “Birthplace and Burial Site” and the excessively long melodic intro to it. So fucking good

    • uppercut613 says:

      and yea, there were way too many bands to mention all in one post. kinda wish i included one of the lulzy euro bands now though (euros ripping off americans ripping off euros). THE NINJA MOSH IN THIS VIDEO THO HAHAHAH

      • Aaron S says:

        I’m so glad that As Hope Dies was included in this list, as well as Undying. Them along with Darkest Hour are imo the bands that defined the genre and nobody really did it better. Back in ’04 I think there was a tour with As Hope Dies, Underoath, and CAST FROM EDEN who is also one of my favorites from this genre.

        Another one to mention I think would be Nehemiah. Their full length gets a little boring for me, but the first two songs on Lenore are what I think two of the best metalcore songs ever written.

        The only Euro band even worth mentioning I think would be Arkangel.

        If you’re into super obscure bands of this genre check out

        • TLDR says:

          As Hope Dies/Undying were undoubtedly great bands, but alas they did not define the genre and have unfortunately faded into obscurity. Darkest Hour was definitely definitive, along with Unearth, KSE and IMO Bleeding Through.

          BACK TARD on Cast from Eden, they were awesome. I saw them on tour with As Hope Dies sometime around 02-03 but that particular show did not feature Underoath, another great band.

          Nehemia was really good too, a friend of mine knew them and would always name drop them lol

          I still have their awkwardly sized poster in my closet somewhere

  31. Ninjaturtle says:

    I was never very big on this kind of music but I remember really really being into Atreyu before victory signed them and also the Birthplace to Burial Site ep by As Hope Dies…when the church bell comes in during this break down…that was musical jizz in my little 18 year old ears.

    • uppercut613 says:

      im surprised to see multiple people mention as hope dies haha. maybe they werent as unknown as i thought they were. although that EP isnt bad, their improved DRASTICALLY after it IMO. im glad they cut out the (minimal) clean singing they had.

      • TLDR says:

        I liked the occasional clean singing! I love Birthpalce and Burial Site so much I literally cannot tell, at age 27, if its actually because its that good or just pure nostalgia. I have excessively high nostalgia for this band lol

  32. Anonymous says:

    aren’t bury tomorrow a recent band keeping this thing goin? can’t really remember what they sounded like exactly but they seem like some srs mid-00s style melodic metalcore from what i do remember

  33. psylena gomez says:

    Next up this seasons episode of where are they now, In Flames and Soilwork.

  34. Spyke says:

    What about Prayer for Cleansing? They have some pretty melodeathish, and they’re from like the late 90′s. But they seem to be more mosh oriented than the 00′s ATHEGATES-core bands.

    • uppercut613 says:

      i was thinking of including them but honestly their stuff sounds so dated to me (then again i guess alot of these bands do) even though ironically they were super ahead of their time. i think the recording quality kills it for me.

      also, they somehow manage to sound way more metal than core even though they brought the mosh. probably cause of the vocals i guess? like in that undying song i posted, the vocalist starts off with high pitched shrieks for the “metal” part and then he goes into lower hardcore growls for the mosh part. whereas, prayer for cleansing is like all high pitched metal shrieks. lol i know im being way too analytical but yeah.

      most of the members went on to play in between the buried and me i think.

    • jake says:

      cranberries cover was their best song imo

    • Andrew says:

      This is backed, they were at least as important in the development of this stuff on the East Coast as Undying was. And it’s true they almost all went on to be in BTBAM–singer quit, one of the guitarists switched to vocals, they brought in the second guitarist from Empire Falls, and that was the original lineup of BTBAM.

      As for Darkest Hour, dude, have you ever heard their first LP, The Misanthrope? They were straight up chugga-core at the time, going for that whole Destroy The Machines era Earth Crisis sound. Then they discovered At The Gates, poached some dudes from Richmond death metal bands to play second guitar and drums for them, and became pretty much carbon copies of At The Gates for three albums (Choir Of the Prophecy Fulfilled, Mark Of The Judas, So Sedated So Secure) before finally getting a little more original and more straight up metal. And THAT’s when they really got big. But for kids from VA in the late 90s, it seemed like Darkest Hour and Prayer For Cleansing invented this whole sound.

  35. Swag Boi says:

    Sweet list! I remember these days, I was never to into this kind of music but it makes me feel nostalgic nonetheless. The only band in this genre that I really enjoyed was Evergreen Terrace.

