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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: New DROWNING video (ft fat kids moshing in a banquet hall)

Our buddies in DROWNING were kind enough to provide us with an exclusive premiere of their new video. In case you’re too busy with your career as a high-powered attorney/financial planner or satisfying your 10/10 girlfriend’s insatiable desire for sex … Continue reading

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Bands u may have slept on: TURMOIL

Back in the mid-late 90s, the big trend was what we called “noisecore” at the time. Pioneered by RORSHACH, DEADGUY, and KISS IT GOODBYE, “noisecore” was our term for the bands who played heavy, metallic hardcore with a skronky edge. … Continue reading

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CYRIL’S MEMES is the best thing on the internet xD

As someone who has been on the internet since 1994 or so, it takes a lot to impress me in terms of zany internet content. With that said, I feel confident in saying that CYRIL’S MEMES is the single best … Continue reading

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I think we can all agree that in a era where Tumblr activists, Americana side projects, and high waisted denim shorts are all too popular, #sludgewave is easily the best facet of contemporary youth culture. Not only is it one … Continue reading

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How long until the following poser bands become tr00??

As regular readers of SYWH know, and as the above example illustrates painfully well, it is inescapable part of scene-life that seemingly all bands who were seen as ‘gay shit for homos/posers/scene kids’ at some point turn the corner and … Continue reading

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Premiere: ENPEDESTALMENT “Hashtag bvbarmy”

This song (ft Samantha fromĀ GUTTURAL SLUGĀ on vocals) is inspired by our boys in BLACK VEIL BRIDES and their tireless fight against neckbeard virgin losers who can’t stand to see a bunch of good-looking guys cherrypick the most superficial elements of … Continue reading

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Are you a Fake Real Metal Kid??

This post is about my least favorite trend in hardcore: tryhard little kids adopting the persona of what we might call Fake Real Metal Kids. You are probably asking yourself what this means, but it’s actually pretty simple. As we … Continue reading

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MILLIONAIRES are on tour for the next 3 months; unsure why

Am I the only one who feels a little weird seeing “Facebook” and “Millionaires” in the same sentence? There are few things more cringeworthy than when someone who is not a big deal at all acts like they are a … Continue reading

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THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA release my new favorite shirt

Unsure if this is brilliant satire designed to antagonize metal dorks, or if it’s just another case of 2014 metalcore kids hopping on the 90s death metal bandwagon 20 years too late. My heart says that it’s the former, but … Continue reading

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If u like generic risecore check out CURSED SAILS (ex WOE IS ME)

This is the new band featuring two of the guys who used to be in WOE IS ME but are not in ISSUES. They are also on Rise, most likely because Rise signed them to a 42-album deal that will … Continue reading

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