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VICE steals one of my jokes in a stangry post about djent

As u may have seen via the internet, some guy who writes for Vice’s music blog Noisey wrote a stangry article about djent. The basic gist of it is “djent exists, and that makes my butt hurt very badly.” It … Continue reading

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the dude from abandon all ships started a rapcore band that sounds like a down-tuned version of fury of five

(not actually from the Bronx or Harlem) Many tears were shed tonight by Canada’s trancecore youth as Abandon All Ships played their farewell show in their hometown of Toronto. But they’re not out of the music game just yet because … Continue reading

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ABOUT THAT LIFE releases new song; calls out Mat Kerekes from Citizen

xATLx is quickly becoming one of the most controversial and talked about bands in hardcore. For this song we have decided to call out Mat Kerekes (or as we call him, “Mat Carkeys”) from Citizen for our own personal reasons. … Continue reading

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Premiere: ENPEDESTALMENT “Hashtag bvbarmy”

This song (ft Samantha from GUTTURAL SLUG on vocals) is inspired by our boys in BLACK VEIL BRIDES and their tireless fight against neckbeard virgin losers who can’t stand to see a bunch of good-looking guys cherrypick the most superficial elements of … Continue reading

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It Dies Today reunites, kids get stoked that REAL metalcore is coming back! It’s kinda cool that a band that was considered lame emo shit when I was in high school has earned the prestigious title of REAL METALCORE™, but as someone who has witnessed this genre run its course the first … Continue reading

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FOREVER THE SICKEST KIDS are breaking up *crying emoji*

“lol rmbr when we thought we were gonna be the next all time low” Our friends at Property Of Zack broke the news last week that FTSK are “going on indefinite hiatus” aka breaking up. While in all honesty this … Continue reading

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Tommy from SLEEPING GIANT drops knowledge on 90s hardcore

I met Tommy Green, vocalist for the Christian moshcore band SLEEPING GIANT and former vocalist for Christian moshcore band X DEATHSTAR X, last week. I’m not sure why it took this many years for us to meet, because in the … Continue reading

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So glad that BLACK VEIL BRIDES are keeping REAL punk alive!!

Big ups to my boys in BVB for the support and keeping the spirit of DIY punk alive in 2014!!

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Demi Lovato displays NEW ALTERNATIVE LOOK

                  Demi shaved the side of her head and she doesn’t give a FUCK! Although Miley Cyrus’ transformation from ordinary girl to whatever the fuck she is now was nothing short of horrifying, I … Continue reading

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If u can remember back to the days of top 8s, friend adders, and bulletins, you will remember that one of the best ways to discover new bands was from videos like this one: The guy behind the above video … Continue reading

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