The Dumbest Common Reasons Why People Hate on Bands and the Types of People They Stem From


Let’s be real for a second: hating on bands is pretty pointless. Now is the time when a bunch of people just thought to themselves “you could say that anything is pointless… you writing this article is pointless!”. Okay smart-ass, let me rephrase that: hating on bands just isn’t positive. Music sales (both digital and physical) continue to plummet every year and tons of kids would rather sit at home and reblog gifs of their favorite bands instead of going to see them at a show. Meanwhile, every band is scrambling to find the most bankable merch designs. The point I’m trying to get at is musicians need all the support they can get. The time and energy that people put into hating on a band could easily be substituted with helping support a band that they like.


In all my years of music fandom, I’ve witnessed many different forms of hate from all different kinds of people. Whether it be from the comments of my YouTube videos, frequenting various message boards, or even standing behind some loud obnoxious dude in line at a show, I feel like I’ve pretty much heard it all. I am going to attempt to narrow down the most common dumb reasons why people hate on bands and try to identify the different types of people they usually stem from.


Reason #1: Their music is too simple
The type of people it stems from: IMNs

I started with this one because it’s the easiest to trace its roots. This is predominantly a metal nerd thing. With “extreme metal” constantly pushing the boundaries of proficient musicianship and technical skill, it’s almost as if these people completely forgot that songwriting exists. They are too wrapped up in who has the fastest blastbeats or who has the craziest arpeggio sweeps. I remember I was at a party at my friend’s house and their band played, so they had all their instruments set up. After they played, some dude picked up my friend’s guitar, turned his amp up real loud and started sweeping in front of everyone at the party. The dude was really arrogant about it too, as if he thought that it actually made him cool. That’s like going to a party and showing off your Magic the Gathering cards. Thankfully, my friend promptly took the guitar away from him and told him that if he wanted to masturbate, he could do it at home. From then on, we referred to him as “sweep douche”.

I will admit that this one somewhat boils down to personal taste but there still is a lot of ignorance to be had here. Lots of these people denounce mainstream pop music as a whole because what could be easier than playing in a band whose music is simplistic… making music that doesn’t involve any instruments at all! That’s pretty much where talent stops for them. They don’t take into account that writing a catchy song does require a special knack. Also, since there’s no instruments involved and you’re doing it all on a computer, the production aspect plays a huge role, which comes with its own set of skills and knowledge. So when some nerdy metal dude tells me he could easily make songs that are on the level of a god-tier pop artist like Ke$ha, my response is usually something like this…

Reason #2: They’re just in it for the money
The type of people it stems from: Crusties/tr00 punx

Thank GOD this one is becoming less common nowadays because it’s easily the most cringe-worthy. Playing music for a living is arguably a thousand times cooler than any menial job. You would never go up to someone working at Subway and be like “you’re just in it for the money!” because of course they are, it’s just a given. But suddenly when it’s something cool like playing music then people should be shamed for it? Is that not the ultimate goal? To make money doing something you love? This is where people step in and say “well, they’re specifically playing a certain type of music to cater to a wide audience”. Even then, who gives a shit? Maybe they like that kind of music?


I think probably the main reason that this type of mentality is becoming less common is because more and more people are beginning to realize that most bands don’t make a lot of money. It’d be pretty ridiculous to say that they eat raw noodles everyday, take pictures with underage girls and sleep in a van for any reason other than a genuine love for the music. Your favorite band may appear to be rockstars until the drummer is asking you what your pant size is at Zumiez.  I think that the money shaming mentality probably does still exist in small circles of crusty punx type people, but luckily they don’t have internet access under bridges and in squats, so we’re spared from their crappy opinions for the most part.

This video helped open my eyes to the horrors of touring in a mid-level popularity scenecore band.

Reason #3: They focus too much on image
The type of people it stems from: Kids who are concerned about their image

This critique is very typical for kids who are making their transition into Real Hardcore™. They want people to know that they’re all about the music now and that image doesn’t mean shit! So instead of repping pretty boy fangirled bands, they’re all about hardcore bands that are composed of casually dressed, average looking hardcore dudes. There is no way to escape it though really: every band has an image. Do you wear clothes? Then you have an image. You don’t think the hardcore scene cares about image? Try going to a Real Hardcore™ show wearing a Pierce the Veil shirt and tell me how many dirty looks you get. I’m serious.

I remember one of the most cringey online arguments I got into happened back in the MySpace era with this dude who was making his unsurprising transition from metalcore to hardcore. He kept going on about how if you go to a metalcore band’s MySpace page, their layout is all fancy, whereas if you go to a Real Hardcore™ band’s MySpace, it’s just plain. This was supposed to show how hardcore bands don’t care about their image like metalcore bands do. Why would something as meaningless as a band’s MySpace layout even have any effect on how somebody feels about their music? That seems about as trivial to me as how attractive their merch guy is. This was a clear-cut example of a kid who was just as caught up in image as the bands he’s opposed to for the exact same reason. For them, it’s not about disregarding image altogether. It’s about disregarding the wrong image and acquiring the right one.


