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Singer of SUBURBAN SCUM jocks DOG EAT DOG; proves that funkycore is real

if u will recall, i have been forecasting FUNKYCORE as The Next Big Thing for several months now. while that was a legitimate, serious prediction, in the interest of comedy i took the argument to what i thought was an … Continue reading

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how 2 get that fresh haircut and impress everyone at Rainfest/THIC/BNB Bowl

credit: aust_elle

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Andy Dick is an extra in the new FALLING IN REVERSE video

On the brighter side, the song is fucking awesome and sounds exactly like prime ESCAPE THE FATE– looks like Ronald is even growing his scene hair out again! In b4 they switch to Myspace as their “exclusive social media partner” … Continue reading

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> waiting patiently in my neon bunker for easycore to rise from the ashes, reborn like a proud majestic phoenix > monitoring radio scanner for signs of life > detects a faint but clear signal from SETTLE YOUR SCORES crackling across … Continue reading

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Jason from LETLIVE has a clothing company for gentlemen with man-buns

Thanks to Adam Q. for awaring us to this  

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Former bullshit Warped Tour band BAYSIDE put “bullshit warped tour bands” on blast

sad 4u, BAYSIDE. u guys should know better than to turn into bitter old men who repeat the cycle of “last’s years ‘trendy bullshit for teenagers who shop at the mall’ is this year’s Real Music.” from what i understand, … Continue reading

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let’s talk about EARLY 2000s POP

When I look back on the past 20 years, I realized that I got to experience a lot of things that Kids These Days would think are pretty cool: seeing LIFE OF AGONY and CROWN OF THORNZ in their prime, … Continue reading

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Spring fashion preview: get the hot new look for 2015 hardcore kids!

photo credit: Michael O.

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if u miss old HIT THE LIGHTS, check out THIEF CLUB

I have mentioned many times how much I love prime HIT THE LIGHTS (where “prime” = “Skip School” and “Coast To Coast”). The new HTL single is rad and definitely gives me hope, but when it comes to “bands who … Continue reading

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Sumerian Records releases trailer for their upcoming bro-comedy

“American Pie with breakdowns”?

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