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I was like yeah ok whatever


As u know, there are few things I hate more than kids in their early 20s rehashing shit from when *I* was in my early 20s without adding anything new to the formula– especially the 90s basement emo scene, which … Continue reading

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Not sheriff I like this Russian slam/nu-metal/deathcore band

Pros: Opening riff is sick Extreme abuse of wiggerish arm movements Absurdly loud/clipped bass drop Cons: Tremolo picking/skank beat Europeans Rapping (mitigated by the fact that it is not English) Unsure where I stand on the masks. On the one … Continue reading

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Peep the new SUICIDE SILENCE song/video

Stoked that these guys are back in action, and that they sound as good as ever– obviously Eddie isn’t the same person as Mitch so anyone expecting a Mitch clone will get buttmad, but I think he sounds great in … Continue reading

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A look back at BROKENCYDE

If u want to feel really old, consider this: BROKENCYDE has been a band for almost 8 years, and their ‘breakthru single’ “Freaxxx” came out 6 years ago. And while it’s kind of a bummer that they are still a … Continue reading

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Which of these dumb bishes is the specialer snowflake??

left off “fat upper arms” the world’s biggest classic rock fan

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Ughhhhh god mom get out of my room and shut the door


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Let’s talk about “amazing” bands

Hypothesis: there is a nearly perfect, negative correlation between how much people describe a band as “amazing” and how “amazing” they actually are. Basically, the more people online call a band “amazing” the more likely they are to be pretentious … Continue reading

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Not sheriff extremely advanced parody or terminal case of assburgers :/


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Someone in LINKIN PARK likes Botch; minds are blown

Via MetalInsider As you can see, Mike from LP namechecked a few old hardcore bands, and like 500 people have told me about it about as though it’s the most astonishing thing since Jesus was born. It never ceases to … Continue reading

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What ppl REALLY thought of ur favorite 90s hardcore bands

It is no secret that 90s-worship is in full effect with Kids These Days. But as I’ve mentioned many times before, the difference between how the most-jocked 90s bands are seen today vs how they were seen at the time … Continue reading

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