    • TLDR says:

      Interesting mention: while they were a weird cult band, this probably is the genre they would most technically fit into.

  36. chris says:

    As true as it gets. I started getting into all these band seeing them on headbangers ball every saturday night. Good times

  37. UNCLE SLAM says:

    this post reminds me of being 18 in 2004ish and seeing parkway drive/as i lay dying/shadows fall. it was probs my first exposure to a circle pit via only listening to metal, along with every other older long haired metal beardos in the crowd. whilst i found it bemusing/kinda cool, all the lame longhairs were getting fighty due to trying to headbang in the pit whilst their beers were getting kicked out of their hands due to the flurry of ninja activity.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Prayer for cleansing

  39. 3rdgrace says:

    does anybody know anything about the roots of august burns red? they are a bit younger band (formed in 03 i guess), but if really start to analyze, then they don’t seem to fit anywhere. just some random christian school kids accidentally making great stuff?

  40. Interesting bit of musicological contradiction:

    ATTHEGATESCORE did indeed become a huge thing, but the actual sound – i.e. the Swe-Death HM-2 buzzsaw tone – only became a thing much, much later.

  41. pineapple says:

    Killswitch Engage > all other atthegatescore bands

  42. YESMAN says:

    It Dies Today was waaaay underrated, sure there’s the choruses(I loved that shit back then) + the really misguided image change. But those guys were doing shit back then, that bands today are still catching on to. The Caitiff Choir has some of the best breakdowns I’ve ever heard(srs)!

  43. Chillin' says:

    As much as I love all these bands via being some of the first exposures to music I had freshman year of High School, I pray to god that we never, ever have a revival of this genre. I mean, it really was just a more “normal” and accessible version of older shit to begin with. Rehashing it is totally unnecessary and will be tiresome. But then again, seeing that Hollywood is coming out with more Wizard of Oz movies and I can see the writing on the wall; people love to stick to what they know, even if it’s a third reiteration of what’s been done before :(

    • Sergeant D says:

      people love to stick to what they know, even if it’s a third reiteration of what’s been done before


    • VyceVictus says:

      The ‘classic’ Wizard of Oz movie that we all know with Judy Garland is itself a remake, and there were several movie adaptions of the book before it. This is not a new thing, its more ingrained in us than we care to admit. I accept ReentryToTheGatesCore with open arms.

  44. vinny levine says:

    I liked atthegatescore back in middle school and then it died out. I did happen to see Shadows Fall a few months ago though and they were impressive except for the fact they were playing a bar that had about a few hundred people there compared to when they were at Ozzfest in 2003.

  45. uppercut613 says:

    Unrelated but kinda similar, I feel like a post should be done about early 2000′s moshcore. Maybe TLDR possesses more knowledge of this genre than me?

    • TLDR says:

      I want to do a post called a brief history of beatdown, lol

      • uppercut613 says:

        haha you totally should!

        • xpedox says:

          2000 moshcore was the shit, but i still cant remember like all the bands, but throwdown – haymaker was really big, and bury your dead in my opinion were the most heard and bandwagoned bands. I think i remember everyone getting into hc was through those bands. Also i think Terror’s “one with the underdogs” could be counted to the end of this, cause with that record they had lots of mosh and normal hc, and suddenly everyone wanted to play that kinda hardcore, not like the Blood in blood out / king of clubz / CDC / back of tha neck / black my heart / bury your dead / types that were mainly in my opinion really popular. But still some bands have made it from then and still play the same thing music as they did, most of them are Eulogy bands currently, like rhinoceros, HOODS and thick as blood.

  46. VyceVictus says:

    This is my favorite genre of music.

    Further credence to the revival of AtTheGatesCore: There was a band called The Red Death from upstate New York who made a sick as fuck album called External frames of Reference in ’05. They broke up acouple years ago. I just found out that my local homeboys Maps Of War (featured in my dunk metal Show post) opened for a reuninon new years show featuring The Red Death, If Hope Dies in Syracuse.
    The more things change…

    • nu⚡⚡tej says:

      Surprised nobody has picked up the (lame gimmicky) name SEAR ACCUSE.

    • TLDR says:

      I did not know this! I thought real metal (not like supergay black metal or whatever) was your favorite. I don’t know what genre I’m actually referring to here, but for some reason I am surprised to know ATGcore was your fav

      • nu♘♘tej says:

        By default any metal Vyce enjoys is “black metal”.

