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tr00 fails: BryanStars edition

No nature backdrop? Lol what kind of font are you using? Where’s the floral print? If you’re going to try to be tr00, at least put some effort in, Bryan. 0/10 wood not reblog. Even Ronald McDonald is better at being … Continue reading

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Are Amazon reviews even worse than Metal Archives?

The internet is a great place to hit rock bottom, whether it be stalking an ex’s Facebook, sending anon hate-mail on tumblr, raging on a sad forum, looking at horribly freaky porn, still using myspace, the list goes on. I … Continue reading

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Spare the Rod, Spoil the Chorus

Imagine you’re listening to a rap/hip hop song for the first time and it’s pretty good. Solid beat, rapper sounds good, lyrics are tight and you’re really getting into it. Then about two minutes into the song a bunch of … Continue reading

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All Signs Point To A Shitty ADTR Music Vid

It’s about time I talked about one of my fave bands–too bad it’s because their music videos keep getting shittier. I’m not saying their music is shittier, I still love it despite the fact that they’re not nearly as brutal … Continue reading

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Ya know, BROADWAY? Yeah, I MAD.

Broadway is one of my favorite bands. They have what I would consider a permanent position in my top 3–but I am reconsidering. Because they are pissing me the fuck off. reason 1: (that I just realized as I was … Continue reading

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And We Thought These Days Were Over: Scene Fails #BAZILLION :P

Lolol, and you guys thought that the days of scene fail posts were long gone. Wrong! What did I tell ya, if something can go wrong, it will. And, I found these pics on my Facebook friends’ profiles. I’m such … Continue reading

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Fences is the Worst Band in Seattle (actually, the world, probably)

My man Sergeant D once commented that Crime in Stereo is like Coldplay for Old Dad Hardcore kids (or something akin to that). If Crime in Stereo is like Coldplay, then Seattle’s Fences is like Travis for the flannel-wearing-shitty-tattoo-fixed-gear-bike-riding set: … Continue reading

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Fuck OLYMPIA, WA in the asshole

I’ve spent most of my life living in Seattle proper and despite what Calvin Johnson or any other K Rec fucko will tell you, Olympia sucks balls. Here is a list of places that I would rather go to than … Continue reading

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Look at this fucking Euro crabcore fatty

Thanks to reader Cedric in Belgium, who writes: This summer my band ended up playing a horrible festival in Germany called Beastfest. At some point i commited something retarted on camera. It appears to be the band Anima mentioned in … Continue reading

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