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The Dumbest Common Reasons Why People Hate on Bands and the Types of People They Stem From

Let’s be real for a second: hating on bands is pretty pointless. Now is the time when a bunch of people just thought to themselves “you could say that anything is pointless… you writing this article is pointless!”. Okay smart-ass, let … Continue reading

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are you a TRUE pop punk rocker? (quiz inside)                                                ): brb crying myself to sleep

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What was it like to be a cool person in hardcore 10-15 years ago? – The Historiography of Sass

The internet is having a weird influence on hardcore.  Every day, thousands of kids who weren’t even old enough to be in kindergarten when I first started going to shows are scouring the internet for the most obscure shit no … Continue reading

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Who are the kings of TUMBLRCORE??

If you’ve been on Tumblr lately, you’ve probably encountered the typical stuff that the “alternative youth” (mostly dictated by teenage girls with mild to severe cases of Special Snowflake Syndrome) is into lately… lots of floral print, soft grunge vinyl, meaningful lyrics … Continue reading

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are pop punk elitists the most annoying type of music fan?

I’ve always loved pop punk for the reason that it didn’t matter if you could name 50 bands off the top of your head or if you were super knowledgeable about the history of the genre – it was just … Continue reading

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In the awkward world of taking band promos, there are many separate paths you can go down and none of them are less bad than the one before it. Today we’re going to go over all of the different options … Continue reading

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Brier-Terrace: tr00 Birthplace of Seattle Emo

There’s an ongoing theme in Stuff You Will Hate that basically suggests that all awesome or lulziest music has its origins in suburbs. A lot of people want to talk a good game about they’re from [insert major city here], … Continue reading

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Authentic Music

A lot of concepts in music are fuzzy and impossible to define – what is “good”? How can you define “innovation”? Other concepts, though, only seem that way. They actually are defined very precisely. One such concept is authenticity. Authentic … Continue reading

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Shai Hulud, official members of the No Fun Club

For those who don’t know, Shai Hulud are a recently-reunited 90s metalcore band, best known for having Chad of New Found Glory as their original vocalist. I didn’t like them back then because of the watered down, melodic direction they … Continue reading

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My angry friend reviews T Mills, all is not good

Nevchrist is violent, cantankerous, homophobic, angry, and has just upgraded his no fun club subscription to “Platinum Club Lifetime Membership”. He is also my best friend. Consequently, I have plenty of fun trolling him with scene puffery, and working him … Continue reading

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