Reason #4: Their fanbase is unbearable
The type of people it stems from: Hipsters

This one is pretty clear. People want their favorite band to be their own special little thing, kind of like the special snowflake that they are trying to be. But then once the wrong people start liking a band they’re into, the music suddenly just magically starts sounding crappier to them I guess? I’m not really sure how this works. As far as bands with lots of fangirls/jailbait in their audience, I would much rather be associated with girls who develop crushes on band members than those try-hard elitist buttholes who can type up a 5 paragraph essay as to why they dislike Asking Alexandria. I guess that means I care about fanbase to a certain extent? Maybe I do. But I try not to let it stop me from enjoying the bands I like.


Reason #5: They’re not original enough
The type of people it stems from: No Fun Clubbers

I can’t believe kids are still so hung up on originality. It’s like to them, music is some pissing contest to see who has the most artistic integrity. I mean, let’s say you love a band. Then another band came along and sounded mostly like them, with such subtle nuances that they didn’t really matter. Wouldn’t you like the rip off band too? I mean, I see it as essentially having more songs from the band you initially loved. Why do you care about someone else’s musical integrity? Sure, if you want to suck your own dick then that’s all on you, but why hold others to the same expectations? When I’m listening to a song I like, I’m usually too wrapped up in just enjoying the music to care about how much I respect the person who made it for being innovative or not.


Take this into consideration: genres came into existence based on the fact that someone came up with a formula that was likable enough for other people to want to emulate. There are probably plenty of super original bands out there that will never be known outside of the basement that they jam in because their music is so unappealing that no one would ever want to listen to it or sound like them. I will admit that innovation in music is important to a certain extent, because listening to the same type of thing over and over gets boring. But there are lots of kids out there that are acting like every single band has to reinvent the wheel, which is just stupid and unrealistic. Plenty of my favorite bands are generic and I actually wish more people ripped off some of the more unique sounding bands that I like so that I could have more songs in the vein of that band to listen to.

“Gutt-hop” is a genre that adds guttural death metal vocals over hip-hop beats. Ever heard of it? No? There’s probably a reason for that.

Reason #6: The band members are bad people
The type of people it stems from: Gullible people

This criticism is sort of complicated because it can range all the way from unconfirmed rumors and gossip involving mild offenses, to band members who have legit done horrible, unforgivable things (IE Ian Watkins). With that said, it’s pretty easy to spread false shit about band members and there are plenty of kids who eat it up and actually let it effect their opinion of the band. A dude in a band could easily be misconstrued as an ‘asshole’ because he’s shy or socially awkward (or high). Lots of people who make up these criticisms are probably super sensitive and get bummed out when a band member doesn’t stop to talk to them for longer than 5 minutes as if he doesn’t have other shit to do.

As far as band members who have legit done bad things, I don’t let it effect the way I perceive the music, but I don’t think I’ve experienced a situation where a member of a band I like has done anything that bad. I would imagine that Jeremy McKinnon would have to do some pretty fucked up shit for me to view A Day To Remember’s music in a different light. Actually, who am I kidding, there is nothing that Jeremy McKinnon could do to stop me from enjoying A Day To Remember’s music. Music and the people who make it are two separate entities to me, with the latter not having an effect on the music, and really not having that much importance at all.


Reason #7: They’re trend-hoppers
The type of people it stems from: Naive people

I couldn’t think of a better way to describe these people other than naive. They’re naive because they have this weird idea that any band that’s playing a style that is currently trendy is somehow “exploiting” the music scene. What they don’t realize that there’s not really much to exploit. Most likely, the best thing that will happen to a band is that they’ll play in front of 50 or so kids (half of which they’re friends with), sell a couple of t-shirts, and maybe hook up with a mildly attractive groupie if they’re lucky. Most bands that form do not end up achieving more success than this. I’ll use an example of one of the comments that was left on my pop punk article I posted last week. I talked about a band from Britain called Nathan Detroit and how they could potentially join the ranks of the more popular British pop punk bands such as Me vs Hero and Neck Deep. This was that dude’s response…

I am simultaneously cringing and laughing at this comment so hard. He has this idea in his head that bands like Neck Deep and Me vs Hero (and even ROAM? Is he for real?) are these sellout rockstar bands because they have more than 4,000 likes on Facebook and can draw more than 65 kids at a show. It’s like, just because they knew what type of music they wanted to play and who their audience was, that means they’re trendy disingenuous posers who didn’t have to work hard for what they achieved. These are the types of people who say things like ”that band is only in it for the popularity”. Seriously? What band doesn’t want to get popular? If you know your audience, then cater to them. It’s the obvious thing to do if you want your band to be successful. If there’s a t-shirt design that you know kids would probably buy, then print those t-shirts and sell them! How is this seen as a bad thing?


One thing I have realized with these criticisms is that they usually don’t even have much to do with the music itself. It’s weird how often I hear them compared to things like “I don’t like the guitar tone” or “the singer’s voice annoys me”. I guess that’s what happens when certain groups of people are very vocal about their strong excessive negative opinions. My guess is a lot of these people don’t even necessarily hold these criticisms true to their heart and they more-so want to impress people by showing that they ‘really know a lot about music’, when they’re really just regurgitating stereotype elitist mentalities that should have never been instilled in the first place. I hope that in the future, kids can avoid hating and invest more into the bands they love. Isn’t that’s why we’re all here in the first place? Because we love music? So go to a show, buy a band’s merch, tell them you like them, just please try not to be a hater.

