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I was like yeah ok whatever

tfw no NONSTOP FEELING cassette :/

credit: Gabrial C.

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SWORN IN look like MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE now and sound like BOTCH

they just need some red skinny ties to go full ALESANA. and actually now that i think about it, the guy on the right kind of looks like some random character from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

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Anthony from BAYSIDE has a ska/reggae project (srs)

I write this with a heavy heart, because this news means that yet another one of my people (old hxc guys) has become a victim of Kevin Seconds Syndrome. KSS is a tragic and irreversible condition that strikes as many … Continue reading

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ITT: The most advansed memes on the entire internet, ever

credit: LAUGHAPALOOZA on Face Book

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“Think before you talk,” and other things I wish I could have told myself 20 years ago

As “the scene’s cool older brother,” one of my dreams is that you will avoid making the same painful, stupid mistakes that I did in my teens and twenties. My hope is that by telling you about all the dumb … Continue reading

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CHUNK NO CAPTAIN CHUNK acknowledge #ezcrab; I can die a happy man

he even included the fucking hashtag. dudes, they are definitely ready 2

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Jay-Z signs TOUCHE AMORE (srs)

in b4 someone finds Jay’s secret tumblr which is full of superwholock gifs, TSSF lyrics over desaturated pictures of forests, and photos of tattoo-model girls in huf socks.

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CHUNK NO CAPTAIN CHUNK announce new album and it appears to not suck

Friends, I’m feeling pretty good these days– like a homesteader who survived the long, brutal winter with only 1 or 2 of his cattle freezing to death, looking out across his farm and seeing the first signs of spring poking … Continue reading

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HIT THE LIGHTS release new song complaining about Instagram

A couple thoughts in no particular order: Bummed to see them fall into the “old man screams at cloud” trap– or more specifically, the even more awkward SENSES FAIL/BAYSIDE version which is “former scene band gets up on their high … Continue reading

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CITY LIGHTS is playing a reunion show; hey dudes r u ready 2?

For the first time in my entire life, I sort of wish I still lived in Ohio so I could go to this one-off reunion show from one of the best OG easycore bands, my good friends CITY LIGHTS. They … Continue reading

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