      • VyceVictus says:

        It’s mainly because it happens that 2003-2004 was when I actually got into “extreme music”. Not having to worry about/having any clue what tr00/real/scene meant, I was glad to find music that had great melody but also hardness to it (the two things I enjoy most in music, I like hip hop that has those same attributes too). It also happens that those years were the big breakout/breakthrough for “extreme metal” in general (as mentioned, the return of headbangers ball to MTV,) I also think that some of the very best albums of the genre came at that time (End of Heartache, War Within, Hidden Hands etc.) Basically I started surfing right at the height of the huge wave, so it left a pretty big impact on me.

        Ironically, out of the “Holy Trinity” of Gothenburg bands, I dont really like At The Gates much at all.

        • TLDR says:


          All the albums you mentioned are great. Its weird to me that I was into something before you, for some reason lol. Same feeling as when I found out I liked Nails before Sarge, my world was turned upside down

  47. wilbur says:

    sounds like a bunch of iron maiden covers run thru a 5150 cranked.

  48. nyk3 says:

    Even though they didn’t sound like these bands, I feel that Horse the Band were pretty tuned into this scene.

    Does anyone remember that band The Number 12 Looks Like You?

    • VyceVictus says:

      I think saw the Number 12 at a Dillinger show I believe. They got some 13 year old scene boy on stage and said “we’re gonna get you laid bro” then they asked if there was a girl who wanted to come on stage and kiss him and then two actually came up then he frenched em both and stage dived head first into the crowd. Must’ve been the best night of his pre-pubescent life. I was certainly entertained.

      • super baking xtreme says: Holy shit, was it this show? The only reason I know about this is because that dude is the drummer of a math rock band I love, though they broke up two days ago ;(
        Now he’s in a weirdo sludge-type band called Oxen

        • VyceVictus says:

          Ha! No, I dont belive it was that show; I saw them in NYC so it wasnt their final show as indicated by the video. But I guess it is kinda nice they did stuff like that as a recurring bit. As I recall when they opened, the singer said they were “all about peace and love” and that was pretty cool to see/hear.

    • Alder says:

      I legit love HORSE the band still, in that sense where I have positive memories of them (their shows were fun) but would never ever listen to them again b/c jfc it’s 2014. Them and Genghis Tron were both on a similar wavelength but went with COMPLETELY different scenes (Melodic metalcore and cybergrind respectively) which always made me laugh.

    • TLDR says:

      My old ATGcore band played with Horse the Band at the Gaslighter in Campbell. Was a p good show, venue sucked tho

      I remember seeing #12 in ppls myspace top friends but thats it

  49. honestabebread says:

    Unearth goes so hard. I miss them being huge.

  50. Alder says:

    Not sure if my bafflement at this scene getting a “nostalgic look back” is part of the joke or just me getting old :(

  51. AT7 says:

    Glass Casket were awesome. Great porst :)

  52. Adam says:

    I really fucking enjoyed this post. Serious levels of nostalgia. Summer’s End were a definite favourite of mine – the scale/rhythmic style used in that opening riff was a definite trademark of the time, I remember it being used by a lot of bands (As I Lay Dying, Avenged Sevenfold, The Black Dahlia Murder to name a few).

  53. vinny levine says:

    Someone should bring back this style of music. It would be amazing if it came back.

  54. Snuggls says:

    I never really understood why people chose to listen to half-assed ATTHEGATEScore like Darkest Hour, Dead to Fall and The Agony Scene while The Black Dahlia Murder have done it almost perfectly. Maybe because they will NEVER get rid of that ‘dethc0re’ label they have.

    • MoshOff says:

      Yeah, BDM’s first album is basically SotS MkII yet I remember them being considered Deathcore for a while there. That was before they started getting repped by tr00 bands like Cannibal Corpse and Carcass and every IMN decided that they were a legit Death Metal band and OK to listen to.

  55. Viking says:

    Thanks for the post! I still love this style (srs!) but only knew about the bigger bands.

  56. tr00 herper says:

    It was always As I Lay Dying for me, An Ocean Between Us goes with Count Your Blessings as my first metalcore records (always thought Count Your Blessings was a modernised and excessively brutal atthegatescore album).
    Bury Tomorrow are the closest thing to atthegatescore happening right now from my knowledge.

  57. ultraspatial says:

    used to love this shit in middle & high school – until i discovered tr00 hardcore like have heart, mliw, hopecon etc and finally risecore.
    bleeding through were my favourite band for a good part of my teens. and imo they were the only band to stay relevant with scene kids – singing to rise probably helped – as all the other bands either broke up or got adopted by metal dudes and fell off from everybody else’s radar.
    but yeah, this sound does not need a comeback. it was done to death by 2006. let’s leave it at that.
    sadly, being from the shitty parts of euroland means i still ocasionally stumble upon bands with 30+ y.o. dudes that sound like kse nowadays.

