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What was it like to be a cool person in hardcore 10-15 years ago? – The Historiography of Sass

The internet is having a weird influence on hardcore.  Every day, thousands of kids who weren’t even old enough to be in kindergarten when I first started going to shows are scouring the internet for the most obscure shit no … Continue reading

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When I think early ’80s American punk, the one band that comes to mind is the Dead Kennedys. If you were into punk/hxc back then, being familiar with DK was basically de rigueur – even if you were not a … Continue reading

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Why do teens sag skinny jeans??

I’ll tell you a little secret: I am an old. As much as I mock other oldz for getting angry about what Kids These Days are into, sometimes I also find myself shaking my head and thinking, “What the fuck … Continue reading

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