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ITT: The most advansed memes on the entire internet, ever

credit: LAUGHAPALOOZA on Face Book

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“Think before you talk,” and other things I wish I could have told myself 20 years ago

As “the scene’s cool older brother,” one of my dreams is that you will avoid making the same painful, stupid mistakes that I did in my teens and twenties. My hope is that by telling you about all the dumb … Continue reading

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CHUNK NO CAPTAIN CHUNK acknowledge #ezcrab; I can die a happy man

he even included the fucking hashtag. dudes, they are definitely ready 2

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Jay-Z signs TOUCHE AMORE (srs)

in b4 someone finds Jay’s secret tumblr which is full of superwholock gifs, TSSF lyrics over desaturated pictures of forests, and photos of tattoo-model girls in huf socks.

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CHUNK NO CAPTAIN CHUNK announce new album and it appears to not suck

Friends, I’m feeling pretty good these days– like a homesteader who survived the long, brutal winter with only 1 or 2 of his cattle freezing to death, looking out across his farm and seeing the first signs of spring poking … Continue reading

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HIT THE LIGHTS release new song complaining about Instagram

A couple thoughts in no particular order: Bummed to see them fall into the “old man screams at cloud” trap– or more specifically, the even more awkward SENSES FAIL/BAYSIDE version which is “former scene band gets up on their high … Continue reading

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CITY LIGHTS is playing a reunion show; hey dudes r u ready 2?

For the first time in my entire life, I sort of wish I still lived in Ohio so I could go to this one-off reunion show from one of the best OG easycore bands, my good friends CITY LIGHTS. They … Continue reading

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Singer of SUBURBAN SCUM jocks DOG EAT DOG; proves that funkycore is real

if u will recall, i have been forecasting FUNKYCORE as The Next Big Thing for several months now. while that was a legitimate, serious prediction, in the interest of comedy i took the argument to what i thought was an … Continue reading

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how 2 get that fresh haircut and impress everyone at Rainfest/THIC/BNB Bowl

credit: aust_elle

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Andy Dick is an extra in the new FALLING IN REVERSE video

On the brighter side, the song is fucking awesome and sounds exactly like prime ESCAPE THE FATE– looks like Ronald is even growing his scene hair out again! In b4 they switch to Myspace as their “exclusive social media partner” … Continue reading

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