  58. Latinoheat!!! says:

    not even once during my high school days bros (via having asperger’s tro00o IMN syndrome back then )… but respect LoG for actually mixing hardcore and metal pretty good imho n TBDM for making unhallowed cuz that shit was sweet as fuck…

    I remember seeing mistress juliya at an ozzfest once in the late 00s…. I am sad to report that she has NO ass! Metal Sanaz is way hotter irl u guise =]

  59. DirtyDump says:

    Ahhhh man major nostalgia trip on this one. AtGcore definitely coincided with my first forays into the music scene so I’d have to say this is probably still my favorite genre, or at least the one I fawn over the most in my free time due to being a wispy eyed sentimentalist still having overly fond ptsd-esque flashbacks of wasting my youth.

    Can’t wait until the ktd start sweating this again, so I can finally feel like the decade I pissed away trying to smoosh all of Carnal Forge’s and Hatesphere’s riffs with super srsly spoken-word-core melodic noodly downs wasn’t just for cheap beer and trying to impress fatties.

  60. Thanks for the nod to RIFLES AT RECESS. Honestly, surprised that PRAYER FOR CLEANSING isn’t on this list or DAY OF SUFFERING, but I guess DoS were more SLAYERxCORE.

  61. Anonymous says:


    • leftsideofthebed says:

      miss may i is kinda late to the game, like they said about parkway drive. they are not the tr00 atthegatecore bands i guess

  62. Joe brown says:

    I’m surprised there is no mention for a life once lost. They went from ripping off at thee gates in their first album to sounding like Meshuggah on their second album

  63. leftsideofthebed says:

    still remains is back, i wish bands like himsa and it dies today, haste the day, atreyu could make a comeback during this revival

  64. hugepupils says:

    woah Summers End! one of my BFFs recorded them at his moms house in Bergenfield NJ! not like on a digital recorder, he had a fucking Neve console and a full HD rig down there, was fucking insane!

  65. thatdude says:

    i miss Red Rose For A Blue Lady

    i really hope there will never be a revival

  66. nikos says:

    Cheers to that perfect article here…i will always love the ATTHEGATESCORE and i also got a band named ENDSIGHT so check us out and i think that will not regret it…you must check LIGHT THIS CITY,HIMSA,BRIDGE TO SOLACE !! Cheers


    • leftsideofthebed says:

      light this city is fucking awesome!! have you heard their new punk rock band called heartsounds? they are actually pretty good

  67. ultraspatial says:

    so… i killed the prom queen is back and their video looks like it came straight from 2005. what’s with all the comebacks?


  69. Pingback: It Dies Today reunites, kids get stoked that REAL metalcore is coming back! | STUFF YOU WILL HATE

  70. Hudson says:

    This is my area of expertise-core. I haven’t read any of the postings yet – so if I copy everything already posted…then fuck off! This article is 100% irrelevant without it opening with Killswitch Engage. They started the movement. Killswitch, Unearth and Shadows Fall opened the doors to AILDying, who were the first band of this genre to have (stupid) scene kids. I’ll never forget the crowd at an AILD show when they were touring the Frail Words Collapse tour…HOLY CHAOS. As I Lay Dying then opened it for a million clones. Shadows Are Security was a mega hit, but I always thought the riffs and better album was An Ocean Between Us. They sounded like mediocreshit-core on The Powerless Rise. Facts: KsE’s Alive or Just Breathing is the shit; Unearth’s The Oncoming Storm is the Shit; I am going to see System of a Down tonight on the same bill as Bush and Fall Out Boy (I will be showing up late); Acacia Strain pits dominated Emmure’s last Friday night; my buddies who I got into metal are now listenening to shit that makes me look like a priest; Brandon from Bleeding Through loves to post Instagram pics of him working out; I still like Dude Ranch; The Bronx slay; I think Bury Your Dead are getting back together; Clutch is better than most bands; can’t wait to laugh at new Coal Chamber; Ghost Inside is now lame…do you remember how sweet Fury and the Fallen was; Tip Your Bartender is sweet. Happy Saturday.

  71. Teedav says:

    invocation of nehek should have been on this list, one of the most underrated bands from that time. they were awesome and pretty ahead of the curve at the time.

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