Do you think bands get hated on too much? What do you think is the dumbest reason to hate on a band? Are you a hater?

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148 Responses to The Dumbest Common Reasons Why People Hate on Bands and the Types of People They Stem From

  1. PC says:

    I think BMTH gets hated on strictly because of how many fan girls who ‘only like oli, posers!!’ It’s weird because imho they have put out a string of really great albums. Maybe if oli has a tragic spelunking accident that leaves him hideously scarred the metal community will embrace bring me the horizon. Until that day tho, ppl will continue to hate them strictly for having a good looking front man.

    • SolarFlareSuperior says:

      So much this. Sempiternal I felt was an amazing record. It was mature, artsy, and srs but not boring and pretty catchy. Oliver Sykes kinda reminds me of a metalcore chino Moreno or that guy from tool but $20 says “real music” fans would try to lynch me with tar and feathers due to the band’s image(mostly previous but they seem to forget that deftones once looked like generic nu metal bros when they first started out)

      • PC says:

        Elitists try to pretend deftones first album (when they were a straight up nu metal band) doesn’t exist. Agree 100% with Sempiternal being an amazing record.

    • wiggersteez says:

      Naw man, it’s because they play breakdowns. Metal nerds HATE breakdowns.

    • john says:

      bmth had a cool demo not being the “i only like the demo” guy here but that shit was pretty fucking heavy

  2. LCDNewOrder says:

    I know you said it’s best to remove the artist from the musical equation, but I bet there’s at least a couple of hundred people who used to have Lostprophets tattoos that would disagree with you there, bro.

  3. Tay says:

    👌 Agree on everything. Just enjoy the music folks.

  4. SolarFlareSuperior says:

    Excellent work dude! Oh god numbers 1 and 5 especially. As an avid fan of deathcore, rise records, and emmure I cannot tell you how tired I am of hearing those. I remember I was in this D level TDWP knockoff band where our best songs were ADTR covers and one of the members left because he thought we were too close minded and “mindless generic scene-bros who follow trends and cater to apes who only care about breakdowns and hearing about the preaching of down-tuned idiots”(actual quote). Last time I heard he plays ramonescore mixed with ska singing about feminist issues while dressing in drag(I’m originally from Oakland/Berkeley California so there’s a lot of weirdos like that).

    • uppercut613 says:

      rise records, and emmure

      i just keep to myself when it comes to liking these things nowadays. theres no point in coming forward about it cause you’re just going to get a shit-storm of cringey elitist rants thrown your way. funny thing is lots of these kids listen to a lot of generic pop punk and hardcore. lolwut

    • TLDR says:

      OMG this berkley fag sounds so enraging.

      Let’s get together and bully him so he can stop being a fggt (99% chance) or shoot up a school (1%)

      Worth it for his own good imo

      • 510Diesel says:

        I was in that same band with SolarFlareSuperior, back in the day when we played shows that berkeley kid always kept whining about stuff like “no clit in the pit”. He also talked ran his mouth at shows and was embarrassingly vocal about his male feminism and he literally hates just about every guy (except his band) so it was funny seeing him get crowdkilled on by other people who were tired of hearing him preaching his shit. He always also kept talking shit about how Fremont and San Jose kids were too “brocore” and uncultured and how berkeley kids (weirdos and smelly crust punx were cultured) and how he’d rather hang with those people at his shows.

        “Let’s get together and bully him so he can stop being a fggt (99% chance) or shoot up a school (1%)” Haha I actually have a story about that, so the berkeley kid has done several shady things to me, Solar, and a bunch of friends in our circle. One time back in 2012, the berkeley kids ramonescore band was playing a show at the Gilman. So me and some of my friends had a plan to just go to his show just to intentionally crowdkill his set while wearing hockey masks just to fuck with him lol.

        • TLDR says:

          lololol i support your ignorance! we should hang out (srs)

          that kid would have fucking hated me when I was in my prime of show going, hoods t shirts, basketball shorts and crowd moshing the night away. the good old days <3

          he's totally right about San Jose, tho. They are the opposite spectrum of shittyness – fake crews, retarded fights over pit beefs at every show ever, lulzy trend hopping and over earnest "Brotherhood" crap. Still would rather go to a moshcore show in SJ than some crusty show in berkely, tho.

          • 510Diesel says:

            We should def hang haha, chances I’ve probably seen you at some show that Pinup productions/Bane shows puts on.

            Basketball shorts moshcore needs to make a comeback in the bay area haha, I miss those days as well. Powerviolence and tr00 hardcore seem like the local band norms these days.

            I think I know what you’re talking about in SJ. St. Louis Cardinals hats everywhere right? Idea: have a show that combines the crusty Berkeley lineup with a local lineup from SJ that will attract the crews and watch the crew brawl it out with butthurt crusties haha. that would be some fun entertainment for a night lol.

  5. NOTIMEFOR says:

    Dear Aaron,

    What is the attribute you are measuring on the y axis for the Credibility as Real Musicians on the food related graphic?

    May I suggest number of plain black tees (no sleeves rolled!).

