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this pop punk band brings fanboyism to a new level

A while back, I wrote an article about the fangirling epidemic and I insinuated that fanboying is usually more subtle than fangirling, except in some extreme cases. Well, either this is one of those extreme cases or I was absolutely … Continue reading

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Laugh At Tyler Carter Being Sensitive In The Ocean

Is Tyler Carter still relevant? Meh. This video is fucking hilarious though!!!! Some of my favorite things: that scarf. the fucking piano on a beach. his “sexy dancing” his “sexy lip-syncing” 0:21-0:23 please god someone loop that. EVERYTHING. Can’t stop … Continue reading

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Ya know, BROADWAY? Yeah, I MAD.

Broadway is one of my favorite bands. They have what I would consider a permanent position in my top 3–but I am reconsidering. Because they are pissing me the fuck off. reason 1: (that I just realized as I was … Continue reading

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Late last week the internets were thrown into a maelstrom of self-abuse as virginal icon for emotive pop-rock and authentic voice of the Lord Our God, Hayley Williams of undeniably awesome anthemic rock peddlers Paramore, apparently had her Twitter hacked … Continue reading

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