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I was like yeah ok whatever

LIE OR LIAR “blend metalcore with psychotic rapping”

Guys, this is what happens when you don’t heed my warnings. Get used to this sound because it’s going to be the default for crappy scene bands over the next 2-3 years. Nobody listened to me and now it’s real!!! … Continue reading

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Now I know how elderly Jews feel when they see Nazi skinheads

The small text says “fuck macho bullshit 4eva” *exasperated face emoji* My grandpa would always get really mad when he saw Nazi skinheads on TV or whatever, and justifiably so– he fought in World War 2, flying a bomber over … Continue reading

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Tommy from SLEEPING GIANT drops knowledge on 90s hardcore

I met Tommy Green, vocalist for the Christian moshcore band SLEEPING GIANT and former vocalist for Christian moshcore band X DEATHSTAR X, last week. I’m not sure why it took this many years for us to meet, because in the … Continue reading

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So glad that BLACK VEIL BRIDES are keeping REAL punk alive!!

Big ups to my boys in BVB for the support and keeping the spirit of DIY punk alive in 2014!!

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SYWH Podcast 40: Ty Acord from ISSUES and A MEMORIA BROODED

If you have ever gotten the chance to meet the people in your favorite bands, you know that it is almost always a bummer, because there is basically zero correlation between liking someone’s music and liking them as a person. … Continue reading

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hi i made these deathcore memes

they are not funny memes they are normal memes;; like if your agree!!    

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New COUNTERPARTS hat makes ODD FUTURE sound better!

☯  follow for more pics of floral print janoskis, pot smoke, huf socks and angry-looking tattooed girls in grose underwear ☯

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SYWH Podcast 39: Goliath

Whenever I try to have a party, it always end up with nobody coming and me feeling like shit because I’m a fucking loser and nobody wants to be my friend and I want to fall on a sword. Like … Continue reading

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Tyler Carter from ISSUES wearing a NAILS shirt

S… so advanced O_o I’m feeling so much right now that I don’t really know how to process it or how to put it into words, so please bear with me if I get a little emotional. I want to … Continue reading

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FOR THE FALLEN DREAMS are back, and they brought 2009 with them

If u can, try to remember the year 2009: Buzznet and Myspace were the social networks of choice, u probably owned (or wanted to own) a Rockett t-shirt, and spent your free time creeping on Stickam girls, listening to HOLLYWOOD … Continue reading

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