    • uppercut613 says:

      yeah actually i was thinking about it being plain black tees. the more raggedy the more credibility

  6. SolarFlareSuperior says:

    Also I’m an admin on an emmure fan forum on Facebook and I can’t tell you how many butthurt posts I see about Attila and how many flame wars break out every time they get mentioned. This is an emmure page too… Mostly they’re about fronz being an egotistical d-bag who writes about fake superficial things such as sex and partying when people say basically the same thing about Frankie. Personally there’s nothing that either of those two could do that could stop me from enjoying their music and both of them have had some pretty lolzy/ridiculous/cringeworthy moments

  7. dickeater says:

    lol Aren’t you guys a bunch of haters too though? I can’t count how many times you guys have shat on skramz/ emo revival using these same reasons…sincerely butthurt skramz fan

    • Anonymous says:

      hypocrites gun hypocrite yo

    • postcore says:

      A lot of people that regularly read this blog are fans of skramz/whatever, and there was even a really thorough post about one of the more obscure branches of that kind of music a couple of months ago

    • uppercut613 says:

      nah we just make fun of stuff we like. theres a difference between poking fun at things and hating in a stangry fashion

  8. BiffBoss says:

    The best is when high school aged kids try to school me on Facebook. “Oh you like Sleeping With Sirens? So br00tal” When the hell did the heaviness of music start becoming equated with your level of masculinity? I’m almost 24, and 17 year old kids in Like Moths to Flames tanktops are trying to tell me how entry level and shitty my taste in music is. Hey kid, ever heard of Eighteen Visions, Bleed The Dream, or The Irish Front? No? Then sit down and shaddap.

    • BiffBoss says:

      I’d say a good comparison for this is back in the day when kids repped the shit out of Aiden and From First To Last because they claimed they weren’t as crappy and mainstream as My Chemical Romance. Seriously, I knew like 5 kids with that exact thought process when I was in 9th and 10th grade.

    • uppercut613 says:

      The Irish Front

      mirin’ #bandsthatonlypplouragewouldknow

      • BiffBoss says:

        I just love name dropping obscure scene bands, and discussing mini trends of scene past. And calling out people who have selective memory when discussing their past within the scene.

        • kittycatman says:

          I remember discovering The Irish Front on a most brutal breakdown video when I was like 16 and uppercut probably made that video.

    • TLDR says:

      eighteen visions

      more evidence leading to a gradual hyping and reunion show….


      • BiffBoss says:

        Bleed The Dream is actually working on a new album. Only reason I mentioned them haha. I’m friends with one of the members on Facebook. I’m not sure who even remembers them though. They were big in the scene for one year or so when they played Warped 05 then fell off. Built By Blood is a legit classic album.

  9. BryanStars in gay porn says:


  10. Nightshift says:

    Wtf some of Sarge’s best posts are when he’s hating on bands for being posers or nerds.

    • burdturger says:

      I don’t think its so much hating which is the problem, but those kids who really care about making a point of how much they hate a band.

  11. slammin rushdie says:

    Re #4: A band’s fans shouldn’t even matter. If you’re scared people won’t like you because you listen to A7X, they should already have an opinion of you by the time they find out, and if the first thing out of your mouth to a new friend is a list of bands you like, then okay never mind people like that wouldn’t even be on this site to begin with forget I said anything

  12. Savin Parks says:

    My number one reason for not liking bands is if they’re hella boring, and thankfully that never grows to a hate cause it’s easy to lose interest and forget about em.

  13. Anonymous says:

    There’s this recordcollectorcore band I like called NIGHT BIRDS. They released a cheap, four song 7 inch on Fat Wreck Chords, and this made the crusties on their FB page come out of the woodwork and call them sell-outs for doing so. The band laughed at them and called them stupid and were basically like “you know we’re making less than minimum wage, right?? LOL @ ur dumb comments”. I’m thoroughly convinced crust punks are the douchiest people on the face of the planet, therefore #2 is the worst to me.

    Also, judging bands based on the type of fans they attract is dumb. I mean, if I did that, I would hate metal with a firey burning passion but I actually rly liek it so yeah.

    • uppercut613 says:

      wondering how these crust punx got access to the internet? who let one of these crust punx use their smart phone?

      • Bronson says:

        lol most of those dorks are bankrolled by their parents, and somehow have really nice phones and laptops despite looking like they just walked off set for the next Mad Max sequel.

        • john says:

          Ive been saying this for years dude. In my city the whole punk scene lives on the upper middle class part of town. for some reason they dress like theyre poor and they like drinking homeless guy beer. It completely baffles me every time. Most of them are complete pussies too.

  14. ge5undhe17 says:

    Uppercut613 you’re slowly becoming my fav poster on here

  15. UnjollyIrishman says:

    Exactly, criticize music because when its shit music, not for any of those reasons.
    E.G. I don’t hate Falling In Reverse because Ronnie Radke is a cunt (Which he is), if I go by that logic then I have to hate Guns ‘N’ Roses because Axl Rose is a cunt. I also don’t hate them because they aren’t the best instrumentalists, by that logic The Pixies must be one of the worst bands ever because they aren’t the best instrumentalists. No, I hate Boring In Reverse because they can’t write a decent song to save their life.

  16. ANON says:

    I have opinions

  17. Martin Regnen says:

    I sometimes pretend to just hate on bands for being bands. Like “come on, nobody listens to music played by bands anymore” or “only old people over 50 still listen to bands”.

