this russian band rly likes chunk, no captain chunk (new #ezcrab jamz)

HEY DUDES ARE U READY TO sound a lot like Chunk, No Captain Chunk?

OMG how could they be so trite and unoriginal? They are lacking innovation!

Lmao jk I don’t give a crap about that. This is some solid #ezcrab. IMO euros have got the #ezcrab game on lock. I can’t wait to hear more of this kind of music from the land that seems to have gone unaffected by the tr00nami.

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25 Responses to this russian band rly likes chunk, no captain chunk (new #ezcrab jamz)

  1. Dave says:

    amaze at how this is a russian trying to sing like a french trying to sing in english. they have the cncc formula down tho, hopefully there’s more like minded resistance to the tr00nami. solid #ezcrab/10

  2. Взорвать бы это на максимальной громкости в моей Т-90 в то время как вторжение Украина/10.

  3. Truffles says:

    Mate we all know how euros work – they catch up with trends years later, the tr00nami is yet to reach the other side of the ocean.

    • postcore says:

      imo there won’t be one because all the kids that would become ‘tr00′ kids got into indie-folk/pop forever ago and don’t even listen to this kind of music.

    • flapping in the wind says:

      chunk, no captain chunk totes hail from california. there is no way an euro band could come up with a sound like that.

  4. buttsguy says:

    damn actually p solid, where 2 buy album

  5. Anonymous says:

    so glad ez is still alive in tha eurolands, particularly russia – seems to be where most of the good ez shit comes from

  6. Anonymous says:


    Their album comes out soon

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh and what a great tattoo the singer has, I’d say he’d regret that later in life but he’s Russian

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh he’s going to regret it even more because of that since general consensus in eastern europe is that only criminals have tattoos.

  7. Bear In Ushanka says:

    more russian shit, even more hilarious

  8. bigbuttz says:

    Bro, 00:27 was way sweet

  9. AN HARD ROCKER says:

    i like how the singer stays still and looks to the left during some shots so we can see his #ink

  10. ultraspatial says:

    “the land that seems to have gone unaffected by the tr00nami”
    tr00 was big here first tho. everybody just fucked off and is into techno nowadays

  11. KelenKeller says:

    Better guitar flips, and singer has a huge resemblance in voice to the dude from All American Rejects. Consider Chunk defeated.

  12. bingy says:

    they got some jamz, czech out their other shitz, u wont be disapoint

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