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The origins of Dwid/INTEGRITY’s “holy terror” tropes

I’ve got no idea if he’s still jocked relentlessly today, but a few years ago when I would randomly troll B9, Dwid/Integrity and the Holy Terror stuff seemed to be everywhere. People would jizz themselves over a new Dwid shirt … Continue reading

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MUSIC EVERYONE SLEPT ON – Henry Rollins Hot Animal Machine

In the triumvirate of entry level HXC frontmen (Rollins/McKay/Danzig), I’d say Rollins at least attained some kind of popular fame and acceptance. His post-BF band ‘Rollins Band’ got decent MTV time with ‘Liar’, he was in movies and (shockingly) people … Continue reading

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Boston Hardcore ’90 to ’94 – your primer to old school new school…

Well, it fucking happened – I looked in the mirror and I’m currently banging on 43 years old… getting some wrinkles around the eyes, hair getting pretty grey and my oldest kid is now the same age I was when … Continue reading

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The butthurt is strong in this one my friends… Not sure which is sadder, the dudes much older than me being butthurt about the ‘young kids’, or the kids much younger than me being butthurt about other young kids…. LOL … Continue reading

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Like Pop-Punk? Thank An (old) Skateboarder!

Hands down (to me at least) the explosion of skateboarding popularity in the early ’80s was the cornerstone event for ‘alternative’ culture to take hold across America. Prior to skateboarding, the punk and hardcore scenes were really limited those directly … Continue reading

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Internet = Still Comin’ Along…

Fairly certain this is the worst thing I’ve ever seen. I mean, I’m no rap expert, but I have a hard time imaging it as an art form sinking much lower? Some highlights: @ *the very fucking beginning* – seems … Continue reading

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‘Lil Poopy – 9 Year Old Future Stereotype

I dunno, maybe it’s just me, but man do I find stereotypes funny… even more funny are parents that basically groom their kids to be living stereotypes the second they are out of the womb! Case and point, current news … Continue reading

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