  18. slamIam says:

    ugh the technicality excuse…how much do you want to bet IMNs who loudly denounce everything but tech death because it’s “harder to play” also have the complete sunn o))) discography on vinyl

  19. lazerwulv says:

    10/10 A+++ post! Good work, man!

  20. Someone plz book an all-ages Expire, P.T.V., Falling in Reverse show, with DA GAWD Anthony Fantano mc-ing! I will pay up to $12. for a ticket.

    I bought sum stuff at the Kragen/O’Reilly yesterday & one of the kids who works there is a scene/goth-beaner who had to flee Mexico-City due to persecution for wearing AFI shirts, white belts etc….

  21. RickRoss says:

    I sometimes hate on bands for not being cool anymore. Is that reason #8?

    Good post btw vèry funni

    • uppercut613 says:

      mm not common enough of a reason. i guess reason #8 would be kids who call every other band “contrived”

  22. forgotten-commenter says:

    i love this post, the only thing i felt cringworthy was using fronz’s twitter at the end, attila is the only band in this world i truly loathe

  23. epicnate98 says:

    I feel like this link would fit nicely in here

  24. meow says:

    Yeah or it could just be people who genuinely do not like overly distorted guitar, unmelodic vocals , and bands where everyone in the genre is wearing a “uniform”

  25. Dickeater says:


  26. fuckit says:

    Good points. I used to use allot of these reasons on why id hate on bands like Asking Alexandria or sleeping with sirens or shit like that and it never felt right with me i guess. I think that what annoys me the most is the culture that is surrounding those bands right now and the people who are just eating them up. This ” bands saving my life” thing has to me personally just gotten really really old. I hate that I’m going to have to say this but “kids these days” seriously act like their life is just going down the drain and while that might be true for some people the reality is there are allot of people are just doing it for the image and start straight up worshiping these band members like their the only reason they get out of bed. THAT ISNT HEALTHY WHETHER YOU GOING THRU SHIT OR NOT. THESE BANDS ARE NOT YOUR SAVIORS. THERE NORMAL PEOPLE THAT JUST WRITE MUSIC. If you can identify with it great. I also dont really care for bands that cater to this shit either. Every band is getting on stage spewing the same speech that the last guy did and most of their lyrics are the same “oh no are life is hard but well get through it if we just stick together” shit as well. I agree that allot of the people who hate on bands are no fun clubbers but in all honesty there are just as many no fun clubbers that do like the bands. The music that then caters to them has since become stagnant and boring.

    • RickRoss says:

      You just used at least 3 of the reasons outlined in this post to describe why you don’t like *bands*. How can you say “good points” if you didn’t even read the article?

      • fuckit says:

        unless your stalking me i don’t think you can be sure of whether i read it or not. ( which i did btw) Unlike the reasons listed above which most of them are a bit superficial and more of a cop out for just being “different and unique” I have actually listed a reason for my not liking certain bands that goes beyond their image and the type of music they play. I don’t personally like the message that they put out. I don’t relate to it, I don’t think its a healthy message to be targeting people as young as the current audience is. To me they are not that different from the Troo wave bands which we discuss on this website all the time. So to be critical of them and there fans but not to others who pretty much do the exact same thing seems a little dumb to me. I think the bigger point of this article is just simply keep your opinions to yourself nobody cares. Which is exactly what I do.

        • RickRoss says:

          “what annoys me the most is the culture that is surrounding those bands right now and the people who are just eating them up.” – Reason #4: Their fan base is unbearable. “I also dont really care for bands that cater to this shit either.” – Reason #6: The band members are bad people. “The music that then caters to them has since become stagnant and boring.” – Reason #5: They’re not original enough.

          Also I got your point the first time. But the “culture” around a band has nothing to do with the music they play and hence shouldn’t affect your enjoyment of the music.

          • fuckit says:

            do you listen to and agree with pyschopathic’s and crust punks culture then? rockabilly? skram? probably not. If Im not allowed to not like a band because of a message they promote then what the fuck am i allowed to dislike a band for? I have my different opinions on things just like everyone else. I haven’t attacked anyone for theirs or tried to boast about mine. People are going to not like things because of reasons. Maybe my reasons sound similar to the ones above and maybe they are I personally think there a bit different and in a different direction. Also i don’t necessarily dislike the bands I am talking about musically. some of them are in fact pretty catchy. I can give credit where it is due.

            • fuckit says:

              also I would make a case to say that just using those reasons by themselves is indeed shitty however when paired with an actual decent reason they can be slightly reasonable.

            • RickRoss says:

              lol fyi used to play in a skram band and go to crust shows every couple weeks via nothing else to do (all of those are really harmless music scenes). But my point isn’t related to me in any way, I just think disliking a band because of any other reason than because the music sounds bad to you is dumb.

            • fuckit says:

              how about if you dont like it you dont like it, who gives a fuck why?

            • ^lol did not read. (perfunctory)

    • thatonegirl says:

      While your comment is kind of contradictory I def agree that the “this band saved my lyfe!!1!” shit needs to die. It’s depressing and utter bullshit and I don’t know why that even became a thing. Plus once you see that every other kid on one band’s FB page is commenting about how OM&M saved them from suicide, it’s kind of obviously not true…

      • fuckit says:

        thank you! Its annoying as fuck. Just as bad as the troo wave shit. I don’t like/listen to those bands and and I don’t like/listen to others who do the exact same thing.

