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The butthurt is strong in this one my friends… Not sure which is sadder, the dudes much older than me being butthurt about the ‘young kids’, or the kids much younger than me being butthurt about other young kids…. LOL … Continue reading

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Like Pop-Punk? Thank An (old) Skateboarder!

Hands down (to me at least) the explosion of skateboarding popularity in the early ’80s was the cornerstone event for ‘alternative’ culture to take hold across America. Prior to skateboarding, the punk and hardcore scenes were really limited those directly … Continue reading

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Internet = Still Comin’ Along…

Fairly certain this is the worst thing I’ve ever seen. I mean, I’m no rap expert, but I have a hard time imaging it as an art form sinking much lower? Some highlights: @ *the very fucking beginning* – seems … Continue reading

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‘Lil Poopy – 9 Year Old Future Stereotype

I dunno, maybe it’s just me, but man do I find stereotypes funny… even more funny are parents that basically groom their kids to be living stereotypes the second they are out of the womb! Case and point, current news … Continue reading

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The Book That Started All That Stuff…

As a bit of an armchair observer of American subcultures (via being lazy and uncommitted), I love when you can pinpoint that one thingthat kicked off a major trend. Ever since the early ’90s, everyone and their brother is either … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About the GRATEFUL DEAD?

So, back when I mentioned that Fugazi’s release of live recordings reminded me of the Grateful Dead, I was 100% convinced I would get brutally mocked – but lo and behold peeps actually requested a post on the Dead! It goes … Continue reading

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Do U Remember EIGHTBALL?

NOTE: This is a prelude to a bigger post on comic books in general! So many things I was ‘into’ when I was younger have just completely failed to have relevancy to me today – Youth Crew/SXE hardcore, um, higher … Continue reading

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Are FUGAZI the GRATEFUL DEAD of my generation?

File this under “shit you probably don’t care about”, but I got an email from Dischord the other day (kinda like junk mail, I’m not sure how I got on their mailing list…) letting me know that more shows had … Continue reading

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I Non-Ironically Hate NERDBAITING

Nerdbaiting – looking at the above picture, do you even need a definition? To me it’s the lowest of the low, exploiting the icons of some nerdy sub-culture to gain that most valuable of currencies in an insecure girl’s treasury: … Continue reading

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When I first started thinking about a series of posts on breaking edge, I pictured it fitting into one of the larger themes here at SYWH – helping you guys improve your lives via learning from our mistakes. I thought … Continue reading

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