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wat u think abt SOULJA BOY

I’m white but I have a black friend and we end up talking hip hop most the time we chill, who would’ve known. Well the other night we had a bit of a disagreement – you see I think SOULJA … Continue reading

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This is 2Chainz, if you ain’t payin attention he is blowin the fuck up right now. His new album was just number one on them charts, which is pretty impressive from a debut from a guy whose name used to … Continue reading

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Are you motivated???

    Living in any major metropolitan area (except EN-JAY…eww…) in the continental you-es, you get a mix of a shitload of people via ‘merica basically being a nation of a shitload of people from different places n shit(read : … Continue reading

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Since I’m the only chick here at SYWH, I though it was my responsibility to do something ‘mushy and sentimental’ for one of our very own on his special day. Turning 21 is a big deal here in the states … Continue reading

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