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No this isnt another post about another lame scenecore/easycore/verbthenoun band… this post is here to edumacate. Apparently, a good amount of you sywh readers seem to have a bit of a fetish for my latin/Hispanic people… I don’t blame you. … Continue reading

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Black Metal in Tropical Countries = Never Not Funny

I just love it when kids from tropical countries try to emulate certain subcultures that originated from temperate countries like black metal (via singing about frost-bitten kingdoms and long walks in the dark forest on cold winter nights). Now, I’m … Continue reading

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If you are having a bad day….

If you are having a bad day then watch this poor, fat, curly mosh in his kitchen.  He is desperately grabbing the air like it’s made entirely of cotton candy. There is also a whole “moshing in wal-mart” scene on … Continue reading

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I’m not even sure what to say about this video. It is apparently from a kids show in New Zealand, which may be home the absolute most annoying accent in the world. Erin Simpson hosts the show, and gives an … Continue reading

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