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❄Pretty sure I love ♥Kitty Pryde♥ now guys not joking ❄

You ever hear something and you arent sure if its a joke or not, and you just kind of move on and keep going with your life? That was sort of like me with Kitty Pryde, cause Ive heard of … Continue reading

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CODEINE TEEN ushers in a new age of swag

Today we are going to learn about one of my all time favorite online personalities: he raps under the name CODEINE TEEN and posts funny, original shit at You may have known him as Fukkkres, Thugalien, Banzamakadanz, Icegrill, Guccimeinkamp, … Continue reading

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New Good Rap Music For You

Hey what’s up guys, how are things? I have been keeping myself busy with my regular rap blog and have not had a chance to update my fellow SYWH readers with some new rap music that goes hard, but here we are … Continue reading

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is CHIEF KEEF’s “LOVE SOSA” the new milestone of rap??

NO FUCK NIGGAS ALLOWED Everyone here should know CHIEF KEEF from his awesome hits he’s had over the past year, blowing up the Chicago scene with his cool attitude and catchy-as-fuck songs, including I DON’T LIKE, 3HUNNA, and EVERYDAY. People … Continue reading

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New Rap Music: Rap is the Best!

Rap music is the best genre of music ever. Not because it contains soaring melodies that will touch your heart or lyrics that bring you to tears because they speak to the human spirit like nothing else, but because it … Continue reading

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REGGAETON: An introductory course

Ques la que hay cabrones?? I am Manuwar and I’m here to teach you the song of my people: REGGEATON, Puerto Rico’s greatest (or worst, depending on who you ask) cultural export. Musically, reggeaton is similar to hip-hop and dancehall, … Continue reading

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Kreayshawn’s debut album dropping soon

SOMETHIN’ BOUT KREAY is set to drop on the 18th. With guest spots from Diplo, 2 Chainz, Kid Cudi, and the well established bangers Gucci Gucci and Summetime produced by SYWH contributor and legit bro DJ TWO STACKS, the track … Continue reading

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This is 2Chainz, if you ain’t payin attention he is blowin the fuck up right now. His new album was just number one on them charts, which is pretty impressive from a debut from a guy whose name used to … Continue reading

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This Red Cafe song is THE FUCKING BEST

Red Cafe is a rapper who, according to wikipedia, is signed to Akon‘s Konvict Muzik, Diddy‘s Bad Boy Records and Ciroc Entertainment and DJ Clue‘s Desert Storm label, and has been rapping for like fourteen years without releasing an album … Continue reading

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New Rap Music is Your Gateway to Happiness

I see you there bro, alone in your room listening to obscure 90′s screamo, pondering why you can’t get a girl while you angrily browse Hot Chicks with Douchebags and perv out to Tina from Chemistry class’ facebook page. Not a good … Continue reading

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