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I be all up in dat band Trap House Rave, and i also be all up in ur grl. u mad.


Hi, my name is Koly Kolgate and I’m actually in the band Trap House Rave. Now, I know what you’re thinking… ” who does this guy think he is? He doesn’t post anything in over a year and then his … Continue reading

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The RAGE! and RIOT! Tour: Myspace would have been so stoked!

The RAGE! and RIOT! Tour 2011. What can I really say about this tour that won’t come off as shameless self promotion? — NOTHING. So read this shit and watch the video. If you want to come out and party … Continue reading

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“Crunk Ain’t Dead.” -Lil’ Jon There are only a few things in life that make my balls drain anymore.. 1 of them is a pussy and the other is crunkcore music. In recent months –which is like years and years … Continue reading

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RIP J BIGGA. oh, and RIP Internet too, I guess…

So, J BIGGA (the guy that you probably never heard of, but has allegedly done over 300 songs) is done with music.. Apparently the internet is dying, and as an “internet musician” he’s been forced to retire. Oh, and he’s … Continue reading

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MELODY JOY Let’s face it, as a guy in a band 50% of my time is spent online.. of that time, 95% is spent looking at naked ladies. The other 5% is spent listening to new music. Recently, I was … Continue reading

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Best Mix CD Ever or Just The Best Of All Time?

See what I did there in the title? I asked the same question twice. U mad? So, last night I was cleaning out my storage locker and I came across an old CD holder –for those of you unaware, a … Continue reading

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Crunkcore Clusterfuck or Lengthy Epic? Clocking in at just under 10 minutes the new Dropping A Popped Locket track is probably the longest crunkcore track I’ve ever heard. Featuring the reigning kings and queens of DiY crunkcore — Let Me Love, LessThan3, CBZL, Global … Continue reading

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WTF is this?!? [via HOT CHELLE RAY]

HOT CHELLE RAY – Tonight Tonight. NEED I SAY MORE? k, i will.. how about.. HOT CHELLE GAY!? can a playa get a rimshot? -no? okay.

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NEW JAMZ: Machine Gun Kelly

MACHINE GUN KELLY EST. 1990? …Am I that old? I’m from Cleveland, Ohio and I love my local music scene. I truly feel like C-Town has one of the best and one of the most talented scenes out there.. granted … Continue reading

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Is Avril Lavigne Still Relevant 2 pop punk?


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