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RIOT Fest books FAITH NO MORE; confirms my funk-metal trend predictions

Guys, please remember: when it comes to predicting what stupid thing hardcore kids will jock next, NEVER DOUBT ME.

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Danny Worsnop quits ASKING ALEXANDRIA to focus on his #hardrock band

IDK why but I think this video is amazing, like I keep waiting for the punchline to come but it never does. I feel like it would be a skit from an episode of SNL where Danny is the host, … Continue reading

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TITLE FIGHT debut their crappy new song in Vogue (srs)

Listen to the song here (warning: do not operate heavy machinery while listening as it may induce drowsiness)

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The “crappy hxc bands jocking 90′s alt-metal” thing is worse than I thought :/

I’m going to admit something here for the first time: sometimes, my predictions about scene trends are a bit far-fetched. Sometimes I make a “prediction” about how some weird trend is going to be The Next Big Thing, when in … Continue reading

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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: New TURNSTILE video!!!! *official*

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Bands u may have slept on: ONE LIFE CREW

I am kind of hesitant to write this post, because I am 10000% certain it’s going to attract tons of autistic europeans, 19 year-old merchswap dorks, and other undesirables, but I get asked about ONE LIFE CREW a lot so … Continue reading

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peep the new HIT THE LIGHTS song

HIT THE LIGHTS is one of those weird bands where it seemed like they should have gotten big, but never really did for whatever reason. They had great songs that kids liked, a solid image (neon/ez with a slight hardcore … Continue reading

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THE BAD CHAPTER keep the “metalcore cover of top 40 song” thing alive in 2015

The golden years of metalcore top 40 covers were a glorious time to be alive: OM&M “Poker Face,” SURRENDER THE DANCEFLOOR “Just Dance,” TDWP “Still Fly,” MISS MAY I “Swing,” and all the later installments of “Punk Goes Pop” (after … Continue reading

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Song premiere: TOMMY BOYS “Atlantic Grandeur”

Check out an exclusive new song from the upcoming TOMMY BOYS album on Other People Records– FFO of soft grunge bearded twinkle daddy basement emo revival! Preorders at Follow Other People on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

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AUSTIN CARLILE goes maximum overtroll

This is like something I would come up with as a joke on MetalSucks, but IRL. I love it when a plan comes together!!

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