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I think we can all agree that in a era where Tumblr activists, Americana side projects, and high waisted denim shorts are all too popular, #sludgewave is easily the best facet of contemporary youth culture. Not only is it one of the only places where you don’t have to be ashamed of songs that you can play on one string (of an 8-string guitar) and arrangements where every piece of the band becomes a percussion instrument, it’s imo the only fresh, new-sounding genre to emerge since the tr00bonic plague started to choke out musical innovation in favor of more generic, limpwristed 90s revival bullshit. In this post, I will share a few of my favorite newish #sludgewave tracks that you may have slept on.

First up is this little gem. You may know my buddy Jared from “THE WORLD’S HARDEST EMMURE COVER” aka YA BOI J-SWEEPZ. And if you liked that, you will probably like his band SLUDGEWAVE 64. This is their new single “Isabelle” and I think you will agree that it goes exceedingly hard. I wish I was doing shit this cool when I was 18. Highlights: the “oooooo-eh” at :35 fukkkkkkkk // the dancing skeleton at 1:40.

Next we have VILLIANS, who kind of remind me of a more stripped-down GOLIATH, with a similar combination of sludgewave riffs and punky-hc type vocals. I’m pretty sure I’ve written about these guys before, but this song is new(ish) and definitely worth a listen. Very heavy A++++ WDBWA

You might also like the new shit from BARRIER, who along with VILLIANS are really carving out their own specific Chiraq-style niche in the #sludgewave movement. Definitely feeling the “early EMMURE riffs with AMERICAN NIGHTMARE vocals” thing.

And last but not least we have the one and only A MEMORIA BROODED, who for my money are the single heaviest band in sludgewave. But aside from being heavy as shit they have a sense of groove and melody (the spooky leads) that really is just head and shoulders above the rest of the genre. A lot of that is due to Ty Acord, who plays drums in AMB, DJs in ISSUES, and is for lack of better words a ‘Real Musician™.’ And it shows in how catchy AMB is: you’re basically obligated to bob your head and engage in wiggerish arm movements as soon as you press play! Oh, and he also recorded this track– a big step in production from their LP (which he also recorded). With so many talents, he is a true Renaissance man– imo he is basically the Michaelangelo of #sludgewave!

made w hockey stick


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31 Responses to This week in #sludgewave: SLUDGEWAVE 64, VILLIANS, BARRIER and A MEMORIA BROODED

  1. uppercut613 says:

    sludgewave 64 are the yung lean of sludgewave

  2. Walker says:

    Sludgewave is what happens when ppl who grew up on nu metal get really into Dystopia.

  3. I think Ty Acorn is less akin to Michaelangelo and more of a Henry Ossawa Tanner or a Jean-Michel Basquiat of sludgewave because he’s… um… well kinda, errrrrr how-should-I-put-this…….

  4. BurningThePizza says:

    SW64 is playing Mischief Makers rn?? Advanced.

    Also, just taking this opportunity to thank SYWH for bringing #sludgewave into my lief. 50mg of bedroom mosh erryday for a healthy life highly recommended. GOOD AND LOVELY

  5. concerned parent says:

    The “wave” in sludgewave implies some kind of synth or electronic component to the music, but there is none. Might change the name to reflect the sound better.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sludge wave 64 isn’t even a band, it’s a gaming channel, and the song they made is a piss take of how generic some metal bands are recently and where metal is going recently

  7. Anonymous says:

    what am i doing with my life

  8. Anonymous says:

    Check out Graves from Australia, they toured with TAS and go super dummy silly hard


    good stuff! i like these youtube track roundup posts. am moshing contentedly.

  10. sauce says:

    barrier’s ep has a ‘blegh’ in all but like one song. i am so moshing.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Anyone have tabs for that barrier track?

  12. TheNewTaylorSwift says:

    I feel like Ion Dissonance’s “Minus The Herd” might of influenced some sludgewaving…
    Regardless, I approve of the sludglee!

  13. WolfxShirts says:

    I back this 100%. Villains and A Memoria Brooded are both rad

  14. demcats says:

    i can’t believe i still laugh at that same method of groove joke each time

  15. Anonymous says:

    all but sludgewave 64 are waaaaay to progressive for me…I ll stay with Feign / Black Tongue for the moment :D

  16. Anonymous says:

    can we get 10 hours of 1:31-1:41 in the SW64 vid?

  17. surewhynot says:
    3:36 of this Barrier song is one of the best breakdowns I’ve ever heard in my life

  18. fuck says:

    This shit sounds like admiral angry played by wiggers. In a good way.

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