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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: New TURNSTILE video!!!! *official*

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Song premiere: TOMMY BOYS “Atlantic Grandeur”

Check out an exclusive new song from the upcoming TOMMY BOYS album on Other People Records– FFO of soft grunge bearded twinkle daddy basement emo revival! Preorders at Follow Other People on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

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The latest documentary fawning over the 80s DC hardcore scene is out

It took me a while to understand why the 80s DC hardcore scene is so popular with alternative white ppl/whole foods customers/ppl who ride bicycles. I mean don’t get me wrong, I like MINOR THREAT as much as the next … Continue reading

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TDWP to play “Zombie” EP in full on their next tour

Translation: “nobody cared about the records we did after this, so we’re just gonna give the kids what they want.” While it’s a bummer for them, props to Mike for admitting what is obvious. Like how all the 80s hair … Continue reading

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Jonathan from FTSK is a real estate agent now

“Look with Cook!” It’s been a rough couple years for the boys in FTSK. Not only did they lose their main songwriter (Caleb), but singer Jonathan Cook got arrested for selling fake watches on eBay AND was sued for several … Continue reading

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If u fetishize 90s NYHC, check out NOECHO.NET

Lately I’ve spent a lot of time complaining about sites like Noisey and NPR jizzing over 80s/90s hardcore– people who would never dream of giving it a word of praise when it was actually relevant. And while I am sure … Continue reading

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more evidence of the impending neon revival: SILVERSTEIN’s new website

Only thing that could have made this more perfect would be a zany genre description like “crunk / reggae / grindcore”

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BREAKING NEWS: ENPEDESTALMENT releases new single “DICKSQUAD” *please read*

(ft Samantha from GUTTURAL SLUG on vocals) If u love Sergeant D and controversial new artists ENPEDESTALMENT, please visit them on Bandcamp and purchase one of their releases (we recommend the ENPEDESTALMENT/DEPRESSED TEENAGER “Love Slam” split 7″). Please note that … Continue reading

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this year’s PUNK GOES POP might be the best yet!!

PUNK GOES POP VOL. 6 is scheduled to be released November 17th, and the tracklist is a doozy. Not only do we get the zillionth metalcore band covering “I Knew You Were Trouble”, but it’s also a reminder that bands … Continue reading

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VICE steals one of my jokes in a stangry post about djent

As u may have seen via the internet, some guy who writes for Vice’s music blog Noisey wrote a stangry article about djent. The basic gist of it is “djent exists, and that makes my butt hurt very badly.” It … Continue reading

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