  27. Dave says:

    sywh-hof worthy post, uppercut. somewhat off topic, but i think the lulziest critique of music i can remember from my prog-phag days was steven wilson saying that rap music today isn’t edgy enough, like public enemy was. because who knows more about the culture of urban american hip-hop than some 50 yo british dude who beats off to king crimson vinyl.

  28. fuckit says:

    On the flip side i don’t go to my local malls hot topic and start telling that to every person in there who listens to said bands lol. Keep your opinions to yourself. Go to shows for bands that you actually like. Makes music allot easier to just enjoy

  29. awsten says:

    my brain exploded when I was in Hot Topic a few months ago and overheard this tard shitting on the new ADTR album. I swear to god this is an exact quote: “The new A Day To Remember record just SOUNDS like an A Day To Remember record. It’s fucking stupid.”

    I tried piecing together the components that could’ve made him mad but all I could gather was “A Day To Remember sounds like A Day To Remember and this is a bad thing that bothers me.”

    people = the worst.

  30. Mayonnaise says:

    The part about trend-hopping was spot-on. To actually hop on a trend while it’s hot and exploit it for maximum scene success takes some serious musical style acumen, and the successful artists in a particular style get that way because they were there from the very beginning. In other words, bands that get success playing a trendy style get that way because they actually like what they’re playing and not because they’re cynically trying to pick the winning horse.

  31. nochance says:

    what if the IMN neckbeard meme kid is actually a real chill bro irl?

  32. Alder says:

    Side-note, Roam and I have a load of mutual friends (including one of their older brothers being a bestie of mine) and knowing how they live and what a small deal they are personally, the idea that they are some sell-out corporate elite is mind-boggling to me. Like, holy shit, how low has the bar of “rock star” fallen?

    For further reading, the guys who run the Self Defence Family tumblr have been going to war over cheap punx kids for the last few days, they fuck up on some issues but on this one they’ve been writing some great stuff.

    • uppercut613 says:

      modern day “rock stars” don’t even exist imo. the radio doesn’t even play rock music anymore.

  33. dwreckfromaz says:

    I just generally dont like hard rock. Nickel back and those types of bands. I have found some I like idk who they are just catchy stuff on the radio. I do have some elitist issues I am working through. I am trying to open my mind and not be butt hurt. Like im not a fan of metalcore why? Idk. Maybe because I loved it so much and moved on to something different my time spent with metalcore is over but I dtill have nostalgia bands…

  34. Travis Gatlin says:

    Like I say: Music is subjective. Your music taste isn’t better than anyone else’s, if you think it is, grow the fuck up.

  35. Walker says:

    I think there is some merit to the ‘music is not original’ criticism in cases when the band is little more than a second-rate version of a more popular band. In those cases, the basis of the criticism is that the music they play is little more than an inferior version of that of a more popular band, generally because of a lack of a good songwriter. I think those cases can be contrasted with those where a snotty kid doesn’t like band X because they happen to be in the same genre as band Y. Unless you are a huge nerd for a particular sound you will get to the point where listening to the 12th Swedish death metal revival album that has come out this year is not something you want to do with your leisure time.

  36. JP says:

    Music is nothing but sound waves to our ears.

  37. Dickeater says:

    Uppercut how big is your penor?

  38. Dickeater says:

    But s rsly skramz life 4 Eva 8====D ()

  39. Davey Deathgorekilldyingdeath Deathblood says:

    Everyone is always so god damn negative about everything and it’s to the point where I never want to go to shows or anything because I can’t fucking stand it.

    I literally cannot go to any show at my local venue without all of the idiotic kids from high school showing up so they can whine about every single band until whatever one they’re jizzing their pants over this week is on. I went to a show on Asking Alexandria’s last tour with August Burns Red and some others and I was almost going to leave because these kids would not shut up about every band except for August Burns Red being awful, and it doesn’t help that they were all mutual friends of people I do like so I’d inadvertently have to be around them. I love ABR too, but come on, go the fuck home if you’re going to be such a miserable jackass.

    • TLDR says:

      yeah this shit blows, have had this experience too

      • Carly says:

        my friends are currently in an up-and-coming (unsigned) band in the Cincy area, and they’re already getting hate for being “successful” and shit. some of the other locals refuse to play with them and talk shit on them for no reason and i dk i just don’t understand why locals are so cutthroat?

        get out of here with your negative vibes, maaaaaan

  40. Tay says:

    Definitely a hof worthy post!! Don’t know it’ll be followed.

  41. TLDR says:

    I mean, let’s say you love a band. Then another band came along and sounded mostly like them, with such subtle nuances that they didn’t really matter. Wouldn’t you like the rip off band too? I mean, I see it as essentially having more songs from the band you initially loved.

    This is why I love both Guns Up and No Warning. Basically same exact band.

    Agreed on this point overall HOWEVER there are some extreme cases worth noting, IE atthegatescore bands all being WAY too similar to each other by around 2004 or so, thank god for Suicide Silence bringing some innovation to metalcore. Youth Crew, especially its revival phases, is also a noteworthy case of bands being way too similar to each other, although to its defense youth crew is kind of a culture of conformity, with straight edge/vegan ism/krishna somehow adopting a jock mentality. And finally, hate to rustle your old jimmies my friend, but skate punk also got way oversaturated with homogenous bands. Don’t get me wrong I like bands from all these genres but imo some styles just reach a tipping point.

