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Joey Sturgis Apreesh

Get the fuck in here! Joey Sturgis is one of the sickest producers of all time. I used to be a detractor and rip on him for using POD Farm/triggers/vocal editing, but then I started learning to produce via Ultimate … Continue reading

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A Breakdown To Remember: Hardcore Honor Code Violation

Look here’s my thing…every now and then a band might throw a part into a song just to kind of “pay homage” to some one or some other band that came before them and that’s cool.  I’m totally fine with … Continue reading

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Bands 2 Watch For: N3V3R 3N0UGH

After 18 Visions broke up, Jame Shart start Burn Halo because he wanted to play mnstrm hard rock. Burn Halo is a great band, but the other members of 18V started an equally great band, the underrated Never Enough. Picking … Continue reading

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Scene Hair: Z0MG UR Doing It Wrong

I am a huge fan of CHAINREACTIONCORE, comprised of the many Orange County moshcore bands who played at the legendary OC venue Chain Reaction in the 90s and 00s. At the center of that scene is Javier Van Huss– if … Continue reading

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