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No this isnt another post about another lame scenecore/easycore/verbthenoun band… this post is here to edumacate. Apparently, a good amount of you sywh readers seem to have a bit of a fetish for my latin/Hispanic people… I don’t blame you. … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about El-Lay

Hola. Me llamo latinoheat. Yo soy un Angelino con orgullo. Yo tambien soy un Estado Unidense que es hispano. If you understood that then you must live in some part of California, New York, Florida, Illinois, Texas, or some lonely … Continue reading

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Exclusive Premiere: New DECEIVED IN NUMBERS jam

You already know about my bros in DECEIVED IN NUMBERS, and they’re trying to get the word out about their new EP, GREATER THAN CATASTROPHES, dropping JUNE 15 SON, so they hooked me up with a hot new exclusive track … Continue reading

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I may be a bit late on this, but while everyone is saying that Skins is dangerous for teenagers to be watching I’m going to say that the video below is the real threat. I’m a very liberal person, but … Continue reading

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New video from PHAT J of Brokencyde

In which he gets high in a drainage ditch, drinks some Crunk Juice, and shows us his whip– looks like a 98-00 Civic to me?? ALBUCRAZY ALL DAY, BABY

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Subscene: Girls Want A Dance Party, Boys Wanna Mosh

This is the first of what I hope will be many post about new bands 4 u 2 watch. This one is about a nu band/solo artist called SUBSCENE. I think u will agree that this bro has srs talent … Continue reading

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EmoWorldTV on how to design a MySpace & dress sexy

At this point everybody knows that only poor people and bands use MySpace now that Facebook has been open to the masses for a while. I actually never got into MySpace because I was in college and everybody at school … Continue reading

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