me vs hero released a new song and it’s #EZ

Me Vs Hero is BACK!!! TBH this song sounds more like a Tr00/EZ crossover, like Real Friends riffs with chugs underneath them, but I’m just stoked that they haven’t forgotten their roots. Let this be a lesson to all aspiring musicians: you can be mature AND play breakdowns too!!!


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17 Responses to me vs hero released a new song and it’s #EZ

  1. Dave says:

    dang this is sweet! i really dig the other single ‘marks of a slave’ too, tho it was less #ez.

    the destroy-tr00-music ‘inside job’ conspiracy:
    ☑ step 1.) make breakdowns tr00
    ☐ step 2.) make synths tr00

    • uppercut613 says:

      marks of a slave is cool but i feel like theyre jocking TSSF a biit too much. i mean, i love TSSF but idk, that song just seems like they rewrote mt diablo. oh god, i’m becoming one of those “bands need to be more original” kids. please slap me on the side of the head. this is more of a crime than publishing a controversial post about feminism :(

  2. Alex says:

    Finally! I’ve been waiting for these guys to come back. Days that shape our lives was awesome and the new stuff sounds promising too.

  3. Omg that male-child is committing SEXUAL-ASSAULT! This video is also racist for not including Clay-person’s in it’s stop-motion animation, dyslexic’s for employing words in the video, and worst of all narcoleptics…Adolph Hitler wanted people to “wake up” too, you FASCISTS!

    End patriarchal #EZoppression now!

    • uppercut613 says:

      not to mention all of the paper he’s wasting. like, damn think of the environment son. #savethetrees

  4. Jeff says:

    I used to jam Me vs Hero so hard a few years ago. Love that easycore is still alive and well. Now if only four year strong would get back on board

    • S&S says:

      FYS has a new EP coming out and apparently it’s supposed to be sick and a complete 180 from their last snoozefest of a nickelback record.

  5. Sergeant D says:

    This song is really good– I thought they were among the very best ez bands, and “days that shape our lives” still holds up imo. Really great songs and stronger vocals than you usually find in the genre. I’m not wild about the production on this one but that’s a personal preference. Glad they are back in action!

    Now they just need to move to the US so they dont fall into the same abyss of irrelevance as every other UK band.

    • uppercut613 says:

      Now they just need to move to the US so they dont fall into the same abyss of irrelevance as every other UK band.

      ive been wanting them to do this for a long time now. hopefully they can make it happen soon.

  6. Nightshift says:

    Wheres save parker. Everyone here needs a big lecture

  7. Nightshift says:

    Looks like nails signed to nucular blast and todd jones went full metalnerd

  8. Anonymous says:

    i was super hyped when i first heard this song, but someone posted in the comments a statement from the lead singer that this is the “heaviest song on the album”… i’m happy about this throwback to their ez roots but it looks the album is gonna be pretty much mostly tr00 :(

    at least ive high hopes for the new FYS ep which apparently sounds more along the lines of Enemy Of The World. hopefully that’ll spark SOME sort of easycore revival

    • uppercut613 says:

      yeah it seems they will pull a in her own words. have one heavy song to appease the fans of the old stuff and then have the rest be tr00.

      and yeh, i hope the new FYS album is a complete return to form.

  9. ILuvBr00talBr3akd0wns says:

    this isn’t br00tal at all

  10. LAIFF says:

    I think the one on the left is guy butt. *shivers*

  11. nerdalert says:

    thanks for introducing me to this band. Not really into this type of music but damn this is really good. the vocals really pushes this band above the others in this genre. i’m going to check out more of their stuff

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