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Originality Stinks! These Bands Built their Name through Ripping off other Bands

It’s pretty easily arguable that all forms of music are derivative so I usually scoff at so-called music scholars proclaiming that a band isn’t worth anything if they aren’t original enough. I think some of the best bands have stolen … Continue reading

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Scientific Proof That Hardcore Punk Evolved Into Scenecore (record collectors beware… ur in for a scare) defines evolution as “any process of formation or growth; development”. We see evolution EVERYWHERE. Not just in plants and animals, but in art too. Do you ever think to yourself, “where did all the awesome scene music that I enjoy today come from? What are … Continue reading

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brah lets talk about CLOSEDCASKETCORE brah (new XIBALBA track)

Longtime readers will know that SYWH has hyped Southern California as the greatest place in the world, and there really isn’t any disputing that. We have the greatest Mexican food, the best weather (provided you don’t live inland lol) and … Continue reading

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Introducing the metalcore equivalent of Tr00 Pop Punk Girl

All the bands on this tour are gonna be taking a shower at your house We’ve all made Verb the Noun band name jokes before, so I’m glad this dude steps it up with something you don’t hear as often: … Continue reading

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the new NASTY is mind-bottling! (FFO wignorant euromosh)

These pastel colors. These loose fitting pants. These obtuse angles of hat wearing. These lulzy shirt designs. THESE TOMS. Is proto-scene the next thing for euros to jock?? Belgian eurocore bros NASTY have been around the euro hardcore scene for … Continue reading

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