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I can’t believe they’re still a band: MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE

I think the biggest challenge for any (initially) successful band is to “transcend eras”. What I mean by this is a band being just as popular/relevant in the year 500 AM (After MySpace) as they were in the year 500 … Continue reading

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Forget Your Roots: Understandably Unheralded Pioneers of Tr00 Pop Punk and Easycore

All too often, history is viewed as a contextual lens for the present. As noted novelist George Santayana has approximately said, “those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it”. The implication, of course, is that … Continue reading

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UNDEROATH are breaking up, do u care??

On this day in 2012, hundreds of thousands of skinny bros with dyed black hair and  Ø tattoos hug their chubby scene girlfriends tightly and shed tears of what I can only assume is extra-strength triple distilled emo sadness, as they lament … Continue reading

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Brier-Terrace: tr00 Birthplace of Seattle Emo

There’s an ongoing theme in Stuff You Will Hate that basically suggests that all awesome or lulziest music has its origins in suburbs. A lot of people want to talk a good game about they’re from [insert major city here], … Continue reading

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Peep MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE’s Interactive Nightmare!

My all time favourite Black Metal band, MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE, are back with a dark, gloomy, blaqq new album. It’s covered in gloomy pics of snowy forests, ghostly maidens in white dresses, empty chairs, stylized runic text, and just that general air of despair … Continue reading

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Attack Attack Are Artists

Attack Attack are truly renaissance men in modern times. Their grounding breaking blend of techno and heavy metal, in conjunction with their signature squats has built them a large fanbase in highschools the world over. However, up to this point, we … Continue reading

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Joey Sturgis Apreesh

Get the fuck in here! Joey Sturgis is one of the sickest producers of all time. I used to be a detractor and rip on him for using POD Farm/triggers/vocal editing, but then I started learning to produce via Ultimate … Continue reading

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I had never heard of this term until very recently while talking to some bros about jesus metal. Impending Doom, Christian metallers from Riverside, are apparently the first band to dub their music as “Gorship”. Yahoo! Answers confirms it. One … Continue reading

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Norma *censored* Jean

SQUEEEEEEE!!! The first band I was truly obsessed with and still am, was Norma Jean. I got all their records, lost more NJ t-shirts than Josh Scogin owns. (love your work, bro). But I am a decidedly unholy person. As … Continue reading

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Alesana, Motionless in White, and Escape The Fate?! BRING ON THE SCENE KIDS!

Norfolk, Virginia is no stranger to entertainment.  Hell, the Norva is one of the top rock clubs in the nation. Don’t believe me? Then Google that shit! They get like everyone to play there. So, when I was looking through … Continue reading

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