    • uppercut613 says:

      oh no, i totally agree with you dude, most styles reach a tipping point for sure and they become creatively bankrupt. i mentioned that innovation is important for this reason. BUT i am moreso going after kids who call every other band that even remotely sounds like another band “generic” and dismiss them because of it. this especially irks me when it’s a genre that they’re not even into, because the less familiar you are with a style of music, the more it’s going to sound the same. it’s like those kids who are like “i hate ______ genre, all the bands sound the same”. obviously all the bands sound the same dumbass, thats why it’s a genre. honestly i could’ve done an entire article on originality that wouldve been just as long as this one, so i don’t think i was able to get out all of my thoughts on the topic here

      • TLDR says:

        word, you are right, you basically covered it. I hate that shit, “it all sounds the same.” But then again some shit really does all sounds the same to me and IDK what to make of it. Some of my favorite bands are like this tho, IE Madball, Pennywise, have a very distinct sound they pretty much never deviate from and I love it lol.

        • uppercut613 says:


          lol. its very common that i lose interest in a band because they change their sound. there are so many bands that i wish they stuck with their initial sound. even though im not that into them, i guess i have to give pennywise props, they basically released 10 albums over the course of 25 years without ever changing their sound haha.

  42. TLDR says:

    This criticism is sort of complicated because it can range all the way from unconfirmed rumors and gossip involving mild offenses, to band members who have legit done horrible, unforgivable things

    Blood for Blood was (is?) my all time favorite hardcore band….



  43. conradical says:

    To hate filled people everywhere, (youtube, fanpages, ect) if you hate a band so much stay off the pages and links that will take you to their stuff. I am not a fan of sleeping with sirens. But instead of getting on youtube and commenting about not liking them because the dudes voice messes with my ears, I just go to stuff I will probably like. Common sense …. and biffboss dude, I’m 18 nd iI like irish front,eighteen visions, and think bleed the dream is okay. You ever heard choking victim? You might like some of their hardcore shit, but! some of their songs are ska and I’m not sure of you like that

  44. Anonymous says:

    Bashing bands because their fanbase sucks = Sgt D with metal.

  45. Nick says:

    I think what people fail to realise is as young people, we tend to blurt things out without thinking, not necessarily fully believing the words we speak. As we get older we can appreciate that most things in life evolve, as do bands and their music. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say my favourite band is A7X. Now i listen to a lot of techy music, hardcore, even classic rock and play guitar so i can appreciate the technical side of things, but to me i like a song to take me to another place, to create an atmosphere, story or even some life lessons. Listening to a band like A7X progress over the years i would say they’ve gotten better and better at storytelling in their music. Now they used to be fairly inward with their lyrics, writing about breakups and their inner demons blah blah blah. Now for me, this has been done to death. Yeah we all have our battles in life and while it is great in moderation to hear a song about how bad someone has got it, I would rather hear a band put all their energy into writing songs that aren’t just about them. Take ‘Hurricane’ by Dylan for an example, one of the greatest songs ever written, he tells a story and you hang on every word. So everybody should cut these bands slack because they are young, they haven’t had the life experience or the chance to evolve as people, therefore their lyrics haven’t. For me, i can listen to any kind of music but it’s the lyrics that really define a song or don’t bother at all. And really who gives a fuck what other people think, if you like a fuckn song, tap your feet, simple, if you don’t change the station.

  46. Pingback: The Dumbest Common Reasons Why People Hate on Bands and …360 Haters | 360 Haters

  47. Kelly says:

    Awesome post! There are some bands I don’t like just because I don’t fancy them. Then there are bands I don’t like because of their music, how they present themselves in interviews or whatever, or some fans, etc. I honestly wish it wasn’t like that. There are definitely some bands I used to like but felt like maybe they became too gimmicky. And there are some bands that I personally know that have band members who just suck. But I’m not gonna go out of my way to tell that band that they suck, tell their fans that they suck, post stupid bullshit on their youtube videos, tell them “oh, well X band is better”, or whatever else. I like my stupid bullshit and they like whatever they like. I mean, I like some fuckin’ Risecore haha. Am I being some kind of elitist douchebag? Fuck, I hope not.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Bands that are in it just for the money = as in Protest the hero’s videoclip from Underbite, where all the people are little boxes and the band are just middle fingers when revealed ?????

  49. Alien says:

    This genuinely changed my opinion on some things (y)(y)(y) rareraerrear

  50. Wale says:

    ADTR is terrible

  51. Andrew says:

    This post is perfect. Thank you.

