if SWORN IN and LA DISPUTE went acappella and had a baby, this is what it’d sound like

“Jordan Dreyer, I’ma need u to move over and step outta da vocal booth for just a second. Listen in so u can hear the ravings of a true poetic genius turned mad man. Lol, while u were floating around King Park with ur invisibility cloak, I was out in the streets witnessing real life murders. U think u’ve seen violence with ur made up creative writing essays? Nahh boi. Can I still get into hell if I don’t slap the shit out u right now? Cause I want to but I’m on probation. I think I saw u in my sleep. Lol jk I don’t have dreams about beta fuccbois, I have nightmares about rampaging behemoths and angels getting ass fucked by satan. U don’t wanna fuck wit me cause I’m craaaazay. Aight I g2g I’m late for my court date. Peace out pussy boy.”

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25 Responses to if SWORN IN and LA DISPUTE went acappella and had a baby, this is what it’d sound like

  1. uppercut613 says:


  2. King810 has given us so much over the years, fat guys with shotguns, poorly-scripted and acted music-video subplots, slipknotcore, and above all an amazing anti-endorsement of the white-trash penal-colony that is Michigan. Now this? Acappella losernetics at it’s finest. Wood build-up 2 the inevitable jumpthafuckup groovemosh/10.

  3. Nightshift says:

    So sad. Michigan’s a beautiful state full of polite honest people.

  4. Dave says:

    brb IM MOSHING

  5. yup says:

    Can’t listen to their vocalist w/o hearing this:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9KqXH5d7Mo

  6. wlfblnkt says:

    This band has had a pretty weird/interesting history. Most recently there was a rumor that they got picked up by Roadrunner, and then they dropped off a the face of the earth for a few months (removed Facebook/Twitter accounts, dropped off of last year’s MDF I believe). But it turns out they are on RR, and played RotR and are playing Mayhem.

    Other shenanigans…



    There used to be YT vids of their fans throwing deer/cat carcasses at the crowd at a show, and also of a set getting shut down after some knucklehead decided to use bear mace to break up a fight in the crowd, but those have since been removed.

    • uppercut613 says:

      There used to be YT vids of their fans throwing deer/cat carcasses at the crowd at a show

      srs? wow

    • ultraspatial says:

      “no matter what happened, its not a big deal, act like you’ve never been to a hardcore (or whatever music you want to call what half the bands with bass drops play) and never seen a gun or a knife pulled or used. after thirty years of this shit aren’t you used to it”

  7. O'Shady says:

    Can’t wait to hear the cover in Pitch Perfect 2

  8. TheNewTaylorSwift says:

    This is to bad even for me.

  9. Latinoheat!!! says:

    thank god i don’t know anything about this band.
    I have heard the term slipknotcore apply to this band via an old post n rumours… is this true? Don’t wanna waste precious seconds punishing my ears for nothing…

    • TLDR says:

      some quality lulz are had from listening, will not punish ears just get boring rly fast. do not regret clicking

      • uppercut613 says:

        this ^

        • Latinoheat!!! says:

          lol. wholy shit you’re right. this song reminds me of that first stonesour album track where kory taylor or feldman is all spouting his emo poetry about some big black book n is all like “sing whats happening! SHUTUP!!!” x-D

  10. SyndromeOfADown says:

    Flint’s finest musical export since The Dayton Family and Repulsion. But seriously, that Killem All song is pretty good.

  11. Davey says:

    reminds me more of that black flag spoken word album family man

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