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Let’s talk about “amazing” bands

Hypothesis: there is a nearly perfect, negative correlation between how much people describe a band as “amazing” and how “amazing” they actually are. Basically, the more people online call a band “amazing” the more likely they are to be pretentious … Continue reading

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Not sheriff extremely advanced parody or terminal case of assburgers :/


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Someone in LINKIN PARK likes Botch; minds are blown

Via MetalInsider As you can see, Mike from LP namechecked a few old hardcore bands, and like 500 people have told me about it about as though it’s the most astonishing thing since Jesus was born. It never ceases to … Continue reading

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What ppl REALLY thought of ur favorite 90s hardcore bands

It is no secret that 90s-worship is in full effect with Kids These Days. But as I’ve mentioned many times before, the difference between how the most-jocked 90s bands are seen today vs how they were seen at the time … Continue reading

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Cover Killer reviews METAL GOES METAL

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MILLIONAIRES have a new song and it’s about Myspace

If ur an old-school SYWH reader you will remember this site’s roots in Myspace culture, back when I frequently wrote about BROKENCYDE, HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD and other Myspace sensations. This was in late 2009, when Myspace was still relevant but obviously … Continue reading

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The official #SLUDGEWAVE anthem


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Fronz from ATTILA has a rap song; ‘tr00 scene kids’ are disappointed

As u may know, Chris Fronzak aka Fronz1lla sings for the popular party-metalcore band ATTILA, who are probably the only band I can think of that are more hated by ‘ppl who listen to REAL music’ than EMMURE.¬†As the trend … Continue reading

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The tale of CHUNK is a somewhat sad one. They were definitely supposed to be The Next Big Thing, but seem to struggle with getting over the hump. By all accounts they are great guys who work hard, so what’s … Continue reading

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FOREVER THE SICKEST KIDS are breaking up *crying emoji*

“lol rmbr when we thought we were gonna be the next all time low” Our friends at Property Of Zack broke the news last week that FTSK are “going on indefinite hiatus” aka breaking up. While in all honesty this … Continue reading

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