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Scientific Proof That Hardcore Punk Evolved Into Scenecore (record collectors beware… ur in for a scare) defines evolution as “any process of formation or growth; development”. We see evolution EVERYWHERE. Not just in plants and animals, but in art too. Do you ever think to yourself, “where did all the awesome scene music that I enjoy today come from? What are … Continue reading

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What was it like to be a cool person in hardcore 10-15 years ago? – The Historiography of Sass

The internet is having a weird influence on hardcore.  Every day, thousands of kids who weren’t even old enough to be in kindergarten when I first started going to shows are scouring the internet for the most obscure shit no … Continue reading

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My post about Her Demise My Rise made me reminisce back to a certain era of music… and since the readers of SYWH seem to be suckers for things that give them nostalgia boners, why not talk about it? I’m … Continue reading

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neon pop: the final frontier

If there’s one thing on this earth that I have an undying love for, it’s neon pop music. The saccharine synths, the bouncy rhythms, the upbeat guitar riffs, the catchy hooks, the autotuned vocal harmonies… when you put all of these … Continue reading

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Do u live AN EMO LIFE?

So today I found this video series on Youtube that really expresses what life is like for me as an emo kid. Whoever made this REALLY GETS ME, and understands that my being emo isn’t a choice, it’s WHO I … Continue reading

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GABE SAPORTA: Role Model For Every Loser tr00 Pop Punk Kid

You know Gabe Saporta, frontman of the solid pop band Cobra Starship, like best friends with Pete Wentz of the Fallin Boys, teen heart throb, myspace visionary, mid level mainstream icon, a dude who will probably still be able to … Continue reading

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The RAGE! and RIOT! Tour: Myspace would have been so stoked!

The RAGE! and RIOT! Tour 2011. What can I really say about this tour that won’t come off as shameless self promotion? — NOTHING. So read this shit and watch the video. If you want to come out and party … Continue reading

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NEW ISMFOF is ________ ?

I never really understood the appeal of I Set My Friends On Fire.  The time Sarge and I saw them live it was these two OTW’s playing non-sensical riff salade´, and some metal dork on drums.   Naturally, kids were … Continue reading

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I feel like so much has changed since I got into the scene back in 2008, like everything I love is slipping away… I just miss the way things were in 2008, when it was all about neon, dancey electro beats, and most of all MySpace. Continue reading

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