  52. Shaun says:

    There will always be haters to this band or that genre, but people that leave negative nasty comments is just stupid juvenile shit.
    If I don’t like a band, I don’t care about about them. I’d rather spend my energy and effort towards bands I do like.
    Example, I just don’t like Bring Me The Horizon. Tried getting into them, but I just can’t. Their music just doesn’t appeal to me. But I’m not gonna rant and rave on blogs saying how much they suck. They’ve got a big fanbase, so they’re doing something right.
    Besides, like I’m gonna be another fuckwit with a keyboard typing up spiteful garbage like a 13 year old turd…

  53. Will says:

    “What band doesn’t want to be popular?”
    Well, No Trend for one lol

  54. this guy has the comments says:

    this is only vaguely related to the article, but holy shit i just experienced firsthand a band i listen to transitioning to soft grunge, i never thought i would see this at ground zero

    exhibit a) Dikembe when they played twinkly emo for betas

    exhibit b) Dikembe now playing soft grunge (also for betas)

  55. Anonymous says:

    I have to admit, when I transitioned from Br00tal Metalcore Kid to Tr00 Hardcore/Euro Beatdown, I used to hate on bands alot. But luckily i realized this is pretty pointless, like Uppercut said; Why waste time hating on bands and being a dickhole when you can just listen to the music you like and support the bands you like. I could only hate a band if A, I just really really don’t like them or B, Something they say/do rubs me the wrong way. Also about that whole image thing, I used to see a lot of kids wearing like PTV, Asking Alexandria shirt getting singled out and hit by stangry euro moshbro’s because they were “posers” and they were not welcome . I mean at least they are paying to see your shitty d-level band. The point made about that that every scene has some kind of image is true. If you don’t look like you’re straight from tha ghetto (eventough you live in bumfuck, nowhere) you’re are not part of the scene. Trackpants, Nike’s, and a tagger type font on your Merch are mandatory.

  56. BiffBoss says:

    When I was 16, I used to wear Hellogoodbye and My Chemical Romance shirts to the local street punk venue 2 or 3 times a week and kids stared at me the whole time. It was hysterical. “Hey this kid doesn’t have a half assed mohawk, Rancid shirt with holes in it, AND he looks like he showered. What a poseur.”

  57. Ella says:

    I actually loved reading this article. I don’t think there was ever a point where I disagreed (especially the part about ADTR and Jeremy McKinnon <3).
    In response to your question: Yes, I do think bands get hated on way too much.
    I can't understand why, but when people hear someone say they like ADTR or Evanescence, then they automatically label them as 'soft' because those bands aren't hard core enough for them. Whatever happened to being allowed to listen to music simply because you like it?
    I also think people are hated on too much for the music they listen to, and are expected to fall into a certain category like what they wear and their personality.
    For example, I am studying to be a nurse and when I go out, I dress in a very old fashioned 20s sort of style. So people automatically assume that I'm a hipster and like that sort of music. No hate on that genre, but I'd actually much rather sit and have a good long sesh of Old rock, metal, and newer rock. That doesn't mean I walk around in all black and heavy makeup, keeping to myself and threatening to put hexes on people. Which is also another thing I hate, when people assume that because someone dresses that way, they must not be a nice person. Society is messed up.
    I could go on and on and on about all of that stuff but I think you've summed it up pretty well.

  58. Nightshift says:

    My fav band to hate on is Terror because it gets such stangry responses like some hardcore dorks are gonna crowdkill me irl for making fun of a sacred cow band that’s 65% marketing.

  59. ultraspatial says:

    i admit i’m guilty for talking shit and getting into arguments about music in the past, but let’s be srs who hasn’t?

    dunno how or why peeps get so offended. it’s like so easy to avoid shit you dislike

  60. bobtapley says:

    Well, I used to hate on a band because I didn’t like the way they talked, or what they wore so I guess I’ve been a pretty bad band hater. But anyway I like nineties music so I just hate anyone who came after that lol. I’m just as happy to curl up with a good book as listen to music. But I think the most important thing for a band is that they look cool and sound rockin. What do you think??

  61. Homo Man says:

    the irony is this website makes sweeping claims about full genres being useless then claims hating on bands is stupid lol

  62. toobr00tal4you says:

    Reason: They have clean vocals
    The type of people it stems from: Br00tal kids

  63. LAIFF says:

    I really thought that “Now is the time” was going to be followed by “for me to rise to my feet.”
    I mildly disappointed when it didn’t.

  64. OreoMilkshakes says:

    Either you like the music or you don’t. Luckily I have really chill friends and (ex)girlfriends who can tolerate my ridiculous taste in misic.

  65. Carly says:

    another stupid reason i’ve heard is “i don’t like them because they’re good looking” (srs) as if being conventionally attractive is something that makes you less of a musician???

    yes, because we would all much rather see a dude that’s 100 lbs overweight sweat on everyone in the front row and have to take super long water breaks to catch his breath

    • uppercut613 says:

      Lolol. Well his point falls under the “they focus too much on image” category. People who think that the band is only popular cause they’re good looking.

  66. MiKKKro$oft Bu$hitler says:

    Reason: The band members were born in, formed in, and are commercially successful in the United States of America
    The type of people it stems from: IMNs, most of whom were born and raised in the United States of America, the rest of whom will threaten you with death should you mention the sold out arena show they played in your enlightened utopian country.

  67. Some guy with a name says:

    This website hates on half the bands it writes about. Ya know, just saying

  68. dicksquadh8r says:

    ima h8ter

  69. C.Ninja says:

    fuck me crusties are disgusting.
    Essentially butthurt hipsters who cant even get a job to get fired from/the strongest “edgiest” opinions out.

  70. mel says:

    But blood on the dance floor is still a thing.

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