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Like any teenage girl, I was shocked and upset when Metrostation called it quits a couple years back.  You can read about Horseface Cyrus shitting on the band here, and I’m sure his ego made it hard for these kids … Continue reading

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Chiodos vs. D.R.U.G.S.

heh heh heh heh… fuckin srsly, dude? HEY! Lets decide who’s better, Chiodos or Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows, based entirely upon superficial statistics/bullshit and completely ignore the actual music itself! Fuck yeah for superficiality. Facebook stats: Chiodos: 373,359 likers … Continue reading

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NEW JAMZ: T-Mills "Stupid Boy" official video

If you’re not familiar, T-Mills is a scenebro MC from sunny Southern California. Unlike most of the other dudes doing the scenebro MC thing, he is actually a talented kid, with a great pop sensibility. His music is a rebellious-but-not-totally-fucked-up … Continue reading

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OG Scene Queen Taylor Bebop Joins OTW Dance Squad

As I have said many times before, I am old. I am a firm believer in getting information straight from the horse’s mouth, so when it comes to learning more about what teens these days are into, what better source … Continue reading

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SYWH Spring 2K10 lookbook

The only thing I like more than Forever The Sickest Kids is shopping– especially at popular mall retailers for teenagers. I definitely have several pairs of $250+ jeans, Versace ties, and Prada shoes in my closet, but that shit is … Continue reading

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Have you noticed that all emerging scene bands either have an ep out or one in the pipeline? The days of the demo tape are long forgotten, and groups of 7 suburban whites (toss in one ethnic for street cred) … Continue reading

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Some unpopular/fatt middle schoolers cover Forever The Sickest Kids :(

Feel sorry for these kids… remember when u thought the talent show was “ur big chance 2 show what ur made of” to all the other kids… rly sucks that nowdays it’s real easy to record it/put it on the … Continue reading

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Emo/Scene Fails II: Brokencyde’s Crunk Kids

I have been trying to be more positive on this blog, because the internet is full of haters and nobody needs that. But let’s be honest… making fun of scene kids who are doing it wrong is fucking funny. Let … Continue reading

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Jeffree Star commented me!!

Jeffree Star is a noted internet personality, kind of like the gay, scene version of Tila Tequila or Forbidden. I’m sure you are liking where this is headed already, right?? Check out this scenebag smugly gloating over the fact that … Continue reading

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