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Members of TERROR and DEEZ NUTZ form “trill punk” band called DEM NICE

Glad to see that nick has cleaned his look up a bit, i was kind of worried after he looked more and more like a tweaker from modesto with every passing TERROR tour You probably know Nick Jett as the … Continue reading

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if u want to be bored, check out the new TITLE FIGHT single

The soundtrack to low testosterone is here, accompanied by a dull video of some old guy stumbling around on a boat. Surprised they didn’t shoot the video on Betamax and beg MTV to resurrect 120 Minutes or SuperRock just to … Continue reading

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I’ve been saying for a while now that a neon/ez revival is not too far off in the distance. I know it sounds crazy, what with tr00 pop-punk and 90s alternative rock-worship at an all time high, but you know … Continue reading

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BROKENCYDE are still a band and have a new single (srs)

rule of thumb: when ur hairline looks like Nicolas Cage’s, u should probably stop playing scene music Those of you who have been with SYWH since the beginning will remember that I was big on the crunkcore scene back in … Continue reading

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Which 80s HC band should be jocked by Noisey/Rollling Stone/NPR next??

Since Vice/Noisey seem to like borrowing my ideas (1, 2), I figured I might as well at least feed them some good ones. And with their fawning over ancient hardcore at an all-time high, what better place to start than … Continue reading

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This week in #sludgewave: GOLIATH “Inside My Mind” ft JOHNNY PLAGUE

Our friends in GOLIATH just dropped this new single featuring John from WINDS OF PLAGUE. You might notice that it is by far their best sounding material yet, courtesy of Eyal Levi. If you like this, stay tuned for more– … Continue reading

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‘Real Hardcore’ kids = literally worse than the holocaust


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Matty Mullins releases new video of himself walking down the street for 4 minutes

‘A bit different than a typical music video’ = him sitting in the back of the mini cooper with the back hatch open while ms mullins drives

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Jonathan from FTSK is a real estate agent now

“Look with Cook!” It’s been a rough couple years for the boys in FTSK. Not only did they lose their main songwriter (Caleb), but singer Jonathan Cook got arrested for selling fake watches on eBay AND was sued for several … Continue reading

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