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I was like yeah ok whatever

TDWP to play “Zombie” EP in full on their next tour

Translation: “nobody cared about the records we did after this, so we’re just gonna give the kids what they want.” While it’s a bummer for them, props to Mike for admitting what is obvious. Like how all the 80s hair … Continue reading

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It’s 2014 and there is a new band that sounds *exactly* like I SET MY FRIENDS ON FIRE

And when I say exactly I mean EXACTLY– this song by AMERICAN AWESOME ALLIANCE came out in September of 2014 but could easily have been on “You Can’t Spell Slaughter Without Laughter” in 2008. And maybe it’s because I’ve spent … Continue reading

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BOTDF debut new “Jeremy McKinnon in a wig” look

strong “puerto rican construction worker trynna look fly” vibe

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ITT: why i hate beard culture


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The new FALLING IN REVERSE single = further evidence of a scene revival

Ronnie might not look like a hot scene chick anymore, but this could have easily been an outtake from “Dying Is Your Latest Fashion.” Can’t wait for kids to start paying top dollar for used Sidekicks in an attempt to … Continue reading

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HxC History: the VICTORY RECORDS years

As much as the Noisey/NPR/Burning Fight crowd would like you to believe that PROPAGHANDI, FUGAZI and REFUSED were the torchbearers of 90s hardcore, that’s just not true. There is one and only one truly defining face of 90s hardcore, and … Continue reading

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i was born in the wrong generation– wish I could go back in time to when REAL music was popular. u know, like MEST, GOOD CHARLOTTE, SUGARCULT and BOWLING FOR SOUP. (thanks to John B for the note)

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“I’m a guy in the hardcore scene” starter pack

the house on the upper right is the dagger

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BRING ME THE HORIZON are officially “REAL music” now

People complaining about “14 year old scene kids” liking BMTH?!! Mind = fucking blown. We knew this day would arrive, but I don’t think any of us expected it to come so soon. What a time to be alive. (thx … Continue reading

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The starter pack meme is pretty played out, but I couldn’t pass this one up! Not sure who made it, credit to Josh McBain for awaring me to it

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